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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe/7 day diet plan.

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Your journey doesnt end after 7 days of anti-inflammatory Mediterranean recipes. Its about finding recipes that can become staples in your household and creating eating habits that actually last.

Weve got plenty of recipes online already. Just use the search function on our home page if youre looking for a specific ingredient or check out our recipe page.


We would like to take a moment to note that this post is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

Cabbage Soup 7 Day Meal Plan

Day 1Homemade cabbage soup, plus any fruit, apart from bananas.
Day 2Homemade cabbage soup, plus other vegetables, including a baked potato with butter for dinner
Day 3Homemade cabbage soup, plus other fruits and vegetables.
Day 4Homemade cabbage soup, plus anything up to 6 bananas and fat-free milk.
Day 5Homemade cabbage soup, plus 6 tomatoes and up to 450 grams of meat or fish.
Day 6Homemade cabbage soup, plus meat and vegetables.
Day 7Homemade cabbage soup, plus brown rice, pure fruit juice, and vegetables.

No bread, carbonated beverages, or alcohol.

Will The Soup Be Enough For Me

The cabbage soup diet is packed with a great amount of protein and fiber-rich vegetables. This is all good because it ensures you wont be bothered by hunger pangs an hour later. Protein and fiber helps you to feel fuller longer in a healthy way

You are expected to consume homemade cabbage soup several times per day, but there are other foods available within this dietsuch as fruit, vegetables, skim or almond milk, brown rice, potatoes, chicken, fish or beefyoure only allowed to eat these foods on certain days and often only in specific quantities. When you are eating meat protein you are only required to eat 2 to 3 ounces at a time.

The soup itself is full of vegetable content like onions, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, celery and, of course, cabbage. The cabbage soup diet doesn’t supports negative approaches to eating unhealthy by allowing you to overeat on vegetables and the other allowed foods.

If your worried about feeling hungier because its only a soup dont worry. With this diet you can eat as much as you want as often as youd like to. Sound unbelievable huh? Rest assure its the real deal!

Eat! Dont worry. Please do not try to starve yourself by only eating a small amount of soup or youll probably cheat. The diet is designed for you to get all the protein fiber rich broth thats needed to allow your body to shed those extra pounds.

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What You Can Eat

Just like the name says, the bulk of this diet is fat-free cabbage soup, eaten two to three times a day with other allowed foods assigned each day. Heres what you can add:

  • Day 1: Fruit, except bananas
  • Day 2: Vegetables like leafy greens , but no fruit
  • Day 3: Fruits and vegetables
  • Day 4: Bananas and skim milk
  • Day 5: Beef and tomatoes
  • Day 6: Beef and vegetables
  • Day 7: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables

There are different recipes for the soup, which is recommended every day of the diet. They all have similar ingredients, such as tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and bouillon.

What Exactly Is The Cabbage Soup Detox Diet

The BEST Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Wonder Soup 7 Day Diet

So, how does this cabbage soup diet plan work? Its actually very strict, but youll have the freedom to eat as much cabbage soup each day as you want. The idea is to use the soup to fill you up, so youre not tempted to eat other foods.

If youre planning to try it, youll need to make some large batches of cabbage soup as preparation so youll have plenty to eat throughout the week. You are allowed a few other foods, but the guidelines are below.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe: 7

Even though you will mainly consume vegetables, the cabbage soup meal plan is not vegan, as it allows meat consumption. There are several recipes on how to prepare the cabbage soup to reap maximum benefits. Some individuals customized the eating plan by including snacks that will make them enjoy the meal.

Cons Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

Low in calories and unsustainable

If done for a number of days the person could miss out on vital calories, protein, vitamins and minerals essential for the body to function and to allow you to carry out your day-to-day tasks, Nutritionist Jasmine Carbon says. The person following such a diet may see the effects, but a diet like this is not sustainable and should not be practiced for an extended period of time.”

Wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels

Nutritionist Mina agrees, adding that the diet’s focus on cabbage soup can wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar often leaves people feeling faint, weak, unable to concentrate and it’s dangerous particularly for those with diabetes.

Causes flatulence and bloating

The cabbage soup diet is also famous for leaving those who follow it with serious flatulence, an unwanted side-effected backed up by science. It happens because cabbage is high in fibre, which naturally causes wind, and it can cause additional digestive issues for those who aren’t used to eating so much fibre in their daily diet.

Expect to experience some gastro-intestinal discomfort such as bloating , gas build up, nausea and flatulence, adds Jasmine. Diarrhoea is another common side-effect of the cabbage soup diet plan.”

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Level Of Effort: Medium

Limitations: Your menu options are severely limited on this diet. It gets very boring, very quickly. If you want to try it again, its recommended that you wait 2 weeks first.

Cooking and shopping: Get out your soup pot. You will need to make the cabbage soup and cook some of the vegetables recommended in the plan. Your shopping list will be very short for the week.

Packaged foods or meals? No.

In-person meetings? No.

Exercise: The cabbage soup diet doesnt include exercise, and working out at high levels isnt a great idea on such a low-calorie diet. Your body just wont have enough gas in the tank for exercise.

Day Cabbage Soup Diet Meal Plan

7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Diary

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The cabbage soup diet is an extreme low-calorie diet where fat-free cabbage soup is eaten two to three times a day. Proponents of the diet claim that you can lose up to 10 lbs within a week.

Because its considered a crash diet, it is unlikely you will be able to follow this type of diet long-term and therefore, any weight loss will probably only be temporary.

Because of its issues, it is essential you only follow the diet under a doctors supervision. As the diet is so rigid and there is a limited intake of different foods, it can can leave you short on key vitamins.

However, this article will give you an overview of what to expect when following a cabbage diet plan, recipes you can use and offer alternative meal plans you can use.

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The Pros And Cons Of The Cabbage Soup Diet


The main advantage is that its a highly effective crash diet. It drastically limits your calorie intake and, if you stick to the rules, you will most likely be able to see quick weight loss. The Cabbage Soup Diet is also the perfect way to flush out toxins from your body.


Even if it most likely makes you lose weight, the pounds you shed are likely to come back when you stop the diet unless you then continue with another, more moderate weight loss or weight maintenance plan.

Another issue is that VLCD plans like The Cabbage Soup Diet tend to make your metabolism slower, meaning that you may actually burn fewer calories per day .

Consuming Nothing But Cabbage Soup Isnt Exactly Healthy Consider Speaking To Your Doctor Before You Start

Due to the nature of this diet, those who intend on following it should bare in mind that there are also some potential health issues to consider.

Firstly, if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition you should not consider this diet the plan lacks complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and protein, which could potentially make those with illness and/or disease worse.

In addition to this, medical professionals do not recommend following this sort of VLCD for longer than a week. As you will be limiting your calorie intake drastically for a week, you could start feeling light-headed and dizzy. Youre also very likely to experience extreme fatigue, muscle cramps , headaches and dehydration.

What Can I Eat On The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

This diet consists of cabbage soup, eaten 2 to 3 times a day with other allowed foods as follows:

  • Day 1: Fruit , except bananas
  • Day 2: Vegetables, especially leafy greens and low carb veggies , and no fruit
  • On Day 3: Fruits and vegetables
  • Day 4: Bananas and skim milk
  • Day 5: Beef and tomatoes
  • On Day 6: Beef and vegetables
  • Day 7: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables

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Alternative Cabbage Soup Sample Menu

In the meal plan are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • 150g / ¾ cup tomatoes, roughly chopped
  • handful pitted black kalamata olives
  • ½ red onion, finely sliced
  • 50g / ½ cup feta cheese, crumbled
  • small bunch mint leaves, chopped
  • juice and zest ½ lemon


  • Cook the quinoa following the pack instructions, then rinse in cold water and drain thoroughly.
  • Meanwhile, toss the chicken fillets in the olive oil with some seasoning, chilli and garlic. Lay in a hot pan and cook for 3-4 minutes each side or until cooked through. Transfer to a plate and set aside
  • Next, tip the tomatoes, olives, onion, feta and mint into a bowl. Toss in the cooked quinoa. Stir through the remaining olive oil, lemon juice and zest, and season well. Serve with the chicken on top.
    • 300ml / 1 ¼ cups hot vegetable stock
    • 200g can / 1 cup chopped tomatoes
    • 200g can / 1 cup chickpeas, rinsed and drained
    • 50g / ¼ cup frozen broad beans
    • zest and juice ½ lemon
    • coriander & bread to serve


  • Heat the oil in a saucepan, then fry the onion and celery for 10 minutes until softened. Add the cumin and fry for another minute.
  • Turn up the heat, then add the stock, tomatoes, chickpeas and black pepper. Simmer for 8 minutes. Add broad beans and lemon juice and cook for a further 2 minutes. Top with lemon zest and coriander.
  • Dinner: Spicy Mediterranean Beet Salad


    • 1 tsp crushed red chilli flakes
    • mint leaves, chopped, to serve


    Cabbage Soup Diet Review

    Best Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe for Weight Loss

    Caitlin Fitzgerald, 54, from Morpeth, Northumberland, tried the Cabbage Soup Diet. And this was her verdict:

    “My husband’s work do was coming up and I wanted to fit back into a slinky black dress I’d had for years. I put off dieting until I only had a couple of weeks to go then suddenly panicked! The cabbage soup diet seemed a good way of losing weight fast.

    “I made a fresh batch of the cabbage soup every two or three days and followed the other bits of the plan, like eating lots of fruit and veg. Though I didn’t mind the cabbage soup to start with, by about day four, I’d gone right off it! I tried to make it more interesting by adding different veg and herbs but it didn’t make it much better.

    “It had rotten side effects too – my husband nearly ended up sleeping in the spare room I was so full of wind! But I stuck at it for a week and lost four pounds. I fitted into my little black dress but, to be honest, I’d put all the weight back on two weeks later!”

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    Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe And 7 Day Meal Plan

    The Cabbage Soup Diet is a 7 day meal plan, aimed at achieving fast weight loss with use of a simple cabbage soup recipe.

    It is not a long-term weight loss solution but is known to be effective over the short term.

    Apparently it originally came from a hospital to stimulate weight loss for surgery patients but this cannot be verified.

    Instant Pot Cabbage Soup:

  • To make the detox cabbage soup in the pressure cooker, press the saute function.
  • Heat oil and cook onion, bell pepper, and celery for about 5 minutes, or until softened. Stir every now and then. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute.
  • Add tomato, broccoli slaw, cabbage, broth, tomato paste, pepper, and turmeric. Stir and secure lid. Set on high for 15 minutes, or press the soup function and set for 15 minutes. Allow natural release, about 20 minutes.
  • Remove lid and stir in spinach and lemon juice. Stir in salt but do not go overboard.
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    How Is Weight Lost By Following The 7

    The weighing scale will tip in your favor because this meal plan causes a massive calorie deficit in your daily diet . This limited menu will give you less than 1000 calories a day. Men are generally not recommended to consume fewer than 1500 calories per day, while the minimum is 1200 for females. Since you are taking much fewer calories, you lose most of your water weight rapidly.

    Why does cabbage soup make you lose weight? This restrictive soup makes you shed several pounds because the severe reduction of calorie-intake leads the body to utilize fat as an energy source when calorie intake is very low. This burning of fat is what results in weight loss.

    Only 34% of the weight lost is from fat. The remaining 66% is from muscle mass and lost water weight. This water weight is from glycogen stores, where the body stores carbohydrates for energy. When you consume fewer calories than required, the body utilizes the reserve energy first before turning to fat, and also removes extra water stored with the glycogen.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Rules

    Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe for Weight Loss & Detox

    The cabbage soup diet rules are simple and easy to remember.

    • Day 1 Cabbage soup + fruit
    • Day 2 Cabbage soup + vegetables + 1 Baked Potato
    • Day 3 Cabbage soup + fruit and vegetables from day 1 and 2
    • Day 4 Cabbage soup + bananas + yoghurt + milk
    • Day 5 Cabbage soup + protein + tomatoes
    • Day 6 Cabbage soup + lean meat + vegetables
    • Day 7 Cabbage soup + fruits + vegetables + fruit juice

    What are starchy vegetables? You are probably like me when I first did the cabbage soup diet and wondering what on earth is meant by starchy vegetables?

    Well, your favourites that are either higher in carbs or you know are not good for you and are certainly not going to help you with your weight loss. I am talking about butternut squash, corn, beans, peas, parsnips, and potatoes.

    But if you are not the biggest fan of cabbage soup, then it okay too. I dont envy the idea of bad wind for a week and Dominic was surprised when I made the cabbage soup to how much cabbage was in it.

    The cabbage ingredient was just one of many vegetables and you can mix and match with your favourites.

    As you know Recipe This is all about kitchen gadgets and both the cabbage soup recipes enjoyed during our 7 day cabbage soup diet plan were made with kitchen gadgets.

    We had either our instant pot detox cabbage soup, or our soup maker cabbage soup. Both were delicious and it depends on which kitchen gadget you prefer to use.

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    Tips And Recipe Variations For Detox Cabbage Soup Diet

    Here are some things you should keep in mind:

    • It is not advisable to change the ingredients of this soup because it is meant for weight loss and detox. Furthermore, alterations of the ingredients may make the soup ineffective.
    • If your cooking pot is big, make large amounts of this soup, then store it for later.
    • Preserve the soup by putting it in an airtight container, then refrigerating for a maximum of 4 days. You can freeze the soup for up to 2 months.
    • When you take the soup from the freezer, allow it to thaw before warming it. You can reheat it over the stove using a boiling pot or by putting it in the microwave.
    • For detoxing purposes, cabbage soup should be taken alone. Since it is meant to flush out impurities, you should take more water than usual when on this diet to keep the body thoroughly flushed and to allow the soup to work perfectly.

    How Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Work

    The 7 day cabbage soup diet is an all you can eat cabbage soup meal plan. You replace your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack times with the wonder soup and then when you are hungry you eat more.

    You can eat as much cabbage soup over a 7 day period along with other foods that you are also allowed on set days.

    It is then recommended that you make ahead your cabbage soup so that you quickly reheat some soup whenever you are hungry.

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