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This Rice Is A Southern Staple

French Onion/Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe

Known as church lady rice or mushroom rice or rice casserole, this dish is a yummy Southern staple. Anyone who is older than 50 who grew up attending church potlucks knows this rice very well. There would always be at least one casserole dish of this rice at any picnic, potluck or special event.

Slow Cooker Mushroom Rice The Best & Easiest

My slow cooker is absolutely one of my best friends during this busy time of year! I love being able to throw the ingredients in my crock pot, set it and forget it. It is so nice to walk in the house after a crazy day and smell a delicious dish ready to go. This Slow Cooker Mushroom Rice is an absolute dream for mushroom lovers. It takes only a couple minutes to put this together and then you just let the crock pot do its thing. Serve this with any meat or just enjoy it all by itself for a simple meal.

Mushroom Rice Recipe Notes

  • Rice long grain white rice is my preferred grain here and my pantry is never without it, but basmati and jasmine also work. Avoid using risotto rice, sushi rice, and paella rice because they will end up too sticky. I have not tested this recipe with brown rice, but typically brown rice requires more liquid and extra cooking time.
  • Mushrooms normally I wouldnt even consider using canned vegetables when fresh can easily be used, but I grew up eating this dish with canned mushrooms, so thats how I always make it. Plus it eliminates one more step of needing to saute anything. Its so crazy good, you cant even tell. But if thats a hard pass for you, fresh mushrooms are great too, of course. Youll need to slice them, then season and cook them in a skillet before adding them to the rice.
  • Liquid the combination of canned French onion soup and beef consommé delivers a creamy, rich, unbelievable taste, but either or both can be replaced with beef stock, chicken stock, or vegetable stock Still good!

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Whats The Difference Between Long Grain And Short Grain Rice

The biggest differences between the two types of rice is their starch content. Short grain rice is far more starchy than long grain rice so it often cooks up much softer and sticker than long grain rice does. Long grain rice has less starch so it turns out drier and is commonly used in pilafs and dishes with large amounts of sauce.

More About Lipton Dried Onion Soup Recipes

Extreme Rice (because it

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  • Heat the oil in a 12-inch ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat. Add the beef and cook until well browned on all sides. Place beef in slow cooker. Sprinkle roast with Onion Soup Mix. Tuck the potatoes in around the roast. Add the carrots and celery. Pour about 2 cups of water into the skillet the beef was browned in and scrape up any brown bits from the pan. Pour into the crockpot. Add additional water to reach halfway up the roast. Cover and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours or high 4 to 5 hours.



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Reviews & Comments For French Onion Rice

  • yeah you rightREVIEW:August 3, 2019

    So delicious! Just had it at a potluck! Exactly as my Mom used to make it!

  • REVIEW:August 7, 2013

    In place of butter I use oil from lightly cooked bacon, when rice is cooked i add in the bacon and serve sprinkled with Parmesan cheese! Delish!

  • Guest Foodie

    I also added fresh mushrooms. Yum

  • momcooker

    This is so great that I could not stop eating it!!

  • mtnspiritREVIEW:March 21, 2007

    It is just as wonderful and easy as I recall. I haven’t had this recipe in years. It could only benefit, with my advanced years, to lessen the butter by half. 🙂

  • Easy Vegan Wild Rice And Mushroom Soup Wild Rice Soup

    A great tip is to toss them all together in a baking tray inside the oven. Place the slices of butter over the top of the rice mixture. French onion and mushroom rice2 cups white long grain rice 2 10.5 oz cans campbells french onion soup 1 8 oz can sliced mushrooms 12 tablespoons butter sliced into tbsp chunkspreheat oven to 350 degrees. Bake at 425 degrees f for 30 minutes.

    Although itâs not french onion soup, that bubbly cheesy crust sure had me fooled for a second!! Bake covered in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed by rice. Place in casserole dish with other ingredients. Scoop into a baking dish then top with more fontina and parmesan cheeses, then broil until golden brown.

    اÙعربÙØ© бÑлгаÑÑки ÄeÅ¡tina deutsch español english suomi français italiano ×¢×ר×ת æ¥æ¬èª nederlands polski português românÄ ÑÑÑÑкий srpski svenska türkçe ä¸æ soup recipes with garlic and lemon and rice and onion. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees f. A great tip is to toss them all together in a baking tray inside the oven. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour..

    Add in some fresh sliced mushrooms and green onion, and you’re ready to go! Uncover the pan and bake for an additional 30 minutes. Remove from oven, cover, and let rest for 15 minutes. Remove lid or foil, give the rice a little stir that’s around the chicken pieces, and sprinkle top with french fried onions. Preheat oven to 350.

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    Why Youll Love This French Onion Hamburger & Rice Recipe

    • Classic comfort – Casseroles are traditional comfort foods for cold evenings and delicious home-cooked meals.
    • It is simple – You won’t get bogged down with endless measuring in this straightforward weeknight meal.
    • Double it up – This recipe is easy to double for a larger crowd. Did the kids bring home friends?

    Okay, let’s just get real here. Our lives are so busy these days, we need a simple go-to recipe on hand to make dinner prep a cinch. This is that recipe, y’all.

    Recipes made with onion soup pack lots of flavor without a lot of work.

    Once you make this onion soup recipe for your family, they will be asking for it on days when they are tired and need the comforts of home. I promise.

    And the family will especially be begging for this delicious casserole on cold nights.

    I remember when casseroles were all we used to eat as a child. They called it “Depression Era Cooking” because the ingredients included what you had on hand and were not too expensive. Not to mention, the recipes could feed a large number of people. But I think the reason they became so famous in family homes was that they enveloped a feeling of warmth and love in the kitchen.

    Well, that is my take anyhow. Tell me what you think!

    Enjoy Stick Of Butter Rice

    French Onion Mushroom Rice Casserole Recipe | Side Dish

    Enjoy this great-tasting stick of butter rice side dish. Its so delicious that every single helping will get eaten. The canned soup means its an easy-peasy dish to make. And including a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce adds a little extra zest.

    If you are a beginner cook you may want to give this recipe a try. All you need to do is put all of the ingredients into a small baking dish, cover the dish, and pop it right into the oven. You can cook this recipe with all of the confidence that it will turn out great.

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    How To Store Reheat And Freeze:

    This casserole, like most casseroles, freezes very well! Feel free to make it in advance, and then cover tightly with cling wrap, foil, and a lid once cooled completely. It should keep nicely for at least a few months in the freezer, and when youre ready to reheat simply remove everything and replace the heat safe lid to bake at a lower temperature until warmed through.

    Once cooked, my sausage and rice casserole stays good in the fridge for a few days. If youre not feeding a crowd, I would recommend portioning off your leftovers and freezing the remainder in the casserole pan right away.

    Cheesy Chicken And Rice Green Bean Casserole

    I kid, I kid but seriously, Lincolns love of peas didnt come from me!

    Anyway, this casserole is ultra special because its not only creamy and comforting, but it tastes like delicious, kicked-up French Onion Soup. I used to order French Onion Soup at T.G.I.Fridays in high school like it was my job Savory, satisfying, and most importantly cheesy to the max. Is there anything better than digging into a steaming bowl of French Onion Soup then having a string of ooey-gooey cheese following the spoon to your mouth? Maybe when its coming from a big plate of rice casserole instead.

    I am a huge fan of soup but giving this classic a little spin to create a meatless main dish is extra fun. Leftovers are absolutely delicious and if you like the flavor of French Onion Soup, but dont like the big slices of onion that are usually inside, the sweet onions in this dish are chopped then simmered and sauteed in broth until tender and melty. So much win Hope youll give this dish a try!

    Meanwhile bring 3-1/2 cups chicken broth to a boil then add 2 cups long grain white rice like basmati or jasmine rice, turn the heat down to medium, then cook until the rice is al dente, about 15 minutes. Let it sit off the heat for about 5 minutes then fluff with a fork and set aside.

    Add an additional 1-1/2 cups milk to the skillet plus salt and pepper then simmer until thickened and bubbly.

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    What To Do With The Floating Pool Of Butter

    Though most people wont see anything wrong with a lovely pile of floating butter, some people might find it a bit strange that, after removing this dish from the oven, there is a thick layer of melted butter bubbling on top.

    Dont worry, though as soon as it gets removed from the heat and starts to cool slightly, the butter will sink into the rice, completely coating every single grain and giving it an intense, buttery, delicious flavor.

    This is obviously going to make this dish incredibly buttery, which is in no way a bad thing, but feel free to cut down on the butter a little bit if you want something that is a little bit healthier.

    Looking for more delicious Side Dish recipes? Try these out:

    What Are The Best Mushrooms To Use When Cooking


    It really depends on the recipe youre making on which mushrooms would be the best. However, with this baked mushroom rice, and most rice dishes, crimini mushrooms and white button mushrooms are the more common options. If you want to get fancy you could try a more exotic mushroom like shittake, oyster or chanterelle.

    This is one of my favorite side dishes because its so easily turned into a main dish by tossing some cooked chicken or ground beef into it. I have often eaten it as a main dish without adding any protein because its just that good. Its definitely a winner in this house and one of our first go-to side dishes.

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    Perfect Fluffy Baked Rice

    I know regular readers are probably sick of me saying this, so this is for the benefit of new readers / first timers who happen across this recipe being of Japanese background, I was raised a rice snob. Mushy rice is a crime in my family.

    I like my rice tender but not super soft which actually means it is overcooked. Fluffy rather than mushy.

    Thats what this recipe yields. Fluffy rice.

    Its garlicky and buttery. The mushrooms are 80% browned and I love that they are still juicy inside. The rice has absorbed all the broth AND the mushrooms juices. See how much the mushrooms shrank in the photos above? All that flavour ends up in the rice.

    Mushroom Lovers this one is for you! Go forth and enjoy! Nagi x

    How To Make Mushroom Butter And Onion Soup Rice

    You only need six simple ingredients to make this hearty meal. This mushroom rice is mixed with butter and French onion soup for a filling dish.

    10 minutes 1 hour 10 minutes


  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

  • Heat 2 tablespoons of the butter in a large nonstick ovenproof skillet over medium heat.

  • Add the mushrooms to the pan and cook for 5 to 6 minutes or until tender and browned.

  • Add the rice, French onion soup, and beef consomme to the pan.

  • Cut the remaining butter into slices and add it to the pan.

  • Cover the pan and bake for 30 minutes. Uncover the pan and bake for an additional 30 minutes.

  • Fluff the rice with a fork and stir in the parsley, then serve.

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    How Can You Make Baked Mushroom Rice Healthier

    If you have a rice cooker and want to make a healthy version of this rice, you are in luck!!! I share how to make it in this blog post: Easy French Onion Brown Rice in an Aroma Rice Cooker. You wont believe how easy it is. If you dont have an aroma rice cooker, I HIGHLY recommend it. You can find it. It is one of my most used, favorite kitchen workhorses.

    If you try this, Id love to hear how you like it. If you have a version of this recipe that you love, feel free to share in the comments of this post. I try to reply quickly to everyone who writes!

    Please visit the Family Savvy storefront to see all my faves and must-haves for your home, family, and friends.

    As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Be blessed, and stay savvy!!!

    French Onion Ground Beef And Rice Casserole

    Quick French Onion Mushroom Soup

    French Onion Ground Beef and Rice Casserole Three comfort foods all stirred into one delicious casserole dish.

    The savory taste of French onion soup, the heartiness of ground beef, and rice to soak up all that goodness! You cant go wrong serving this meal for dinner any night of the week.

    Casseroles are filling family meals that can be made ahead and frozen or prepared on the spot. Not to mention, who doesnt love coming home to the smell of a hearty casserole baking in the oven.

    With your protein and starch taken care of, add Southern Style Green Beans or collard greens on the side, so you are sure to get those veggies in. Then finish off the savory meal with the sweet taste of Apple Butter Cheesecake Tart or a Candied Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookies for dessert.

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    Still Searching For What To Cook

    • 2 CupsWhite Long Grain Rice
    • 2 10.5 oz cansCampbells French Onion Soup
    • 1 8 oz canSliced Mushrooms
    • 12 tablespoonsButter sliced into Tbsp chunks

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

    Place rice, soup, butter and mushrooms in a 13×9 pan. Stir and cover with foil.

    Bake at 350 degrees for one hour. Stir after 30 minues.

    Check for doneness of rice after one hour.


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    Instant Pot French Onion Chicken And Rice Casserole Is A Quick And Easy Weeknight Meal That Combines Chicken And Rice With The Robust Flavor Of Your Favorite Onion Soup Mix

    This Instant Pot French onionchicken and rice casserole would take well over an hour to bake in the oven, but youll have this weeknight dinner on the table in about 30 minutes.

    Note: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase, this site may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

    Easy meals and hearty comfort foods are two of my favorite thingsand when I can find a way to combine them, its like the stars have aligned!

    By reworking my popular Instant Pot chicken and rice by adding some Lipton onion soup mix, I have arrived at a main dish that is flavorful, cheesy, and just plain comforting.

    I grew up eating so many different southern style casseroles with chicken and rice. They are frugal and delicious and you can customize them in so many ways.

    These were the meals people brought to your house when someone was sick, had a baby, or had passed awaybecause these were the meals that made you feel like you were like being wrapped in a big hug.

    This pressure cooker French onion rice with chicken is the perfect example of the versatility of rice and chicken casseroles. In fact, its on my list of the best Instant Pot chicken and rice recipes!

    You can make a batch right in the pressure cooker which means there will be no extra dishes to wash and you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.

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    Stick Of Butter Rice Ingredients

    Rice: Use long-grained white rice for this recipe, like jasmine or basmati. It separates better than medium or short-grained rice, which easily sticks together.

    French Onion Soup: Use a can of condensed French onion soup.

    Beef Consomme: Condensed Beef consomme is more condensed than beef broth and has a stronger flavor. In a pinch, you could substitute beef broth or beef stock. Look for it in the grocery store where you would find other cans of condensed soup.

    Butter: Yes, you are using one stick of butter and dividing it into 9 pats. I know you are thinking, why not just cut it into the eight tablespoons. Well, the reason for nine pats is that you want the pats of the butter to be equally distributed on the top of the rice in a 3×3 pattern.

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