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French Onion Chicken Bake

Campbells Well Yes! Italian Style Wedding | Food Review | Traver Recipes

This dish is both easy to make and lip-smacking good! Its seasoned chicken breast smothered in a french onion soup and then topped with mozzarella. All you have to do is to season the chicken with paprika, garlic, and salt before grilling them in a cast iron skillet. You can also add a can of Campbells French onion soup along with the sautéed onions to enhance the onion flavor.

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Healthiest Black Bean Soup: Pacific Organic Spicy Black Bean And Kale Soup

Looking for some protein without the beef? The beans in these soups deliver big time. But even more so if youre grabbing a carton of Pacifics organic as opposed to Amys. They both offer options with Eat This-approved ingredients, but Pacific is lower in calories, sodium, and sugar, and higher in protein than their organic comrade. For more meat-free options, check out these best vegetarians sources of protein.

Are You Ready For Your Moment Of Yes

Dont forget to enter the #WellYesMoment Sweepstakes in the widget below for a chance to win up to a $500 Visa gift card! Its as easy as clicking, logging in, and sharing your Moment of Yes story! If you win, think of all the ways you can use the prizing to achieve your Moment of Yes! Come on, how could you say no to that?

Listen, I know first hand that saying yes is scary. My personal belief is if it makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable, you should do it. When were uncomfortable, thats when we learn the most . Say yes to the thing thats been on your mind the most and have your own moment of yes with Well Yes! Soups.

So here are your takeaways from my moment of yes:

  • Saying yes is hard but its so fulfilling.
  • Well Yes! Soups is made with nutritious ingredients and free of antibiotics and artificial flavors .
  • When starting a business with a friend, be sure to respect and care for one another.
  • Head to your local grocer and save 50¢ on two Well Yes! Soups.

Whats your moment of yes?


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Chicken Chimichangas Covered With Green Sauce

If youre craving a delicious Mexican food dish that is to die for, these chicken chimichangas are exactly what you need.

This makes the perfect weeknight meal, but we wont be mad at you if you cook it on the weekend.

With the cream of chicken soup, sour cream, and cream cheese, these chimichangas are so incredibly creamy.

Besides the creaminess, this recipe is loaded with cheesy flavor because it has Monterey Jack cheese and shredded cheddar cheese.

The only seasonings you need are the packet of taco seasoning mix, green olives, and jalapeno pepper. Sliced green onions are perfect for garnish.

If youre craving a big old pot of chili but dont have all of the ingredients for your regular recipe, this recipe is a good one to make.

In fact, it may actually win you over and become one of your favorite chili recipes.

This chili has just eight ingredients and that includes the spices.

Instead of canned tomatoes, you use a can of condensed tomato soup.

The only spice you need is chili powder, and the malt vinegar adds a surprisingly delightful kick.

Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup


Heinz has been making ketchup since 1876 and their ketchup is by far the most popular ketchup in America. With over 140 years of experience, we know that this company knows their way around a tomato. For that reason, it’s no surprise that Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup is really good, and criminally underrated.

When it comes to tomato soup, you probably don’t think about Heinz but that should change. While this is different from tomato soup you’re accustomed to, it’s wildly popular in Europe specifically in the United Kingdom. Give it a try and you may never switch back to traditional American tomato soup again. Comparatively, this soup by Heinz has a truer and richer tomato flavor.

Finding Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup in the United States can actually be a chore. However, you’ll find it very much worth the effort and eventually Heinz won’t just be your go-to company for ketchup. You will turn to Heinz for tomato soup, too.

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Well Yes Chicken Noodle Soup

Campbell’s has a Well Yes! line of soups that they market as a healthier alternative to their other soups due to their use of real ingredients and the forgoing of all artificial flavors. While not all of the Well Yes! soups are bad , the Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup is a disgrace to Campbell’s good name.

Sure, this soup might not have any artificial flavors but the problem is that they forgot to put in any flavors at all whether real or artificial. The chicken in it is minimal and manages to be virtually flavorless. The noodles in Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup are very light egg noodles made from a mix of quinoa flour and wheat flour. Other ingredients include white beans that taste like nothing, watery tomatoes, and round orange bites that are apparently carrots.

Should you buy this soup? Well No! That’d be a waste of money.

Campbells Soup Recipes For Easy Meals

If youre tired, frustrated and all out of culinary inspiration, these Campbells soup recipes might just save dinner.

There are so many recipes to choose from here, all designed to get a hearty, satisfying meal on the table with minimal hassle.

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Because some nights, the last thing you feel like doing is slaving over a stove. Maybe you had a bad day at work, or perhaps the kids are acting up.

Whatevers going on, you just dont have the time or the headspace to cook a gourmet meal.

Dont worry, Campbells soup is here to help! With these simple recipes, dinner has never been easier.

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The Very Definitive Campbells Chunky Soup Power Rankings

Yeah, thats right. Your boy is so bold that he is writing a blog post creating a power ranking for Campbells Chunky soup. Something that has never been done before, I will dive into all the wonderful and not so wonderful flavors of the dominant soup brand. As a fresh outta school broke boy who spends too much money on shoes kinda of dude , I eat a decent amount of Campbells Chunky soup. And, additionally I have tried all of the flavors. So for all my fellow FOSBBSSTMMOSKOD , here is a definitive ranking of Campbells Chunky soup flavors. I Included is a picture of each can for reference.

10. Pub Style Chicken Pot Pie

Coming in at number ten is the PSCPP Honestly this one is so low because it has the most vegetables of any of the soup, and you will quickly learn I hate vegetables. Peas, carrots, corn, I mean jeez louise lets chill out there buddy guy pal. Thats just a lot of health. Plus, the creaminess of this soup has a weird flavor to it. Maybe thats just the vegetables though? I dunno. So unfortunately for Pot Pie, it finds itself at the bottom.

9. Grilled Sirloin Steak with Hearty Vegetables

8. New England Clam Chowder

Honestly I have just never been a big clam chowder guy. The flavors just dont add up for me. Leaves a lot to be desired. I know this is a rather hot take, so all you northeasterners reading this can complain all you want. Sorry not sorry. Its just a no from me dawg. Not here for the chowda.

7. Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables

2. Chili Mac

Campbells Chunky Canned Soup

Campbell’s Well Yes Soup Review
Deal Link:

Eat like a CHAMPION like running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Justin Jefferson.Update: July 2, 2021 these 4 flavors are available at $1.58/can no more S& S There are at the moment 4 flavors of Campbells Chunky Soup for sale for $1.58 a can. Max 6 per flavor. These can be S& S BLAZING ROADHOUSE There are no S& S option for the following two :CHICKEN CORN CHOWDER


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Estimated Amounts Of Calories Needed

.Calories needed to maintain the energy balance of different age groups at three different levels of physical activity.

  • Sedentary means a lifestyle that includes only light physical activity associated with typical daily living.
  • Moderately active means a lifestyle that includes physical activity equivalent to walking approximately 1.5 to 3 miles per day at a speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour, in addition to the light physical activity associated with typical daily living.
  • Active means a lifestyle that includes physical activity equivalent to walking more than 3 miles per day at a speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour, in addition to the light physical activity associated with typical daily living.

Campbells Well Yes Power Soup Bowls

Love the goodness of Campbells Well Yes! soups? Then youre going to love the latest Well Yes! creation from the teamPOWER Soup Bowls!

Our research showed us that our consumers gravitated towards the idea of a convenient soup bowl crafted with a combo of protein, fiber, and veggies.

Emily Repshas, Associate Brand Manager, Meals & Beverages

Like the brands microwaveable sipping soups, the latest from Well Yes! comes in its own microwave-safe bowl. The soups have 8-13 grams of protein, at least one serving of veggies, and are a good source of fiber with no artificial flavors or preservatives added.

Try them all in varieties like:

  • Southwest Style Chicken with Black Bean, Corn and Farro Soup
  • Spiced Chickpea with Spinach and Quinoa Soup
  • Cajun Style Chicken with Red Beans and Barley Soup
  • Harvest Vegetable with Butternut Squash and Quinoa Soup
  • Veggie Chili with Black Beans and Whole Grains Soup

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Campbells Green Bean Casserole

The green bean casserole is a classic for a reason. This family favorite is easy to pull together and can feed a lot of hungry mouths.

In this recipe, Campbells cream of mushroom soup is poured over tender green beans and topped with crispy onions for extra crunch.

Its creamy, tasty, and its easily converted into a vegetarian main meal with a simple side salad or steamed rice.

Campbell Debuts Sippable Soup


CAMDEN, N.J. TheCampbell Soup Co. has added grab-and-go Well Yes Sipping Soups to its line of Well Yes Soups. With the launch, the Camden, N.J.-based canned soup producer is catering to on-the-go snackers.

The soups are available in five flavors: Tomato & Sweet Basil Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Harvest Carrot & Ginger and Sweet Corn & Roasted Poblano.

At 200 calories per cup, the product provides 20% of consumers vegetable serving. The soups can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature for customers who cannot be slowed down by a microwave. Free of GMOs and artificial flavors and colors, the product line also hits on several prominent health trends.

With convenience-focused daytime snacking on the rise and a desire to find more nutritious options, consumers are hungry for quick and easy solutions that deliver on taste, said Diego Palmieri, chief marketing officer for Campbell Meals and Beverages. Well Yes Sipping Soups were crafted to provide delicious real food ingredients with drinkable vegetable nutrition, in a convenient and affordable on-the-go package.

Earlier this year, the food company centralized its core business operations to keep up with the rapidly changing food-industry landscape. As COO, Luca Mignini now oversees the soup, simple meals, snacks and shelf-stable beverage portfolios.

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Annies Organic Chicken Noodle Soup

Sure, Annies Organic Chicken Noodle Soup stands miles above the lackluster and frankly disappointing Campbells options weve covered thus far but it still doesnt even make it to the middle of our list. Thats because, for all that Annies Organic Chicken Noodle Soup offers, it does so at a terrible price point.

This soup features egg noodles, chicken chunks, carrots, and celery. In terms of ingredient quality and ingredient-to-broth ratio, Annies clearly wins over the previous soups versus just garlic and onion, Annies infuses its broth with flavors from herbs and spices such as rosemary, sage, and thyme. The sodium content is slightly less than what youll get with the above soups as well .

However, Annies soup is much more expensive than some of the other soups that rank higher on our list and that offer comparable flavors. At the time of writing, an eight-pack of Annies Organic Chicken Noodle Soup was $30.89 on . Comparatively, you can get a 12-pack of Campbells Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup, which ranks at the very top of our list, for just $23 on .

Healthiest Chicken Noodle Soup: Pacific Organic Chicken Noodle Soup Reduced Sodium

Ingredients you want to see in the best chicken soup: cooked chicken, chicken broth, peas, carrots, spices. Ingredients you dont want to see: potassium chloride, maltodextrin, yeast extract, carrot juice concentrate, sugar, flavoring, xanthan gum, carrageenan, and a slew of others. Just because both options are low sodium doesnt mean theyre both good for you. Pick up Pacifics organic option over Campbells if you dont want to sip on the same contents that are found in a food scientists test tube.

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Wolfgang Puck Chicken & Dumplings Soup

While Wolfgang Puck Chicken & Dumplings Soup won’t cost you an arm or a leg, this soup is definitely pricier than the competition. Factoring in the connection to world famous chef Wolfgang Puck and the yummy picture on the can, your expectations will be sky high. But prepared to be left unsatisfied.

Although Wolfgang Puck Chicken & Dumplings Soup isn’t bad, it’s painfully average. The chicken in this soup is stringy and not the quality you’d expect. The amount of potatoes in the soup is also disappointing it’s obvious the potatoes are used as a filler ingredient. The few so-called “dumplings” you find in the soup are just slimy pieces of dough in reality.

The overall flavor is watery, too. You’ll need to jazz things up with your own spices in order for you to get any enjoyment out of this soup. Wolfgang Puck has a lot of good soups but this is certainly not one of them.

Do Canned Soups Have A Ton Of Sodium

Campbells Well Yes! Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato | Food Review | Traver Recipes

Canned soup has gotten a bad rap over the years, namely for its high sodium content. But there were reasons for all that salt initially, the first being preservation. Canned foods are better preserved in a salty or sweet medium. However, vacuum packing has eliminated the need for sodium as the sole mineral to inhibit bacterial growth. explains Stoler. The second reason is to please the typical Americans palate, which tends to prefer saltier foods.

But the most interesting tidbit of all? Despite Americans concerns over high-sodium soups, food companies had significant trouble getting low-sodium soups off the shelves. An industry secret is that most larger companies have reduced their sodium content over the years without notifying consumers, says Stoler. When canned soups were labeled as low or no sodium, they didnt sell well because consumers assumed the taste would be compromised.

Nowadays, there are tons of low-sodium soups on the market, many of them legitimately delicious. But if youre worried that a low-sodium soup will have less flavor, remember that you can always add your own ingredients to prepare it more to your liking. The truth is, if someone wants more salt, they can always add it. If a soup is too salty, add more water. Its really that simple, says Stoler.

Here are 14 healthy canned soups to look for the next time youre grocery shopping.

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Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil Bisque

While his chicken and dumplings soup we’ve already mentioned was a disappointment, Wolfgang Puck more than redeems himself with his Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil Bisque. This goodness lives up to the hype and is worth every penny of its price tag.

Wolfgang Puck Tomato Basil Bisque isn’t just normal tomato soup. It has actual pieces of organic tomatoes inside of it to make it notably more hearty. It also has an unmistakable basil taste and a sweet cream that immaculately balances out all the competing flavors. If you have any creme fraiche on hand, that’s a great addition to this soup. One scoop on top really does the trick.

There are a lot of good Wolfgang Puck soups that you can buy at the store, but this one takes the cake. You wouldn’t think a soup based on tomatoes would be so exciting, but all it will take is one can for you to be convinced.

Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup

While coconut soup hasn’t been discussed much in America, Amy is on her way to changing that thanks to Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup. This stuff is so good that you’ll use your fingers to scrape every last drop off of the bowl and into your mouth.

In Thailand, tom kha gai is a very popular soup, particularly in the northern part of the country. It’s basically coconut soup with chicken added into it. The vegetarian version of that soup is called tom kha phak and that’s what inspired Amy’s Thai Coconut Soup. In fact, it says “tom kha phak” on the can.

Besides coconut milk that is pleasantly sweet, this soup also has carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, onions, mushrooms, garlic, tofu, and a lot of other all natural, all vegan, and plant-based ingredients. Even if you have timid taste buds that don’t enjoy a good adventure, this coconut soup is tasty enough that it’s worth it to push the envelope and give it a try.

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