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What Happens When You Stop The Soup Diet

28-Day Soup Detox Cleanse to Lose Weight (Meal Plans Included) | Joanna Soh

As soon as you stop the soup diet and go back to eating your usual calorie amount, you’ll regain the lost water and weight within a day or two, Lawder says. Is the Soup Diet Healthy? The best way to lose weight is to eat a variety of healthy, whole foods. Eating soup can be part of a healthy weight-loss plan.

Soup Can Help You Lose Weight Unless You’re Making These 5 Mistakes

Yes, that’s right â the soup diet really does work. Or at least the concept of a soup diet can yield legitimate weight loss.

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Research shows soup is a helpful weight-loss food: It has the potential to be as satisfying as eating solid food, even though it’s a liquid, per an older paper in âPhysiology & Behaviorâ. And more recent research has found soup-eaters weigh less and have smaller waists compared to those who shun soup â these findings were published April 2014 in the âBritish Journal of Nutritionâ.

Soup is soup, and so any soup diet should deliver the same benefits, right? Nope. Sorry.

There are some souping “mistakes” that can make this liquid lunch less than ideal if your goal is to lose weight.

Here are five things to watch out for.

Substitutions For Weight Loss Soup

  • Vegetables: You can substitute any vegetable really. Just try to avoid starch ones like potatoes, peas or corn if you can. Kale, spinach and celery are delicious and filling substitutions.
  • Chicken broth: Beef broth or vegetable broth can be used instead of chicken broth. Feel free to use low sodium broth or make your own.
  • Protein: We use kidney beans in our recipe to add some protein to this soup. White beans, pinto beans, black beans, or red beans can also be used and the calorie count will stay the same. You can also use lean ground beef or ground turkey, but keep in mind that the calorie count will go up.

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Load Your Soup And Salad Diet With Nutrients

A soup and salad diet is the perfect way to lose weight provided it is planned well and prepared in a healthy way. Soups and salads are rich in fibre. Depending on the ingredients you use, this diet could provide you with all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs says nutritionist Naini Setalvad. If you are worried about the time involved in preparing a nutrient-rich soup, weve got just the thing you need. Knorr has a wide range of nutritious soups to choose from. Whats more, they contain the best vegetables and other ingredients and preserve the nutrition value through a technique known as freeze-drying. So choose these high-fibre, low-calorie soups and see a slimmer you in no time!

How Much Weight Can I Lose On Cabbage Soup Diet

The Only Weight

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a short-term weight loss diet that includes cabbage soup. As the name suggests, it requires a lot of cabbage soup. Proponents of the diet claim that it can help you lose up to 4.5 kg in a week However, many health experts warn that the diet is dangerous and that the benefits will not last long.Which cabbage is the most effective when it comes to losing weight?

  • Cabbage is great for stuffing. In classic cabbage dishes, the meat can be substituted for cereals such as bulgur, quinoa or buckwheat to make it vegetarian. Cabbage is a nutritional powerhouse. Its leaves are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and have a bitter taste. Cabbage is like a health food store for weight loss, which comes in a handy consumable container.

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How Can I Lose My Stomach Fat

20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat

  • Eat plenty of soluble fiber. …
  • Avoid foods that contain trans fats. …
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol. …
  • Eat a high protein diet. …
  • Reduce your stress levels. …
  • Don’t eat a lot of sugary foods. …
  • Do aerobic exercise …
  • Cut back on carbs especially refined carbs.
  • Healthy Soups For Your Diet

    Here are some healthy soups that you can add to your diet:

  • Tomato soup: This is one of the most popular soup varieties and why wouldnt that be? Its creamy and delicious flavour makes it difficult to not like it. Tomato soup is healthy for digestive and skin health.
  • Cabbage soup: If you are looking for a fibre-rich soup, you need to add cabbage soup to your diet. This soup can aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure levels.
  • Chicken soup: Regulating a healthy protein intake is important when it comes to a keto diet and what could be q better source of protein other than chicken. However, make sure that you dont make the soup excessively salty.
  • Spinach soup: If you do not like eating your greens, consume it as a soup. Spinach is a rich source of calcium, vitamin K and D, and other nutrients. This soup can help boost immunity, digestion, and metabolism.
  • Mushroom soup: Mushrooms are low in calories and high in fibre. They are rich in protein and can be used as an excellent meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans.
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    Sacred Heart Soup Diet

    Similar to the cabbage soup diet, the Sacred Heart soup diet is a 7-day eating plan that consists almost entirely of a broth-based soup with non-starchy vegetables.

    While other low calorie foods are allowed, the diet is very specific as to which foods can be included each day.

    When followed closely, the Sacred Heart soup diet claims to help you lose 1017 pounds in 1 week.


    There are several types of soup diets. While some are more restrictive in what you can eat, like the cabbage soup diet, others allow for more flexibility, like the bean soup diet.

    And the fewer calories you eat on a soup diet, generally the more weight youll lose.

    Just keep in mind that as with other low calorie diets, most of the weight lost over the 510 days is likely due to water rather than fat loss .

    Furthermore, as the diets are generally for only a week or less, youll likely regain the weight you lost unless youre able to transition into a more sustainable weight loss eating plan .

    As the bean soup diet recommends transitioning into a plant-based eating pattern, it may have better long-term success than the others.


    Regularly consuming soup has been linked to a lower body weight. However, theres insufficient research on the benefits of soup diets for weight loss. Still, due to the low calorie nature of these eating plans, youll likely lose some weight in the short term.

    Drawbacks Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

    Lose 15 lbs| Cabbage Soup Diet| Did I lose weight?

    As with most restrictive diets, it is possible to feel hungry or deprived during the first days. However, as the body gets the nutrients it needs and resets itself, you will no longer experience cravings. For example, as you consume fruit on a daily basis, you will no longer feel like you need to reach out for biscuits, candy or chocolate.

    Another drawback is that the Cabbage Soup Diet can feel more boring than other diets. After all, you need to eat the same kind of soup every day for a whole week, for at least twice a day. Heres a tip: you can use spices to make it tasty and different each time.

    The good news is that spices tend to boost the metabolism, not only make your meals delicious. Pepper, cloves, oregano, basil, chili etc. are well known for their fat burning properties, so go ahead and flavor your cabbage soup according to taste. Cabbage can take a whole range of different flavors. It will no longer feel like youre eating the same food over and over again.

    Finally, there is the risk that the weight you lost comes back after a week on this diet. This happens because were dealing mostly with water weight. As stated in the beginning, this program isnt suitable for long-term or permanent weight loss. Do not attempt to turn it into a lifestyle, no matter how much youre enjoying the results.

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    You Can Get More Nutrients For Fewer Calories

    The great news is that if you are intentional about what you put in your soup, you can ensure that you’re getting tons of nutrients for fewer calories than most other meals. Studies have shown that soup is actually a contributing factor in losing weight, maintaining weight goals, and lowering the risk of obesity.

    Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND award-winning nutrition expert, and Wall Street Journal best-selling cookbook author, believes soup has the potential to be a great source of nutrition.

    “If it is a broth-based soup that has lots of vegetables and beans, it’s a fabulous way to take in fiber, antioxidant vitamins A and C, and get potassium,” she says.

    Burak agrees.

    “Broth-based soups are a great bang for your nutritional buck,” she says. When we skip the creamy soups and stick with a broth that contains foods like veggies, beans, or lentils, “we fill our tank with tons of nutrients and fiber, but without a lot of calories.”

    And Hoover adds that even the way we prepare soup can help us get our nutrients with fewer calories throughout the week.

    “Soups are easy to prepare, especially if using a slow cooker or pressure cooker, and can be made in large batches,” says Hoover. “Prepping a big, nutrient-rich soup on the weekends is a great way to ensure you’ve got a healthy, nutrient-rich lunch for the week.”

    Soup Diet For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons Why It Isnt Working

    Theres much debate going on about the effectiveness of a soup diet as a weight loss solution. Some claim it works, but others say it doesnt. In addition, theres no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of specific soup diets for weight loss. However, as it triggers a reduction in calorie consumption, logic dictates that it does help you lose weight in some way.

    If thats the case, why isnt this strategy working for many individuals? Are there particular steps one has to follow when undergoing a soup diet? In general, there are no specific rules that dictate how you should implement this diet in your day-to-day life. However, based on experience, there are certain things you have to be wary of when it comes to building a soup diet if you want to lose a few pounds.

    So to help you achieve your goal of fitting into that mini black dress, here are three common soup diet mistakes you must avoid for it to work.

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    Too Much Saturated Fat

    There is nothing better than a bowl of delicious creamy clam chowder or broccoli cheddar soup. Unfortunately, this sort of soup can be extremely high in saturated fat and calories.

    Almost every nutritionist agreed that when selecting a soup, you should be aware that cream-based soups have significantly more fat.

    They also said that its better to consume soups that are broth-based rather than cream-based soups in order to reduce fat intake.

    And soups that are made with heavy cream rather than broth frequently contain a lot of calories and unhealthy saturated fat.

    What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Soup Every Day

    Best Canned Soup For Weight Loss

    There may be nothing more satisfying in this world than a hot bowl of soup. Especially on a frigid winter day, there really is no better way to warm up. Whether its a thick and creamy bisque or a broth-based chicken noodle, soup can always provide some cozy comfort for the winter blues. But what happens if this becomes your meal of choice quite often and you end up choosing to eat soup every day?

    So, for all the soup-lovers out there, we wanted to find out just how healthy, or unhealthy, this warming food can be. We talked with a few dietitians in order to get clear on what happens when you consume soup on a regular basis and find yourself choosing to eat soup every day. And if youre really looking to step up your healthy cooking game, here are 100 Easiest Recipes You Can Make.

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    Try This Quick Soup For 2

    Ingredients:2 cups chicken or vegetable broth15-oz. can diced or crushed tomatoes15-oz. can kidney or garbanzo beans1 cup cooked, diced leftover chicken or turkey, or crumbled tempeh or cubed tofu2 cups frozen vegetables, 1/4 tsp thyme1/2 tsp salt, or to taste1/4 tsp black pepper1 cup cooked, diced leftover chicken or turkey, or crumbled tempeh or cubed tofu


  • Heat oil in a large pot over medium-high heat.
  • Saute the onion, carrot, celery, and garlic in oil until soft.
  • Add the broth, tomatoes, beans, frozen vegetables, and herbs and seasonings.
  • Simmer for 15 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked and tender.
  • Add the protein of choice just before serving and heat through.
  • Nutritional value depends on the ingredients used. Enter your soup creation in MyNetDiary as a Custom Recipe for complete nutrition analysis.

    So Here Are Soups That You Can Enjoy For Weight Loss:

    Aruna Mallya recommends these soups:

    1. Clear soups

    You can boil the vegetables that you like to have but no underground vegetables. First cut them into big chunks and then boil it properly, after that just puree it. This soup will have a lot of fibre content in it. For flavour, you can add some pepper or garlic.

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    2. Chicken soup

    Chicken soup is nothing but low-fat chicken pieces which should be boiled properly. Only strained chicken broth should be taken. Also, add some garlic tadka with a pinch of salt.

    3. Cabbage soup or multicoloured vegetable soup

    Add carrot, peas, capsicum, also you can use palak. All the vegetables should be cooked in a pressure cooker properly and then they can be blended like a smoothie or paste. There is no need to add any thickening agent like cornflour. After its cooked properly, add a pinch of salt or tadka to the broth.

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    4. Green veggie soup

    Green vegetables are rich in fiber, which helps in faster weight loss. Ghee, butter, palm oil, are to be used. Just a pinch of salt to the broth can be added as more of it will result in water retention. Additionally, tofu can be added to veg soup. People craving for flavour, can try Kimchi soup which can be loaded with vegetables, little red chili flakes, dark soy sauce, pepper.

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    You Eat Your Soup Out Of A Bread Bowl

    I mean, it does sound so delicious, and bread doesn’t have to be out of the picture to achieve weight loss, but enjoying soup out of a bread bowl is going to add many calories to your meal and may slow down your weight loss. The hundreds of calories one may consume eating the bread bowl along with their soup are likely to spike blood sugar and will digest quicker than protein and fat, leaving you to feel hungry more quickly following the meal.

    You are better off sticking with a broth-based soup that contains protein, fat, and veggie, and adding a small roll on the side for a more modest amount of carbohydrate.

    Youre Only Eating Starch

    Cabbage Soup Diet? Lose 10 pounds in 7 days?

    Who doesnt love potato soup? While many find this soup comforting on a cold, rainy day, chances are enjoying it on a regular basis may be hindering your weight loss goals. Often made with whole milk, cream, butter, and bacon, this soup definitely packs the calories. One other disadvantage of this type of soup is that it is low in protein, keeping it from being as well balanced and satiating as other soups that contain plant or animal sources of protein. This is also true for soups that are mostly made up of noodles with little protein.

    Meals that are low in protein are less likely to fill you up, and, in turn, you may be more likely to over serve at meals or grab extra snacks throughout the day. This is likely to work against a weight loss goal, so choose soups that provide protein, carb, fat, and fiber to maximize fullness.

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    You Feel Full More Quickly

    If you’ve ever been curious about why people often eat a soup or salad before a main meal, you’re not alone. Depending on the type of soup you’re eating, having a bowl or cup before your main course could help you feel more satisfied.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

    According to Laura Burak MS, RD, CDN, foods with a higher water content can fill you up faster. “Beginning a meal with a soup or salad, both high water volume, low-calorie foods, will fill you up and prevent overeating at meals,” she says.

    This could mean that if you’re someone who enjoys a nice side of soup with your dinner, you may find yourself consuming fewer calories altogether, while still feeling fully satisfied.

    Vegan Cream Of Broccoli Soup

    Unlike many creamy soups, this one is thickened without flours or starches. Its vegan, paleo, and free of gluten and refined sugar. The recipe calls for seven cups of veggies, and each serving has almost eight grams of fiber. By swapping traditionally used heavy cream for unsweetened almond milk, the soup is transformed into a lighter, more plant-based option, says Schmitt.

    Per serving: 123 calories, 3.9 g fat, 19 g carbs, 7 g sugar, 678 mg sodium, 7.5 g fiber, 6.5 g protein.

    For the full recipe, go to

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