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Nutritious Keto Cheeseburger Soup


Everyone loves an excuse to add bacon to a meal. This bacon cheeseburger soup contains crunchy bacon, healing bone broth, and grass-fed beef, making it a protein-packed keto recipe. If youre short on time, consider making this recipe in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker to cut down on the cook time.

Easy Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Start your low-carb journey off the right way with this Easy Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie Soup!

Im always looking for new ideas for recipes with little calories, and this one is easily one of my new favorites.

From the juicy, tender chicken, which is the key ingredient in this recipe, to the creamy cauliflower sauce, your mouth will be exploding with flavor!

Theres nothing like it. I can promise you that. Not a fan of chicken? Thats ok you can substitute it for beef or turkey.

What Is A Keto Diet

First, keto stands for ketogenic. A ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat diet. You may be familiar with Atkins, it has many similarities.

The goal of a ketogenic diet is to drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake and instead consume fats. By reducing your carbs it puts your body into a state of ketosis. Basically, your body becomes quite efficient at burning fat for energy.

Which is why many Crossfitters and athletes go on this diet.

It also has other great health benefits, that you can read about somewhere besides this little food blog, haha!

Plus you get to eat Crack Chicken!

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Low Carb Broccoli & Cheddar Soup

This broccoli and cheddar soup recipe is the perfect one to sneak in a ton of veggies into without even noticing the difference.

The abundant cheese gives it a creaminess that youll love and the broccoli just makes it all the healthier.

This soup is perfect to make on a cold winter day or even when youre feeling sick and need something light but filling.

Plus, this recipe can easily be doubled so you can have plenty of leftovers for the next day.

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

This Keto Chicken Soup Is Hearty, Healthy, &  Crazy Flavorful

Once served, this is one recipe that will be requested by family members again and again. This low-carb Mexican taco soup is made with cooked tomatoes, ground beef, and high-quality, full-fat cream cheese. Its rich, creamy, and works well as an appetizer or the main course. Serve it with avocado slices on top for a little extra panache .

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How To Work Soups Into Your Weekly Meal Prep

Fun fact: Soups get better with time. The longer they simmer, the more powerful and delightful the flavors.

Why does this matter? Because a batch of soup works great as leftovers, tasting just as scrumptious three days later as that very first night on the stovetop. Soups are easily reheated, making them the perfect addition to your weekly meal prep.

Simply double the recipe, then freeze any leftovers you cannot consume that week. If youre ever at a loss for that nights dinner you can pop the soup of the freezer to thaw.

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

With minimal prep time and help from your slow cooker and Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee, you can make a rich and hearty stew that pairs perfectly with mashed cauliflower or steamed green beans.

Every bite gets flavor from savory herbs and fresh veggies like celery, carrots and spinachand every serving is just under 5 grams of net carbs.

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Keto Instant Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup

With the quick-cooking power of the Instant Pot, you can have this dairy-free zesty soup from KetoDiet Blog ready in about 30 minutes.

For 9 grams of net carbs, every bowlful contains satisfying chunks of chicken, red pepper and onions in a spicy tomato broth. If you tolerate dairy and want a cheesy enchilada finish to this soup, add a sprinkle of cheddar or Mexican cheese blend to the top of your bowl before enjoying.

If youre sensitive to nightshades, skip this recipe.

Instant Pot Jambalaya Soup

MAKE AHEAD KETO SOUPS | Perfect for Meal Prep

This Instant Pot Jambalaya Soup is just what the doctor ordered! Hearty, packed with flavor, and easy to clean up.

What else could you be looking for? From the shrimp to the cooked sausage, there is no shortage of mind-blowing flavor for your immediate family or a room full of guests.

The secret ingredient is the shrimp, adding a light, hearty taste to the overall recipe.

You can substitute the smoked sausage for Chorizo. You were wondering what to Serve with Jambalaya? A simple green salad is always a beautiful addition.

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Creamy Keto Taco Soup With Ground Beef

When you think of tacos you think of tortilla wraps and loads of carbs, but what if I had a recipe that held all the flavor of the loved taco without all the calories to go along for the ride?

This recipe is one you will be dying to make again. Ground beef and beef broth are the key ingredients in this dish.

However, many people dont like beef, and I have a solution if you are one of those people.

You can substitute it for chicken and chicken broth. If something you dont like in a dish, always google the substitute for the ingredient and make it your own recipe!

Instant Pot Spicy Beef And Broccoli Zoodle Soup

Simple ginger beef broth, tender steak tips and zoodles fill the perfect starring roles in this low-carb soup recipe from Wholesomelicious.

This recipe also has a crockpot version for those that prefer the low-and-slow method. Each serving has 5 grams of net carbs.

Tip: If youre missing pho, this recipe easily converts with shirataki noodles and keto-friendly meatballs. Garnish with fresh basil and bean sprouts, and you have a keto pho experience at home.

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Pork Meatballs & Cremini Mushrooms

One-Pot Creamy Meatball Soup is a filling combination of meatballs, creamy broth, and veggies. Not only is it packed full of flavor, but its a great keto-friendly option, too.

A delicious mix of ground pork and Italian sausage takes the meatballs in this soup above and beyond the norm. The cremini mushrooms add bulk and help blend the flavors together seamlessly.

After browning the meatballs, add your veggies, seasonings, and stock. Once your soup has reduced by half, whisk in your cream, and youll be all set.

Creamy meatball soup is excellent for dinner parties or just a quick weeknight meal that the whole family can enjoy. Although it doesnt need any accompaniments, you can serve it up with some crackers or keto-friendly bread.

Tuscan Sausage & Cream Cheese

24 Keto Stew and Soup Recipes

This Creamy Keto Tuscan Soup is another spin on the Olive Garden classic, only with the added zip of roasted red peppers.

The sausage and roasted red peppers are the stars of the show in this dish. The sausage gives it that nice, hearty flavor, while the peppers add a surprising bite to the classic recipe.

The first step for this recipe is to brown your sausage. Next, start cooking up your veggies, then finish with your liquids and spinach.

The cream cheese and heavy cream in this recipe give it a heartiness that makes it a great meal on its own. A small salad will work perfectly if you want to add a side.

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Instant Pot Ketobroccoli Chicken Bacon Cheese Soup

Instant Pot Keto Broccoli Chicken Bacon Cheese Soup is the dish to take home to the family! Its jampacked with savory flavors everyone will love.

This dish packs a much-needed and appreciated punch of flavor from the healthy, crunchy broccoli to the gooey cheese.

The bacon and cheese are the key ingredients for this culinary masterpiece!

You can easily substitute the chicken for beef or even turkey, and the dish will still taste divine. Open up your recipe book now because this is one youll want to save!

I Watched As The Fat Melted Away & I Got My Life Back My Husband Noticed And Even My Son Told Me I Look Good Haha

  • Without doing any exercise at all! Exercise is completely optional and NOT recommended when you are getting started!
  • I ate all my favorite foods there wasnt one thing I was forced to eat or had to choke down!
  • Within about 48 hours I got rid of all my cravings! For the first time in forever I felt like a normal person!
  • I didnt ever once feel like I was starving myself or doing without
  • I still went out to eat with the family knowing that I could order a regular meal that tasted good!
  • The weight came off faster and easier than I ever imagined it could!

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Keto French Onion Soup

French onion soup is typically made with extra carbs in it, but not this keto version!

The ingredients are common and the recipe is easy to follow so you should have no trouble getting it all set up in your kitchen.

You can also choose how you want to serve this soup with or without cheese so that way everyone gets what they want.

This is a good choice when someone has extra onions in their fridge and theyre looking for a new recipe to make with them.

How To Make The Cauliflower Rice From Scratch

KETO SOUPS for Meal Prepping | Keto Dinner Ideas | Suz and The Crew
  • Cut the cauliflower in half and remove as much of the stem and leaves as possible. Then, cut the cauliflower into small florets removing any of the remaining stem. Place the cauliflower florets in a food processor or blender and pulse just until the cauliflower is broken down into small rice sized pieces.
  • If you dont have a food processor or blender, grate the cauliflower on the large holes of a box grater after cutting in half and removing the stems and leaves.
  • You can also use purchased fresh or frozen cauliflower rice to save time!

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    Low Carb Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe

    The creamy and beautiful flavors of the cream of mushroom soup make it a perfect comfort food for any time of the year.

    This keto soup is perfect to make when you have some leftover mushrooms in the fridge or if you just want something simple and easy.

    This vegetable soup recipe doesnt call for any flour or thickeners so its perfect for those on a low carb soups diet. You wont feel guilty about eating this one because even though its still full of flavor, its still good for you.

    Plus, it doesnt take a ton of time to make so you can whip up a big bowl in no time or have it ready for the family right after work.

    Soothing Keto Chicken Soup

    Do your childhood memories include your mom or grandma making you batch of chicken noodle soup when you were sick? This protein-packed, low carb soup is the gluten-free take on that classic chicken soup recipe. While youll lose the noodles, youll keep the flavor, giving you the same immune boost when you feel under the weather.

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    Creamy Keto Chicken Soup

    This creamy soup gets a little extra richness from heavy cream and a touch of butter, and the shredded chicken breast is a great source of protein. This soup is the definition of yummy, savory comfort food perfect for a cozy day. The base recipe is delicious, and you can make it your own by adding cauliflower, zucchini, kale, or any other low-carb veggie. You can also add extra chicken stock if you want the soup to be a little less rich.

    Keto Stew And Soup Recipes

    Pin on soups &  stews

    Were in the midst of winter, and its the perfect time for me to share a few soups and stews that are guaranteed to make you feel all warm and cozy. Ive got 24 keto soups and stew recipes to share with you today, and theyre sure to get your inspiration simmering. At the heart of every good soup and stew is a great bone broth.

    A quality bone broth is packed with electrolytes, plus gut friendly gelatin and collagen. Ive talked a lot about the benefits of bone broth before how it can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, strengthen your gut, adrenals, bones, and teeth, promote healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments, support the function of your immune system, improve the quality of your skin the list goes on and on!

    Keto shopping lists, recipes, and more! Start keto with this FREE 5-step guide.

    Making bone broth at home isnt always the most convenient option, especially when youre using it as a base for another recipe, but Ive got a great premade option for my Canadian friends and it can be used in any of the 24 keto stew and soup recipes below!

    You can drink it on its own, use it as a base for sauces or better yet, you could try out one of the 24 delicious keto soup and stew recipes below!

    And I saved the best for last: Canadian customers can get 20% off with code KETO20 from January 31, 2018 to February 10, 2018. Be sure to stock up!

    Lets get to simmering!

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    Keto Stuffed Pepper Soup: Slow Cooker Recipe

    There are plenty of Keto-Friendly Soups, but youve never tasted anything like this Keto Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe.

    The crockpot will do all the work and allow for an easy clean-up. This dish is slammed with flavor in every bite!

    There is no end to the mind-blowing explosive taste from the tomato sauce, cauliflower rice, and juicy ground beef!

    The cauliflower rice is the secret ingredient to a nice texture for the overall dish. Short on tomato sauce, you can substitute it for marinara sauce, diced tomatoes, or even tomato juice.

    Easy Low Carb Keto Beef Stew Recipe

    This Easy Low Carb Keto Beef Stew Recipe will only take you 10 minutes to prepare.

    Thats right, only 10 minutes! Have a long day ahead of you and need a dish thats filling, packed with flavor, and works into your diet, then this is it!

    The ingredient you wont want to leave out, and the secret ingredient is the meet. That juicy, flavorful protein. What To Serve with Beef Stew?

    Mash potatoes are always the best, aside, but I know what you are thinking. They are high in carbs! No problem, you can substitute it for cauliflower, and it tastes incredible!

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    Crockpot Chicken Fajita Soup

    This classic fajita soup can easily be made keto-friendly by using chicken breasts and omitting the tortilla strips.

    The end result is a delicious soup that will remind you of your favorite Mexican dish but without all the carbs.

    You can also customize this soup to your liking by adding in your favorite fajita toppings like sour cream, guacamole, or cheese.

    This is a perfect choice for an easy weeknight meal that the whole family will love and you wont have to feel guilty about them eating everything in sight.

    What To Serve With Low Carb Chicken Soup

    SOUP & BREAD of the Week **Episode 4** Baguettes & Beef Stew ? #keto #highprotein

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    Cardamom Ginger Bone Broth

    This rich bone marrow broth gets an anti-inflammatory boost from spices like cardamom, ginger and turmeric.

    All you need is to cook the ingredients in a large pot or crockpot, strain and then enjoy either by itself or as a base for a nourishing soup or stew.

    Dont be intimidated by the ingredients in this bone broth recipe. Pasture-raised chicken feet create an ultra-gelatinous and nourishing chicken broth packed with collagen and key nutrients.

    You can even use leftover bone broth as a base in other soups and curries.

    Grass-fed lamb is a nourishing protein source. Using the bones, you can make a savory and herbaceous broth rich in collagen using this keto bone broth recipe from My Keto Kitchen.

    This broth is perfect for stews, shirataki noodle soups or sauces.

    Creamy Garlic Shredded Chicken Soup

    This savory garlic shredded chicken soup has all the right flavors you need for a cold day.

    It has shredded chicken and tons of creamy chicken broth that will fill you up and make it worth every calorie.

    This is a great one to add to your rotation because one pot makes a ton so you can freeze the leftovers for an easy meal later on.

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    How Did Soup Become Such A Popular Food

    In the 1800s1900s, American ladies prided themselves on wasting zero food in the kitchen. They used every scrap if they were able, only throwing away those things they had zero use for.

    Bones, veggie butts, and peels add beneficial collagen, micronutrients, fiber, and flavor to broths and soups. Collagen in particular is a powerful ingredient that makes soup so powerful.

    If you associate sipping a bowl of soup with being under the weather, its because collagen is known to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and heal leaky gut syndrome.

    When soup is made from real bone broth , it comes with a wealth of health benefits.

    Not only can bone broth help heal you from the common cold, but it can improve your brain health, lower your risk of heart disease, treat IBS , ease joint pain, and improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

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