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Mikasa Love Story Fine China

“Bowl of Soup” Story and Regina’s Love

Timeless elegance and true love are celebrated with the Love Story dinnerware collection from Mikasa. This pattern features graceful platinum bands winding their way across each piece. On accent pieces, these bands swirl into the shape of a heart.

Love Story dinnerware is crafted from porcelain and like anything you love needs to be treated with care. This pattern should be hand-washed only and is not microwave safe.

We also carry the Love Story cake knife and server set. Together, the dinnerware and accessory pieces of Love Story will help create the perfect evening.

4pc Square Place Setting Includes:

  • Square Dinner Plate
  • 4pc Square Place Settings

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Love Story Fine China By Mikasa

Love Story Available Directly from Mikasa Introduced in 2009. Celebrate true love and timeless elegance with Love Story. The graceful bands of platinum wind their way across each plate and feature delicate hearts on accent pieces, making this a classic dinnerware pattern to be treasured for anniversaries to come. Hand washing recommended. This pattern is not microwave safe due to the platinum trim. Add a new dimension to your table setting with Love Story Square. Add a festive flair to your holiday celebrations with Love Story Holiday. Complete your table setting with Love Story Stemware.

A five-piece place setting of Mikasa Love Story includes: 10¾-inch dinner plate, 8½-inch salad plate, 7-inch bread & butter plate and 10-ounce tea cup and 6½-inch saucer. The collection is available in: 5-Piece Set .

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Love Story Fine China By Mikasa Pattern Family

10¾-Inch Dinner Plate

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