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Best For Simplicity: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

How to make Hot Soup (Tomato Basil Recipe) in a Vitamix Blender | Video | Raw Blend Australia

Vitamix’s Explorian line combines the power and durability of its traditional blenders but in a no-frills package. They’re ideal for buyers on a budget who also want a brand-new blender.

The E310 has many of the features you’d expect in a Vitamix: a 2.2-peak horsepower motor, laser-cut blades, and a pulse function for heartier recipes. But rather than programmed settings, the E310 has a 10-speed tactile dial for variable speed control. In addition, it has a narrower, 48-ounce containerperfect for smaller families and tight kitchens.

The E310 is so popular that it’s earned a remarkable 4.7-star rating from more than 2,800 reviewers who say the device is versatile, durable, and high-quality.

“I am in college and I live alone so getting the smaller cheaper blender made sense to me,”said a customer who was looking for a sturdier blender. “It does the same blending that all the other models can do, but without the fancy extras such as touch screen and pre-programmed setting. This blender was a great upgrade for me and because of how much it can do Conclusion: If you are looking for a blender that can make small servings for only yourself or for you and a friend then look no further. While this blender is not cheap, it is the best blender you can get for this price.”

To buy: $350 at

How To Properly Heat Soup Using Your Vitamix Blender

There are some important steps to follow for properly heating soup inside your Vitamix blender. It is important to first note that you cannot heat or cook meat using your Vitamix blender. It doesnt matter if you have the most expensive Vitamix blender on the planet, you cannot use it for cooking meat or other ingredients.

If you are adding potatoes or other ingredients that need to first be cooked, you must cook them separately and then add them to the soup later. This is OK, as it will give you a nice chunky texture in your soup rather than blending meat and hearty ingredients into a liquid paste.

The first step to heating your soup is to pour all your ingredients into the blender. Then you want to place the lid on the blender and turn the machine on high. You will need to keep an eye on the blender to make sure nothing goes wrong. You will be able to feel through the exterior of the container as the heat is intensifying inside, kind of like putting your hand on the exterior of a kettle while water is boiling.

It generally takes about 5 or 10 minutes to heat soup. Remember that your Vitamix blender will heat the mixture by roughly 10 degrees every 60 seconds. After about 5 or 6 minutes, and if the container is starting to feel hot, you can stop and check the mixture. Just remember that your soup will quickly lose its heat from the friction if you stop the blades.

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How To Make Soup In A Vitamix

There are 5 types of Vitamix models which you can purchase depending on what your needs are. All of them can make soup manually.

1) Start your blend on Variable Speed 1, slowly increasing to Variable Speed 10/HIGH2) Blend for 5 to 6 minutes starting with cold/room temperature liquid 3) Stop it when you see steam coming through the vents in the lid.

Recently Vitamix came out with a few models which offer automatic presets that include a SOUP setting, such as the Vitamix Standard with Programs and the Vitamix Next Generation with Programs which are more expensive unless you get their corresponding refurbished options. This is nice because you can simply place it on the soup setting and it will shut off after 6 minutes. The automatic settings allow you to walk away from the machine or do other things in the kitchen without you having to worry about manually stopping it.

Whats really nice about the Vitamix is the extremely secure gripper lid, when you snap it on it stays on and wont go flying off however when blending hot liquids or making hot soup, Blender Babes recommends not filling the jar too close to the rim , even though theres an extra couple of inches above the top of the jar. The Vitamix comes with a tamper so you can press everything into the blade, this helps if you overfill the jar, or dont add the ingredients in correctly. The best way to add the ingredients is liquid and soft stuff on the bottom and harder stuff on the top.

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How To Make Soup In A Blendtec

Most home Blendtec blender models have automatic settings, including a SOUP setting, which is the most powerful setting on the Blendtec running for 1.5 minutes at the highest speed almost the entire time, which is equivalent to SPEED 10 or HIGH. There is no guess work involved just place the ingredients into the jar secure the lid, and press the soup button.

1) Depending on whether your soup starts with cold water or liquid, or if youre blending/pureeing hot or cooked ingredients, you will press the SOUP button 2 to 3 times.

With the Blendtec, it is recommended by both Blendtec and Blender Babes to only fill your jar about 2/3 full. Otherwise if you fill it to the brim, as you blend and the blended liquid plus ingredients levels rise and become hot your lid may come off and youll have a soup mess all over your kitchen. We HAVE made this mistake before so we want to make sure users are aware of this! Its easy enough, just dont fill it to the brim. The vortex created by the square jar will pull the ingredients into the blade and pulverize them, and when running at this high speed for a long length of time, the friction caused by the blade will heat and cook your soup.

How To Cook Hot Soups In Your Blender


Both the high powered Vitamix and Blendtec blenders have been known to make some amazing soup recipes. The Vitamix Soup and Blendtec Soup are comparable because both blenders are able to push their blades to extremely high speeds, which causes the blades to produce friction, which in turn heats the soup to a high temperature, above 165 degrees, right in the blender jar.

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How Do I Make Hot Soup

Both of these blenders make soup hot in the same way FROM THE FRICTION OF THE BLADES!!!

We knowWHAT?! Hard to believe until you see it!

These high powered commercial blenders have powerful motors and when blending at their highest speed, Blendtec blade tips spin up to 310 miles per hour and Vitamix spins at about 250 miles per hour. The Blendtec motor is 13amps, 1560 Watts, and up to 3 peak horsepower. The Vitamix motor is less powerful with 11.5 amps, 1380 watts, and 2 peak horsepower . When the powerful stainless steel blades spin this fast in such a SMALL SPACE, this causes enough friction to heat and even cook the contents. The same process is used to make fondues, syrups, and many other recipes that need to be heated like this Caffeine Free Maca Mocha!

Psssst The Blender Babes have worn activewear since 2013. But I still LOVE blending in my bathing suit!


There are two types of soup you can make in a Blendtec or Vitamix blender. One kind is to make the soup from start to finish entirely in the blender, such as our Tortilla Soup recipe. The other is to sauté or roast veggies first then either finish it off in the blender or puree the veggies and broth in the blender and continue simmering in a pot.

Oh and FYI each blender can easily make a RAW soup such as this Chilled Mango Soup just blend for 1 to 1.5 minutes and it should pulverize the ingredients but keep it under 112 degrees.

Tips For Making Blended Soups

Puréed soups are easy to prepare. All you need are vegetables , liquid , acid , seasonings, and thats it. In about 10 minutes, your steaming soup will be ready. Once you get the hang of basic soup-making, you can start experimenting by adding new flavors to introduce a little more complexity.

Another way to get creative is by using toppings. Chopped herbs like parsley, cilantro, chives, or basil are great for adding another flavor dimension as well as some texture. For even more texture, throw in some crunchy croutons, toasted seeds, chopped nuts, or even hard-roasted vegetables. For an extra kick, stir in hot sauce or sprinkle a little bit of cayenne pepper on top.

Since soups are one of the easiest meals to freeze, it pays off to make a large batch and freeze some for later. Many of the rules for freezing soup come down to holding back the ingredients that wont freeze well and then adding them back in when you reheat the soup later.

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Controls For Soup Recipes

Automatic Features vs Manual Features

You can make hot soups one of two ways, Im not talking about Raw Soups vs Hot Soups, Im taking about using your manual features or automatic features for making the soup. My recommendation is if you have the automatic Soup Cycle on your Blendtec or Vitamix machine, use it. It is a great feature to have and you dont need to stand next to the blender while its running or worry about turning it off. It will run its blender Soup pre programmed cycle, which is set to make the soup, and then it will turn itself off, making it easy.

Vitamix Soup vs Blendtec Soup Programmed Cycles

The Blendtec blenders Hot Soups Blend pre programmed cycle will run for 90 seconds. From my experience every time you run a Full Cycle the soup will heat up around 25 to 30 degrees with the Blendtec, so depending on the water temperature you start with will determine how long you need to run it for . The Vitamix Soup Blend Program is not a button, but is rather a setting which you can turn too on the speed dial. You turn to the setting which says Soup, and you flip on the blender and let it run. It runs for 7 minutes.

Note:Some people are complaining that it is to long of a run cycle because most of the time the soup only takes 3 to 4 minutes if you start with hotter water. Once it reaches a certain temperature you can stop it.

Vitamix Soup vs Blendtec Soup Pre Programmed Cycles

Vitamix Soup Manual Control

Blendtec Soup Manual Control

A Few More Blended Soup Tips

How to make Hot Soup (Creamy Broccoli Recipe) in a Vitamix Blender | Video

Ive made my fair share of blended soups, and in doing so, I have two important tips Id like to share:

  • Make an extra large batch: You know Im a huge fan of meal prep, and soup is quite possible the easiest meal to freeze and store. I love to store soup in my Weck Jars or silicone Souper Cubes. Theyre perfect to reheat on a rainy day or when Im in need extra nourishment. Watch how I meal prep them on the video below!
  • Its all about the toppings: Blended soups are creamy and delicious, but without chunks or texture they can look a little boring. So jazz them up with toppings! Some of my favorites include herbs, greens, nuts, seeds, spices, creams and yogurt.

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What Wine Goes With Pumpkin Risotto

Wine Pairings for Pumpkin Risotto:

  • Barolo has a firm tannins and great body that will cut through the creaminess of this dish.
  • With its buttery notes, Chardonnay pairs nicely with the creamy risotto and pumpkin.
  • Bubbles are always fun Especially for a special occasion. Try Cava, Prosecco or Champagne.

Can You Blend Hot Liquids In A Blender

One of the popular question people always ask with regards to hot liquid is can you blend hot Liquids in a Blender? The simple answer is a Yes and a No!

It is not every blender that is suitable for blending hot Liquids or soup therefore, you need to pay attention to the manufacturers design and features so you dont end up wasting your funds.

Below are some other examples of blenders that can blend hot and cold liquids

AICOOK Blender for Cooking and Smoothies, Professional Blender Heating Element, Hot Soup Maker, 1400W High-Speed Blender.

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Do All Vitamix Blenders Make Sizzling Soup

Even the Vitamix machines which are finances could make sizzling soup. You dont have to buy the most costly machines to get this function. In relation to the small, private models that use to-go tumblers, its also possible to warmth your soup! These machines are smaller and have motors which are much less highly effective, however in the event you preserve the blades spinning the friction will ultimately warmth your liquid.

And it doesnt finish with soup. When youve got lukewarm espresso, throw it into the blender for about 5 minutes and will probably be heated to perfection. Its also possible to do that to warmth purees, sauces, and some other varieties of liquid meals.

What Makes Vitamix Blenders So Great

Our Newest Vitamix is sure to impress! The Vitamix 780 ...

“At a minimum, a good machine should be capable of processing tough, fibrous, and icy materialslike leafy greens, frozen fruit, and ice cubesinto a smooth puree,” writes Sarah Karnasiewicz in our test to find the best blender. “It should also have strength and stamina, with a build quality that doesn’t crack or leak under repeated use and a motor powerful enough that it won’t smoke or sputter out at the first challenge.”

Vitamix machines definitely go above and beyond that minimum for a couple of reasons. First, all Vitamix blades are made with aircraft-grade stainless steel, which easily tackles ingredients like nuts, seeds, and coffee beans. Plus, they’re tough enough to last for years, meaning speedy smoothies for years to come.

Another component that makes Vitamixes last so long is their cool-running motors. Over the Ohio-based company’s near-century of business, Vitamix engineers have designed and perfected a system that allows air to flow around the motor, channeling cooling temps to the spots that need it so it won’t overheat. Not only does this make Vitamix blenders quieter than others on the market, but it also keeps those blades turning for decades.

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Now, on to the top-rated blenders.

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Best Budget: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

  • More affordable than other models

  • Smaller pitcher capacity than other models

Vitamix blenders are the cream of the cropand are priced as such. Even so, you can get their top-quality blending power for a little less money by choosing a model with fewer bells and whistles, like this one. Operation is easy, with a variable-speed dial, an on/off toggle, and a pulse toggle, so you can do your blending exactly the way you want it.

The blender includes a 48-ounce container thats on the smaller side, but still large enough for most recipes and certainly enough for your breakfast smoothies or after-work slushie cocktails. Even without a special setting, cleaning is easy since all you need to do is add a drop of dish soap and water and let it run for about a minute to clean the blades and container.

Capacity: 48 ounces | Horsepower: 2 | Presets: 0 | Speeds: 10 | Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 18 inches | Warranty: 5 years

Why Choose Vitamix Over A Regular Blender

Vitamix blenders are some of the most powerful and versatile on the market. They’re known for being able to blend any recipe you can dream up, from basic smoothies to batters, frozen treats, thick nut butters, sticky doughs, and more.

Regular blenders tend to lack power and leave unblended chunks of ice cubes in your recipes. The motors also overheat or wear out.

Vitamix blenders are extremely durable, designed to resist overheating, are backed by extensive warranties, and the company offers stellar customer service.

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So What Is A Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

The Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is Vitamixs entry-level blender. Its also very simple to use, just like the other Vitamix Explorian blender, the E320.

The variable speed Vitamix E310 has a fairly powerful motor attached to the same Vitamix blender blade design that you will also find the more expensive Vitamix models. The blender blade design is what makes Vitamix blenders work so well.

The stainless steel blades are designed to create a vortex in the middle of the blender, called the Vitamix Vortex, that will pull your blender ingredients away from the sides of the blender container, and into the vortex where the blades can get to work dicing them into creamy liquids.

The blender container that comes with the E310 is a medium-sized 48-ounce container with 3-inch diameter blender blades.

The large-sized container is 64-ounces with 4-inch blades and is the standard sized container for the Explorian E320 and other models like the Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix Professional 750. You can also read our detailed reviews of some of these other Vitamix models, the Vitamix Explorian 320 here, the Vitamix 5200 here, the Vitamix A3500 here and the Vitamix Professional 750 here. Additionally, you can see several blenders reviewed together, including this model and other Vitamix and other blenders here.

Youll next want to know what kinds of things your Explorian E31o can do every day in your kitchen. The next section below should give you some pretty good ideas.

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