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Review: Amy’s Soups in Tom Kha Phak Thai Coconut

After the birth of our daughter Amy in 1987, we started Amyâs Kitchen to produce delicious, nourishing organic convenience foods for health-conscious people who are sometimes too busy to cook. Amyâs is a family-run business, and we supervise every aspect of our business and take pride in customer satisfaction. All the fruits, vegetables and grains we use are grown organically, without the use of insecticides, GMOs and other harmful chemicals. We prepare these natural ingredients with the same careful attention in our kitchen as you would in your own home.

We were organic before it was a national certification. So when the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided to create standards for organic, they looked to us for guidance. Together with other industry leaders, we helped pioneer the organic food industry and, more importantly, we helped make organic food available to more people.

All of our dishes are non-GMO and weâre a proud supporter of GMO labeling initiatives. Because we believe that people have a right to know what they put in their bodies. We were also the first to market with non-BPA-lined cans, and weâre happy to see many other food companies following our lead.

Amys Kitchen Thai Coconut Soup Review

Amys Kitchen Vegan Organic Thai Coconut SoupAmys Kitchen has a long reputation of producing healthy vegetarian and organic meals. Amys offers frozen foods including entrees, burritos, burgers, pot pies, and pizzas. They also offer canned soups and shelf stable snacks. All of Amys products are vegetarian and 120 of Amys products are 100% vegan. Amys also has Kosher D, Kosher DE, gluten free, soy free, tree nut free, and corn free choices. With so many healthy food choices, its no wonder Amys has become a household name in the vegan/vegetarian world.

Amys does an incredible job of bringing world flavors to your dinner table. Many of their products are based on East Asian recipes, which is fantastic because as you may or many not know, most East Asian cultures do a lot of vegan cooking. The perfect example of this is Amys Thai Coconut Soup, or Tom Kha Phak in Thai, that well be taste testing today. Tom Kha Phak is a traditional soup that youll find everywhere in Thailand. Its difficult to make in the U.S. because many of the ingredients, such as galangal, lemon grass, and lesser galangal, are not readily available. Ive never seen Tom Kha Phak canned before, so Im excited to try Amys Kitchens version and see if it transports me back to Chiang Mai.

Shrimp Squid Or Scallops

N1 Pad Thai-Sauteed rice noodle with choice of meat,egg,bean sprouts,and green onion topped with crushed peanuts, and lime

N2 Pad Thai Curry- Sauteed rice noddle with choice of meat,egg,bean sprouts and green onion with light Thai powder in a coconut curry sauce.

N3 Pad Sew-Ew-Sauteed wide rice noddle with choice of meat,egg,broccoli in a dark soy oyster sauce.

N4 Drunken Noodle- Sauteed wide rice noddle with choice of meat,egg,broccoli,bamboo shoots,white and green onions,green peppers,carrot,bean sprouts,and basil

N5 Southern Thai Noodle- Sauteed wide rice noodle with your choice of meat,egg,broccoli,carrot,white onions with curry powder

N6 Pad Woon Sen-Sauteed clear noddle with choice of meat,egg,bok choy,peapods,carros,white and green onions and bean sprouts with a sweet dark soy

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Nutrition Score: 5 Out Of 10

Wholesome ingredients create wholesome nutrition. As with other Amys products, the ingredients list on this Thai Coconut soup is comprised of organic real food and spices. This is a big deal in the canned soup world. Several commercial canned soups have a crazy concoction of monosodium glutamate, modified food starch, disodium guanylate, guar gum, and other additives to create more of a science experiment than soup.

Amys Thai Coconut Soup is broth based versus bean based. This means you wont get as much fiber or protein in the Thai Coconut Soup as you would in Amys Split Pea, Lentil, or Black Bean soups. That doesnt mean its an awful choice, it just means that you may want consider adding a source of plant-based protein with the soup. For example, you could serve the soup over one cup of brown rice to add four grams of fiber and five grams of protein to make it a quick vegan and gluten free meal that would sustain you longer than the soup alone.

If youd like to give Amys soups a try, please consider buying them from Amazon and using my link HERE. Its the same price as going directly to Amazon, but youll be helping a fellow vegan by using my link. Thanks!

Ok, lets see what my carnivore husband has to say. Note: the opinions expressed below are solely of the non-vegan husband and we vegans neither condemn nor condone his statements. Continue at your own risk.

Loaded Thai Coconut Soup


This soup has a light broth that is enhanced with coconut milk and unique ingredients like lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaf. Add a few extra mushrooms, veggies, herbs and tofu and serve with organic jasmine rice to make a super tasty, complete meal.

  • Pour 3 cans of Amys Thai Coconut Soup into a medium saucepan.
  • Add lime juice and mushrooms.
  • Warm the soup over medium heat for 20 minutes .
  • In a small, shallow bowl, place the cubed tofu and tamari and toss well. Marinate for 10 minutes.
  • Add the tofu, basil, cilantro and tomatoes to the soup. Serve immediately with a side of rice.

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Basic Ingredients In Thai Coconut Soup ~

These flavors form the backbone of this soup, theyre simple yet powerful

  • chicken stock
  • coconut milk ~ buy full fat coconut milk in the can.
  • curry paste ~ The soup gets its beautiful salmony color from red curry paste I was happy to discover them in new smaller 4 oz sizes, which is perfect for someone who cooks Asian food only occasionally.
  • fish sauce ~ dont skip this for authentic flavor.
  • chili paste ~ I always have a jar in the fridge, its an ingredient I use over and over again, not just for Asian recipes.
  • Lemongrass or lemongrass paste ~ another ingredient that makes all the difference. You can sometimes find it fresh in your produce section, but the paste works just fine, and youll find that in the Asian section of your store.
  • lime juice ~ fresh!
  • cilantro ~ fresh!
  • hot peppers ~ any small variety your supermarket stocks.

Once youve stocked these Thai ingredients youll have them on hand for future Thai inspired recipes like my Thai Spaghetti Salad or my Thai Beef Salad.

Amys Thai Coconut Soup A Surprisingly Delicious Addition To My Lineup

Product: Amys Organic Thai Coconut Soup $4.59+

Ah, winter. The only thing about winter that I absolutely loveis that it is the heart of soup season. Nothing beats a warm bowl of soup on an icy cold evening. Nothing. Justtrust me on this one.

Now, I do love to make my own soups and often do. Howeversometimes there just isnt enough time in the day to get all the prep work and the whole cooking part of the meal done. It can be a bit dauntingespecially in my closet-sized kitchen. I love to cook, but not in there. Not for long periods of time. There just isnt room.

Well, upon returning from vacation in Disney World, my roomie and I were looking to use up some of the items that are lingering in the pantry, fridge, and/or freezer. Being that we had come from warm, beautiful Floridaback to a wintery mix falling from the Louisville skiessoup sounded pretty awesome. We had two more days until the weekend and we were trying to make it through without hitting up the grocery store for anything besides necessary items .

That being said, I had a couple of Amys Soups in my pantryboth gluten-free of course. It was just a matter of which one we should devour that chilly evening.

I let Cathy chooseand her decision was to have Amys Thai Coconut soup that night with a gluten-free grilled cheese and avocado sandwich. Sounded good to meand it was as easy as making a sandwich and heating up the contents of the soup can, which made my travel weary body very happy.

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Taste Experience Score: 65 Out Of 10

The day I decided to try Amys Thai Coconut Soup I was hardcore hankering for Thai food but it was too late to go to a restaurant, so I told my hubby were doing Thai-night out of can. I opened a couple of Amys Thai Coconut soup cans and immediately smelled the flavors I remembered from the cooking classes I took in Thailand. I picked up strong aromas of galangal, lemon grass, chilies, and lime. The soup also looked like Tom Kha Phak in that it had that creamy coconut milk base with drops of oil all puddled in it. While pouring the soup into the sauce pan I was excited to see hearty chunks of sweet potato and carrots. There were also small bits of tofu in the soup, but they made me a little nervous because they looked like chicken bits. I had my husband try them and he said dont worry, no chicken ever tasted this bad, its tofu. There was even a lime leaf that gracefully floated into the sauce pan what a refreshing surprise from a canned soup!

Overall Amys Kitchen did a good job of canning Tom Kha Phak. My taste rating is a bit low because of how salty the soup is and because I like my Thai Coconunt soup to be spicier . Either way, I think you should give Amys Thai Coconut soup a try. Its an easy way to add some authentic Thai flavors to your diet. You can get all of Amys soup on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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