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For The Dinner Party Ice Cream Sundae Smorgasbord

Ben & Jerry’s Vermont Factory Tour

Coming up with creative ideas that all your party guests will like can be tricky. While the dessert doesnt have to be the pièce de résistance, you do want everyone to enjoy it. Have you ever served ice cream and received complaints? Me neither. I recently had a dinner party with good friends and I wanted to have a good time too, so no hard work all evening for me.

For dessert, I prepared ice cream in dishes and kept them covered in the freezer and I had every topping I could think of in bowls and everyone made their own sundae. Yeah, some people put so much on that it dribbled on the placemats but its easier to get out than red wine. We even had a competition for the most creative and the sloppiest. Winners didnt have to help with dishes, so they tried hard to win.

For The Health Conscious A 350 Calorie Banana Split

Eating healthy can be hard, especially with the temptation of Ben and Jerrys Australia ice cream staring at you through the supermarket fridge. Luckily, there are delicious dessert ideas that dont blow your daily calorie count in the one go, one of them being a take on the classic sinful treat a banana split.

It still has all the necessary ingredients: ice cream, sprinkles, nuts, banana and even a cherry, the only difference is you use vegan ice cream instead of a full cream dairy blend. The vegan ice cream means you reduce your saturated fat content and save on overall calories but keep all the good taste.

Where Ice Cream Flavors Go

July 17, 2021by Laura Overdeck

Ben & Jerrys ice cream loves to mix fun stuff into their ice cream: nuts, cookie pieces, chocolate chunks shaped like dinosaurs or fish. These guys roll out crazy new flavors every year. That means they have to stop making other flavors, because their factory has room to make only so many at a time. Also, some of these crazy flavors arent, um, so yummy. Root Beer Float My Boat or Mission to Marzipan did not have many fans. When they see that people dont like a flavor, they stop making it, and it goes to the Flavor Graveyard at their factory. The flavor gets a headstone with a little poem that says why that ice cream had to call it quits. As you can see, some flavors run for a few years, but others go quickly to their final resting place.

Wee ones: The flavor Peanuts! Popcorn! did not go over well. If it had peanuts, popcorn, cream, eggs, and sugar, how many ingredients were mixed into that one?

Little kids: Turtle Soup wasnt so good either it lasted only 4 years. How much longer than that have you been around? Bonus: If you eat a bowl of Turtle Soup, then Peanuts Popcorn, then Turtle Soup, then Peanuts! Popcorn!what flavor do you eat in the 9th bowl?

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Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with bits of fudge and brownie inside. This recipe will rock your world!

Hi folks.

This week our theme for Sunday Supper is comfort food. We have a very special guest joining us this week. The talented Lee Woodruff joins our group for this weeks Sunday Supper. Lee is an , CBS This Morning Contributor, founder of, blogger, wife and mother. She is also a foodie, so the group was thrilled when we heard she would be joining us this week. A huge welcome to Lee, hope you enjoy your time with the Sunday Supper crew.

For me comfort food comes in many forms. Some days I want a big plate of lasagna, or a tasty roast chicken with all the trimmings. Other days I may crave a hearty stew or soup. This week my craving for comfort food came in the form of ice cream. I mean it is, after all, Sunday. So combining Sunday Supper with my Ice Cream Sundays just seemed natural. When I really want a big bowl of comfort the first thing I think of is chocolate. The second thing I think of is chocolate ice cream. The third is chocolate brownies, and the fourth is chocolate fudge. So obviously combining all these chocolate things together came to mind. Ive done a version of this before with pistachios and it is by far my favourite ice cream on the face of the planet. I figured some folks dont like pistachios , so I decided to whip up a batch without them.

*hides photo behind her back..

drops it in her 5th bowl of ice cream

wipes it off on her horsey p.j.s

I Scream You Scream Ice Cream Sundae Ideas

Ben &  Jerry Turtle Soup

December 13, 2013 by Maureen

While those in the northern hemisphere are freezing their tootsies off or looking out the window at snow falling, down under its ice cream weather. Santa goes to the beach in shorts and he likes ice cream. I asked him.

When we were kids, the summertime excursion to the ice cream parlour was highly anticipated by all three of us. It was usually a scorching hot day , and there was nothing more exciting than scoffing down a big sundae. In hindsight we were lucky that the owner allowed three free toppings because my parents would have never paid for extras.

It took forever for me to decide what it was going to be and I was always last to choose. Thats the amazing thing about sundaes, the topping choices are nearly endless, and you can garnish it any way possible to cater to your taste. While the classic sundae of just ice cream, sauce, whipped cream and a cherry is a timeless classic, you cant help but want to get creative with it.

Here are some great sundae ideas for any occasion. Oh nuts dont forget nuts!

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For The Kids A Turtle Sundae

While this recipe sounds complicated, its so easy, you could do it with your eyes closed. Well maybe not with them closed, big cleanup ahead if you cook with your eyes closed. Children love ice cream and they love any kind of food with a face on it, so this turtley sundae will bring big smiles. Best of all, you can make the sundaes together.

All you need is your favourite flavour of ice cream I used Chocolate Fudge Brownie, waffle bowls and candies/lollies for facial features. Just fill the waffle bowls with the ice cream and place upside down on a serving plate, then use the candy to represent the feet. Finish it off by using a small scoop of ice cream as the head and decorate it with a smiley face using licorice.

I made my own turtle shell and you can too if youve got a waffle cone maker. They are not expensive but youll probably keep it put away and spend ages hunting for it like I did today.

Note that photographing ice cream on a hot summer day like this can be less than successful. Kids dont seem to mind that their new turtle friends melt.

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