Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base

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Qinma Tomato Hot Pot Soup Base

Little Sheep Hotpot AT HOME!? YES! *also this is my first vlog*

Tomato soup as a hot pot broth is just as comforting as the kind served alongside a grilled cheese sandwichthough this version is definitely thinner and more mild in flavor. Its somewhat reminiscent of this tomato noodle soup recipe expect a soup that is sweet and salty and full of the unmistakable aroma of tomatoes.

Dezhuang Porcini Mushroom Hot Pot Base

Theres almost always floating slices of shiitake mushrooms in hot pot. If youre the type of person who fishes out those mushroom slivers with your chopsticks and loves the earthy and umami flavors that mushroom brings to the party, then opt for this porcini mushroom base. In addition to strong mushroom flavor, this soup base also has a hint of ginger. Bonus: its completely vegan.

Haidilao Hot Pot Broth Flavor

Although we cant currently venture to Haidilao, the international Chinese chain that specializes in hot pot and demonstrations of hand-pulled noodles, we can still have the famed soup at home. The plain broth flavor is creamy, savory, and milky. Its not overpowering, so your meats, seafood, and vegetables will really shine here.

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Lee Kum Kee Soup Base For Satay Hot Pot

When you will get a whiff of this soup base, you will know instantly that it is overwhelmingly flavourful. Which, in this case, is a good thing as this soup base is meant for making Satay Hot Pot. Everyone doesnt enjoy the spiciness present in other hot pot bases, but this one has got you covered. It has hints of peanut in it which come to you as you taste the soup. The peanuts are ingredients that provide this soup base with its typical satay flavor. This is definitely a product for people who cannot tolerate spiciness in their hot pot.

Why We Like Chinese Hot Pot

Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base (Plain), 130

Chinese food is loved all over the world because of various reasons. We should note that Chinese food is much more than your favorite takeaway. Chinese people love to make their food from scratch and generally, they are great at preparing noodle-based dishes. It tastes delicious and you will find different recipes according to the regions and also at peoples home. People may think that it is very easy to make something like a noodle soup but the reality is far from it.

Making a hot pot takes your true dedication as you need to follow every step carefully to reach the perfect taste. Hot pot has healing properties and often Chinese people will serve it to someone who is sick. To make a hot pot easier, these days they have readymade hot pot soup bases. They come in a variety of flavor which can enhance the hot pot that someone is making. Here we will provide a taste test of some well-known Chinese Hot Pot Bases that are available in the market.

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Whether Youre A Fan Of Numbing Chilies Or Seafood There Are So Many Flavors To Choose From

Hot pot season is in full swing. When the temperature outside dips, theres nothing more comforting than gathering around a pot of bubbling broth with friends and family, getting a spicy facial from the curls of steam, and surrounding yourself with platters of napa cabbage, fish balls, thin slices of well-marbled beef, and more.

If hot pot is on the menu for Lunar New Year this year, its time to stock up on soup bases. Theres something for everyone: plain bone broth, tingly Szechuan pepper base, or a robust tomato-flavored soup. The best part is that the broth is only enhanced by the addition of vegetables, proteins, rice cakes, tofu, and moreso get cooking.

Cooks Note Before Staring

  • Light stock or basic stock should be prepared as a larger amount. For example, if your pot can hold 3L water, prepare at least 5L stock. During the eating process, reload the stock when the liquid is lowered.
  • For spicy hot pot, add a small drop of vinegar can make the spices milder.
  • Do not eat too much|As most of the ingredients are presented as raw ingredients and shared by each other, it is hard to calculate how much has been eaten by one person. Additionally, hot pot dinners usually last for a longer time than normal dinners, which creates more chances of uncomfortably full. During the process, stand up and walk around, stop as long as you feel slightly full.
  • Order of blanching the ingredientsAlthough there is no particular limit, leafy vegetables should be added at the ending because in most cases, they will absorb the flavor and spoil the soup base.
  • Do not forget about the drink|The best drinks for hot pot in China is fruit juice especially watermelon juice or corn milk. Or mung bean soup is highly recommended as it can help to reduce the hotness.
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    Little Sheep Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base

    Little Sheep is a classic and reliable broth base. The Mongolian hot pot chainwhich has locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and all across Asiaclearly knows how to make a well-loved broth. My personal favorite is the spicy base, which isnt too numbingly hot but definitely has a welcomed zip.

    Hot Pot Soup Base Spicy Flavor 235g

    Dine In At Home Only Hot Pot With Little Sheep Soup Base

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    Hot Pot Dipping Sauces

    There are generally several types of hot pot dipping sauces in China.1.Sesame paste based dipping sauce, popular in Northern provinces, usually served with lamb hot pot .2.Sesame oil based dipping sauce, originally come from Sichuan province in Chengdu and Chongqing hot pot. Sesame oil is used as the main base, highlighted by other chili paste, smashed garlic, fermented tofu and freshly chilis. A more pure version is using only sesame oil, garlic, salt and chopped green onion and coriander.3. Dry mix dipping sauce | this is a special dipping sauce for Sichuan mala hot pot. Best for meats and seafoods. Dry spices are mixed with a good ratio. 4.Sha Cha based dipping sauce for beef hot pot and seafood hot pot. Sha cha sauce is a sauce made from grounded fish and shrimp. It partners well with beef and other seafood, as the top 1 option for Cantonese beef hot pot.

    Following are the common used condiments and seasonings used in dips. You can combine your own hot pot dipping sauce based on personal taste.Main sauces: Sha cha sauce, peanuts sauce, oyster sauce, sesame paste, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, vinegar, black bean sauceOil: chili oil, sesame oil, olive oilOthers: salt, roasted peanuts, coriander, mashed garlic, Spring onion, pepper flakes , fermented tofu , chopped fresh peppers

    Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base

    If you are someone who prefers their hot pot soup to be spicy, then this one is the base that you should choose. It has the perfect amount of spiciness to it that people like along with very simple flavors. You get to feel that numbing sensation in your mouth because of the authentic Chinese peppers. The spice has been added through Sichuan peppercorns and you will get to know it as soon as you taste. The thing that is great about the taste of this base is that the company has added no other contrasting flavors which will put you off from enjoying the spice.

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    Quoc Viet Foods Thai Tom Yum Flavored Soup Base

    Little Sheep

    The thing that you will feel while having this soup is that it isnt really Chinese in nature. Rather than that, you will feel it leaning towards Thai flavors due to the base. But keeping it aside, this base is much more flavourful because of the various ingredients present in it. You can smell the distinct components that have gone into making the base. The base is perfect for those people who will choose flavors over spiciness. You can taste the lemongrass and the Kefir lime oil as the endnotes to the soup.

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    A Classic Taste Gone Round The World

    Chinese people love hot pots. Classic flavors, fresh ingredients boiling in rich soup bases-all in one amazing pot! Today, wherever Chinese communities are found there will also be hot pots simmering. And there, among the best hot pot restaurants you will also find Little Sheep, perhaps the most familiar and delicious of them all.

    Thank you for your interestin Little Sheep. Click here to find out more about the benefits of becoming a franchisee.

    Lee Kum Kee Seafood Hot Pot Base

    Enhance your scallop, shrimp, fish, and other hot pot ingredients with a seafood base. Dried shrimp and scallops give this broth that funky, umami flavor while chili flakes provide some heat. This soup is a great option for pescatarians or those who prefer their hot pot proteins to consist primarily of seafood.

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    How To Make Hot Pot At Home

    Winter is always the best season when you get hot pot eating, either in the restaurants or at home. We have encountered with the strongest cold weather around 4 days ago. Most of southern provinces had their first snow in this winter. In order to warm ourself up, we eat three times of hot pot in those cold days.

    I am a big home made hot pot fan since it is so comforting, warming and convenient to cook at home. Lets find how to prepare a great hot pot part at home. By the way, if you are interested in looking into hot pot history and want to get some inspirations, check Hot Pot Introduction Page

    A Chinese Culinary Classic

    #481: How To Make Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot At Home!

    The Hot Pot is one of the deepest-rooted dishes in Chinese culture. Its communal nature many gathered, around one dish has brought people together for centuries. Its portability requiring only soup base, a pot and fire helped the Mongolians spread it across Eurasia. Its flexibility meat, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, spices makes it timeless. It’s best eaten in the middle of the table, with dipping sauce.

    China enjoys many regional Hot Pot varieties namely in ingredients and soup base. Northern China, for instance, is home to long winters – so lamb is standard. Meanwhile in the Cantonese Southeast, fresh seafood is popular. And Sichuan Hot Pot is world-renowned for mouth-numbing flavors.

    Little Sheep’s classic Mongolian Hot Pots are also unique in that they do not require dipping sauce – our soup base is so flavorful, and the lamb so hearty, the iconic combination needs no help. Dozens of healthy herbs go into the soup base alone blending with a strength that seeps to every ingredient. The lamb, too, is mouth-watering and sourced exclusively from Xilingol Grasslands, Inner Mongolia … all reasons the nation has fallen in love with Little Sheep.

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    How Is It Used

    You can certainly use hot pot soup bases to make hot pot, simply by dissolving the contents of the packet in water to make the hot pot broth.

    However, we sometimes use hot pot soup base in other dishes, as a base for a sauce or seasoning for a stir-fry, to which we add other aromatics, pastes/sauces, and spices. An example of this is our Spicy Numbing Stir-fry Dry Pot .

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    Why We Love It

    The key to making a good hot pot is to keep everything simple. Nothing should overpower and everything should be cohesive. While we tasted this hot pot base, we felt that as it is spicy and tastes authentic. It uses good ingredients and doesnt overpower you in an off-putting way. It is simple to make a hot pot with the base. Following the instructions give you something that is authentic to the flavor you get at the restaurant.

    Rich In Health Stocked With Flavor

    Little Sheep

    Rooted in Chinese homology the relationship between medicine and food the key to Little Sheep’s soup bases Health. With the philosophy emphasizing taste and nutrition, Little Sheep’s recipe perfectly balances five distinct flavors and seven traditional ingredients.Most importantly, distinctive as the dilicious soup is, no dipping sauses are required.

    One day, more than 700 years ago, Kublai Khan found himself far, far from home. He longed for a taste of the familiar namely delicious mutton, stewed the Mongolian way.

    His cook was even preparing a sheep, when a scout galloped into camp. Breathless, he warned of troops approaching, and fast. Time was short. A few choice mutton slices hit the boiling water, for the briefest instant. The cook pulled them out, sprinkled them with salt and fed the king.

    Satisfied and rejuvenated, Kublai Khan’s spirits were lifted. He was inspired, rode into battle, and dropped the enemy in one fell swoop. Later, the king personally thanked the cook, and even gave the new dish a special name – instant-boiled mutton’.

    Centuries later in Baotou, Inner Mongolia the first Little Sheep restaurant opened . And within 20 years Little Sheep counted were more than 300 restaurants – in more than 110 cities! Kublai Khan would be proud. From Shanghai to Tokyo, New York to Toronto his favored instant-boiled mutton’ is still enjoyed, the whole world over.

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    What Is A Hot Pot Soup Base

    Hot Pot is a Chinese cooking method and type of meal involving a simmering pot of soup in the middle of a dining table with a variety of raw ingredients .

    The pot of broth is kept simmering, and the raw ingredients are then dipped and cooked in the boiling liquid at the table by each individual diner .

    Pre-packaged Hot Pot soup bases make preparing a hot pot meal at home much easier, because hot pot broths can be quite complex in flavor. They come in small packets of different varietiessoup bases for Mongolian Hot Pot, Seafood Hot Pot, Spicy Sichuan Hot Pot, etc. A well-stocked Chinese market will have many varieties!

    Ingredients can include chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, fermented bean paste, sugar, and other spices.

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