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PlantPure Kitchen Live – Creamy White Bean Soup with Bread Bowls

SoupAddict likes to play with her food. And because she is, by and large, an artistic klutz, and also embraces the green mantra, reduce reuse recycle, shes invented SoupArt, where she can express her creativity using a medium that will be used for other purposes , and the scraps of which will go into the compost pile .

Further, SoupArt allows SoupAddict to experiment with the melding of flavors, which she just luhhhves to do ). Here, SoupAddict will demonstrate SoupArt with her favorite Black Bean soup, and a new Cheddar Cheese Soup , both of which are slightly spicy, extremely flavorful, and work and play so well together that they just begged to be the first participants in the great SoupArt project: Black and White Soup

Theyre also thick and velvety, which is a necessary quality for SoupArt to work well. Think of the soups as your color palette. If you have the gumption to make a third soupand therefore a third colormore power to ya. The Black and White soup combo here is a nod to the black and white cookie, made famous in New York.

Whatever your inspiration, be sure to make this for company, so you can properly bask in the wows and accolades of your peeps.

First, if theres one soup lesson that SoupAddict wants to impart to the world, its that you do not need a salt-lick to flavor your soup. What you need is loads of vegetables and/or herbs and/or spices.

SoupAddict loves these one-cup containers of chicken broth.

Butter. Nuf said.

Fabulous! And delicious.

Types Of Bowls: Soup Cereal And Beyond

Find a bowl for every course of your meal, including appetizers, main dishes and, of course, dessert. Whether serving salad, rice, or some other dish, you’ll need the right bowl to enjoy them. Low bowls are ideal for serving warm soup or gazpacho, while taller, wider bowls may be the best fit for a big bowl of in the morning. A small bowl helps keep ice cream servings perfectly portioned . Or, if you want to display fresh produce, opt instead for a larger .

Individual Bowls Offer Many Materials And Designs

To bring a bright punch of color to your place setting, choose a bowl in a bold, vibrant hue, or one with a fun geometric pattern. During the holiday season, bring a festive spirit to the dinner table. For a more subdued style, stay simple with chic, clear . Or, opt for classic and versatile white cereal bowls. You also have your choice of bowl materials. Olive wood is a smart option for serving up small bites and hors d’oeuvres, while or stoneware may be better suited for formal occasions. Clear glass and stainless steel lend a modern edge to the dinner table. Many bowls are designed as part of dinnerware sets, creating a cohesive lookor mix and match different styles to create a set all your own.

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  • Attractive white coloring with eye-catching black band
  • Contemporary scalloped edges
  • Chip-resistant and scratch-resistant with normal use
  • Wide rim for balancing bread, sandwiches, or crackers
  • Perfect for restaurants, cafes, diners, hotels, and banquet halls

Making The Baked Bread Bowls

confetti black and white 24 oz pub soup bowl B073JK3VQS ...

These look so shnazzy but are truly a total snap. Theyre essentially just like the tortilla bowls Mexican restaurants use for serving Tex-Mex salads but ours are totally nutrition-amped .

We start with high-fiber, high-protein Flatout flatbreads. There are lots of flavors to choose from, but we usually use the Multi Grain with Flax. The Light Original would be terrific, too.

After spraying one side of each Flatout with just a titch of natural cooking spray or oil, you sprinkle it with kosher salt and cumin, and then gently press it into an oven-safe bowl .

Next, you get to hitch up your creative pants while you shape artistic little flutes and waves all around the edges. No two ever turn out quite the same â deliciously unique!

A quick tango in the oven, and â voilà â your bowls are done!

Ive seen a lot of different techniques for making baked tortilla bowls, all of which would probably adapt pretty well to making these flatbread bowls. So if you dont have oven-safe bowls for this recipe, or if your bowls arent quite the right shape or size, Ive linked to some other techniques you can try:

Ive personally tried turning the bowl upside down and shaping the flatbread on the upturned bowl before baking â works just fine, too â I simply prefer the shape I get by placing my flatbreads inside the bowl instead. Totally up to you!

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Soup That Has Its Own Bowl

Ah, the irony

Id just broken a virtually unbreakable porcelain soup bowl. Shattered it all across the floor.

Little shards of white porcelain from my favorite, everyday Williams-Sonoma set. In all of the 15 years weve owned that set, weve broken maybe one dish, plate or bowl â total. Theyre beautiful and robust. Pretty much unbreakable.

As Scott sprinted for the hand vac and Amy scooped up Finn to protect his tiny pink paws, we suddenly realized the irony

We didnt actually even need bowls for dinner!

Our black bean soup had its very own, built-in bowl! Right.

Ok, ok Ill admit for some reason I still feel compelled to serve bread bowls inside a real bowl. I dont know why cause you sure dont have to!

I mean, really soup with a built-in bowl a crunchy, cumin-dusted bowl? So great. Why doesnt all soup come with its own edible bowl? Seriously, it should.

The top of these bowls is like a crispy tortilla â perfectly breakable for scooping up the thick soup inside. And at the bottom, the bowls slowly soften, absorbing the rich broth and melding perfectly with the soup for those last bites. Mmmmmmmm

Ive actually dreamt of concocting this soup for years. Its sort of a riff on a Cuban-style black bean soup Scott and I sometimes order from a local restaurant. Theirs is incredibly thick â almost like a stew â and laced with just-spicy-enough sausage, all served in toasted, fluffy, carved-out bread bowls. We crave that soup.

So lets get to work

Building Quick Black Bean Soup Flavor

Thanks to a deliciously savory base of onions, garlic and green peppers, plus just the right combination of spices and a background of flavorful chicken sausage this soup develops deep, rich, hearty flavor in just minutes.

You can certainly let it simmer longer if youd like the beans to break down more, but we usually pull it off after just 15 minutes of simmering, so the beans still have great texture. The flavor develops wonderfully in even that short amount of time!

Really â its so quick and easy, yet captures the flavors we love from our fave restaurant black bean soup. And I feel great knowing how much more nutritious it is, too!

A tiny bit of lower-fat chicken sausage goes a long, long way, and the crispy, crunchy, fiber-loaded Flatout bread bowls are such a better alternative to the bog-you-down white bread bowls the restaurant serves.

And we dont even have to break out the white bowls if we dont want to !

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More Hearty Comforting Soup Recipes

Cook Time: Total Time:

This Easy Black Bean Soup is rich, hearty and filling … in just 20 minutes of cooking!

⢠Ready in 30 Minutes or Less ⢠Freezable ⢠Make Ahead â¢

  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 cup chopped sweet onion
  • 1 cajun- or cuban-style chicken or turkey sausage link
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped green pepper
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1 can vegetable broth
  • 4 cans black beans , rinsed and drained
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste

Simple Vegan Black Bean Soup Recipe

How To Make Bread Bowl and Black Bean Soup | By Varsha

This vegan black bean soup is not only delicious but so easy to make. Use dry or canned beans for the perfect family meal!

We love beans, especially black beans, so it was very fitting to turn them into a soup for those cozy nights! Dont tell, but sometimes I just use this soup as a dip for my baked tortilla chips.

Black bean soup is one of those easy to customize simple soups. The base is essentially beans and broth, with veggies and seasonings for flavor, and dont forget to garnish with toppings for added texture and taste!

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