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B. Smith Three-Tier Serving Bowls @ Bed Bath & Beyond

If youve ever watched a cooking show, visited a nice restaurant, or checked your food photography feed on social media, youve probably noticed It’s not just about the food itself. The star of the show is often the plating. Because, as weve learned, we eat with our eyes too. And that means even Michelin star worthy food can be a dud if the plating isnt on point. And in the same way, your leftover take-away curry can feel like a culinary feast, simply because you serve it in a beautiful bowl.

So, treat yourself to a nice pair of serving bowls. Theyll do the trick whether youre cooking up a three-course dinner or making microwaved store-bought stew. Also, make sure to consider colours and shapes, so that your bowls complement your other crockery.

Lemons And Light For A Homely Sight

Place a glass bowl with lemons at a prominent location in your kitchen to freshen up the look. Its an easy way to add bright colour and instant homeliness to your kitchen, and a trick brokers often use in housing ads.

If you want to increase the coziness factor, you can place a tealight inside your glass bowl and turn it into a lantern. Or you could put smaller LED string lights inside for a warm glow in your home. The soft lighting reflected in the glass gives the room an aura of enchantment.

Pebbles And Stones Wont Break Your Bowls

If youre aiming for a more rustic look, fill your glass bowl with shells, corals or driftwood from the beach. Or maybe use them to display wine or champagne corks in the living room. It can be a cute way to remember weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

For a classic impression, try placing some smaller flowers in the bowl to create a colourful mini bouquet. Or, if youd rather go for something more spartan, you can fill it up with pebbles. Itll make for a clean and minimalistic look, while adding some great texture to your room.There are lots of creative ways to decorate with glass and ceramic bowls. So, dare to spruce up your home with some great bowls from IKEA Canada.

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Irish Stout Onion Soup

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This gluten free Irish stout onion soup is made with buttery toasted thyme croutons and topped with plenty of Irish cheddar.

French onion soup has been on my bucket list to make for quite some time.

I kept putting it off because I dont own those brown crocks it always gets served in.

Im not really down with brown serving-ware and refuse to buy more bowls especially when theyd only have one specific use.

Then I remembered I had these white ramekins on the top shelf of a corner cabinet hiding in the back when I spent this whole past weekend organizing my kitchen.

So much food was either thrown out or donated, boxes set aside for cute glass mason jars, hundreds of dollars spent at Bed Bath & Beyond on stupid tray organizer things all because I finally successfully convinced Ulysses to remove the dumb wire racks the builder had installed in the pantry and replace them with solid wood shelves.

So what was supposed to be a fun weekend with friends partying at the casino in Connecticut to celebrate someones 30th, turned into a head cold which forced me to stay home and go batshit on my kitchen/pantry organization instead.

Bright side is, this Irish stout onion soup came out of the whole ordeal.

If I see French onion soup on a menu, chances are Im ordering it. So, Ive tasted quite a few in my years.

Heres what a good onion soup comes down to in my opinion:

The best part though?

Functional Everyday Pasta & Soup Bowls

Wedgwood® White Rim Soup Bowl

DOWAN challenge the boundaries that functional tableware can be fun to use and can be used everywhere, this pasta bowl can wear the name DOWAN.

Classic bowls plates, perfect for soup, pasta, salad.etc,

Wide rim design, easy to hold the sauce inside the place.

Dainty white bowls, great additions to your kitchen.

Sturdy Package,arrived well with no cracks, chips, or flaws of any kind.

Diameter: 9.5 inches, Capacity: 20 ounces, Quantity : set of 4

  • Lead-free, No-toxic

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Tortilla Bowls Just Make Chili Better Serve Your Favorite Homemade Chili Or Use Canned But Serve Them In Tortilla Bowls

**I was provided with a free Electric Tortilla Shell Maker from Nostalgia Electrics. All opinions are my own.

I made tortilla bowls once before using our oven and a few mason jars. And it worked okay but it was time consuming and I was easily frustrated when a couple of the tortillas totally shattered in my effort to take them off of the tops of the mason jars.

A while back I was talking to a representative from Nostalgia Electrics and we decided that I would give their tortilla bowl maker a try. Wow, serious game changer. I have tried and loved having a taco salad in a tortilla bowl and today for dinner we tried chili in tortilla bowls. Talk about yum! And instead of getting a deep fried tortilla bowl like you might get at a restaurant these are oil free and still nice and crispy!

I was going to make a basic canned chili but realized we didnt have any, so I made this basic chili instead. We have a couple other delicious chili recipes on the blog as well. Pumpkin Chili. White Chicken Chili.

And if youre feeding a crowd I think these tortilla bowls would make a great addition to a soup bar. Give them a few choices of soups, some of these delicious tortilla bowls, and you can even serve some of your soup toppings in the bowls to make it a little more festive and decorative like I did. And when youre done you can enjoy snapping off pieces of your tortilla bowl and dipping it into your chili or soup.

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Check out all St. Patrick’s Day recipes below. There’s everything from corned beef tacos to soda bread, Irish stout soup and boozy cheesecake dessert!

Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Never too late to find this beauty. keeper it is ! Thank you !


Saturday 11th of March 2017

I made these in anticipation of a St Patrick’s day party… sort of a “dry run”. The broth tasted a little bitter, not exactly sure why … I used Guinness for the beer. I added a bit more brown sugar and that seemed to help ..

Tammy Lampro

Sunday 22nd of March 2020

I had the same experience with the bitter taste. I think it was the Guinness and so would not make these again-though they did look amazing. Just did not have the profile my husband or I like.

The croutons-amazing idea and taste and will use them again!


Monday 21st of March 2016

Seriously genius!!

Monday 14th of March 2016

These are absolutely beautiful, Gina! Love that they are french onion reminiscent, but SO much prettier.

Allyson Zea

Saturday 12th of March 2016

OH MY GOD!!!! YOU are killing me with this recipe! It looks seriously SO GOOD!!!

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Farmers Market Bowl With Green Goddess Sauce

Im going to level with you today. Ive hardly been able to get myself out of bed lately. Its a real struggle, every morning, and I operate in a fog until mid-day when I finally snap out of it. Productivity has taken a definite hit, but I swear Im not depressedIve been there, and this is not that.

Maybe its just the winter slump? Can we chalk it up to short daylight hours? Vitamin D deficiency? Cookie and I havent been going on our daily walks when its so cold outside. Come to think of it, I ran out of multivitamins a few months ago. Ill buy more today. Recent news events have left me deeply troubled and discouraged, which makes getting out of bed all the more daunting.

Perhaps you can relate. Im trying to be patient with myself, trying to go to bed at a decent hour, trying to choose veggie-packed meals over nachos .

This is one vegetable-forward meal that has kept me going lately, from a new book called Bowls of Plenty: Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Whole-Grain Meals. The author, Carolynn Carreño, has co-authored a number of cookbooks with famous chefs. I felt a pang of envy when I read that she has ten avocado trees in her backyard!

  • Total Time:1 hour 5 minutes
  • Yield:4 servings 1x

4.8 from 29 reviews

These farmers market bowls feature roasted vegetables, warm whole grains, chickpeas and a creamy yogurt-based green goddess sauce. Its a healthy, hearty vegetarian dinner option that is very flexiblesee the notes for variations. Recipe yields 4 servings.

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