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Linkedin Protects Its Users

How to use Dux Soup and Linkedin to scale your sales and recruiting efforts

Whether you have a free LinkedIn account or a paid account, LinkedIn is a professional networking site dedicated to its users. There are protocols in place to prevent spam, suspicious engagement, and fake profiles.

The algorithm alone is a protective measure that prevents most instances of spam, bots, and suspicious activities.

One of LinkedIns many goals is to provide a professional environment on the platform for job seekers, business owners, freelancers, recruiters, and employers.

The Benefits Of Linkedin For Marketers

Besides being a networking site for connecting employers and recruiters with talent, LinkedIn is also a great marketing opportunity.

LinkedIn is a huge platform to find your B2B target audience. Since professionals come there to interact and communicate, they are also building their brand and their reputation almost automatically. LinkedIn doesnt work like Facebook, where content is cherry-picked in the feed. Instead, LinkedIn content is focused on offering opportunities for professionals, so that is what users see.

You can build and maintain business relationships on this platform. When you post regularly and share quality content, you will be sending a message to other business-minded users who will connect with you, engage with you, and help boost your presence.

Lead generation is one of the top reasons marketers use LinkedIn. If you engage properly, you can ethically get leads without going over LinkedIns daily limits. Dux Soup is also able to help you with this, so take care how much you engage manually.

To synopsize, LinkedIn is a platform for lead targeted business audiences, relationship building and retention, and brand awareness.

Chrome Extension Forbidden By Linkedin

To perform your actions, everything is done from a pop-up that modifies the HTML code of LinkedIn. The consequence? The risk of having your account banned by LinkedIn. The modification of LinkedIn’s interface by third party applications is extremely easy to detect, which is what earned Linked Helper its final ban from the Chrome Store. It’s safe to say that Dux Soup will be next on the banned list.So if you care about your LinkedIn account, opt for a solution that prioritizes the safety of your account: ProspectIn.

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Reach Out With Mailshake

Mailshake is cold emailing made easy. Use their battle-tested templates, or write your own messages. Schedule automatic follow-ups based on time or clicks.

Launch a new campaign in Mailshake by clicking the big + sign, import the .CSV file created by Dux-Soup, and craft the messages your recipients will receive.

Most importantly, dont stop at just one. Roughly 70% of email campaigns stop after one unanswered message. But and this is key youll increase your response rate with every follow-up email you send. In fact, you can still see results after the tenth email.

The follow-up email is essential, and Mailshake makes it easy with templates, personalization, link tracking, and more, all on auto-pilot.

The Lead Catcher function will stop sending auto-replies as soon as you get a response . Prospects that meet your criteria are shifted to a special queue, and youre notified immediately so you can reach out personally to those warm and ready individuals.

Set it up, click Send Campaign, and Mailshake will deliver qualified leads to your digital doorstep.

You can even connect VoilaNorbert to Mailshake via Zapier. Create a Zap that automatically sends a new contact directly to your Mailshake email list, and youve removed one of the only manual steps in the entire process.

Just remember, though: once connections have been made on a deeper level, you must switch to real one-to-one communication.

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Important Things To Remember

Automate LinkedIn Tool: Dux Soup
  • When using X-Ray, the skipping options will not work. That is, if you selected Never visit the same profile again under History Skipper, this will not apply for X-Ray searches.
  • You can use both Visit Profiles and Scan Profiles with X-Ray search.
  • On X-Ray, you are limited to 100 unique profile visits per day when using the free version of LinkedIn, and 250 for premium users. This equals to 10 and 25 Google search pages respectively
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    Post Creation From The Beginning

    There are four primary posts you need to create for LinkedIns news feed.

    Tell or Share a Story: Stories are attention grabbers, so share a personal story about yourself or a struggle to show how you overcame. Share your student or work success related to how you helped someone , or address a reader-generate question.

    Be a Myth Buster: Using your industry, debunk a myth related to what you do.

    Start an Unbiased Debate: Use this to gather unbiased opinions to a question. Keep it simple and avoid overly controversial subjects.

    What Is Dux Soup

    Dux Soup says that they are the smarter way to generate new business for your brand using LinkedIn.

    They say that with Dux Soup, it is super easy to find, engage with, and ultimately attract the right connections to your LinkedIn, so that they can see what youre all about.

    They say that they can lead generation and do most of the leg work so that you can focus on your field of expertise and posting at the right times.

    Youll also want to be on the tail end of those business deals when you close them, which Dux Soup can allow for as well.

    There is a massive advantage here to being able to close the gap with your leads with a company.

    There are lots of companies out there that can just help you with the engagement side of things, but there arent that many that take your LinkedIn growth to the next level, and think about how they can help you in the sales funnel process.

    On their website, they talk a lot about how they can accelerate the lead generation process by helping you target your prospects with personalized LinkedIn outreach.

    As far as companies like this go, this is as close as youre going to get to using LinkedIn itself to help you with your lead generation, which we think is pretty special.

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    How To Get Started With Dux

    What kind of authentication does Dux-Soup Remote Control use?

    Dux-Soup Remote Control uses API keys.

    Do I need a paid Dux-Soup Remote Control account to use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    You need a Turbo Edition Dux-Soup Remote Control plan to use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier. See pricing here:

    Do I need special account permissions in Dux-Soup Remote Control to use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    There aren’t any specific Dux-Soup Remote Control account permissions to connect Dux-Soup Remote Control to Zapier.

    Are there any API token limits in Dux-Soup Remote Control when I use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    No, there are no token limits when using Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier.

    Are there any webhook subscription limits in Dux-Soup Remote Control when I use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    Dux-Soup Remote Control doesn’t have any webhook subscription limits when you use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier.

    Are custom fields in Dux-Soup Remote Control supported when I use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    No, Dux-Soup Remote Control does not support custom fields.

    Does Dux-Soup Remote Control use real trigger samples from my Dux-Soup Remote Control account?

    Yes, Dux-Soup Remote Control provides real trigger samples from your Dux-Soup Remote Control account.

    What kind of Dux-Soup Remote Control hosted account can I use with Zapier?

    Dux-Soup Remote Control’s Zapier integration supports both self-hosted and cloud-hosted accounts.

    Is Dux Soup Legal

    How to Use Dux Soup

    Yes, Dux Soup is legal. You cannot be fined or arrested for using the product. Dux Soup does however directly go against the Terms of Service that LinkedIn provides, meaning your account could be warned, penalized, or suspended if you abuse automation on their platform.

    Heres a secret. While LinkedIn formally states automation is against their policy, they realize a large amount of their user-base does it.

    Its my opinion that LinkedIn turns a blind eye to most automation, as long as its not excessive or spammy. If LinkedIn wanted to, I believe they could write a program to detect the presence of automation plugins, but they dont.

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    How To Cancel Your Dux

    If youre ready to switch to an alternative LinkedIn tool, heres how to cancel your Dux-Soup account:

  • Log into your Dux-Soup account.
  • Go to Manage Account & Subscription.
  • Click on your Dux-Soup Subscription.
  • Click Cancel Subscription.
  • Finally, youll be able to cancel your subscription until the end of your billing period without any extra charge.

    Then, you can switch to a Dux-Soup alternative.

    Heres a couple of which we tried with our feedback below.

    What Are Dux Soups Features

    Dux Soup wants to help you automate your LinkedIn activity. They say that they can help you automatically view other LinkedIn profiles depending on what your prospective connections look like.

    They say that they can send out personalized messages for you as well. They can help you manage those prospects and download profile details.

    Lastly, they can help you auto-tag profiles.

    While you can examine the full list of features provided by Dux Soup, we have a few of the basics to share with you so you have an idea of what to expect from this company.

    • Find Prospects
    • Search Tagged Profiles

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    How Does Dux Soup Work

    Dux Soup works by installing directly into your Chrome Browser via an extension. Once installed, it begins scanning and detecting LinkedIn profiles and provides you with a number of automated features.

    Dux Soup avoids detection by mimicking human behavior, making it more difficult for LinkedIn to detect that automation software is being used.

    How Much Time And Activity Should I Invest In Linkedin

    How to purchase Dux

    For some businesses, LinkedIn is their sole source of customer acquisition.

    If youâre a good networker and willing to spend time joining in conversations, posting content and messaging your connections every day, then for a small business this can be highly rewarding.

    The amount of time invested in LinkedIn is often related to the size of the business. Larger businesses may have employees dedicated to social activity to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website.

    For many of us though, there simply arenât enough hours in the day and LinkedIn can get neglected for other more urgent and pressing tasks. Urgent quotes, customer issues, development projects and HR/finance tasks can all mean that prospecting outreach falls by the wayside.

    Weâve all been there.

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    How Did Dux Soup Do In Tests

    We thought that we would put Dux Soup to the test to see if theyre the kind of company thats worth your time.

    We signed up for their professional package, and to be honest, we were pleased with the results.

    They were friendly, helpful, and accountable.

    They were also prepared to listen to what we needed and gave us the features to suit our profile.

    All in all, when it came to the test, we were more than impressed.

    Dux Soup Review Conclusion

    If youre looking for a tool to build an automated LinkedIn strategy around, you really cant go wrong with Dux Soup. While it can be a little tricky to get the hang of, its definitely worth learning to use.

    BONUS: If youve made it this far and are interested in trying out the pro version, I have a nice bonus for you.

    If you sign up for Dux Soup through the link below, Ill email over my own custom strategy I use to tag, organize, and follow up with prospects in Dux Soup. Ill even throw in 4 of my highest performing outreach strategies. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Now go click that big blue button!

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    How To Use Linkedin Automation Effectively

    Whether youâre new to LinkedIn, dabble with it occasionally or are an active participant in group conversations with lots of connections, itâs good to keep the subject of effectiveness at the back of your mind when using this social networking platform.

    LinkedIn is the most widely adopted B2B networking platform worldwide, offering you an opportunity to network with over 700 million professionals.

    Harness it correctly and it can be a highly valuable source of information, recommendations and sales leads. Ignore it completely and you could find your business losing market share and brand presence to your competition.

    But how can you use it most effectively and where does the balance lie?

    Quantifying The Benefits Of Linkedin Automation

    How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dux Soup

    It often helps to see the return on investment before you decide whether to automate your LinkedIn activity. Our range of case studies demonstrate how companies are achieving outstanding results with Dux-Soup.

    Hopefully you can find something here that fits what youâre looking to achieve for your business, but if not you can always browse our website to learn More about the .

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    Top 6 Ways To Use Linkedin Automation

    Although Dux-Soup has many features available, weâve highlighted the best loved and most widely used features below:

    1.Viewing and Tagging LinkedIn Profiles Itâs just human nature that weâre intrigued as to who is looking at our LinkedIn profile, right? When you view someoneâs profile, the other person can see that youâve done this, which sparks a curiosity as to why you may be viewing their profile. Chances are they may look at your profile in return, and so this becomes your first opportunity to showcase your brand/business/capabilities to them. Therefore, itâs important to have an up to date profile before you start automating your LinkedIn activities. When you build target lists in LinkedIn, it often helps to tag prospects and categorise them for follow up. It may be you want to tag them based on what information theyâve shown an interest in, or if they fit into a specific campaign you are running. By tagging prospects you can segment them easily and follow up with more personalised content. And we all know that more personalisation yields better results. Our video below shows how easy this is to do.

    3.Personalised Messaging to your First-Degree Connections. Use to message your first-degree connections to save time and reach more of your audience. You can search and filter your audience to personalise your message to specific sectors or decision makers. The opportunities are endless, and the rewards high.

    Tools Like Dux Soup Are Risky

    Regardless of your professional activity on LinkedIn, automation should be a vehicle for improving the reach of your account and not a risky spam tool.Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter, etc., ProspectIn allows you to generate new qualified leads and contacts, in complete security.

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    Why Use Waalaxy As An Alternative To Dux

    First of all, Waalaxy is much faster to install since it is a chrome extension. As soon as you install it, you can create your first campaigns very easily as we have just shown you.

    You have control over your actions directly from the Waalaxy dashboard. You will find there :

    • Connection requests sent.
    • Visits to your profile made.
    • Follow-up requests sent.

    How To Use Phantombuster

    How To Use Dux Soup Turbo To Automate LinkedIn Connections ...

    After you install the PhantomBuster Chrome extension, you can choose which Phantom you want to activate for your campaign.

    Whether you wish to scrape the data from individual profiles, another companys information its all possible with PhantomBuster.

    But before you do that, you have to connect your LinkedIn account with PhantomBuster by clicking on Connect to LinkedIn.

    The other Input information depends on the Phantom that you previously chose. For example, if you want to scrape information about members of a LinkedIn group, your Input tab will look like this:

    After you set up all the information required for your campaign, you can move on to the next step.

    In order to scrape data from several groups, you have to upload the spreadsheet which contains all those LinkedIn groups links.

    In the Settings tab, choose if you want to launch a campaign manually or automate it.

    Also, you can choose to receive notifications about campaign updates according to case types.

    When the process of scraping data is done, and it takes only a few minutes, you can save the gathered information as a CSV or .json file and use it for outreach later.

    These PhantomBusters functions can save a lot of your time by automating many processes and letting you redirect your efforts to building relationships.

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    What Not To Automate

    Whilst we believe that automating SOME parts of your sales process can offer huge time savings and increased sales conversions, we donât promote using automation for every step in the sales process.

    Nothing beats personal interaction with responsive prospects, and this is where we recommend you start to take your LinkedIn activity into your own hands. So, once youâve got a response to a message then we recommend you pick up the phone or send them a message directly so that you can start to build a relationship.

    Dux Soup Review: Is It Legal Does It Still Work In 2021

    • Considered ‘blackhat’ in the eyes of LinkedIn.
    • Only avalible for Google Chrome.
    • Could be easier to use.

    Tired of grinding on LinkedIn looking for connections? I was too, until I stumbled across Dux Soup. Check out our Dux Soup review and learn how to you can use this lead generation tool to up your connections, and your sales.

    Also, for those who do purchase Dux Soup through this review, Ill be throwing in some free LinkedIn automation strategies you can use to build your network, and boost your sales.

    Use the table of contents below to help you navigate throughout this guide.

  • Dux Soup Review Conclusion
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