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Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

How to make keto hot and sour soup | Keto vegan

It is recommended that you get a sweet and sour soup recipe that calls for 8 cups of low-calcium chicken broth, 1/4 cup of cornstarch, three tablespoons of water, with one thinly sliced cabbage or maybe bok choy, 1 cup of sliced shiitake mushrooms.

Then, 1/2 cup sliced green onions, two tablespoons soy sauce, two tablespoons chopped ginger root, 1/2 pound shredded tofu, 1 cup white wine vinegar, one tablespoon black pepper, two eggs, and one teaspoon of natural sesame.

The recipe suggests boiling the broth, mixing the water and cornstarch, and setting it aside. Add vegetables, ginger root, and soy sauce to the broth.

Then add the cornstarch and finally add the tofu strips, vinegar, and pepper. Reduce to a boil and slowly season the egg. Remove from the heat and add the sesame oil. Serve and enjoy.

Hot and sour soup can be a reasonably nutritious snack option. It contains the nutrient manganese and small amounts of folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium to the researchers.

Tips For Eating At Chinese Restaurants

Make your next low carb Chinese meal even more keto friendly by putting the following tips into action:

Tell your server about your keto diet. Explain that you want to avoid any unwanted carbs such as corn starch and sugars. These ingredients are often included in sauces. Ask them to flavor your meals with low-carb soy sauce instead.

If your meal comes with a sauce, ask for it on the side rather than poured over your meal. That way you can easily control how much you eat. Dip the tines of your fork in the sauce so you can enjoy the flavor without consuming a lot of it. Avoid sugary sauces, such as oyster sauce, duck, or hoisin sauce.

When you know youll be eating at Chinese food later in the day, limit your carb intake for the rest of your meals so that you have a bit more flexibility at the restaurant. If you eat no carbs at breakfast and lunch, you can afford to eat 30-50 grams of carbs at dinnertime. If possible, have a workout before you eat to increase insulin sensitivity and make those carbs less impactful.

At the Chinese buffet, fill up on low carb Chinese foods like meat, veggies, and thin sauces. Thick sauces typically contain sugar and corn starch, both of which will kick you out of ketosis.

If you make your own Chinese food, seek out keto-friendly recipes. Replace rice with lightly cooked and grated cauliflower and use shredded cabbage in place of noodles. Use stevia instead of sugar and non-starch thickeners in sauces, e.g., coconut flour.

Every Good Soup Starts With A Solid Flavor Base

Let me show you how to make my Chinese Paleo Hot and Sour Soup thats healthy, low carb and Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-free, and with AIP and Keto suggestions.

Every good soup made from scratch starts with a solid flavor base. And in my book that means using Asian aromatics plus a protein. Sauté the aromatics with seasoned protein first to help create a lovely flavor foundation base.

With this in mind, what you do next is absolutely crucial.

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Eating Out On Keto: Chinese Restaurants

If you want to enjoy eating in a Chinese restaurant on keto, youve come to the right place! Learn how to eat Chinese food on keto with this simple guide. While Chinese food on keto can be tricky with loads of hidden sugar and starch in the sauces, if you know what to order and how to order, you can enjoy a delicious meal while still sticking to your macros! Beef and broccoli anyone?

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Ways To Include Fermented Miso Soup On A Keto Diet

  • A mug of miso soup is a great between-meals snack.

  • Enjoy a bowl of miso soup before a low-carb meal, particularly one with Asian flavors like a cauliflower rice stir-fry.

  • Grab a keto bowl at Bibibop and serve yourself a free bowl of miso soup when you pay at the register.

  • Make your own miso soup – it’s really simple! Try this recipe from AllRecipes.

RELATED: You can add low-carb toppings to miso or any soup to add taste, texture, and more nutrition. See 65 Keto-Friendly Soup Garnishes that are Ridiculously Tasty

I hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of eating fermented foods and which are the 8 best keto-friendly fermented foods to try!

Wishing you happy and healthy eating!

The Keto Minimalist

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How To Make Paleo Hot And Sour Soup

  • To create a flavor base, protein must be seasoned. In this iconic recipe thin sliced pork tenderloin is a must have to make authentic hot and sour soup.
  • Sauté aromatics and the seasoned meat to bring out flavor before adding the broth.
  • Once the soup has come to a gentle boil, season and make adjustments toward the end of the dish will help maintain that distinct flavor of Chinese hot and sour soup.
  • Add whisked eggs and thicken the soup with arrowroot powder to make a slurry before serving.
  • To make it even more authentic, serve extra vinegar and hot sauce on the side so your guests can make adjustments further right by the dinner table.

You can find similar recipe example here.

Is Fermented Miso Soup Keto

A one-cup serving of miso soup typically has about 3 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fat, and 4 grams of protein making it suitable for a ketogenic diet in moderation. If you purchase a miso soup with ingredients such as tofu, mushrooms, or seaweed, be sure to check the label for the carb counts. Avoid any miso soup with noodles.

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Is This Soup Safe For A Liquid Diet

With a few modifications, you can safely enjoy this Egg Drop Soup recipe on a low carb and liquid diet. Many restaurants will give the option to omit the eggs and just enjoy this as a Hot and Sour Soup.

If you’re worried about picking around any solids, you’ll love that you can make this recipe at home! I’ve included instructions for making this liquid diet compliant and how to add the perfect selection of low-carb ingredients for when you’re ready to reintroduce some soft foods and solids.

Easy Keto Hot And Sour Soup With Pork

Keto Chinese Hot & Sour Soup

The flavors pop in this deliciously easy keto hot and sour soup with pork. From Thai chili to ginger and the sour of rice vinegar, the soup perfectly pairs with ground pork. Top it off with sliced green onions, and its a fabulous protein-packed low carb family dinner.

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Keeping This In View What Foods Are Filling But Low In Carbs

17 tasty, low-carb foods that will keep you full and satisfied

  • Avocado. A third of an avocado has only 5 grams of carbs and, aside from being Instagram famous, its also known for being high in monounsaturated healthy fats, which helps lower bad cholesterol and is linked with burning belly fat.
  • Broccoli.

Low carb Chinese food recipes

  • Mandarin Tea Eggs*
  • Bok choy with shiitake *
  • Ma Po Tofu *
  • Cantonese Poached Chicken with Ginger Scallion Oil.
  • Stir-fried beef with broccoli and black pepper*

The Best Keto Chinese Food Substitutions

Whether youre cooking up your favorite Chinese meal at home or looking for ways to make modifications when you eat out, there are ways to make Chinese cuisine low carb and keto friendly. Its easy to avoid the main carbs, but its also important to think about carbs that are disguised in sauces and soups. Even meals that may seem healthy at first glance turn out to be a problem if youre on a low-carb diet.

Take a plate of roast duck for instance. At first, this Chinese dish seems OK since its mainly protein and some cooked vegetables. In reality, roast duck is often covered in a sauce packed with sugar, meaning it has tons of carbs.

Some of the main foods to avoid include:

  • General Tsos chicken and other breaded meats
  • Rice
  • Wontons
  • Egg rolls

While you cant indulge in the traditional noodles, rice, and sauces that make these dishes stand out, here are some alternatives so you can still dig into a hearty Chinese meal.

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Helps Decrease The Inflammatory Response

Since a typical sweet and sour soup recipe includes chicken broth or broth, it is known to prevent the movement of white blood cells or neutrophils responsible for inflammation Symptoms are very similar to those of a cold, i.e., cough and mucus buildup.

Researchers believe hot sour soup, and other similar soups could help reduce the effect of neutrophils in people.

Is Chinese Food Keto Friendly


In general Chinese food can be keto friendly, if you know what to order. The biggest keto offender with Chinese food is hidden sugar and corn starch in the sauces! Even seemingly healthy dishes like chicken and broccoli can contain loads of sugar and corn starch. Neither of these ingredients is keto friendly These are the two biggest ingredients you have to watch out for when eating out at a Chinese restaurant on keto.

Other foods to avoid when eating Chinese food on keto include:

  • Rice
  • Spring Rolls
  • Dumplings or postickers
  • Most sauces including sweet and sour, kung pao, general tsos, oyster, plum, and duck sauce

While this may seem like a restrictive list, theres still plenty of Chinese dishes for you to enjoy on keto if you know how and what to order. Well discuss that in the next section.

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General Tips For Eating At A Chinese Restaurant On Keto

  • Always ask the server about sugar and corn starch in the sauces. I cant emphasize this one enough those will be the main sneaky culprits that could kick you out of ketosis
  • Bring a small container of oil to add to your food in case there isnt enough fat, especially with steamed options
  • Ask for soy sauce to add more flavor to your food, but avoid any sugary sauces, such as oyster sauce, duck, or hoisin sauce
  • At many Chinese restaurants, you can ask the kitchen to fry an egg and put it on top of your food for added fat and flavor
  • If you know youre going to be eating Chinese food on a specific day, try to limit your carbs during other meals so that you can be more flexible at the restaurant. For example, if you know youre going to get Chinese takeout for dinner, try to eat eggs and bacon for breakfast and then cheese and turkey breast for lunch. If you eat little to no carbs for breakfast and lunch, you can eat more carbs at dinner and still stay within your macros
  • Tips for eating keto at a Chinese buffet: stick to protein and veggie dishes with thin sauces , avoid anything breaded or fried, if something tastes sweet then it has sugar , even at a buffet you can still talk to a server or manager to find the best options on the buffet line for you ask about what has the LEAST added sugar and starch

Did you pick up some new tips about how to eat Chinese food on keto? Do you have any helpful tips of your own? Comment below and join the conversation!

Healthy Paleo Hot And Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup is such an iconic soup in every Chinese household. Back home mom often serves Hot and Sour Soup with any main and side dishes she prepares for dinner. Its rich, savory, sour with a hint of sweet and spicy taste makes this soup a must-try if you are an Asian food enthusiast.

The truth is most restaurant hot and sour soup stinks. The version I share with you today is a simplified version, modified for my readers specific needs without using hard to find ingredients, particularly in the states. Without sacrificing the flavor Im very happy with my take on Chinese Paleo Hot and Sour Soup.

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Low Carb Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

This low carb hot and sour soup recipe is packed full of all of those Asian flavors we love without all of the carbs that we donât love. Chicken stock is flavored with soy, chile sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and lime and then filled with ground beef and cabbage ânoodlesâ.

Just before serving egg white is drizzled into the simmering liquid for texture and protein. Just make sure itâs a slow simmer or your egg whites will break up like mine did! It ended up being not as pretty as Iâd like but the flavor was perfect.

I donât know how the weather is where you are but here in Dallas it has been colder and wetter than normal. Itâs nice to see everything greening up and the cattle tanks overflowing but those of us who donât do well in cold, damp weather are miserable. Most of my kiddos have been fighting the crud with coughing, sore throats, and swollen lymph nodes. Yesterday I built a fire in the dining room fireplace and huddled by it, wrapped in a blanket, to do my work. It was in the 40s which isnât cold for some of you but for me it is miserable. It makes my body hurt. I fixed the kids potato soup but I skipped dinner entirely because I wanted soup and I couldnât figure out anything low carb and fast.

So, I sliced cabbage up for the noodles and it gave me exactly the texture I wanted. The entire batch only has 244 calories and about 5.4 net carbs. Itâs a huge amount but so very satisfying!

Equipment Needed For Keto Hot And Sour Soup

Healthy Low Carb Easy Paleo Hot and Sour Soup (Gluten-free, Whole30, Keto AIP) – I Heart Umami

The first thing I do when its time to make dinner is to get out all the kitchen gadgets and equipment Ill need. I like it when things are close at hand and ready to go.

  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup sliced green onions

Lets have a brief word about the ingredients in this keto hot and sour soup recipe.

When selecting any ingredients, buy as fresh as you can, and organic if possible. For meat, I usually order from ButcherBox for good quality I can trust. Just be sure to read labels and sources in the grocery store.

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So What Can I Eat At A Chinese Restaurant On Keto

So now that weve gone over what you cant eat at a Chinese restaurant on keto, lets go over the good stuff: what you CAN eat! Well go through a general list below and then Ill jump into more detail about specific dishes. What Chinese food is low carb? Lets find out!

In general, you can eat:

  • Clear soups
  • Egg drop soup is sometimes a good choice depending on whether or not theres corn starch in the soup. A lot of restaurants do use corn starch as a thickener in egg drop soup, so ask your server. If the consistency of the soup is on the thick side, assume theres some carbs in it. To give you an idea, a cup of P.F. Changs egg drop soup contains 6 grams of carbs whether this is too many or not will depend on your individual macros and carb allowance . If the soups consistency is thin and theres no starch then egg drop soup is a great keto friendly Chinese option
  • Hot and sour soup is also generally a good keto friendly choice, but similar to egg drop soup, it can contain corn starch and also a little sugar. Again, to give you an idea, a cup of hot and sour soup at P.F. Changs has 9 grams of carbs in it which is slightly higher than the egg drop soup. Be sure to check the ingredients with your server to see if this is a good option. If you do decide to order either egg drop or hot and sour soup, make sure you keep the portion to one cup to limit any potential carbs.
  • Anything steamed with no sauce or sauce on the side
  • Anything stir fried without sugar or corn starch
  • Ways To Include Kimchi In A Keto Diet

    Kimchi is quite spicy so, unless you are used to eating kimchi, you’ll want to start slow with a small amount. Think of using kimchi as a condiment, like mustard or hot sauce.

    • Stir kimchi into Asian-themed cauliflower rice bowls.

    • Add a spoonful of kimchi on top of a grilled burger or grilled Portobello mushroom.

    • Use as an ingredient in green salad.

    • Order as a topping or side dish with a keto-friendly meal or cauliflower rice bowl at a Korean barbecue, or Asian restaurant, such as Bibibop.

    • Spice up your eggs with a bit of kimchi.

    • Use kimchi to flavor soups or stews, or even braising liquids or sauces.

    • Add kimchi to a keto-friendly stirfry.

    • Use as garnish for a low-carb Bloody Mary.

    • Make a quick Kimchi Stew. I like this recipe.

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    Is Greek Yogurt Keto

    Full-fat plain Greek yogurt can be a healthy part of a ketogenic diet. A 1/2 cup serving has only 3.5 grams of carbs, 10 grams of protein, and 5.5 grams of fat.

    Not all yogurt is keto-friendly, so do read labels. Look for full-fat plain Greek yogurt and avoid any yogurt with added sugar, fruit, or toppings.

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