Dal Soup Recipe For Weight Loss

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Health Benefits Of Turmeric In Lentil Soup

dal soup recipe for weight loss | healthy lentil soup recipe | weight loss soup recipe

While turmeric is a flavorsome spice that is nutritious to consume, it has also traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, wounds, digestive ailments, and liver conditions. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, shows promise in the treatment of cancer. Research shows that people on long-term medication like diabetes can benefit by adding turmeric to their diet since its antioxidant properties are so powerful that they may stop your liver from getting damaged.

When you add this antioxidant, anti-inflammatory turmeric to the healthy lentils, what you get is a super flavorful and nutritious vegan lentil soup recipe!

Dal Soup Recipe For Weight Loss Healthy Veg Lentil Soup 15 Mins Dinner Weight Loss Soup Recipe

dal soup for weight loss, healthy lentil soup recipe for dinner, quick and easy dinner recipe in 15 mins, veg dal soup for dinner, no cream, no butter, no oil soup recipe for weight loss #veganingredients:1/4 cup yellow mung dal, 1/4 cup masoor dal, 1/2 green chili, 3 cloves garlic, 1/2 inch ginger, 1/2 onion, 1/2 cup pumpkin, 1/2 cup carrot, 1/2 cup bottle gourd, coriander leaves stalk, 1/4 tsp jeera, 1/4 tsp cumin powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, pink himalayan salt as needed, 3 cups water, coriander leaves as needed, half of a lemon.

Serve hot!! enjoy!!

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DISCLAIMER:Do not have this drink if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have any kidney disease or on a blood thinning medication.

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Curried Green Lentil Soup

Green whole moong bean is used both in savory and sweet dishes. This dal is rich in protein and dietary fibers. This is best served with roti/ chapati or steamed rice or jeera rice . Moong dal or green moong dal is one of the best when you are on diet for weight loss or even better for diabetic patients.

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Is Vegan Lentil Soup Good For Weight Loss

Lentils are an excellent food choice if you want to lose weight because dont have any fat but are high in fiber. This veggie tends to make your brain think youre full, being useful for those who feel hungry all the time. The added fresh corn to the ingredient list does the same thing, and by that, youll have a low-calorie meal with a weight-loss effect. But dont eat only soups if you want to lose weight! Add also other dish types.

What Is Dal Soup

Dal Soup For Weight Loss

Dal soup is an Indian soup variety where lentils are simmered with vegetables, leafy greens, spices and herbs to make a satiating dish. This soup is a good way to add some protein especially on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is a healthy Indian dish with subtle regional variations resulting in varied flavors.

Dal Soup can be made with different kinds of lentils, seasonal vegetables, fresh and dried herbs and spices. This zesty Indian lentil soup is chockablock with nutrients and makes a nice snack meal or a light dinner option. For a complete and filling meal, serve this vegetarian lentil soup with crusty bread, cooked grains, quinoa, roti or paratha.

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What Does Vegan Lentil Soup Taste Like

Depending on what you choose, lentils have slightly different flavors. Brown ones have a mild earthy flavor with a rich and deep earthy notes. The brown lentil is mostly used for soups and pasta. Another kind of lentil is the green one, having a mild peppery flavor . The red/gold/orange lentils have a sweet nutty flavor and are used in Asian dishes .

Do Lentils Cause Bloating

Lentils are high in fibre which is good for you, but difficult to digest. So if you are introducing lentils in your diet for the first time, it is better to soak them before cooking. Rinse the lentils and soak in a lot of water for about 30 minutes. Rinse the soaked lentils at least thrice before using. Cook until the lentils are well-mashed and creamy. Use a masher or a spoon to mash the lentils until smooth.Following the above steps will avoid bloating and indigestion from eating lentils. Adding ginger or a few pinches of asafoetida powder also helps in the digestion of lentils.

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How To Make Dal Soup

Prepare the lentils and vegetables

1. Add half cup lentils to a colander and rinse well a couple of times. Drain and set aside. Grate the ginger and finely chop the coriander leaves. Dice the carrot, pumpkin, tomato and zucchini . Keep the spices ready.

2. Add 1 teaspoon to tablespoon ghee or butter to a soup pot, pressure cooker or 6 Qt instant pot and heat on medium high. Add more or less of butter as per your cooking preference or cook with ghee for better digestion.

3. Reduce heat to low and add ½ to 1 teaspoon of grated ginger. Sauté for 30 seconds without burning.

4. Now add the following vegetables along with teaspoon of turmeric to the pot or cooker:

  • cup of carrots
  • cup of pumpkin
  • cup of chopped tomatoes
  • cup zucchini or bottle gourd

5. Now add the rinsed lentils. Add ¼ cup of moong dal or masoor dal and to ¼ cup toor dal or masoor dal to the vegetables.

6. Add 3 cups of water or vegetable broth along with ¾ teaspoon of salt.

Health Benefits For Vegan Lentil Soup

Dal Soup For Weight Loss – Healthy Lentil Soup Recipe – Gluten Free & Vegan Dinner | Skinny Recipes

There isnt any unhealthy vegan soup or stew. The veggies used have a lot of health benefits, and the lentil soup is one of the best dishes in this matter. Moreover, the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Search database noted about lentils this:

Lentils have received minimal attention concerning their potential to modulate intestinal health and disease. Among the pulse food types, the incorporation of lentils into the North American diet may be more easily achieved due to their small seed size and shorter preparation and cooking time. However, in contrast to other pulses, in particular common beans, lentils contain lower levels of non-digestible carbohydrates, including total dietary fiber, resistant starch, soluble fiber and galactooligosaccharides .

Moreover, lentil soup is great if you have heart problems, is great for pregnancy due to a large amount of folate, provides selenium for fighting against cancer, it is used to fight fatigue due to the Iron intake, and helps digestion. Besides Lentils, carrotshealth benefits are amazing, having nutrients like vitamin A, antioxidants, and help reduce the risks of cancer, being great against cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, I am using also fresh corn, red pepper, and onion, making this dish a BooM of vitamins!

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Healthy Weight Loss Diet Dal Soup Recipe For Dinner

Welcome to My Kitchen Diet Recipes by Natasha Mohan. For this Healthy Weight Loss Diet Recipe for Dinner , lets start this exciting recipe without any delay. So, to make this easy weight loss soup recipe Im going to take about 1 glass of water in a pressure cooker. Then I am going to add about 30 grams of tomato. Tomato contains the lycopene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to reduce inflammation and water retention in the body. Then I am going to add about 10 grams of Garlic, which contains zinc that promotes relaxation naturally. Therefore, I prefer having it either as mid meal snacks or dinner option and its completely suitable for people suffering from PCOS, PCOD, thyroid or diabetes, cholesterol and BP.

Next ingredients are I am adding about 20 grams of onions, which are a big source of soluble fiber which makes it a powerful prebiotic and ensure the healthy guts, which is crucial for weight loss. So, this soup is a good mix of vegetables which contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Next ingredients I am going to adding about 30 grams of carrots, it actually detoxify the liver and low in calories but very notorious. They are also a good source of carbohydrates without providing any fat, also they contain beta-carotene which convert it to Vitamin A, actually promotes vision. So dont forget to add the carrot.

Masoor Dal Nutrition Facts

Masoor dal, also known as red lentil, is power-packed with nutrients. A mere cup of masoor dal has 230 calories, 16 grams of dietary fibre, 18 grams of proteins and 6.6 grams of iron, as per the USDA nutrition data. Due to its large portion of dietary fibre, this dal helps to stabilise blood sugar and may effectively lower the amount of cholesterol in the body, which will further reduce any heart disease risk. It is also an essential ingredient for weight management, due to its perfect amount of carbs and lower amount of fat. USDA data says one cup masoor dal has 40 grams carbohydrate and only 0.8 gram of fat. One cup of masoor dal is sufficient to provide our body all the essential vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.

Again, spinach is an immensely nutritious and versatile vegetable, which is easy to include in our diet. According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, “Spinach is loaded with vitamins, magnesium, calcium and iron, whereas it is low in calories, carbs and fat. So spinach can be a good choice for the people trying to lose weight or maintain their calorie intake.”

One cup of masoor dal is sufficient to provide our body all the essential nutrients

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Moong Dal Soup Recipe

Who doesnt love soup? its like a warm feel on a winter morning. Soup is the most ordered and enjoyed dish all over the world. From sickness to happiness soup is something that will cheer you on a gloomy day. It is a healthy, delicious soup and a bowl of awesome flavours. There are so many varieties of soup with distinct preparation methods. Today we are preparing a flavourful moong dal soup. The name itself reveals the nutrient content of this delicious mouth-watering soup. This warm soup will comfort you with its wholesome flavours.

Moong dal is considered a superfood with an impressive nutrient profile. This dal is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. This delicious soup is a perfect balance of nutrients and flavours with a subtle note of spice. From kids to adults, everyone can enjoy this nutritious and flavourful soup and a perfect dish for all the weight watchers. The vegetable in the soup makes the dish healthier and crunchier loaded with flavours. This nutrient-rich soup will improve our digestion health as well as boost our immunity. This can be even enjoyed in the evening after a long day, it will soothe your taste buds as well as satiate your hunger.

Here are some more interesting recipes for you to try. Click on the links listed below :

How To Make Curried Green Lentils

Masoor dal soup

I make hara moong or green gram lentil in two ways, i.e. both as thick soupy and as dry sauteed curry. Preparing any of them is easy and almost similar. Incase of dry curry, then don’t add water while sauteing with spices and simmer till it’s of thicker consistency. Where as if you want to make as dal, add approximately 1 glass – 1.5 glass water more to the curry preparation.

Normally even if I want to make soupy dal consistency, I don’t add much water during pressure cooking. Keep the ration 1 : 2.5 for lentils to water. With excess water it may spill over and will not get properly cooked. Another point is cook on medium to low flame so that the lentils will get cooked properly.

Then if you want to make it dry sabzi, don’t add water or add little water. Even you want soupy dal, add extra water during this point .

Look at the pictures below. 1st one is dry moong dal sabzi and the 2nd is moong dal soup.

Pic – 1 – Dry Green Gram CurryPic – 2 – Green Gram Lentil Soup or Green Moong Dal

So the basic difference is their consistency. Rest all methods are same for both dry curried lentils or soupy lentils.

Note: Soak the dal for 3 -4 hours to get full nutrition of it. It will help reducing anti nutrients which are naturally present in all beans and legumes. This makes it easier to digest and reduces flatulence.

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What Is The Secret To Making Good Soup

  • For homemade soups made from scratch, youll be sure to double the recipe if you get enough ingredients.
  • Own Stock in Your Own Right
  • Bite-sized pieces of ingredients can be sliced.
  • Add Sauté to your vegetables
  • This calculation of Cook Time is part of the calculations.
  • let the seasoning of the soup simmer.
  • I would like to add noodles to the mix
  • Noodles can be frozen if they are consumed quickly.
  • Does Soup Help Lose Belly Fat

    I can definitely tell you, however, that there is an amazing source of information about weight loss that can be helpful in speeding up the process and eliminating stubborn belly fat. Soups are essential to the diet when going for weight loss, but its best for us to keep this simple dish within our options.

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    Nutritional Facts Of Green Lentils

    This is healthiest form of plant protein and has amino acids which are considered as building blocks of protein.

    These are high source of nutrients including manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B.

    Its rich in protein, and dietary fiber. This lentil is low in carbohydrates which differentiates it from the other lentils.

    Due to the low glycemic index, this is one of the superfoods for diabetic patients as it helps in regulating blood sugar.

    Is Moong Dal Fry Good For Weight Loss

    Dal Soup Recipe For Weight Loss – Healthy Veg Lentil Soup – 15 Mins Dinner – Weight Loss Soup Recipe

    Diabetes, heart disease, and overweight or obese people may consume ds and over weight individuals have Fried Moong Dal? In no case should diabetics, heart disease, or weight gain be accompanied by this recipe. The use of deep frying in food isnt recommended for individuals with heart disease or diabetes. In a deep fryer, your oil absorption rate increases.

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    Looking For More Soups

    • Rinse and soak chana dal in cold water for 15 minutes.
    • Dice the potatoes and carrots into 1-inch cubes. Roughly chop the palak.
    • Heat oil in a soup pot and saute the onions and garlic for 3 minutes on medium-low heat. Do not let them brown. Add tomato puree and saute for 2 minutes.
    • Drain and add chana dal along with the diced potato and carrots. Add coriander powder, cumin, turmeric, pepper and salt and 3 cups of water.
    • Bring the soup to a boil, then simmer for 30 minutes. Add palak and simmer for another 15 minutes or until the lentils become soft. If you want the dal very soft and creamy, cook for another 10 minutes.
    • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

    Does Boiled Green Gram Help In Weight Loss

    There are health benefits to eating mucus beans because they are packed full of antioxidants and nutrients. Moreover, the compounds may provide protection against heat stroke, they may improve digestive health, improve weight loss, keep LDL cholesterol in check, blood pressure in check and blood sugar in check.

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    Can We Eat Boiled Moong For Weight Loss

    Moong dal burns calories almost n can eat moong dal for weight loss on an almost daily basis. The dals easy digestible, high fibre content makes it possible to have daily as its easy for the digestive system to digest. In addition, it helps regulate blood sugar levels by increasing blood pressure.

    What Lentils Are Good For Soup

    Weight Loss Recipes: Easy

    Yellow, red, green, brown and black lentils are some of the generic ones. Split lentils or dal are easier to cook and turn out creamier than whole lentils like brown or green lentils. There are so many varieties of lentils that it might be confusing for a person new to lentils. Yellow dal is of 3 types: split chickpea or chana dal that I have used here, split pigeon pea and the split mung bean . You can use any of the 3 dals for this yellow lentil soup recipe, you just have to tweak the cooking time.

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    Are Soups A Good Way To Lose Weight

    It has been demonstrated that regularly consuming soup can lead to weight loss. There is insufficient research proving the safety of soups when diet changes to lose weight. Although the low calorie nature of these plans makes it unlikely that you will lose weight immediately, you will likely notice some weight loss later.

    This Weight Loss Soup Recipe Using Dal Or Lentil Is Easy To Make & Perfect To Fight Winter Chill

    In the winter season, we all tend to gorge a lot on fattening food items or indulge in a store-bought soup which does not exactly help in weight loss if you have embarked on that journey. Secondly, amid this pandemic, the need to boost ur immunity has grown three-fold. So why not save money as well as have food items which help in killing two birds with one stone? Here is a truly simple recipe using lentil or dal at home to prepare a yummy soup in no time.

    The dal soups are excellent as they are full of nutrients and minerals our body needs. They are filling and have more proteins which is great for weight loss. Instead of having starchy soups from the market shelves and spending so much money, try soups like these which are excellent for immunity boosting as well.

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