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Fox Run French Onion Soup Bowl

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This restaurant style soup bowls are made of brown glazed stoneware. The, very, bowls features a lid to keep soup or any other food hot throughout meals. They are ideal for serving all types of soups from onion to chowder and much more. They are also great for individual servings of cheesy, oven-baked foods, beef stew, shepherds pie, and many others. Each bowl holds 16 oz, and are oven and microwave safe.They are highly beautiful brown stoneware constructed bowls and are very convenient to take directly from oven to the tables. They comes with convenient handle for easy carrying.

These soup bowls comes in a traditional brown color and with a lid to cover your food and prevent from cold. As they are made from stonewares so can easily withstand high temperatures.The handle is strong and comfortable to hold so youll have no difficulty while cooking and serving.


Best French Onion Soup Bowls With Lids

To enjoy different recipes and soups you need to know the best french onion soup bowls. It is the perfect complement when making a special dinner or lunch. Many people enjoy an exquisite soup in combination with other dishes.

Also, it does not require great skill in the kitchen to use this complement correctly. Below, we have analyzed the 10 best options that the market offers today. So, getting the best bowls will be a very easy task.

What Style Soup Bowl Do I Need

The two main styles of oven-safe soup crocks are elegant white and rustic creams and browns, so here you will need to choose based on the existing aesthetic in your restaurant. White soup bowls will fit in with existing white dinnerware, while the rustic colors could stand out in a fine dining aesthetic. On the other hand, a farm-to-table restaurant with rural furnishings might favor the traditional styling of the brown or cream crocks. Chefs should also consider what type of onion soup they’re going to be serving. Experimental soups might fit better in non-traditional bowls on the other hand, if you’re hoping to evoke that comfort food feeling, homey crocks could be your best bet.

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Soup Bowl Creative Large Ceramic

Have you remembered how many times you are going to buy a soup bowl but over time forget it? Or the chances more likely are you still did not find the right one. Whatever the reason, its never too late to get a new one for your French onion soup.

Okay, heres a couple of things you might want to know about this item. This soup bowl is made of ceramic with a highly stylized pattern. Apart from the amazing look, the perfect depth is a plus point for any soup especially a French onion soup. This bowl will definitely make your soup more appetizing.


This is one of many choices when it comes to the best bowls for French onion soup made of reinforced porcelain with hard texture, and good impact resistance.

If your need is serving a family instead of an individual portion then the chance is likely that you need a soup pot instead of little bowls in your kitchen. And in case your pots are still able to use, thats good to go with. However, when you take them out you start to realize that its chipped and old-fashion already.

Alright, lets dig deeper for this choice so you can get to know more about what you are going to have in this lovely bowl. Firstly, the great depth of this bowl is perfect for any type of soup, and any bowl with handles is something desirable as it prevents scalding and carries thus becoming easier than ever.


  • ;Sometimes it can be an obstacle to get other items.

Le Creuset Stoneware 16

2 pc. Vintage French onion soup bowls with lids brown ...

Le Creuset stonewares are sleek and stylish, this French-onion soup bowl brings beauty and versatility to any kitchen. The charming 16-ounce bowl, which measures approximately 6.4 x 4.2 x 2.5 inches and provide easiness and comfort.They provide a cylindrical shape with a flat base -perfect for keeping soup warm at the table.You may use them for a variety of soup recipes, including the French onion soup which bring waters in your mouth.

Non-Porous enamel finish, easy-grip handles for easy and secure lifting. They are surely oven and dishwasher safe.


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French Onion Soup Bowl

Best French Onion Soup Bowls In 2021

A true foodie will always take time to prepare a real homemade meal. If you are one of them, then you know that cooking a creamy French onion soup can be one of the biggest challenges particularly when you are not equipped with suitable dishes. Preparing a French cuisine signature soup might make your job a little bit easier if you have the right bowl. We bring you the list of the best French onion soup bowls.

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Soup Bowl With Lid White Stew Pot

Have you ever seen a frost white bowl that could not be more rustic yet still keeping the aesthetic-driven style?. Oh, and if you have a set of whitey dishware, lets find out how this one could fulfill your collection.

From an overview, we hope you can feel how sturdy it has along with a very smooth finish on every groove notches. Needing little proof? Sure. Firstly, this bowl is made of ceramic, which is a very durable material that you can commonly see on many shops shelving.;

Next, the beauty of this soup bowl wouldnt be perfect without featuring a cover. The top lid has a significant role in terms of locking the steam and temperature inside the bowl to retain the nutrients of the original ingredients.;

One more thing that makes this bowl become one of the many best french onion soup bowls is that the depth of this bowl is a big plus point as it allows you to fill up as much as to have a full dip with bread.


  • A bit hard to carry;

What Does Fully Vitrified Mean

Easy French Onion Soup

Vitrification comes from the Latin word for glass, and in ceramics it means treating a product so it is completely impermeable to water. Fully vitrified products have extremely low porosity, meaning particles of food or liquid cannot penetrate the ceramic to leave stains, flavors, or odors, giving your product incredible durability and ensuring you get the most out of your purchase. Consult product specification pages to determine if the bowl you’re looking to purchase is fully vitrified or not.

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What Is The Strongest Ceramic

Nature defeats human effort by producing the hardest ceramic called Wurtzite Boron Nitride. If you thought the diamond was hard, think of the Wurtzite that is 18% harder once subjected to heat. The only way to produce this material is either by using a detonator or subjects it to static compression at a very high temperature. The rare material is formed during a volcano eruption.

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French Onion Soup With Bread Bowls

A delicious masterpiece, these French Onion Soup Bowls are a classic dish with amazing flavor.; Made with sweet onions, fresh spices, and simmered in a beef broth , this is a dish that would make a greater starter.; Also, you can impress your friends with an edible bread bowl too.

If youve been around the blog before, you might know that I love soups, stews, and chilis during the cooler months.; That is to say, its comfort food in a bowl.; And if theres bread involved, count me in.; .

Be sure to;sign up for my;email to get new recipesand creative ideas sent right to your inbox!

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French Onion Soup Bowls With Handles And Lids

img source:

These bowls are classy as well as durable that will make your guests ask for seconds. Since they have handles and lids it makes them perfect to transport if you need to take your soup a cookout party. These features make them perfect for your home kitchen, but also for servings in restaurants.

They are energy-efficient which means they can even save you a little bit on that electricity bill since they hold the heat better and meals are cooked faster. These bowls withstand temperatures of up to 400degrees which makes them oven-safe. Cleaning up is fast and effective because you can throw them in a dishwasher anytime, and if you prefer to hand-wash your dishes you should know that the food doesnt stick to the coating.

They are designed for a French onion soup but are not limited to just this dish. Use them with ease for cooking pasta, stews, and pies.

Each bowl has a lid, which makes them hold the heat for longer periods of time, and also makes them perfect to keep your leftovers without spreading odors in the fridge. The ceramic os the bowls is coated so that it doesnt stain or soak up that onion odor. Eating out of these will make you think youre somewhere in southern France.

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Pro Dispose French Onion Soup Crocks

4 Best French Onion Soup Bowls in 2020

One of countless common soup bowls has a wide range of customers. However, its not that a random choice, and we ran a couple of research, and heres the reason why these types of bowls become ubiquitous.

Lets take a look at the appearance first as this is how your eyes are fed, with that being said, the 3-layer color in the most part which is warm brown and ivory are both suitable to make many types of soups such as tomato soup, baked beans, etc.

This kind of bowl is fully vitrified which increases the stain resistance. They are available in a set of four. Although this soup bowl is featured with a handle design, this little part seemingly does not seem very easy to hold in.


  • The handles seem a bit small to hold.

Hic Kitchen Onion Soup Crock With Lid Porcelain

Item Number

  • HIC s French Onion Soup Crocks are specially designed for baking, broiling, serving and enjoying French onion soup and other favorites
  • Made from fine-quality porcelain; resists staining, odors and cracking; transitions beautifully from oven or broiler to the table
  • Sturdy handles for secure maneuvering in and out of the oven or broiler and steady serving; lids keep foods warmer longer; great for storing leftovers
  • Perfect for seafood bisque, chowder, chili, beef stew, individual pot pie, shepherds pie, baked mac and cheese, oatmeal, ice cream, pudding, and more
  • Set includes 4 soup crocks with matching lids; durable, versatile, microwave, oven, broiler, freezer and dishwasher safe
More Information

7 3/4″ x 5″ x 4″ 1.3 LBS HEIGHT W/O LID: 2 3/4″
Packaged Measurement : 12 1/2″ x 11″ x 3 1/2″ 5.6 LBS
Microwave Safe

Why Do You Need A Soup Bowl

For a kitchen to be complete it should have soup bowls. There are no other complements that are more suitable to complete dinner or lunch. Even the most efficient soup bowls are very versatile and allow you to cook different recipes. You will be able to enjoy more delicious meals if you have a bowl of soup.

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Porcelain Soup Bowls With Handles

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These porcelain bowls are made to handle a variety of meals like pasta, stews, soups, even breakfast. They come in a slightly bigger size of 19oz, making them a true chef delight. Bowls are oven-safe and are easy to handle. Made out high-quality porcelain, these colorful crocks are easy to clean, and are dishwasher-safe. Stylish and modern, they will make a great addition to your cookware.

However, different varieties offer various features. Some French onion soup bowls offer longer handles making them easier to manage cooking and serving with a firm grip. They are usually made of restaurant-style quality stoneware that is suitable for cooking and baking all sorts of soups, pies, and spicy chilies. Very durable too made to go full circle, from dishwasher to oven to table, and to microwave, fully capable to endure high temperatures of the broiler and the drying cycles. They are usually hand-made, thus hand-painted too, so expect variations in color shades of the exterior. Their uniqueness and special design will make them a great addition to every kitchen. The fact that they are 100% biodegradable will make them even more appealing for all you environmentally conscious folks.

Furmaware French Onion Crock

French Onion Soup

If youre wondering for a great addition to your kitchen then youll love this soup bowl set specifically designed for French onion soup and others. They can be easily use to melt cheese of French onion soup and are 100% oven safe. These perfect and best French onion soup bowl features a lot many things.Each bowl occupies size of 12 oz perfect for the family or gatherings with friends. They are designed with Convenient Handles to make your cooking process more convenient. These soup crock bowls possess warm brown and rich cream color pallet which adds beauty and convenience to use on dinner tables.

Each bowl has dimensions 11.3 x 7.2 x 6.8 inches, and a narrow ribbed body made from ceramic glazed stoneware.


Soup Bowl Creative Emerald

Maybe you wont believe it but this white porcelain is actually an ideal bowl for serving a variety of all foods such as soups, goulash, pasta, noodle, salad, etc.;

Having an excellent glaze finish with glossy white reeks of elegant chic but retaining a robust feeling from the look. These bowls should be on the list of many items you could bring along as a gift for a special event , these items will surely remind people about you whenever they get used.

These soup bowls are also easy to clean and you can even put them in your dishwasher with amazing ease.


  • The handles may be taking a bit of space

Spode Woodland Soup Tureen Best Bowls For Special Occasions

One of many types of soup bowls that should be on the list of the best bowls for French onion soup. Woodlands designs are known for artistic endeavors with refined pattern details. If you are going to be creative by adding French onion soup to your menu at the Easter Day party, then this bowl would be up your alley.

If this is the first time you see this type of soup bowl and want to dig into more detail then the likely-looking bowls are called tureen. Along with a delicate patterned, this soup tureen is featured with an eared design and lips which make it stand out and keep your soup warm while waiting for your guests.

Of course, if you, like many people, are fans of Woodlands design then lets get one to complete your collection. The bowl is made of fine earthenware thus you could keep your mind in peace when using it in the microwave or oven. To be more specific about the temperature, this bowl can hold up to 225 degrees.


  • High risk to crack if changing temperature too quickly

Which Establishments Need Onion Soup Bowls

Any high-end establishment will be expected to furnish the appropriate serving dish for its onion soups, while caterers, food trucks, and low-end diners will be given more leeway. Still, everyone from sit-down restaurants to fine dining establishments will need an attractive serving solution to make the most of this popular soup. Upscale catering operations may also want to invest in these elegant dishes as they are fairly small and thus easily transported, but each operator will need to compare the benefit of ideal serving dishes against the cost of transporting and using them.

Jlwm Soup Bowl With 2 Handles

2 pc. Vintage French onion soup bowls with lids brown ...

Another choice for those who are looking for a solution that can do double duty, which means you can use it for daily use as a pot but also very suitable to hold your French onion soup in.

Apart from how convenient it is, we would like to mention how this type of soup bowl is commonly chosen worldwide. The glazed ceramic makes this bowl most likely new all the time as its odor and stain-resistant. They are also able to be used in many other kitchen items such as microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc.;

Of course, featuring a handle would make the finish even more complete, just imagine the last time you had to carry a full bowl of soup to the table, well, its not very easy, right?!;

Oh, and if you are going to buy it, please remember that you can choose the color for this bowl because of the variety of the color. The colors that best fit the soup bowl are available at red, green, pink, and black.


  • Have no accent in the design

Porcelain Oven Safe Soup

Porcelain soup bowls are mainly designed for serving, baking, and making different soups. When served in this matte black and colorful bowls set French onion soup becomes more luscious.

These durable soup bowls are ideal for your Breakfast, Lunch and Diner preparations. Attractive design with great quality these bowls are very easy to handle. There are no more worries because its smart size with 19-oz, makes it possible to handle them with so much ease.These Porcelain Oven Safe Soup bowls are perfect for soups , pasta, stews, gravies,porridge, cereals etc. Not, only, are designed to cook well but also to handle properly with its Matte Black Handles.

The bowl set is made from FDA approved porcelain. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher compatible. The matte black makes it look classy and matches perfectly with your existing cookware.

They are designed in such a way that these bowls become Dishwasher and Oven safe, and are compatible to all cooktops.


  • Easy to handle with awesome color scheme
  • Constructed with Porcelain

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