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Make And Serve Your Soups And Stews Easily With Soup Bowls With Handles

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Soup bowls with handles are ideal products for any restaurant, diner, or bistro that serves a lot of soup or stew. Bowls filled with hot soup or stew can be difficult for your staff and customers to handle. Our products feature handles that allow your staff to serve your piping hot food without burning themselves. Best of all, we carry ceramic bowls with handles that have sturdy and insulated constructions that keep your soup and stew warmer for longer periods of time.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Handled Soup Bowl

Having a soup bowl with handles enables you to streamline transportation. Employees can get a sturdy grip on the bowl by using the handle, preventing spills as the bowls travel from the kitchen to the guest. The majority of soup mugs with handles are designed for smaller soup portions, such as sides of soup. These mugs also have the looped handles mentioned above, giving them the appearance of a large, shallow coffee mug. Soup mugs with handles can be used to serve hot beverages in addition to soup. Large soup bowls with handles are also available some holding as much as 20 ounces of soup, stew, or broth. Soup bowls with handles can also have a one-piece handle that sticks out from the bowl. This handle keeps hands safely away from hot soups, protecting the holder from being burned.

Soup Mugs With Handles: What You Need To Know

Soups bowls with handles have a unique appearance that your guests will notice immediately. Handled soup bowls not only provide an interesting look for a table setting, but they also facilitate transportation. Employees can use the handle to carry hot soups without worrying about getting burned. Soup mugs with handles come in various styles and colors, and the handle can be looped like a teacup or a single piece that juts out from the bowl. In the sections below, we’ll answer commonly asked questions regarding handled soup bowls.

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Ceramic Soup Mug With Handle

What Are Soup Mugs With Handles Constructed Of

Handled soup bowls can be constructed of various materials, including melamine, stainless steel, ceramic, and porcelain. Melamine is extremely durable and very resistant to breaking and cracking. It is also nonporous, so it’s resistant to stains and can be rinsed off. Most melamine soup bowls with handles are BPA free and safe for cleaning in commercial dishwashers. However, melamine should not be used in a microwave as the material could weaken and peel.

Stainless steel is very strong and resistant to rusting, scratching, denting, and staining. It’s convenient to clean and requires almost no maintenance. Handled soup bowls constructed of stainless steel can withstand long-term use.

Ceramic is an umbrella term for materials that are constructed of clay made up of mainly silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and water. This clay is then exposed to temperatures higher than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a specialized oven called a kiln, eventually taking shape as a ceramic handled soup bowl. Before or between firings, the ceramic may receive a glaze coating, making it smooth to the touch.

Though it’s a subtype of ceramic, porcelain differs from other ceramics because it’s made with kaolin. Kaolin is a fine-grained, smooth clay named after the village in China where the making of porcelain originated. Porcelain is thin and strong with a white finish. It’s nonporous and covered with a clear glaze that makes the color pop.

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