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Best Answer: Can I Give My Dog Chicken Noodle Soup

Dog eats chicken noodle soup!
  • How much broth can I give my dog?
  • Dogs can eat chicken noodle soup in moderation, but due to the ingredients in canned and tinned soup brands, its far safer to let your dog eat homemade chicken noodle soup which wont be as high in sodium and monosodium glutamate . Homemade soup can also help settle a sick dogs stomach.

    Want To Simplify The Recipe

    You can use frozen deboned, skinless chicken breasts to make this recipe even easier.

    Chicken breasts are less fatty than thighs and other chicken parts, easier if your dog is experiencing tummy upsets. And by using deboned chicken, you wont have the worry of trying to find stray chicken bones in the broth!

    Native Pet Bone Broth Powder For Dogs

    We love this chicken bone broth powder from Native Pet because it is easy to store and use, plus it lasts a long time . You can mix this powder up with water for a liquid broth or simply sprinkle it over food for some added flavor. We love the low calories and simple ingredients in this formula.


    • Made with three ingredients: organic chicken broth, organic chicken protein, organic sweet potatoes.
    • Has a shelf life of 12 months, so its easy to store and use.
    • Low calorie, so it wont pack on extra weight.
    • Native Pet offers a risk-free promise. If youre unhappy, they will give you a full refund.

    Things to Consider

    • If you want to use this as a liquid topper, you will have to heat up some water and mix in the powder.

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    Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe For Dogs

    There are many homemade chicken soup recipes on the internet. Here is a do-it-yourself chicken soup recipe from which doesnt include noodles. To read it in full, check out the excellent Gone to the Snow Dogs website.


    • A handful of raw green beans
    • A teaspoon of chicken base with no onions
    • Water

    How to make it

  • The first step is to cook the chicken bearing in mind not to add any form of seasoning. Then put sliced carrots, celery, sweet potato and green beans into pot and fill with water. Add a tablespoon of chicken base and let it simmer for about an hour.
  • Add half a cup of chicken broth from the prepared chicken and add into the pot. Next you need to shred the cooked chicken and add it into the soup. Simmer till ready.
  • Let the soup cool and then serve for the dogs. You can refrigerate any left-over soup for later use.
  • Please note, when preparing any kind of chicken soup at home bear in mind that onions, garlic and chives should not be part of the ingredients used.
  • Furthermore, the soup is best served bland. The soup can also be served along with normal dog food and act as a complimentary dog dish.
  • Classic Rice And Chicken Meal

    Easy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup With Egg Noodles

    It is good, especially for a bland diet.

    As much is it may be tempting to add salt and spice. DONT!

    Its a very easy meal to make.

    All you need to do is bake with some water and as you do that, you could boil the rice.

    Once both meals are separately done, shred the chicken into smaller pieces and mix with the rice.

    If there is some of the leftover broth, it could be added to the chicken as well.

    Serve in small portions over 2 to 3 days as you increase the portions of food.

    If the sickness continues, you should visit a vet.

    This is especially for mild ailments such as stomach gas.

    It is very easy to make. All you need is pure pumpkin puree and yogurt.

    A quarter cup of pumpkin puree and 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt should do the trick.

    Mix into a thick paste.

    If the dog is very unwell, you could serve the puree on its own or you could serve alongside regular dog food.

    If the health issues persist, it is recommended to go to a vet.

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    Can Dogs Eat Chicken And Noodles

    Chicken or white chicken meat is safe and healthy for dogs to eat. If your furry family member is allergic to wheat or gluten products, then its best to avoid feeding him noodles since noodles are usually made out of wheat.

    Instead of noodles, try replacing them with healthier dog-friendly alternatives like using Butternut Squash and making it into butternut squash noodles or making noodles out of zucchini.

    Classic Chicken Soup For Dogs Recipe

    Recipes For Pets 05 Nov 2018 Dog Recipes, Pet Recipes 1206 Views

    Our classic chicken soup for dogs recipe is easy to make. It is a tasty yet simple recipe and can be quickly made in your kitchen. However, we dont recommend only feeding your dog this recipe as a main replacement meal for their diet. It wont provide all of the nutrients they need for a healthy lifestyle.

    It will be a healthy and tasty meal for them still. If youre looking for meal replacements for your dog, we recommend adding in a supplement to get them the most nutrition as possible. We prefer Wholistic Pet Canine Complete Organic Supplement to make sure our pets get all of their nutritional needs.

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    Why Is Canned Chicken Noodle Not Suitable For Dogs

    The majority of the time, people assume that what is safe for humans is safe for dogs. When it comes to food, however, this is not the case. Food that is perfectly safe for you could be lethal for your dog. This is due to the fact that dogs digest food differently than humans, making some of it potentially toxic.

    Different types of chicken noodle soups can have different effects on your dog. Here are the most common types:

    How To Make Dog

    Kirkland Chicken Noodle Soup | Chef Dawg

    You can find many different recipes for dog-friendly chicken soup.

    These recipes are usually straightforward because dogs dont need all the spices we do to enjoy chicken.

    They love the meat even if it doesnt have salt.

    To make the soup, you can start by just cooking a basic broth with no seasoning.

    You can add dog-safe veggies like carrots and celery.

    Boil the soup and then lower the heat to a simmer for a couple of hours.

    If you want to, you can add basic homemade noodles.

    Eggs and wheat are both safe for dogs without allergies.

    You can also add egg drop noodles that your dog may like even better.

    Remember to avoid salt in your noodle recipes.

    Make sure to remove all the bones before you serve the soup to your dog.

    If there was meat, your dog might enjoy getting a few chunks of chicken.

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    Is Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Safe For Dogs

    Right off the bat, homemade chicken noodle soup significantly has the potential to be safer for your dog because it implies that the chef knows exactly what they are or arent putting in it! However, not all homemade soups are made equal, so be careful how you go about it. For the safest and best chicken noodle soup for your dogs safety, its best to don your apron and get out the soup pot for an exploration into doggie chicken noodle soup!

    Can You Give Soup To Your Dog

    Dogs Can Eat Chicken Noodle Soup, But Watch Ingredients. And even with a quality recipe, feed it only occasionally and in moderation. There are often ingredients in chicken noodle soup that can harm your dog. At the very least, this comfort food could contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Many dogs with allergies, skin conditions, or frequent gastrointestinal upsets respond well to a home-cooked diet. Relieving such maladies can stop your dog from developing nuisance behaviors that would prevent you from enjoying his company.

    Chicken broth can aid sick dogs by helping to stimulate their appetite. It is a low-fat, low calorie, flavorful option to help get a sick dog to eat again, especially if you warm it up first. Also, if your dog has diarrhea, it is vital to encourage your dog to stay hydrated.

    Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe. Chicken noodle soup is a broad term that could pertain to a variety of recipes. As long as it has chicken and noodles in a soup base, it could very well be considered chicken noodle soup. For instance, some canned chicken noodle soup options come in a thicker, creamier soup base. Others use a thin chicken broth.

    Really worked. Then I had a virus caught by a rather small, maybe 6 month old kitten that was partially friendly – still is – and I put good warm soup stock outside every evening for all the cats and the sick one was better in 1 1/2 days !!!!! I am a believer in chicken noodle soup.

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    Other Harmful Ingredients To Look Out For

    Salt, chives, garlic and onions are not the only ingredients that you should watch out for. Some people will add milk, butter or other dairy products into soups.

    Other prefer adding raw eggs or fat trimmings to their chicken noodle soup.

    • Fat trimmings from cooked or raw meat can even cause pancreatitis in dogs.
    • The idea of adding raw eggs to your chicken soup is as harmful to the dog as it also can be harmful to you. This is because the dog, and human, can ingest bacteria such as the salmonella or E. coli and end getting food poisoning.

    Either way, these ingredients are not good for your dog. For example, milk and other dairy products cause diarrhea and digestive track complications while some dogs might even be lactose intolerant.

    Dog Food Chicken Soup For Dog Lovers Soul

    Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

    Yes, this is a great food but Grain Free foods are usuallybetter.

    Apple Seeds: The outer shell of apple seeds are chemically toxic for dogs if they are chewed up in large quantities.

    Avocado: Persin, a chemical compound in avocados, can cause diarrhea, vomiting and heart congestion in dogs.

    Cooked Bones: Don’t feed your dog chicken wings or any other cooked bones.

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    Can Chicken Noodle Soup Make Dogs Sick

    Yes, some of the ingredients in chicken noodle soup can be bad or cause sickness for your dog. If you are preparing homemade chicken noodle soup then you should avoid giving your dog any onions as they may result in an upset stomach or diarrhea.

    Onions should never be given to dogs. If you are using homemade chicken noodle soup then make sure there are no onions in the ingredients.

    Furthermore, if your dog is sensitive to gluten then avoid giving them any wheat noodles or pasta when they have been sick as it may affect their digestive system once again, and make them feel worse.

    It is also best to avoid giving dogs chicken noodle soup that is made with any type of canned creamed soups as these may contain a lot of additives and other ingredients that could result in sickness.

    Canned creamed soups often have too much salt in them which can make your dog sick if they eat it frequently, plus they also have other ingredients such as corn syrup and preservatives that your dog may not be able to digest.

    With All The Above Is Chicken Noodle Soup Recommended For Your Sick Dog

    Chicken noodle soup is usually one of the best meals recommended for humans when they fall sick.

    Does that mean it is advisable to be given to dogs as well?

    Yes. Some owners decide to care for the unwell dogs in a way that is common for them by using chicken noodle soup.

    Normally, the same recipe is used for humans can also be used for dogs with a bit of change here and there.

    Tip: When making chicken noodle soup for dogs, it is advisable to make homemade soup from scratch where you get to have control over what you put in your soup.

    How to prepare chicken soup for dogs?

    Ingredients for your home-made chicken soup

    • Carrots

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    Recipe For Chicken Noodle Soup For Dogs

    Pour six cups of water over three to four chicken thighs, and let them simmer. Celery and carrots can also be added. Then bring it to a boil and let it simmer for 1 to 2 hours. removing the skin and bones from the meat, and putting it aside.

    Boil one or two cups of chopped vegetables in broth for 20 minutes in a pot. Then let it cool and serve.

    Your Dog Can Eat Chicken Noodle Soup

    Chicken Pho Recipe (Japanese-inspired Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup) | Cooking with Dog

    Even with a quality recipe, feed this favorite only occasionally and in moderation.

    Truth be told, there are typically some ingredients in store-bought chicken noodle soup that can harm your dog.

    The sodium content is probably the biggest concern. Another questionable aspect for canines is Monosodium glutamate .

    Of course, there are different ways to prepare chicken noodle soup. It is difficult to generalize, but one thing is certain:

    Campbells soup is not healthy for anyone, dogs included!

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    Small Batch Best Fresh Pet Food

    Each ingredient weve added has been purposefully selected, trialled, tested and sent to are nutritionist for triple checking so there is literally no bones about it! Not only can you read and recognize every ingredient but you will see that weve chosen low glycemic vegetables, which basically means low in sugar and instead of thickening with the usual grain and corn culprits we use ground coconut, flaxseed, chia seed and buckwheat flour all of which are grain free and have myriad of healthy blessings.

    • Real Ingredients you can recognize
    • No chemicals
    • Handmade in Canada

    Salt And Other Flavorings

    Too much salt isnt great for anyone, but it can be poisonous to your dog in high doses.

    It can cause problems for your puppy with obesity, organ damage, and even seizures.

    Some of the other flavorings can be even worse.

    MSG can have detrimental effects on a dogs digestive tracts, and it can cause brain and nerve damage in your dogs.

    Companies dont have to list MSG on all ingredient labels due to how they add it to the food.

    They will list MSG as natural and artificial flavors.

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    Can Dogs Eat Canned Soup

    Some canned soups contain a lot of salt . Some contain more than half of the recommended daily salt limit of 2000mg, which might contribute to high blood pressure if consumed. Aim for a maximum of 700mg of sodium per serving to stay safe.

    There is too much salt, garlic powder, onion powder and other substances in the soups that are sold in cans.

    As a result of their high salt content, canned and canned soup are filled with preservation chemicals, such as monosodium glutamate . A healthy diet for your dog should not contain these additives.

    Can Dogs Eat Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

    How to make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup from a whole ...

    And lastly, this is my recommended route. Homemade is always best for your dog as you get to control the ingredients you put in the chicken noodle soup. Its also great for sick dogs, as chicken broth sits easily in a dogs stomach and can help with upset tummies.

    Homemade chicken noodle soup can be fed to dogs with digestive complications or a case of sickness, plus as to compliment commercial dog food. Homemade chicken noodle soups can also give you an opportunity to provide a balanced diet for your dog.

    So, if ever you are ever in the kitchen and ask yourself can dogs eat homemade chicken soup? then the answer is yes, but as long as you are cautious of what you use in the soup.

    Its also worth mentioning at this point that:

    • You remove any bones from the chicken.
    • Do not add any seasoning such as salt and pepper.
    • Remove the noodles if your dog has wheat or gluten allergy.

    Carrots are a great addition to the soup as they provide a good source for vitamin A.

    You can also add anything in the soup as long as it is of nutritional value to your dog and is poses no health hazards. You could always ask for advice from your veterinarian so as to be sure of any risks when preparing the soup for your dog.

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    Can My Dog Eat Chicken Bouillon

    Chicken bouillon is likely not safe for your dog.

    Most bouillons have high amounts of salt and other spices.

    It also could have onions and garlic that can be dangerous for your dog.

    If you want to make chicken stock, it is better to boil chicken bones and water yourself.

    That ensures there are no harmful additives.

    Chicken Broth For Dogs: 5 Ways To Use It

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    When youre feeling under the weather, nothing beats the soothing power of a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup. And if your dog is refusing to eat due to an upset stomach or ongoing illness, one of the most popular fixes is to pour a little chicken broth over his food. After all, chicken-flavored anything is the key to a dogs heart and stomach.

    But is chicken broth good for dogs? As it turns out, veterinarians approve of this home remedy. However, not all chicken broths are dog-friendly.

    If youre wondering whether what you have in the pantry is safe for your dog to eat, read on for everything you need to know about chicken broth for dogs including health benefits, how to prepare it, and a few creative ways to add it to your dogs diet.

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    Brutus Broth For Dogs

    We are big fans of this bone broth from Brutus Broth. Not only does it work to flavor food for picky eaters and combat dehydration, but its also formulated to support bone and joint health with the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin. Its made from all-natural ingredients and is low in sodium, so you dont have to worry about unnecessary fillers or extra salt in your dogs diet. Plus, this broth is available in two flavorschicken and beefso you can find an option that your dog really loves.


    • Made of human-grade, natural ingredients.
    • Made and packaged in the USA.
    • Two flavor offerings: chicken and beef.
    • Supports joint and bone health.
    • Low in sodium.
    • Packaging is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    Things to Consider

    • The broth should be used within 7-10 days of opening.
    • Can be enjoyed warm or cold depending on your dogs preference.

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