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Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls 20oz 52 Count Dinner Or Lunch Size Printed Disposable Bowls By Dixie

Easy Green Disposable Microwavable PP Soup Ramen Bowls Hot Food Container Good Food

We have already talked much about Dixie bowls earlier. If you want a stylish printed disposable bowl, Dixie is always the first choice. The thing that puts this Dixie set of disposable bowls different than the earlier one in the number of bowls in the set. Yes, this set includes only 52 disposable bowls. They can hold up to 20 ounces without any problem. The soak proof shield makes the bowls withstand against the water with ease. Not only this, you can use them in the microwave too.

Pack Disposable Soup Bowls Plastic Free Party Supplies For Hot/cold Food Soup 24 Oz Large Paper Bowls

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Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls

Dixie ultra paper bowls are one of its kind as it is not made of plastic but paper. The bowls are perfect for dinners, holidays or any other occasions. It is Kosher certified. Also, the bowls are coated in a soak proof shield. This coating adds stability and durability to the paper bowls.

Key features

  • The pack contains 156 paper bowls in total which are a great quantity for any party, events, picnics, etc.
  • It is BPA-free and durable.
  • As it is a paper bowl, it can be used for serving some snacks, appetisers along with serving soups.
  • The bowls are microwavable and can be recycled.

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Why Choose The Toptoper Brand

  • We attach great importance to product quality, provide customers with quality products and considerate after-sales service to meet the needs of each customer. At the same time, dear customers are welcome to put forward their valuable opinions and suggestions on our products and services.

Product Information:

Zenco Bagasse Rice Bowl

1050ml/38oz Round Disposable Food Packaging Rice Bowl/hot ...

Another brand that you can consider for getting eco-friendly and sustainable party supplies is Zenco. They also have a range of supplies, including plates, different sizes of bowls, napkins and much more. These compostable bowls from Zenco are made using bagasse to replace your traditional paper bowls. Like other compostable bowls, these ones can also hold different kinds of food items, be it soup, rice, chilly and others. You can get this set for taking with for camping, picnic, office parties, brunches and much more. Also, you can get two colors in these bowls: White and Beige.

Key features:

  • These eco-friendly bowls are reliable, sturdy and can hold anything with ease.
  • There are 50 compostable bowls included in this set.
  • All the bowls are microwave-safe and do not emit any toxic fumes.
  • The bowls are BPI certified and are fully compostable within 60-90 days.
  • The company also offers a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the overall quality and performance of these bowls.

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Which Disposable Bowls Were The Most Durable

Durability depended on the materials the bowls were made from and whether or not they were coated with a waterproof seal. The two foam bowls in our lineup were too flimsy and too easily punctured with a disposable fork and knife. They were also the only two models that werent microwave-safe.

We microwaved chicken noodle soup in each of the bowls and let the soups sit in the bowls for 30 minutes. Compostable bowls developed soggy bottoms and sides, while coated paper bowls emerged unscathed, thanks to their waterproof coatings.

While the seven compostable models held up to repeated cuts and pokes and contained the ice cream cake without becoming soggy, they struggled with hot foods. When we added hot baked beans and chicken noodle soup separately to two sets of each model, their bottoms became soft and the outsides of the bowls felt sweaty. Even though these bowls were supposedly microwave-safe, we found that a stint in the microwave to heat up chicken noodle soup made the sides precariously soft and malleable.

Which Brands Should I Choose

For customers, the brand is a sensitive factor when it comes to choosing a product. People have an old-fashioned norm that you will have the best products from the most luxurious brand. However, I think this writing will make you change your mind.

The fact is that the brand cannot reflect the whole picture of the product quality. A particular brand can have a significant reputation. Still, the effect can be the product of extended marketing programs from the manufacturers who are willing to pay a considerable amount of money to advertise their products on the mass media such as reputable newsletters, TV, and many other forms of news.

You should be conscious as being a buyer to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on something useless.

Before buying best disposable bowl for hot soup, you are recommended to consider some factors regarding brand, features, prices, and other policies. Firstly, have a look at the list of popular brands of best disposable bowl for hot soup we mention below: toptoper, glad, hedume, lesibag, noble, pamboo-goods, bluetable, simply-greenware, greenvali, promora, mt-products.

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Oz Bowls Large Disposable Eco Compostable Chili Soup Paper Plastic Free 75pk Price: $41.07 & FREE Shipping.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

LARGE STURDY DURABLE BOWLS These 32oz disposable bowls are the perfect size and have a great natural attractive lookPERFECT FOR HOT AND COLD USE 75 Pack bulk heavy duty bowls great for soups chilis cereal salads and mixingEARTH FRIENDLY Environmentally safe Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber Eco bowls are a great alternative to plastic and paper bowls

The Best Disposable Bowls: Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty 20oz Disposable Paper Bowls

DIY Sewing Project Bowl Heat Protectors or Pot Holders

Our favorite disposable bowls are the Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty 20oz Disposable Paper Bowls, which cost about $3.50 for 26 bowls . Both functional and durable, these bowls showed barely any scratches after the fork and knife test and, thanks to their waterproof coating, no signs of wear and tear after the ice cream cake, hot baked beans, and soup tests. We liked their big rims, which were helpful when picking the bowls up and when grabbing them from the microwave. Their wide base and low sides also made the bowls easy to hold and eat from. With a 20-ounce capacity, they were a bit large for side dishes or desserts, but we found them to be the perfect size for main courses and large salads.

We also liked the Dixie Everyday 10oz Disposable Paper Bowls, 36 Count, which cost about $3.00 for 36 bowls . These bowls had smaller rims, which meant that they were tougher to grab and pick up, but their smaller size made them ideal for side dishes and desserts, and they were just as durable as our favorite bowls. Made with the same material and coating as our favorites, these paper bowls held up well to both hot and cold food tests and didnt become damaged by the microwave or the disposable utensils. We also appreciated their wide base and low sides, which made them easy to hold and eat from.

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Stock Your Home 50 Plastic Bowls Set

These disposable bowl sets are the top-rated and the most purchased disposable bowl set online. People like this disposable bowl set because it looks elegant and is made of brilliant quality plastic. As it is disposable, it is perfect for use in parties and events to save the time of cleaning the dishes. The best feature about this bowl set is that it is made up of durable and reusable plastic.

Key features

  • The bowls come in different colour variant such as gold, white, etc.
  • It has a silver sheen which gives it a classy look without making it look cheap.
  • As the set contains 50 pieces, it can be used for picnics and get-togethers too.
  • The bowls are dishwasher safe and can be reused instead of throwing it away.

Stalkmarket Disposable Soup Bowls

Stalkmarket is one of the leading manufacturers in the disposable cutlery options. The bowls are microwave safe, freezable, oil and cut-resistant. The bowls are composable with the help of proper composting management practices. The bowls are the best alternatives to styrofoam and petroleum-based plastic. The bowls can also be used for serving something cold.

Key features

  • The bowls are made up of the compostable sugarcane fibre.
  • The product is 99% USDA certified.
  • The bowls are sturdy and can be microwaved.
  • It is gluten-free and safe for keeping in the fridge.
  • It is 100% free from tree and plastic thus it is an eco-friendly option.

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Amazonbasics 16 Oz Compostable Soup Bowls 1000

True to its name, AmazonBasics offers eco-friendly as well as user-friendly compostable bowls. These bowls are made of no plastic and can be used to serve both hot and cold soup. These soup bowls are completely harmless for nature and can be easily biodegraded. There are 1,000 bowls of 16 ounces each in the set. The universal design makes these bowls ideal for serving hot as well as cold items. They can hold both temperatures with ease. These bowls are produced for restaurants, food trucks, parties,to-go orders, and other types of food service.

Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls Dinner Or Lunch Size Printed Disposable Soup Bowls

Double PE Coated White Kraft Hot Soup Salad Take Away Bowl ...

There is an array of varieties in disposable soup bowls. If you want the paper bowls, no other brand can beat Dixie. Being a leading brand in paper disposable dinnerware items, Dixie offers really amazing services at a reasonable price. This pack of Dixie bowls includes 156 bowls of 20 ounces each. They have a colorful design which makes them even more beautiful. To ensure the best user experience, the bowls are coated with the soak paper shield which makes them durable and microwavable.

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Top 11 Best Disposable Bowls

Are you planning to throw a grand party any time soon? Yes? Well, then these disposable bowls are for you. I know organizing a party is not easy. So, lets reduce some hectic and burden from the washing work by using the disposable bowls and plates. These materials are compostable, very environmental friendly and safe. These soup bowls will lessen half of your work and let you enjoy your happy moments without any worries. To help you with the buying, we have collected and updated our list with the 11 best disposable bowls for you below. Check them out!


Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls 20 Oz 135 Count Disposable Bowls

As the name suggests, these Dixie bowls offer ultra functionality. From their stylish design to the awesome user-friendliness, this set of Dixie paper bowls is different from others. These bowls can hold up to 20 ounces efficiently. Though the bowls are disposable and meant to toss away after the use, they are made sturdy. Given the fact, they ensure excellent user-friendliness. You can serve any food on them without any worries. There is no chance of leakage or spilling.

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Which Size Is Right For You

We tested a variety of bowl sizes, ranging from 10 to 20 ounces. The smaller bowls were great for sidespotato salad, coleslaw, mac and cheese, fruit salador even containing a messy pulled pork sandwich or a slice of ice cream cake. However, they were too small to hold a meal-size portion of chili or a salad containing bulky greens. We found that the 16- to 20-ounce bowls were too big for a small side, but they were perfect for larger portions of soup, stew, and salad. If youre serving a variety of foods and want to buy only one model, we think that the larger sizes are more versatile.

Hefty Everyday Foam Disposable Bowls

Paper bowl, soup forming machine 500ml

If you want to try something different than the paper, plastic, or sugarcane disposable bowls, try this one. Made of amazingly light-weight foam, this set of bowls is a head-turner in the market. Unlike other disposable bowls, they can be used in daily use without any worries. They are so beautifully designed that they can never create a mess. There is no chance of spilling. The soak proof shield makes them the universal bowls which can be used anywhere. Interestingly, this outstanding set of disposable bowls is incredibly affordable.

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Which Features Should I Care About

When it comes to picking out a product, there are things worth your consideration first, including sizes, shapes, outstanding features, and prices.

When choosing best disposable bowl for hot soup, you also consider those factors if you want to make a wise purchase and avoid wasting money on useless products.

These different types of best disposable bowl for hot soup from various brands will offer the users unique features and functions. I think you will be confused a bit about choosing out the one that suits your needs most. Do not worry because we will provide you with the most objective reviews from many reliable sources of information on forums, newspapers, and social media. These reviews will assist you in picking out the best disposable bowl for hot soup for yourself.

Fuyit Disposable Soup Bowls

If you are looking for bowls made from non-GMO materials, then this might be the best alternative for you. These bowls are made with 100% natural sugarcane bagasse fiber, which makes it compostable, sustainable and renewable. The dimensions of the containers are made to accommodate more quantity. As these bowls are sturdy and reliable, you can use it for many parties and occasions. You can serve chili, soup, ice cream, soup and many other food items. Avoid heating water in these bowls as it is not recommended.

Key features:

  • The bowls can be used to serve both hold and cold food.
  • There are 150 pieces of bowls in this package.
  • It meets the FDA guidelines for food contact surfaces and these bowls are compostable in commercial facilities.
  • There is no leaking in these bowls and it is also free of wax and plastic linings.
  • This package of disposable bowls is microwavable as well as freezable.
  • These bowls are heat-safe up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can also use these bowls to feed your pets.

The options stated above are the best-sellers and the top-rated options for the disposable bowls. These bowls can be used for serving other food items as well such as chilli, desserts, appetisers, salads, etc. Disposable bowls are perfect for the parties and events as there is no mess after party and you can reuse them too.

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How Can I Contact The Sellers

We do not sell products. Our website is a media site which was set up to help the customers access the products easily. We make the best of our advanced searching engine to list out 15 Best Disposable Bowl For Hot Soup for you. You can get the sellers contact information by clicking on the link we inserted above.

Food Catering Kraft Paper Bowls

32oz Black Disposable Soup Bowl With Dome Lid,Microwave ...

Eco Friendly Disposable Paper Bowl Kraft Take Away Soup Paper Bowl


Strong materials – Durable small bowls will stand up to your hot and cold liquids during your Christmas Thanksgiving holiday party office company picnic barbecue

Enjoy chili and soup – Great as oversized samples or small portions for your favorite hot soup chili cereal or stew without worrying about clean up

Hot insulated – comfortable to hold and keeps hot beverages hot for longer

Ideal for to-go orders, cafes, food trucks, and other types of hot-beverage service

Great for desserts horderves or hot soup – No harm to our beautiful environment. BPA-Free & Safe for Kids and Children

Ice cream cup / Soup cup / Salad bowl
Material Food grade 100% virgin paper
Flexo print/offset print with food grade ink
Logo and design are warmly welcomed
Paper weigt

Kraft Paper Salad Soup Rice Noodles Bowl

The modern pace of life emerging trends in the field of fast food. Packaging is required to meet the highest requirements of customer, to maintain freshness of the product and to emphasize the appetizing appearance of your dishes. Packaging is a great way to express your brand, it will be recognized in the market and attract the attention of the buyer.These containers are ideal for soups, stews, pasta, salads, boiled cereals, as well as for ice cream, nuts, dried fruit and other products. Freeze resistant and not deformed. It is possible to apply branded print.

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Is Compostable Tableware Actually Compostable

The most durable disposable bowls were made from paper and had waterproof coatings. While the company would not divulge more specifics about what their coatings are made from, they are most likely an acrylic-based coating, according to Clean Production Action. No matter the temperature of the foods they contained, these bowls didnt become soggy, sustained no damage when we tried cutting and poking them, and withstood being microwaved without any issues.

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