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Abs / Melamine Lacquered Tableware

Panda Chinese Bowl and Soup Spoon Set

Get the most out of our ABS & Melamine Lacquered tableware collections by taking a few extra steps to look after them for years to come.

  • Soak ABS / Melamine Lacquered tableware for 15 minutes in warm soapy water.
  • Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and towel try.
  • Dishwashers can be used at a low temperature using a mild detergent on a short cycle.
  • Do not use harsh scrubbers as they will scratch the surface.

Not to be used in ovens, microwaves or commercial dishwashers.

Still Looking For High Quality And Practical Soup Bowl

Deep enough! No spillover! With Spoons!

  • Versatile Use: Perfect size for cereal, soup, salad, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, gumbo, ramen, chili, frozen dinner, quick box meals,etc.
  • Classic White: The soup bowl and spoon set is all classic bright white that could blend nicely in any existing dinnerware
  • Sturdy Porcelain: DOWAN bowls are made of high-quality porcelain and have durable glaze, NO Plastic, NO Toxic, NO Melamine
  • Lead & Cadmium Free
  • Dishwasher & Freezer Safe
  • Simplicity Adds to Their Elegance

    The white color enhances the presentation of all food. It also could blend nicely in all existing dinnerware.

    Thoughtful Matching Spoons

    More curved spoons hold a good amount of food than flat spoons, the excellent partners with soup

    Healthier and Sturdier Porcelain

    Why Does A Miso Soup Bowl Set Come With A Lid

    In Japan more than 400 years ago miso soup bowls were served with a lid as the kitchens making the meal were miles away from the dining area. The lid was introduced to keep the soup warm and dust out. Many years later as kitchens were built closer to dining areas, miso continued to be served in bowls with lids but only on special occasions. So when eating at home or work, miso was served without a lid but when you have guests or eating at a high profile restaurant, its likely that you were served miso in a soup with a lid. Now that meals are prepared in restaurants or at home, the kitchen is seconds away from the dining area so there is no real need to include other than for aesthetic purposes.

    The lid also helps to add visual attractiveness and the element of surprise. In general, a soup bowl with a lid in Japan is used for osuimono, a clear dashi broth soup, rather than miso soup.Its absolutely acceptable to serve miso soup with a lid, and many Japanese people do it. However, serving osuimono in a miso soup bowl is not recommended. The rationale behind this is that when a guest opens the lid to view the gorgeous layout of the components inside the soup bowl, they are taken aback. In osuimono, all of the ingredients are attractively set out in the clear broth at the bottom of the bowl. Its tough to see the bottom of the miso soup dish.

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    Plastic Soup Bowls & Spoons The Perfect Soup Bowls For Your Kids

    When serving soup to your kids you need to be extremely careful. Kids can be mischievous and clumsy and serving the soup in a glass bowl may lead to disaster. If they drop the glass bowl, it will break and your children may get cut with the glass pieces. To avoid such hassles, we have for you beautiful and vibrant plastic soup bowls. These bowls come in lovely colours like pink, blue, green, yellow and many others. These bowls are made from special heat resistant plastic materials. The plastic used to make these bowls is also non-toxic.

    Durable Soup Bowls To Serve The Warmness Of Soup

    Ceramic Soup Bowl with Spoon and Dish Set of 6: Buy Online ...

    Serving your guests’ and loved ones’ soup in a bowl can really warm them up especially during winters so that they can enjoy the cold breeze with hot and tempting soup. Soup bowls with spoons are one of the most lavish and purposeful items to keep your services the same in the right place and right manner. Soup bowls with spoons are wider but shallow than a cereal bowl that holds the heat of the soup and makes it tasty throughout for you. Soup bowls have been used for many years from now. It is a convenient way to present or serve the guests in a delightful way. Feel the bliss of the soup with the ample luxurious, sober, elegant, aesthetic soup bowl set online and offline at Woodenstreet.

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    Teak Bowl And Soup Spoon Set


    Handcafted Teak Wooden Bowl and Soup Spoon Set

    Both of these pieces are beautifully made, each individually crafted by a villager in Baan Lek Nam Pai Yai.

    Each of these utensils are made to be used, as beautiful as they are. They are made from Teak wood, which is very strong and very durable. They can both be used with hot soups or curries, or you could use them for muesli for breakfast.

    Find out more about why Teak is such a great wood for Kitchen utensils here

    The bowl is 15 cm’s wide across the top and 8.5 cm’s wide across the bottom, and is 8 cm’s high.

    The spoon is 17.5 cm’s long, 1.5 cm’s wide in the handle and 3.5 cm’s wide at the head. It has been sanded 5 separate times, it is very smooth and lovely to eat with.

    * Both bowl and honey dipper are handmade with no lacquers or dyes or chemicals used in the making of it, only food safe oils. It is completely food safe

    * Handwash only and you can re-oil periodically with a food safe oil. Do not put in the dishwasher

    * Thank you for your purchase, it has helped villagers to stay and work in their village amongst community.

    Bowl Sets The Perfect Soup Set For Small Gatherings At Home

    If you need a soup bowl set for gatherings and small get together that you have at home, the soup bowl set that we have on our portal is ideal for you. This set comes with 6 bowls and spoons. Available in a beautiful shade of green the bowls and spoons are unbreakable and long-lasting.So whether you need ice cream dishes or you need to buy serving bowls, at Paytm Mall we have everything you could possible require under one roof. The goods that we sell on our portal are of top quality. We also have several different patterns and styles in the dessert bowls. These bowls make excellent housewarming and wedding gifts too. The serving accessories and dishes that we sell on our portal are kitchen essentials and you will find that they prove to be extremely handy. A lot of these items like the serving bowl sets and the enthusiasts purchased by restaurant owners from across the country.

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    Check Out How We Are Best In Offering The Quality Of Soup Bowls

    Undoubtedly, the mechanism of each product is really very important to make it useful and productive enough. We do not deal in low-quality products to earn more profits out of our customers. Thus, we deliver what is best for our customers. Here are many things that need to be considered while making the premium quality of the Soup bowls with spoons. Watch out how we are best at it.

    • Bowl Shape: Generally, we see round-shaped soup bowls in the market, ever wondered why? Soup bowls are round in shape that makes it easy to disperse the heat and make it a little cooler for a person to have. All of our soup bowls in the collection are round or circular in shape so that it does not hurt you and also keep the temperature suitable for you to slurp it.
    • Bowl Handles: Bowl handles can make it easy to make a grip so that one can hold the hot soup easily. The handles make it safe to pass on the soup without making any burns on the hands or from falling down on the floor. One can also tilt the cup and grab the last sip of that tempting soup.
    • Volume: A very perfect soup bowl is one that can hold 8-12 ounces or 250 to 350ml on average and our soup bowls meet this criterion to make it a perfect setting for your dining area. Feel the deliciousness with the most perfect soup bowls with different designs and paints.

    Handmade Ceramic Soup Bowl Set With Spoon

    Soup Bowl Set and Spoon with Modeling Clay #Shorts #myfirstshorts


    • Its Handmade | Color : Brown | Material : Ceramic
    • Package Contents : 6 Bowls With Spoon
    • Finish : Glossy
    • Hand Painted Soup Bowl With Spoon Floral Pattern Design
    • Use to serve Soup Cereal, Pasta, Maggi, Noodle


    This gorgeous set of 6 soup bowls and matching spoons in brilliant White ceramic pottery is a must carry for every dining table and features a timeless design blending indigo White with a delicate filigree swirl and leaf motif. Lustrous clear glazed White pottery is a unique art form whose origins date back to ancient Turkey. Each bowl is hand crafted with a brilliant white interior that beautifully sets off the colors of the soup. Exclusive to Craftghar.


    These Beautiful Soup Bowls Set of 6 Will Come in Thermocol Packaging Environment Safe ,

    As this is Ceramic So the best Packaging We are Giving You So it will reduce the chances of breakage of item , and Product Will Deliver to you neat , clean and Safely


    These Beautiful Soup Bowls Set of 6 Will Come in 3 PLY corrugated Box ,

    Which Protects The Ceramic Soup Bowls Set of 6,

    We are using 100 % Green Packaging , No Plastic Packaging is there , Environment Safe , it will reduce the chances of breakage of item , and Product Will Deliver to you neat , clean and Safely

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    Wooden / Bamboo Tableware

    Like all wooden tableware products they can deteriorate if not looked after. Wood is a bio-gradable product that will soak up moisture which ages the product.

    • Remove excess foods with a damp cloth that has been rinsed in warm soapy water.
    • Towel try and stack in a dry ventilated area.
    • Do immerse in water or allow pools of water accumulate in wooden products.
    • Stubborn stains, mix a small amount of salt or baking soda into the damp cloth and gently clean the surface.

    Not to be used in ovens, microwaves or commercial dishwashers.

    Why Woodenstreet To Buy Soup Bowl Set Online

    The dining area is the place where an individualâs food taste develops. Thus, it is very important to look for the perfect dining material that matches inner vibes and calm the body. Therefore, we must have proper dining sets like soup bowls that can warm the body and mind. Woodenstreet is such a stop for all kinds of soup bowls to shop from. Here is why:

    At Woodenstreet, we make sure to maintain a quality products. We strongly believe in a no-compromise policy in terms of quality and types. We offer the best in town to make our customers âhappy customers.â

    • Quality – At Woodenstreet, we make sure to maintain a quality products. We strongly believe in a no-compromise policy in terms of quality and types. We offer the best in town to make our customers âhappy customers.â
    • Design & Types – Food is as important as any other basic thing in life. It is the most important part when buying health is concerned. Also, it is very crucial to find the design and types that make you look different in the crowd. Woodenstreet has got your back, the designs and types are out-of-the-box creation handcrafted just for people like you.
    • Delivery – Delivering such fragile ceramic soup bowls online India safely at home is the biggest challenge and to overcome this Woodenstreet provides free and safe delivery services to all our customers. We care for you and your needs.

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    Hand Painted Ceramic Soup Bowls With Spoons

    This is a multicolored hand-painted ceramic soup bowl with spoons that comes in the set of 4. This is a basic yet stylish soup bowl with spoons that has a handle on the sides to make the grip well. It is 4 inches wide and 3 inches deep that can store up to 350 ml of soup. It is super smooth from the top and glossy from each angle to bring shine to your quality time. The spoons are wide and deep to make it easy for you to have the soup.

    Spoon Material And Quality

    Blue &  White Polka Dot Soup Bowl &  Spoon Set: £19.99 ...

    Soup spoons are made from a wide variety of materials including hardwood, bamboo, hemp, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, glass, melamine, stainless steel, copper, pewter, and silver. The quality of soup spoons can vary based on the thickness and weight of the flatware. Low-budget or extra-lightweight spoons are less than 2mm thick. A medium-weight and medium-priced soup spoon is about 2.5 mm thick. Luxury heavy-weight soup spoons tend to be between 3mm and 3.5mm thick.

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    Yellow Ceramic Hand Painted Soup Bowls With Spoons

    The design and paint on these aesthetic Soup bowls with spoons are really eye-catchy. It is a premium quality material that can store up to 350ml as it is 2.3 inches deep and 5 inches wide. The round and curvy edge of the Soup bowls with spoons is colored yellow from the top. Feel the lavishness and luxury with these soup bowls that can keep your body warm. The soup bowl price here at Woodenstreet is nominal and affordable. We know how to give you all the luxury at the least price possible to make you feel royal and live lavish.

    Green Foliage Ceramic Soup Bowls

    This ceramic bowl set is an elegant piece that can bring an aesthetic look to your dining area or space. This subtle piece is 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep that can hold up to 250 ml of soup. The set of four can be a great way to serve your family or friends and it can keep the warmth of the liquid making it delicious for you to taste and enjoy. If you want a soup bowl with spoons that has no handle then this is what can be used by you.

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    Soup Bowls Online Beautiful Affordable& Useful

    Soups are always best enjoyed out of large bowls. The large bowls also help in cooling down the soup very quickly. If you are on the look out for soup bowls of different varieties and styles, you have come to the right place. At Paytm Mall we have the widest range of soup bowls at affordable prices. These bowls are sturdy and durable. They are available in several different materials like ceramic and glass. You can use the soup bowls at your restaurant for commercial serving purposes too.

    Besides soup bowls we also have serving bowls, serving spoons, desser bowls and tons of other items. You will find all this equipment to be extremely useful when you are hosting a party in your house for friends and loved ones. The dishes online that we have for you on our portal are extremely useful too. They can be used to serve cut fruits, desserts and other such items in your home. You can even keep the dishes handy in your office for when clients and customers visit and you wish to serve them some snacks.

    Buying Guide For Best Soup Spoons

    Soup Set, Bowl set and spoons set

    Soup is a culinary dish integral to the cuisine of many different countries around the world. The idea of having a special spoon used only for soup originated in the 18th century at a time when soup bowls were long, oval, or egg-shaped and carved from wood or animal horn.

    A small, deep spoon was required to get to the bottom of the bowl to savor every last drop of the soup.

    If you are looking for a quality set of soup spoons, you have some decisions to make. The large variety of sizes, shapes, and prices is somewhat surprising considering this is but one little spoon. However, there is a soup spoon for every taste and budget, and we will help you get to the bottom of your shopping so you can get to the bottom of some delicious bisques, soups, and stews.

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