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So What Can I Eat At A Chinese Restaurant On Keto

Wonton-less Soup (Keto, Low-Carb)

So now that weve gone over what you cant eat at a Chinese restaurant on keto, lets go over the good stuff: what you CAN eat! Well go through a general list below and then Ill jump into more detail about specific dishes. What Chinese food is low carb? Lets find out!

In general, you can eat:

  • Clear soups
  • Egg drop soup is sometimes a good choice depending on whether or not theres corn starch in the soup. A lot of restaurants do use corn starch as a thickener in egg drop soup, so ask your server. If the consistency of the soup is on the thick side, assume theres some carbs in it. To give you an idea, a cup of P.F. Changs egg drop soup contains 6 grams of carbs whether this is too many or not will depend on your individual macros and carb allowance . If the soups consistency is thin and theres no starch then egg drop soup is a great keto friendly Chinese option
  • Hot and sour soup is also generally a good keto friendly choice, but similar to egg drop soup, it can contain corn starch and also a little sugar. Again, to give you an idea, a cup of hot and sour soup at P.F. Changs has 9 grams of carbs in it which is slightly higher than the egg drop soup. Be sure to check the ingredients with your server to see if this is a good option. If you do decide to order either egg drop or hot and sour soup, make sure you keep the portion to one cup to limit any potential carbs.
  • Anything steamed with no sauce or sauce on the side
  • Anything stir fried without sugar or corn starch
  • Other Chinese Recipes Youll Like

    • 2 teaspoons of sesame oil
    • 2 teaspoons grated ginger
    • 2 teaspoons minced fresh garlic
    • 1 tablespoon lower sodium soy sauce
    • 3 cups Chicken Broth or Miso Broth
    • 8 oz package of chicken dumplings or wontons
    • 4 scallions, chopped
  • Heat sesame oil in a small pot over medium-low heat.
  • Add garlic and ginger, and cook, stirring frequently, until fragrant about 1-2 minutes.
  • Add the soy sauce and chicken broth to the pot.
  • Bring the broth to a boil reduce heat and simmer, and add the package of frozen wontons. About 3 to 5 minutes. The wontons are ready when they float to the top of the broth.
  • Serve immediately.
  • Garnish the soup with chopped scallions.
  • Serving size: 1 cup.
  • MyWW points: Blue: 3 Green: 3 Purple: 3

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    Does Wonton Soup Have Carbs

    A benefit of Wonton Soup is they are carb-strong and require two cans per bowl. This is an excellent breakfast and a toothsome dish, as it contains 7 grams of carbohydrates. You will be able to plow through your workout routine or crunch numbers on the job with it, and it will also improve your skill as an athlete.

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    Helpful Tips On Making Pf Chang Wonton Soup

    Pf Chang Wonton soup is a delicious and easy to make Chinese soup dish. It is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. This dish is made with wonton wrappers, pork, shrimp, and vegetables. You can find the recipe online or in many Chinese cookbooks.

    Here are some helpful tips on making Pf Chang Wonton soup:

  • Use fresh ingredients: When it comes to cooking Chinese food, freshness is key. Be sure to use fresh wonton wrappers, pork, shrimp, and vegetables. If you cannot find fresh ingredients, you can substitute frozen or canned ingredients. However, the quality of the dish will not be as good.
  • Follow the directions: Be sure to follow the directions carefully. If you are not experienced in cooking Chinese food, it is best to follow a recipe.
  • Use a good quality broth: A good quality broth will make a big difference in the flavor of the soup. You can use chicken, beef, or vegetable broth.
  • Add some spice: If you like your soup to be spicy, you can add some chili pepper flakes or hot sauce to the soup.
  • Garnish with green onions: Garnish the soup with green onions and serve immediately.
  • What Is The Ketogenic Diet

    Paleo Easy Peasy Wonton

    The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares similarities to paleo, Whole30, and Atkins. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fat. When in ketosis, your body switches to burning fat for its primary fuel source.

    On Keto, youre supposed to get at least 70 percent of your calories from Fat, 15 to 25 percent from Protein, and 10 percent from Carbohydrates. You should avoid all grains, legumes, root vegetables, fruit, and sugar.

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    Helpful Insights About Fresh Direct Chicken Wontons With Szechuan

    • Net Carbs are 8% of calories per serving, at 26g per serving. This food is a little higher than what’s considered keto-friendly but it falls within a range that won’t kick you out of ketosis. Search for foods within standard keto guidelines
    • This food’s %DV for sodium is 37%. At 850mg, it’s considered high in sodium according to the FDA’s standard for %DV . The organization considers any food with %DV of more than 20% as high in sodium. If too high sodium is detrimental to your health, this meal may negatively impact your health goals. 2300mg is the daily maximum sodium amount recommended by the FDA.

    How Many Calories Are In Wonton Soup

    However, material provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, sometimes known as the USDA, defines the fundamentals. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that a serving size of one cup of wonton soup includes 71 calories, with 5 calories coming from fat, 19 calories coming from protein, and 47 calories coming from carbs.

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    Does Wonton Soup Have Sugar In It

    The 173 mg of oil in each 241 g serving of Wonton soup contains 77 calories. There is 0 in this serving. There are 6 grams of fat, 5 grams of protein, and 13 grams of carbohydrates in this meal. As a result, there is 0. Added sugar and 0 to 8 grams of sugar. You should consume about one third of the recommended daily intake of complex carbohydrate.

    Every Good Soup Starts With A Solid Flavor Base

    Keto Chicken Noodle Soup | The BEST Low Carb Chicken Soup Recipe For Keto

    Let me show you how to make my Chinese Paleo Hot and Sour Soup thats healthy, low carb and Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-free, and with AIP and Keto suggestions.

    Every good soup made from scratch starts with a solid flavor base. And in my book that means using Asian aromatics plus a protein. Sauté the aromatics with seasoned protein first to help create a lovely flavor foundation base.

    With this in mind, what you do next is absolutely crucial.

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    How To Turn Wonton Meatballs Into Wonton Soup

    Yes, you can plop the already-baked or air fried wonton meatballs into a bowl of soup, but I think they taste better if the meatballs are gently cooked in a rich chicken stock infused with ginger. Cooked this way, the bite-size balls develop a more tender texture and the resulting one-pot dish is more reminiscent of the wonton soup my mom cooked for me as a kid.

    Helpful Insights About Wonton

    • Net Carbs are 7% of calories per serving, at 4g per serving. This food is safe for the keto diet. If the amount is close to 25g per serving, consider whether you’re going to eat more food later.
    • This food’s %DV for sodium is 5%. At 111mg, it’s considered low in sodium according to the FDA’s standard for %DV . The organization considers any food with %DV of less than 5% as low in sodium.

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    Why Are Wontons Healthy

    Wonton soup can be a viable source of protein with 19 grams of protein and good source of vitamins A and C. It contains 70 percent Daily Value of vitamin A and 120 percent vitamin C. Wonton soup without noodles is slightly less caloric, says Healthy Families BC, with 260 calories per 728-gram serving.

    Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

    Easy Peasy Keto Wonton Soup

    Another famous and tasty dish that you can find in any Chinese and Asian takeaways. This dish is like bacon, but fresher and tastier.

    Basically the pork belly is marinated with spices and roasted until the skin becomes so crispy and crunchy. Its like eating pork rinds and bacon at the same time. Because its a pork belly cut of meat, it has a good amount of fat for keto dieters.

    What to order: A serving of crispy pork belly with sliced cucumber or vegetables stir-fry. Ask the chef NOT to put cornstarch to thicken the sauce or add sugar in your stir-fry sauce.

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    What Chinese Food Is Keto Friendly

    15 Keto-Friendly Chinese Foods

    • Egg foo young. Egg foo young is a Chinese omelet filled with veggies like cabbage, bean sprouts, and onions.
    • Boiled or steamed seafood.
    • Sautéed green beans.

    Similarly, Can I eat fried chicken on keto?

    To make a Keto Friendly fried chicken we skipped the flour and went for pork rinds and Parmesan. Almond flour helps adhere everything together as well for a perfectly crisp chicken. We also baked this chicken to skip all of the unnecessary oil, but it still bakes into a chicken breast that you would swear was fried.

    Subsequently Can I eat wonton soup on keto diet? This Keto wonton soup is prepared with cabbage wrapped pork dumplings, simmered in a simple yet fragrant low carb broth. Our Keto take on wonton soup is a great alternative recipe to this popular dish, providing all the flavor minus the carbs.

    What Chinese food has the lowest carbs?

    Low carb Chinese food recipes

    • Mandarin Tea Eggs*
    • Bok choy with shiitake *
    • Ma Po Tofu *
    • Cantonese Poached Chicken with Ginger Scallion Oil.
    • Stir-fried beef with broccoli and black pepper*

    Equipment Needed For Keto Hot And Sour Soup

    The first thing I do when its time to make dinner is to get out all the kitchen gadgets and equipment Ill need. I like it when things are close at hand and ready to go.

    • 2 large eggs
    • 1/2 cup sliced green onions

    Lets have a brief word about the ingredients in this keto hot and sour soup recipe.

    When selecting any ingredients, buy as fresh as you can, and organic if possible. For meat, I usually order from ButcherBox for good quality I can trust. Just be sure to read labels and sources in the grocery store.

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    Wonton Wrappers Are Made From The Same Dough As Egg Roll Wrappers But Theyre Smaller In Size And Therefore Used Differently

    Keto wonton wrappers. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. To assemble the keto dumplings. While authentic flour based wonton wrappers are only 4 carbs per wrapper guilt is lessened substantially when 16 of the entire following recipe is only 35 net carbs.

    How many carbs are in wonton wraps. Place heatproof bowl with pork in the steamer you want to catch all the juices cover. Star Anise Foods Gluten Free Rice Paper Wrappers for Spring Rolls Egg Roll Wrappers Wonton Wrappers 135 Wrappers 48 Oz 8 Oz.

    Sugar free low sugar keto and low carb diet followers. Keto-friendly Battered Onion Rings Keto-friendly Battered Onion Rings Ingredients large onion cut into rings 1 cup of blanched almond flour A tablespoon of water A pinch of cayenne pepper A tablespoon of smoked paprika Two teaspoons of garlic salt Half a teaspoon of black pepper 1. This means there is still time to perfect low-carb fun in the kitchen.

    Touch device users explore by touch. Flavor is delicate and does not overwhelm the filling flavors. Per Bag Pack of Six Bags.

    Nutrition Facts Calories 93 389 kJ Sodium 183 mg 8 Total Carbohydrate 185 g 6 Dietary Fiber 06. Jan 30 2019 Recipes that may make you rethink the whole sugar thing. To use these cut each one into 4 equal-sized squares.

    Low Carb Wonton Wrappers Wonton Wrapper Recipes Low Sugar Recipes Low Carb Keto Recipes

    Img 5083 Wonton Soup Low Carb Soup Wonton Soup Recipe

    Pin On Yums Gluten Free Paleo Keto

    Minute Keto Thai Wonton Soup

    BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Chicken Wonton Soup Recipe

    This Quick Keto Thai Wonton Soup tastes like the broth took all day to make, but the soup is ready to eat in about 15 minutes! Its the perfect quick dinner for busy nights.

    The recipe is a naked wonton soup with all the exquisite tastes of traditional wonton soup but without carbs and wonton wrappers.

    This Thai Wonton Soup recipe is NOT authentic, but I promise it tastes amazing! The soup will satisfy your craving for delicious Thai Wonton Soup. Another plus is that the soup is inexpensive and tastes better than some restaurants.

  • More Great Asian Inspired Recipes
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    Avoid Thick Sugary Sauces

    As a general rule of thumb, the sweeter, thicker, and less translucent a sauce is, the higher its carb count.

    For example, the dark red, thick, and sweet sauce used in General Tsos chicken is loaded with sugar and starch. Other examples include sweet and sour sauce, as well as the thick, white sauce used in coconut shrimp and coconut chicken.

    Are Wonton Wrappers Keto

    Unfortunately, wonton wrappers are just not keto-friendly. There are ways that you can make low-carb wonton wrappers.

    For the sake of time, I decided that the quickest and easiest method is to just make naked wontons.

    Yup! Instead of worrying about the carbs in a wonton wrapper, I just made some low-carb pork meatballs. They taste just like traditional wonton filling!

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    Keto Naked Wonton Soup Recipe

    Prep Time: 20 minutes

    Chopped bok choy


    1. Place all of the ingredients for the meatballs into a large mixing bowl, and knead with your hands until well combined. The mixture will be very wet, but do not worry. Form the mixture into 20 small meatballs.

    2. Add the sesame oil and mushrooms to a saucepan over medium heat on the stove. Saute for 1-2 minutes.

    3. Pour the chicken broth into the saucepan and add the soy sauce and chili garlic sauce as well.

    4. Bring the mixture to a low boil and add the meatballs in, you can add a little water if needed to make sure the meatballs are fully covered.

    5. Continue to cook until the meatballs begin to float and are cooked through.

    6. Add the bok choy to the saucepan and submerge. Simmer until the bok choy is tender and serve.

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    Healthy Paleo Hot And Sour Soup

    Keto Wonton Soup

    Hot and Sour Soup is such an iconic soup in every Chinese household. Back home mom often serves Hot and Sour Soup with any main and side dishes she prepares for dinner. Its rich, savory, sour with a hint of sweet and spicy taste makes this soup a must-try if you are an Asian food enthusiast.

    The truth is most restaurant hot and sour soup stinks. The version I share with you today is a simplified version, modified for my readers specific needs without using hard to find ingredients, particularly in the states. Without sacrificing the flavor Im very happy with my take on Chinese Paleo Hot and Sour Soup.

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    Avoid Breaded And Water

    Breaded and fried meats are common at Chinese buffets, especially in dishes like General Tsos chicken, butterfly shrimp, and sweet and sour chicken. Thick breading and sugary sauces make these dishes too high in carbs to be keto-friendly.

    When dining out, you should also try to avoid water-velveted meats if you know they were marinated in cornstarch rather than baking soda.

    How Do You Store Leftovers

    If you have leftover wonton soup, you can keep it in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 4 days. You can reheat it in a saucepan over medium heat until simmering and the meatballs are cooked through. Alternatively, you can microwave in an Anyday bowl for 90 seconds on high power or until heated through.

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    Easy Keto Hot And Sour Soup With Pork

    The flavors pop in this deliciously easy keto hot and sour soup with pork. From Thai chili to ginger and the sour of rice vinegar, the soup perfectly pairs with ground pork. Top it off with sliced green onions, and its a fabulous protein-packed low carb family dinner.

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    Low Carb Meatball Binders

    í¤í ìí ìí / Keto Wonton Soup

    All three choices will work well as a binder. The xanthan gum and chia seeds work best for food cooked in soup. The pork rinds are better for use in baking and breadings.

    Mix Up Low Carb Wonton Filling

    Everything gets mixed together. I sometimes like to use food kitchen gloves when mixing up meat mixtures.

    Make sure to combine the ingredients really well.

    Pro Tip: Add a teaspoon of Better than Bouillon Chicken Base, to the meatball mix to up the overall flavor. The flavor released into the soup will be fantatic!

    Tightly Roll One Inch Wonton Meatballs

    Roll the meatballs very compact to make sure they stay together during cooking.

    Make Strong Chicken Broth

    Watch the video below

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