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Spoonful Of Comfort: What Happened After Shark Tank

Surprise Spoonful of Comfort Review | *NOT SPONSORED*

What do you do when your loved ones are not well? All you can do is send them a bouquet of flowers is that it?

In these tough times of pandemic whereby your near and dear ones are remote, the idea was an instant hit. When you are looking for a unique, caring and special food gift Spoonful of Comfort is a good pick.

This is exactly what struck them to come up with an idea to offer more a Large Chicken Soup Jar, half-dozen cookies, half-dozen rolls, a serving ladle, and a hand-written note in the package. To let our loved one be healthy at the time of need when exactly required.

Spoonful Of Comfortis now available with great choices like College Care, Get Well Soon, new Parent or Corporate Care packages, etc. The care package came into life once Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson brought Spoonful of Comfort, their comfort food delivery service into existence.

Spoonful of Comfort at a glance:

  • Gourmet soup delivery service along with get-well gift care packages.
  • Founder:
  • Asked For $400,000 for 10% at $4 million valuation on Shark Tank.

What Is Spoonful Of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort is a care package that you can send to a loved one to show that you are thinking about them or sending your best wishes.

It was initially created as a care package to send to your loved ones when they were sick. It has gradually transformed into offering more packages, including Pregnancy Care Package and Birthday Care Package.

Spoonful Of Comfort Before Shark Tank

She enlisted the help of her husbands friend, Scott, who invested a lot of his own money into the soup shipping company. The pair decided to acquire customers through a daily deal site, and they were an instant success. Lots of customers were purchasing the care packages for their loved ones the issue was that Spoonful of Comfort was losing money and fast. They needed the help of the Sharks.

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Best For Special Diets: Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen opened with the primary goal of creating healthy, quality meals for busy families and seniors who may also have special dietary needs because of afflictions such as diabetes or renal disease or for people on other types of portion-controlled eating plans.

Dishes are handmade in small batches and flash-frozen. Magic Kitchen provides a variety of items a la carte as well as complete meals and gift packages. The large soup selection is available for order through the a la carte menu. Varieties include California Beef Stew, Tomato Basil Bisque, and Broccoli, Mushroom and Zucchini Soup. The soups are packaged in single servings and shipped in servings of two or four.

Like other dishes offered, soups are labeled with icons for a variety of special dietary needs such as vegetarian, low sodium, low fat, low carbohydrate, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Prices for most soups are around $12 for two servings and about $23 for four servings . Shipping rates are based on weight and distance packages are shipped from the centrally located warehouse in Kansas City, Kansas. Magic Kitchen boasts an A+ accredited BBB business rating and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Get Acquainted With The History And Products Of Spoonful Of Comfort

Best Way To Freeze Soup [Quick Tips &  Tricks]

The company was started when the owner experienced her own need for a way to provide a gift for her mom who was ill. The owner’s mom lived in Canada, and the owner lived in Florida. She remembered her mom’s way of providing chicken soup as a comfort to sick friends and relatives. The company, Spoonful of Comfort, was born from this need to help her mom feel better.

Food gift packages for all occasions are always welcome. Comfort food is popular with all ages and any time of the year is a great way to show care and love for someone who is need of some comfort.

A Unique Company That Provides Homestyle Comfort Foods by Mail

Courtesy of Pitch Public Relations

I received a beautiful package from the company and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality. My package contained a jar of chicken noodle soup, a box of delicious rolls, and a box of chocolate chip cookies. The chicken noodle soup was a high-quality homemade soup and would remind customers of soup that their mom or grandmother might have made for them. Large noodles, large pieces of fresh chicken, and yummy vegetable selections of carrots and celery created a soup with flavor to delight. I would purchase the chicken noodle package again and plan to try the other soups with future purchases.

Unique refrigerated packaging for homemade jar of soup

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Best Vegan Option: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is known for its variety of plant-based, frozen meal kits made with organic ingredients, but it offers an extensive soup selection.

Soups come with pre-chopped, farm-frozen fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, “superfoods,” and spices that just require the addition of liquid to turn into soup at home. Vegetables are flash-frozen at peak ripeness to maintain optimum flavor and maximum nutritional value.

Instructions for hot, pureed, and chilled soups are provided and can all be prepared in a matter of minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave . Instructional videos are also available online as an additional customer resource.

Soup flavors include bold combinations with global influences, such as Mushroom and Miso Soup, Cauliflower and Leek Stew, Green Chickpea and Turmeric Soup, Carrot and Coconut Curry, Tomato and Zucchini Minestrone, Lentil and Mesquite Chili, and more.

Soups come in individual servings at around $8 each Daily Harvest offers weekly or monthly plans based on a set number of items per box . Shipping is always free.

Is The Company Profitable

The company is profitable and performing very well on sales as well. Folks can subscribe to discount coupons also if they want to save some money. Clear marketing strategies had led Spoonful of Comfort to skyrocket growth story.

The company continues to flourish in these pandemic times by providing the most important source of comfort to the needy. With physical distancing in effect, a Spoonful of Comfort may be just what we all need across 50 states in the US today.

The company is a phenomenal success story with $68.6 Million in revenues and has undoubtedly been a source of comfort for many during the pandemic to treat with Love by the Spoonful.

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Who It Isnt Good For

The reviews of Spoonful of Comfort indicate that the platform is not a perfect solution for those who try to eat balanced meals. You are to get only soups and some sweets. Moreover, if you follow a definite diet, Spoonful of Comfort is not the best helper for you. Even if you pick up vegetarian options and get rid of cookies, dishes still have lots of calories. The same is true about gluten-free dishes. Spoonful of Comfort caters to a limited set of options.

What Happened After Shark Tank

People Taste Test All Our Soup| Spoonful of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort product owners, Marti Wymer and Scott Gustafson pitched her business on Shark Tank in 2016. Sought for an investment of $400,000 against 10% equity.

Post her pitch of the Spoonful of Comfort, there were areas that caused discomfort to Sharks. The duo had already invested 1.3 Million in the business earlier without results.

Sharks clearly picked areas that need attention and first was their customer acquisition cost was $18 for every transaction which was very high and had to be reduced. Secondly, their marketing needs a clear push to reach a price level to let their customers repeat business. Shipping was not free and took 3-4 days to deliver which was too late as the sick can get well before that.

In this case, it was a NO DEAL at Shark Tank for Spoonful of Comfort.

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Spoonful Of Comfort Chicken Soup Review

May 19, 2014 by Jessie

Imagine returning from a trip visiting your family and the next day getting a phone call that your mama has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It is tough to think about but that was exactly what happened to Martis mom after a trip in 2007. Marti was unable to return right away with her 2 young children and tried to think of something to do. She immediately thought of chicken soup.

Unfortunately Marti lost her mother just 6 weeks later and she was never able to have her chicken soup. However, in her honor, it is Martis goal to help others with sick loved ones. This is how Spoonful of Comfort was born.

You may not have an ailing mother but maybe you have a son or daughter at college who is sick. What better way to send a warm hug across the miles than with chicken soup? Spoonful of Comfort allows you to shop by occasion to select the perfect gift basket to send to your loved one.

I received the Thinking of You package from Spoonful of Comfort which just happens to be their most popular. Costing $59.99 it included a half gallon of gourmet crafted chicken soup, a handwritten notecard with a personalized message I provide, beautifully gift packaged, 6 delicious made from scratch rolls, a soup ladle, and 6 super yummy fresh from the oven cookies. The presentation is gorgeous!

It is my promise to make and deliver a Spoonful of Comfort with as much care as if I were sending it to my own mother

Marti Wymer

Send The Gift Of Soup

If you cant make soup for someone you love that is far away, why not send it! You can now send a bowl of gourmet soup to someone who needs it. Spoonful of Comfort offers delicious Chicken Noodle, Fall Harvest Vegetable, Butternut Squash, and much more to send in a delightful package with a handwritten note. Whether sending sympathies, thoughts or simply a kind gesture, these feel-good food packages are the perfect way to show someone you care.

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Spoonful Of Comfort Review

About Them: You cant always be there when a loved one is sick or struggling, but you can still show them how much you care by sending homemade soup gift baskets. Whether they are ill, having a hard time in school or simply in need of a pick-me-up, a bowl of gourmet soup can go a long way in restoring the mind, body and soul. Just by showing them that you are thinking about them, you can raise their spirits and bring some happiness to their situation.Spoonful of Comfort is a company that offers care packages to anyone. They do special occasions, get well, new baby, off to school and so much more. Boxes are jammed pack of goodies, to help make someone through a day much easier!

This is the cutest little care package, totally a ray of sunshine for sure in this package. Comes with 2 handle cup mugs, jar of lemonade and strawberry chunks, and some very cute straws. The straws can totally be used more than a couple of times, the mugs are thick and sorta heavy, but are so adorable and perfect. The jar of lemonade powder/strawberry chunks, you just need a few spoonfuls and you have a very tasty drink. Its kinda sour and smooth. The box is cute, and the stuffing inside keeps everything well together through shipping. The powder lemonade stuff, you can easily get ten or so drinks with it, and the cups and straws can be re used forever. This is great for wedding party, summer party, camping, and so forth!

Spoonful Of Comfort Now In 2018 The After Shark Tank Update

Spoonful of Comfort Gourmet Soup College Care Pack Review ...

Spoonful of Comfort is still up and running despite the lack of a Shark Tank investment. They have expanded their selection to include Butternut Squash, Fall Harvest Vegetable, and a Gluten Free package. The site is designed so that so that consumers can shop by occasion such as Get Well, Sympathy, Corporate Gifts, New Parent Gift Basket, Thinking of You, and Just Because. Each selection includes a 64 ounce jar of soup, half a dozen cookies, a customized ladle, a half a dozen rolls, a personalized note card, as well as custom packaging. The customer can choose between the different soups, and pick either sugar, chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin cookies.

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Delicious Fall Soup Recipes To Try This Season

Posted & filed under Gift Ideas

Grab a bowl and a ladle because soup season is finally here! Its time to rake in the autumn soup recipes with some of the seasons best ingredients. October harvests are ripe with pumpkins, squash, carrots, and much more. So, dont let the cold keep you from staying happy, healthy, and warm this fall- beat the chill with a piping hot bowl of gourmet soup. Here are 13 of the seasons best soup recipes to stay warm and full this fall.

Who Is Spoonful Of Comfort Good For

There is a wide range of people who will be glad to receive Spoonful of Comfort care packages. There are no special Spoonful of Comfort plans, there are the so-called care packages. The most popular offers include Birthday Care Package, Get Well Soon Gift Package, Mini Sick Day Care Package, and others. Schoolchildren are fond of the Back to School Cookie Package. No matter what you celebrate, Spoonful of Comfort may offer you a perfect gift. Its also a good solution for people who like soups but are not eager to cook them.

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Spoonful Of Comfort Information

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Spoonful of Comfort’s Email Format Percentage
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How Easy Are Spoonful Of Comfort Meal Kits To Prepare

Shark Tank Breakdown – Spoonful of Comfort – Gourmet Soup Delivery

If you do not want to spend hours cooking dinner for the whole family, Spoonful of Comfort is exactly what you need. After you receive a box with a jar of soup. You have to unpack it if you are going to eat a dish. Its possible to heat soup with the help of both a stone oven and a microwave oven. The first variant implies that you have to heat the dish for up to 10 minutes. It takes only a couple of minutes to heat the dish with the help of a microwave oven. It means you do not need to use any Spoonful of Comfort recipe cards. When it comes to such elements of the menu as cookies or rolls, they are ready to eat.

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How Easy Is Spoonful Of Comfort To Follow

It is not hard to order a personalized soup gift basket. All you need is visit the site and all details you need to order are there. Each handcrafted soup comes in an airtight jar wrapped packaging. The packaging wraps the bag to keep it cold together with an ice pack. This way there is no way your soup will end up spoiled.

What Makes Spoonful Of Comfort Different

Spoonful Of Comfort is simply unique in every way. It is a meal delivery service that delivers more than just meals. Its soups and cookies are crafted with care, beautifully packaged, and designed to provide comfort at times when it is most needed. The service offers gift baskets for all kinds of occasions, so you can easily find a perfect gift for a friend, business partner or loved one.

The companys almost exclusive focus on soups is one of its most prominent features. Its assortment is not vast, but each of its products is carefully crafted to be comforting, delicious, and thoughtful. The company does not plan on introducing other meal types, like lunches and dinners, as a part of its charm lies in the fact that it focuses on what it does best delivering soups that nourish both body and soul.

Although Spoonful Of Comfort does not offer a great range of options for special diets, it does provide nut-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. It is currently working on becoming kosher certified.

Finally, it is important to note that Spoonful Of Comfort offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your gift, you should get in touch with its friendly staff and they will do their best to make it right.

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