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Applebee’s “Lunch Combo” Food Review!

Applebees offers a variety of dishes that are high in nutrients and low in calories. Nutritionists recommend the following eight dishes for those looking to eat healthily.

  • Pepper-crusted sirloin. Leigh Beisch / Applebees.
  • Create Your Own Grill Masterpiece.
  • Cedar-Grilled Lemon Chicken with Quinoa.
  • Thai Shrimp Salad.
  • Cedar Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze.
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup with a House Salad.
  • Does Applebees have any drink specials?

Avoid The Breadsticks With Alfredo Sauce

Consuming too much saturated fat is seriously deleterious to human health. Saturated fat increases the unwanted LDL cholesterol levels in your body and can contribute to a greatly elevated risk for a stroke, a heart attack, or other major health issues. Thus doctors and nutrition experts recommend the average adult consume no more than an average of 17 or 18 grams of saturated fat each day.

An order of Applebee’s Breadsticks with Alfredo Sauce has 48 grams of fat per order, which is the better part of three times how much of this junk you should eat each day. Remember, with things like saturated fat, you need to think of not like a certain amount you should get each day, as with, say, calcium and vitamin C, but rather as an allowance. You should not have more than 18 grams of saturated fat daily, but you surely will even if you split this unhealthy appetizer three ways. However, this is assuming you eat basically any other food during the course of the day as well. Please, just skip the breadsticks, it’s the one thing to make sure you take away from this article.

Best Items On Applebee’s Menu

One of the best items on Applebee’s menu is the oriental chicken salad wrap. Chunks of crispy fried chicken mixed with lettuce, onions, slices of carrot, and various herbs and spices wrapped in a soft taco shell make this a “healthy” snack item. There’s also a side of fries so it’s guaranteed to be filling.

Applebee’s prices for shrimp ‘n parmesan sirloin is as good as it tastes. There’s a tender grilled 8oz sirloin topped with sautéed shrimp. Both the sirloin and shrimp are sauteed using butter to give it extra smoothness. To fuse the meaty flavor of sirloin with the sweet shrimp taste, a lemon-infused cream sauce is drizzled. A few chops of vegetables give variety to the texture.

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Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos

An order of the grilled chicken wonton tacos includes four mini tacos and provides 590 calories, 27g fat, 6g saturated fat, 50g carbohydrate, 36g protein, and 1,530mg sodium.

For the most nutritious appetizer, ask for a side of steamed broccoli for your starter. Or, if your meal comes with a salad, ask to have it served before your meal instead of with it. If you add dressing, look for a low-fat choice.

To satisfy a craving for crispy fries, crunchy chips, and creamy dip for less fat and calories, munch on a side of celery and ranch from the kids menu while you wait for the rest of your meal to arrive.

Don’t Get The Oriental Chicken Salad If You’re Trying To Eat Light

Olive Garden All You Can Eat Soup And Salad

The good news is that there are a number of perfectly healthy salads you can get at Applebee’s that is to say salads that are low in calories, low in fat, moderate on sodium, and so on. The bad news is that these are all merely different takes on the house Side Salad, as in House Salad with Honey Balsamic dressing or the House Salad with fat free Italian dressing.

If you order one of the entree salads, don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re making a healthy choice. Fully half of the main course salads on Applebee’s menu have more than 1,000 calories, while several have more than 1,500 calories, like that Oriental Chicken Salad you might think is a solid nutritional choice. Sorry, but it will still set you back 1,560 calories. Also for reference, more than half of the calories come from fat in all but two of Applebee’s entree salads.

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Don’t Order The Southwestern Steak Salad At Applebee’s

Customers have spoken and the feeling is quite clear: two out of three diners recommend you don’t get the Southwestern Steak Salad from Applebee’s. People downvoted the meal by that margin on popular polling site, and in a scathing TripAdvisor review, one patron had this to say: “When came to the table the presentation completely turned me off. It looked like something I can make at home. The lettuce was wilted and the meat was room temp. Very disappointing.”

Another reviewer on TripAdvisor juxtaposed an image of the salad as advertised by the restaurant the images were gorgeous of course next to the actual meal they were served, which looked like a horrific pile of wilted plant mess beside a chunk of C-grade meatstuffs. One said they ordered the salad and the restaurant forgot the steak. Sometimes pictures really do say a thousand words, or in this case, perhaps four words are more apt: Never order this meal.

About This Oriental Chicken Salad

In place of the deep-fried chicken strips Applebees puts on its Oriental Chicken Salad, I swapped these Crispy Asian Chicken Tenders. They offer the same juicy-on-the-inside, crispy-on-the-outside sensation but are oven baked instead of fried. I kept the chow mein noodles and toasted almonds and layered in extra fresh veggies. Finally, I made my own homemade oriental dressing, which uses Greek yogurt in place of the mayo in the Applebees version.

I inhaled this salad for lunch and can see it being a great choice for light, cool meals throughout the summer. I love it topped with my chicken tenders, but you can also easily swap grilled chicken, Crock Pot Shredded Chicken, Baked Chicken Breast, or even salmon or shrimp.

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What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Applebee’s

The first Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar restaurant opened in 1980 in Atlanta, GA. But it wasn’t called that until 1986 initially the restaurant had the rather ponderous name T.J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles & Elixirs. And in fact, the founders, married couple T.J. and Bill Palmer, considered both the names Cinnamon’s or Pepper’s, passing on those only because they were already taken by other businesses registered in Georgia.

Today there are nearly 2,000 Applebee’s locations spread over nearly a dozen countries and in every state except Hawaii. The restaurant is a favorite with millions of families, for casual lunches with friends, after-work dinner and drinks with colleagues, and for anyone who wants a decent meal at a good price.

And indeed many a decent meal is available at Applebee’s, which serves everything from soup to salmon to burgers to beer in an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming and with a staff of Applebuddies who are friendly and helpful.

That said, there are also a number of things on the Applebee’s menu that you should avoid like the plague, for they may well have a plague-like effect on your tastebuds and body. There is a multitude of nutritionally horrific meals, sides, and dessert options on the Applebee’s menu, and there are a handful of meals that are terrible taste-wise, too. Here are 12 Applebee’s items that should be a hard pass.

Applebee’s Strawberry Frozen Lemonade Has 76 Grams Of Sugar

How to make APPLEBEE’S | French Onion Soup

Just don’t order the frozen lemonades from Applebee’s. At least not if you want to avoid contributing to arterial wall inflammation, increased chance of heart failure or stroke, increased chance of diabetes and cancer, restlessness, poor sleep, and the other many negative side effects of consuming too much sugar. These frozen “treats” range from 52 to 76 grams of sugar , meaning even the lowest sugar frozen lemonade option has double the daily expert-recommended dose for a woman and 15 grams more sugar than an adult male should consume daily.

For some perspective, a serving of Coca-Cola Classic soda has 26 grams of sugar so even that is more sugar than many people should have, but it’s nearly three times less sugar than is found in Applebee’s Strawberry Frozen Lemonade. If you must have something sweet, try to stick to the fruit smoothies, which at least have some real fruit in them along with sugar content comparable to the frozen lemonades.

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Find Out What’s Happening In Five Townswith Free Real

As part of the new $6.99 All-You-Can-Eat menu, guests can opt for unlimited French Onion Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, Chili or the Soup of the Day . They also receive limitless Caesar, Spinach or House salads and breadsticks.

For those who are craving a little more than greens, Applebee’s will be offering their four popular specialty salads: Oriental Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Fried Chicken Salad and Shrimp ‘n Spinach Salad for just $2 more. Depending on their appetite guests can order one or as many portions as they’d like.

Healthy Meals At Applebee’s

Tomorrow, July 21, the fast-casual chain will be giving away sampler plates of its new sriracha shrimp and churro s’more appetizers. But Applebee’s isn’t just handing out meals to be nice they’re counting on you ordering a meal on top of your free tasting-size apps. If you’re planning to indulge in one of the not-so-healthy new apps, it’s all the more important that you order a healthy main dishespecially if you’re trying to lose weight.

To help you stay on track tomorrowand any other time you find yourself dining at the chainwe’ve tracked down the best dishes for your waistline and health, and they’re not all from the “Have It All” menu like you might expect. Though many of our picks below are a bit higher in salt than we’d ideally recommend, they’re still the best options on the menu. If you’re trying to cut back on sodium, be sure to treat Applebee’s as a once-and-a-while treat or follow our customization suggestions for each dish.

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Why Did Applebee’s Raise Their Prices

Applebee’s raised their prices in response to the economic effects of the COVID19 pandemic. The limited availability of products caused the company to raise its prices to maintain operating costs and employee wages.

Applebee’s rely on basic food ingredients that have been affected by delays in delivery. More meat factories have shut down last year, with Applebee’s branches near Kansas increasing meat-based dishes.

Oriental Chicken Salad Wrap

The Classic Combo from The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Applebees ...

This highest-calorie sandwich on the menu, the Oriental chicken salad wrap, delivers 1,890 calories, 113g fat, 20g saturated fat, 175g carbohydrates, 43g protein, and 2,900mg sodium.

This sandwich can be customized if you’d like to lower the calories in the order. It comes with vinaigrette, but skipping that saves 650 calories. You can also replace the chicken tenders with grilled chicken to save another 200 calories.

Remember that the overall nutrition of your meal will depend on what you choose to go with it. A side house salad is 140 calories, while small cup of French onion soup can add 600 calories.

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Applebees Daily Specials 2022

Applebees Daily Specials 2022 are as follows:

  • A 2-course meal for $10.99
  • A 3-course meal for $14.99
  • A 2-course meal with a drink for $12.99
  • A 3-course meal with a drink for $16.99

applebees lunch specials online

Applebees offers a variety of lunch specials that you can order online. The 2 for $20 deal is available online, and it includes an appetizer, entree, and drink. You can also order the 2 for $25 deal or the 2 for $30 deal.

Pass On Every Pasta Dish On Applebee’s’ Menu

You have probably heard that it’s healthier to eat five to six smaller meals throughout the course of the day than it is to gorge on three large meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, the science is still out on that, though experts agree that if you eat healthy foods and watch your caloric intake, when you eat does not matter as much.

What all medical science and nutrition experts can agree on, however, is that consuming around three-quarters of your total daily calories in one sitting is not the way to be healthy. So if you order a pasta entree from Applebee’s, you should really cut it in half and take 50 percent of your meal to go. If you average together the calories found in their currently offered six pasta dishes, you get an average calorie count of 1,400 calories per entree. And you don’t even want to know about the grams of fat or sodium content.

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Whats The Best Thing To Eat At Applebees

Applebees has a wide variety of dishes that are high in nutritional value. Some of the best choices include the Grilled Salmon with Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce, and the Honey-Mustard Chicken Breast.

  • Pepper-crusted sirloin. Leigh Beisch / Applebees.
  • Create Your Own Grill Masterpiece.
  • Cedar-Grilled Lemon Chicken with Quinoa.
  • Thai Shrimp Salad.
  • Cedar Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze.
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup with a House Salad.

Applebees Lunch Menu Combos

What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Applebee’s

Applebees lunch menu is great for how simple it is to follow. With the aim of providing their customers with great value for money well achieved, itâs a case of making things easy for them, and this is certainly too. It couldnât be easier to see the advantages of Applebeeâs lunch menu, which is great food for even better prices!

The basic idea of Applebeeâs lunch menu is that you have three options to choose from, which vary in the type of food you can get and how much it will cost. The costs are simple to follow on Applebeeâs lunch menu, as they come with three price attachments â $6.99, $7.99, and $8.99.

4 cheese mac & cheese with honey chicken tenders
Add a Brownie for $1.49

Each category features various courses, with soups, salads, handhelds, and entrees. With each of these you will find a few options for your lunch, allowing you to decide on the best combos to go for based on your own personal tastes, and how hungry you may or may not be. Plenty of variety and great rates make it a no brainer when it comes to making the most of the Applebees lunch menu!

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As part of the new $6.99 All-You-Can-Eat menu, guests can opt for unlimited French Onion Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, Chili or the Soup of the Day . They also receive limitless Caesar, Spinach or House salads and breadsticks.

For those who are craving a little more than greens, Applebee’s will be offering their four popular specialty salads: Oriental Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Fried Chicken Salad and Shrimp ‘n Spinach Salad for just $2 more. Depending on their appetite guests can order one or as many portions as they’d like.

Does Applebees Still Have Unlimited Soup And Salad

In an economic climate that sees everyone strapping their belts tight, Applebees brings to the table an all-you-can-eat soup for the weekdays, Salad and Bread lunch for just $6.99.

Customers can now benefit from the specially priced offer that is available from every Monday through Friday from 11AM until 3PM.

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Is Olive Garden Microwaved Food

Olive Garden is a popular Italian restaurant that offers both dine-in and take-out options. One of the most popular items on the menu is their microwaved food. Many people love Olive Gardens microwaved food because it is convenient and easy to eat.

However, some people feel that the microwaved food at Olive Garden isnt as good as the food that is cooked in a traditional oven.

Does Applebees Have A Low


Applebees has guests covered there, too. With its mix and match menu, guests can select from lower calorie options like Tomato Basil Soup at 220 calories and Spinach Salad at 220 calories or for $2 more choose a Shrimp n Spinach Salad thats only 250 calories. Find out whats happening in Five Towns with free, real-time updates from Patch.

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Applebee’s Strawberry Shake Is A Glass Full Of Sugar

As noted when discussing the frozen lemonade beverages from Applebee’s, too much sugar can be a very bad thing healthwise. But whereas the worst offender there had 76 grams of sugar, when it comes to the shakes, one has 61 grams of sugar, another 75, the next worst 100, and then we have the 110 gram of sugar Strawberry Shake. Which also packs in 38 grams of fat, 23 of which are saturated fat, which is over the entire recommended daily limit.

Probably a good idea to skip the Decadent Shakes, based on basic calorie count too: their names don’t lie, as the lowest calorie Decadent Shake, Vanilla, has 730 calories, while the Strawberry Shake has 920, or nearly half the standard daily recommended value for your entire diet. In one cup. That’s WALL-E level consumption, and in a “treat” you will most likely be enjoying after eating an entire meal that already put you over just about every nutritional metric.

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