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The Cabbage Soup Diet: A Good Way to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week?

Another study, published in April 2014 in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that adults who ate soup regularly for five years had healthier weights and overall nutritionally balanced diets. Still, its important to note here that the study looked at soups overall, not just cabbage soup. Study subjects also didnt face any dietary restrictions as are seen in the cabbage soup diet.

The authors of the study above also noted that eating too much soup may negatively affect your blood pressure due to its typical high sodium content. Therefore, they recommend choosing low-sodium soups.

The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet For Weight Loss And Detoxification

Once you have the cabbage soup diet recipe for weight loss prepared, it is time to begin the 7-day weight-loss plan. Follow this strict diet to the letter to have a successful and effective weight-loss plan

Day 1 Diet Eat only Fruits

Your first day is also known as the Fruit Day. Eat nothing but fruit today with the exemption of bananas. You can eat as much fruit as you like. When you get tired of eating fruits, you can follow through with as much of the diet cabbage soup as you like.

You should stick with fruits with low sugar content like apples, blueberries and so on. You can snack on lower caloriefruit constantly throughout the day with as much of the cabbage soup diet as you like. Remember, only fruit and soup today.

Day 2 Diet Eat nothing but Vegetables and Cabbage Soup today

Today is known as your Vegetable day. You can eat as much vegetable as you can handle, be it the raw or steamed type.

However, try to avoid vegetables such as peas, corn, and beans. Follow up with as much soup as you can handle.

For dinner, you may decide to chow down on a big, baked potato with oil or butter if you can still handle it.

Note Just remember to avoid starchy vegetable today.

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Day 3 Diet Consume only Fruits and Vegetables

Today, you eat only fruit, vegetables, and cabbage soup all day. Avoid fruits like bananas and starchy vegetables like corn. You should also not eat potatoes today.

Drink This To Speed Up Weight Loss On The Cabbage Soup Diet

Not a lot of people know this, but there’s actually quite a few zero-calorie drinks you can rely on to speed up fat burn.

These drinks can not only be used to get better and faster weight loss results on the cabbage soup diet, but will work on pretty much ANY weight loss diet.

One such example of a zero-calorie drink, that’s been scientifically proven to boost fat loss, is oolong tea.

Time to wrap this whole thing up.

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Cons To Following The Cabbage Soup Diet

You might lose a few stubborn pounds, but the CSD has drawbacks too. Here are some potential ways this old-fashioned fad diet could backfire.

  • Weight loss likely wont last. Again, the CSD isnt a long-term solution. It doesnt pack enough nutrition to be a permanent lifestyle change. Research shows that even with a super low calorie plan, youre lucky if a third of that weight loss is from fat. The rest is lost water, muscle, or other tissues.
  • Its not well rounded. Cabbage is great. Its packed with nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and tummy-loving fiber. But look closely at the CSD and youll notice that key nutrients are MIA. Theres not much protein. And youre waving buh-bye to healthy fats for a week.
  • Itll bore you to tears. Variety is the spice of life, right? Its bad news when a diet tempts you to rip open a bag of Doritos the minute it ends. Moderation is key to health-promoting eating habits.
  • Youll spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Keeping up with the CSD means a lot of pot-stirring. Its great to cook fresh veggies like cabbage and celery, but prepping gallons of soup might not be your cup of tea.

The CSD can cause damage if you have an underlying health condition. Here are the red flags.

How Does It Work:

Weight Loss Vegetable Soup

The cabbage soup diet helps fire up your bodys metabolism and fat mobilization. Do you want to look ravishing for a wedding but dont have much time? High fibre, low calories, low carbohydrates and low sodium in the cabbage soup help get you quickly into shape than a traditional long term diet. Sometimes Cabbage soup is included in the diet of obese patients since it is low in calories and rich in fibre of soup. The cabbage soup diet is a fad and helps people lose weight. There are many variations of cabbage soup that are in use for several years. The 7-day cabbage soup diet plan is one way to go if you want to lose weight.

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What Are The Pros And Cons


  • Quick weight loss up to 10 pounds or more in only 7 days.
  • Body detox and a kickstart to a sustainable diet.
  • It may have anti-inflammatory properties, depending on the ingredients. Our diet cabbage soup recipe does have some, such as turmeric, garlic, lemon, and spinach.


  • If you dont drink plenty of water and start a balanced diet, you may re-gain the weight fast as well.
  • It is a fairly boring diet since most of it consists of cabbage soup.

Looking For Ideas For A Quick Weight Loss Or Detox The Cabbage Soup Diet Can Help You Lose Up To 10 Pounds In Just One Week Try This Delicious Eating Plan To Reduce Your Belly Fat Fast

New Delhi: If youre looking for ideas for a quick weight loss or detox, the cabbage soup diet may help you burn body fat and flatten your tummy. This cruciferous vegetable isnt just a culinary delight but also provides a host of health benefits. Cabbage is a healthful low-calorie vegetable that can be added to your daily diet when trying to shed a few pounds. Proponents of the cabbage soup diet claim it help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week.

Generally, consuming fruits and veggies has been associated with weight loss and a lower risk of many adverse health conditions. Many studies have shown that the compounds in cabbage can reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, etc. Cabbage also contains sulforaphane that may help protect against certain types of cancer. Heres what you need to know about the cabbage soup diet for weight loss and whether or not it can really help you burn your belly fat. Read – Weight loss tips for brides-to-be: The Bride Diet plan can help you lose weight for your wedding in just 2 weeks

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Dolly Parton Still Makes Her Familys Classic Stone Soup

Does your family have a special recipe thats been passed down through the generations? Dolly Partons certainly does, and its a recipe she knows how to make to this day. Specifically, the Parton family would eat stone soup when the cupboards werent as full as usual growing up. Mom used to tell us when we maybe didnt have much to eat in the house, she would send us all in the yard, she said, go get me a rock,’ she explained during a demo for the Hallmark Channel. Once each of the kids had selected the best stone possible, theyd bring it in, wash it up, and Partons mom would pick the best one. And thats where the special flavor for the soup would come from.

While Parton certainly has enough money that she doesnt need to eat stone soup to get by anymore, the recipe brings her great comfort and nostalgia. It also reminds her of her mother, who was a nurturing and caring woman. Mama had a way of making us feel good about everything, Parton added.

Is It Safe For You

The best cabbage soup for weight loss | Eat this for 7 days to lose some pounds!

That all depends on the current state of your health. The diet is extremely low in carbs, which could make controlling blood sugar levels difficult for people with diabetes. Plus, depending on how you prepare it, the soup can be high in sodium, which means if youre supposed to be on a low-sodium diet, this wont work for you. And be sure youre getting the proper amount of exercise, even on such a low carb and calorie plan.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Review

Caitlin Fitzgerald, 54, from Morpeth, Northumberland, tried the Cabbage Soup Diet. But how did she get on? And did she lose any weight ?

My husbands work do was coming up and I wanted to fit back into a slinky black dress Id had for years. I put off dieting until I only had a couple of weeks to go then suddenly panicked! The cabbage soup diet seemed a good way of losing weight fast.

I made a fresh batch of the cabbage soup every two or three days and followed the other bits of the plan, like eating lots of fruit and veg. Though I didnt mind the cabbage soup to start with, by about day four, Id gone right off it! I tried to make it more interesting by adding different veg and herbs but it didnt make it much better.

It had rotten side effects too my husband nearly ended up sleeping in the spare room I was so full of wind! But I stuck at it for a week and lost four pounds. I fitted into my little black dress but, to be honest, Id put all the weight back on two weeks later!

What Is The Cabbage Soup Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a rapid weight loss diet. Its proponents claim that seven days on the diet can lead to weight loss of up to 10 pounds .

The diet works exactly as its name implies for one week, you eat almost nothing but homemade cabbage soup. Each day, you can also have 12 other foods, such as skim milk, fruit or vegetables.

The diet is intended to last no longer than seven days for the purpose of slimming down or jump-starting a longer-term diet plan.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is also known by other names, such as the Sacred Heart Hospital Diet or the Mayo Clinic Diet, supposedly because it was developed in a hospital for quick weight loss before surgery for heart patients.

But the implicated hospitals have denied these claims.

No one knows exactly where this unique diet originated from, though it first gained popularity during the 1980s and has stuck around ever since.


The Cabbage Soup Diet is a one-week weight loss diet that promises to help you lose up to 10 pounds .

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Fermented Cabbage: Could It Help With Weight Loss

Fermenting cabbage may increase some nutritional value and may even help weight loss.

Fermenting uses bacteria in the process that are considered probiotics. When we eat foods with probiotics, these bacteria then take up short term residence in the digestive tract and may offer additional health benefits.

The relationship between gut bacteria and our health is continuing to unfold from research. Some research suggests probiotics may play a role in overall body metabolism, as gut bacteria levels have been shown to be different from lean to obese people.

A 2011 study even concluded gut bacteria may be a potential target for managing obesity.

A 2014 study suggests Kimchi, Korean fermented vegetables, may offer additional health benefits besides weight balance including: cancer fighting properties, promoting colon health, lowering cholesterol, anti-aging and brain health promotion.

Touted Health Benefits Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

All Recipes Weight Loss Cabbage

Although there is no scientific evidence that suggests the cabbage soup diet is safe and effective for weight loss, eating cabbage soup alone as part of a balanced diet may be beneficial.

For example, a preliminary study on the effects of red cabbage consumption in obese mice found decreased cholesterol over the course of eight weeks. The study was published in December 2016 in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, though its unclear whether the same results would be found in humans and in a randomized controlled clinical trial the gold standard for medical research.

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This Food Always Makes Dolly Parton Happy

One thing that Dolly Parton is famous for is her profound appreciation of natures perfect food, the potato. Whether its baked, fried, diced into hash browns, or mashed with gravy, Parton is here for the vegetable in all of its delicious forms. Thats it, she declared in a chat with The New York Times. Just give me my potato, any kind of potato, and Im happy. We cant think of a single thing wrong with this statement. Who doesnt love French fries, after all?

In fact, Parton loves potatoes so much that she credits them single-handedly for pushing her off of the wagon, on multiple occasions. Every single diet I ever fell off of was because of potatoes and gravy of some sort, she continued. Thats partly how I got into trouble a few years back. And while you might not believe it, Parton says she once gained 45 pounds, thanks to her starchy frenemy.

Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Inspired By This Traditional Russian Soup

No one can say for sure where the cabbage soup diet movement originated although it did start to grow in popularity in the 1980s. Its hardly a stretch of the imagination to see how a simple vegetarian soup could be dubbed Weight Loss Soup since its high in good fibre and low in fat content.

Nevertheless, whether the cabbage soup diet has been inspired by this Russian soup is no more than mere speculation.

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How Much Weight Can You Lose On The 7

There are many factors to consider such as gender and age, if you follow the diet strictly or cheated, and to what degree. But most people reported losing up to 10 or more pounds in one week on the weight loss cabbage soup. Keep in mind that the weight that youll lose is a combination of water, fat, and even muscle.

Bottom Line: This Diet Is Not A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Losing a pound a day | cabbage soup diet | weight loss journey

Although you will probably lose weight rather quickly, youll gain it all back in no time. This diet is not a healthy way to lose weight. The healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off is by following a well-balanced eating plan that teaches you lifelong healthy eating habits this diet does not do that.

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. She is the author ofThe Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day.

* This article was written and/or reviewed by a registered dietitian nutritionist.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Downsides

The cabbage soup diet doesnt leave much variety and offers very limited choices, which may leave you feeling unsatisfied and bored. Additionally, while it can definitely assist you reduce fast, much of the load loss will actually come from water weight instead of fat loss.

This suggests that after resuming your regular diet, youre very likely to realize back a number of the load that you simply initially lost.

The diet is additionally intended to be just for short-term use. Because theres little variety within the diet, it doesnt provide a broad array of vitamins and minerals and may even leave you with some nutritional deficiencies if you opt to follow the cabbage soup diet for a month or longer.

After finishing a one-week cycle of the diet, its generally recommended to attend a couple of weeks before starting again to make sure that youre getting the nutrients you would like from your regular diet.

The soup also can be high in sodium, which can be a drag for those with high vital sign or following a low-salt diet . Cabbage is additionally very high in vitamin K , which can interfere with blood thinners like warfarin. If youve got any underlying medical conditions like heart problems or diabetes, its best to consult your doctor or dietitian before starting the cabbage soup diet to form sure its safe for you.

Cons Of The Cabbage Soup Diet:

Essentially all you can eat on the cabbage soup diet is, ahem, cabbage soup, fruit and vegetables. Yep.. While weight loss may be possible in the initial phases of the diet, this could be due to water loss rather than fat loss, she explains.

Plus, the diet cuts out several essential food groups important for energy and brain function, like protein and fat. Think about how hard your body works to keep you alive every day and what will happen if you suddenly cut your energy consumption by three-quarters.

The diet is so restrictive, its just not sustainable, Windas shares.

Weight will likely be gained back quickly as soon as you start eating normally again, she adds.

Personal trainer and fitness coach Scott Laidler agrees, saying: Weight loss is temporary and most people will re-gain any lost weight quickly. Because the Cabbage Soup Diet has such a low calorie intake and virtually no protein, almost all weight lost on this diet will be water and muscle, not body fat. This is a real shame because gaining all that weight back can be crushing psychologically, which can lead to comfort eating and loss of motivation to exercise which in turn leads to more weight gain.

The lack of calories can also leave people feeling lightheaded. Laidler says: Without being used to this level of restriction, most people will experience a lack of energy, headaches and even dizziness, so doing serious exercise whilst on the diet would be out of the question.

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Faqs And Expert Nutritional Diet Tips

How does cabbage soup diet help you lose weight?

Cabbage soup diet recipe helps you lose weight because it cuts the amount of calories consumed, but still fills you up with fiber, nutrients and liquid.

How much weight did you lose on the cabbage soup diet?

If consumed in large quantities with a low carbohydrate diet, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week.

How many times a day do you eat the cabbage soup diet?

Eat up to 2-3 times per day with other allowed foods. It is always important to consult with a doctor first to make sure you are getting proper caloric intake before starting any diet recipe.

Can you drink coffee on cabbage soup diet?

Coffee and tea are allowed. Avoid alcoholic beverages and you can also enjoy fruits, except banana.

How long can you stay on cabbage soup diet?

Do the diet for only 1 week or seven days. After that start to add a normal diet and you can start again after two weeks.

Can you eat salad on cabbage soup diet?

You can eat salad during the diet only with low fat dressing or after the cleanse enjoy this detox salad and detox citrus salad.

Is cabbage keto?

Cabbage has 2 grams of net carbs per cup shredded, so you can eat a lot of this soup and cabbage alone without falling out of ketosis.

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