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Cabbage Orange And Ginger Juice:

Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe for Weight Loss & Detox

Adding orange to cabbage juice makes the bitter taste go away. And ginger adds up the nutritional value. This makes it a cholesterol-lowering and antioxidant-rich drink.

  • Blend 2 cm ginger and some cabbage leaves in a blender.
  • Add the juice of two oranges to the homozygous mixture.
  • Drink fresh and without adding sugar.

The Cabbage Soup Diet: A Nutritionists Verdict

The cabbage soup diet is not a good way to lose weight, our nutritionists conclude.

While it might be a quick fix in the short-term, evidence suggests that any weight loss from the cabbage soup diet will quickly plateau after about three days. Then following this, anyone who tries the diet is more than likely to just put the weight back on again defeating the purpose of the diet in the first place.

In terms of weight loss, this diet could definitely help almost anyone to shed some weight within a few days, says Mina. However its crucial to bear in mind that this diet is not a sustainable way to lose weight in the long run. It will likely result in you regaining the weight you lose once you stop restricting your intake of normal foods.

It also comes with plenty of nasty side-effects, including headaches, nausea, an inability to concentrate, flatulence, bloating among many others.

In addition to this, the British Nutrition Foundation actively warns against single-food diets.

No single food or food group can provide everything we need to be healthy, they say. Eating a variety of different foods from each of the food groups can help us get the full range of nutrients our bodies need.

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What Is Cabbage Soup Diet

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The cabbage soup diet is a diet plan designed to cause short-term weight loss. This simple fad diet, along with half an hour of exercise, delivers better results than months of sweating through a regular weight loss program.

So, does this diet actually work? Lets find out!

Ww 0 Point Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup

Weight Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe (Wonder Soup)
Make and share this Ww 0 Point Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup recipe from Food.com.

Provided by dageret

Yield 1 cup, 6-8 serving

Number Of Ingredients 11

  • Spray pot with non stick cooking spray saute onions carrots and garlic for 5 minutes.
  • Add broth, Tomato paste, cabbage, green beans, basil, oregano and Salt & Pepper to taste.
  • Simmer for a about 5-10 minutes until all vegetables are tender then add the zucchini and simmer for another 5 or so minutes.
  • I have tried different variations. Leaving out green beans. Adding chopped green onions in addition to the yellow onion.
  • All very good. You can customize it a bit.

Nutrition Facts : Calories 22, Fat 0.1, Sodium 34.6, Carbohydrate 5, Fiber 1.5, Sugar 2.5, Protein 1

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The Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage soup is the magical soup thats supposed to help with weight loss and there is even a diet named after it called the Cabbage Soup Diet. It is a very strict diet where you can lose up to 10 pounds. For an entire week, you eat large amounts of this soup but during this time you can also eat other foods like fruits and vegetables, beef, chicken, and brown rice according to Mayo Clinics website.

I give props to anyone that can follow a strict diet like that. I could never just eat cabbage soup for that long of a time period. In fact, Id get pretty bored with it. That is the brilliant part about myWW. Its zero points and can be served for lunch or dinner. Plus, youre getting in vegetables for the day.

Cabbage For Weight Loss

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Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable. It is highly rich in fiber and is commonly used for weight loss. The famous cabbage soup is usually part of the weight loss diet plan.

Because it is very deficient in both micronutrients and macronutrients, long-term use may also put you at risk of nutrient deficiency.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe And Review: How Much Weight Can You Lose

Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe for Weight Loss & Detox
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  • If you can stomach the constant soups , the cabbage soup diet may be a quick fix for weight loss.

    But much like other extreme diets, in the long-term its not going to work and evidence suggests that people shortly put the weight theyve lost back on. Cabbage is a great source of fibre and its essential for gut flora and bowel health, says nutritionist Mina Khan. However, it should be eaten as part of a balanced diet. This is not a diet I would recommend anyone to follow.

    Despite this, year after year, many people still look to this plan and other extreme weight loss methods as a way to change their eating habits. While there are so many other diets that work out there, if you want to know what the fuss is about, this is what the experts want you to know about the cabbage soup diet.

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    Weight Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Cabbage soup is easy to make and you can consume it as a breakfast and light dinner. This cabbage soup is healthy, delicious, and nourishing. Moreover, It is a great soul-warming soup, its great if you are on the keto diet, its a low-calorie soup which is very helpful to lose weight also. So if you live in those types of nights when outside is rainy, cold, or if you want to warm yourself from inside then our weight loss cabbage soup recipe is the best option for you. Honestly, there are different types of cabbage soup recipes available but we like most below types.

    Step 1.

    Bring a medium-size pot, place it on the woven or electric cooktop and put 1tbs butter in the pot. But You can also use olive oil or avocado oil to cook the vegetables instead of butter.

    Step 2.

    Melt the butter for some time until it spread throughout the pot. Now you are ready for the next step

    Step 3.

    Add 1tbs garlic and mix it well with butter for 1 minute.

    Step 4.

    Now add half slice onions and mix all of them.

    Step 5.

    Add 2 cups shredded cabbages, 1-2 cups carrots, 1 chopped tomato. Now mix and fry all the vegetables for 2-3 minutes.

    Step 6.

    Now add stock 2-3 cups or you can use water. Then mix and boil it in low heat.

    Step 7.

    Add 1-2 or your required pink salt, 2 pinches turmeric powder, 1-2 tbsp. dried basil leaves, 1tbps dried oregano, and again mix in low heat and cover the pot top .

    Step 8.

    Is cabbage soup good for weight loss?

    How Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Work

    The cabbage soup diet works by jump starting your bodys metabolism and fat mobilization. This diet restricts your calorie intake and forces your body to use fat as the energy source. Low sodium, low calories, and high fiber enable you to get in shape quicker than you would if you followed a moderate long-term eating plan.

    Cabbage soup is often prescribed to obese patients as the diet is high in fiber and low in calories . It provides more than 53% of the recommended dietary allowance every day.

    This is why the cabbage soup diet has successfully helped many people to lose weight. You too can lose weight by following the 7-day cabbage soup diet plan discussed below.

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    How To Make A Cabbage Soup


    • A pinch of Cayenne pepper, curry powder, mixed herbs or any other seasoning for added flavour


  • Use spray oil to fry the chopped onions in a large pot.
  • Add the green pepper pieces and cook for one min.
  • Add the chopped cabbage leaves, sliced carrots, celery and mushrooms.
  • Sprinkle over a little cayenne pepper or curry powder.
  • Add 12 cups of water and any additional stock cubes.
  • Cook over a medium heat until the vegetables is the vegetables are tender and the soup is the right consistency.
  • How Many Calories Are In Weight Loss Magic Soup

    Cabbage Weight Loss Soup (Cozy, Comforting and Nutritious ...

    Each cup of Weight Loss Magic Soup has only 57 calories! It is such a satisfying way to get your vegetables in for the day. If you are worried about sodium content, feel free to use low-sodium V8 or even use tomato juice . You can also use fresh veggies instead of canned or low-sodium broths to reduce sodium as well. One cup of soup contains:

    • 57 calories
    • 225 sodium

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    Will The Cabbage Soup Diet Work For You

    If you stick with it fully, the cabbage soup detox diet will work for you. The problem most people have is with sticking to it. Most people give up on the diet before they get the results they actually seek.

    If you want the best shot at success, you need to follow the diet exactly. You should also drink plenty of water every day . You can take a daily multivitamin as well. Also, be sure to eat a lot of soup. Trying to starve yourself, or consuming too few calories will have the opposite effect that you want. It will cause your body to hold onto fat because it fears starvation. It can also cause you to cheat because youre feeling so hungry.

    How To Make This Soup Recipe

    There are two ways to make this cabbage soup diet recipe.

  • In the slow cooker or crockpot To make in the slow cooker, add all of the ingredients and let it cook on low for 4-6 hours.
  • On the stovetop To make this soup on the stove, add all the ingredients to a large pot, cover and bring to a boil then turn to low and cook for 20-30 minutes on medium low or until the carrots are soft.
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    How Are The Cabbage Soup Diet Results

    You can find claims online that the Cabbage Soup Diet can help you lose up to 10 lbs in a week. Unfortunately, most of this quick weight loss is likely to be water weight.

    Hot tip! The general recommendation for safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week.

    Since its a short-term diet, you wont see long-term benefits to your cholesterol, blood pressure, or heart health. Also, you are likely to regain any weight you lose on the diet after you go off the diet.

    Most health professionals would consider the cabbage soup diet to be a rigid fad diet. The diet is too low in protein and calories for most people. It’s also low in carbs, though low carb diets work well as a weight loss strategy for some.

    In summary, I dont recommend using this diet without medical supervision. This is especially true if you have a medical condition that is influenced by diet changes. Your health team may have better suggestions to lose weight.

    Instant Pot Cabbage Soup:

    Diet Cabbage Soup! Lose Ten Pounds In A Week! And Delicious!
  • To make the detox cabbage soup in the pressure cooker, press the saute function.
  • Heat oil and cook onion, bell pepper, and celery for about 5 minutes, or until softened. Stir every now and then. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute.
  • Add tomato, broccoli slaw, cabbage, broth, tomato paste, pepper, and turmeric. Stir and secure lid. Set on high for 15 minutes, or press the soup function and set for 15 minutes. Allow natural release, about 20 minutes.
  • Remove lid and stir in spinach and lemon juice. Stir in salt but do not go overboard.
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    Is Cabbage Detoxifying

    Why yes, it seems that it is! According to Huffpost, Cabbage does double detox duty. Its diuretic properties help rid your body of excess liquid, carrying toxins along with it. Like other cruciferous veggies, cabbage is also sulfur-rich, helping your liver break down toxins so they can be more easily expelled.

    Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, like its cousins the Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Kale. This family of vegetables is known to be high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. For more detox recipes, dont miss my favorite Apple Cider Vinegar Drink, Beet Detox Juice, Green Detox Smoothie, Detox Water, and Dandelion Detox Tea. This recipe is part of my Meal Prep for Weight Loss collection dont miss it!

    The Best Cabbage Soup

    I dont know much because I didnt make this soup to be a part of any diet. I just decided to eat a little healthier and it just so happens that healthy cabbage soup is a part of this so-called wonder.

    Youll have to let me know if it works

    What I do know is that as far as cabbage soup recipes go, at least all veggies cabbage soups, this is one really good soup.

    I like to add cabbage towards the end so it keeps a crispy snap while eating. It is the texture and the broth that brings this soup alive. That and seasoning which is kind of like a choose your own adventure.

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    Why Youll Love This Cabbage Roll Soup

    Not only is this the best weight loss soup recipe ever but its flavorful, too! One bowl just isnt going to be enough and youre not going to have to feel guilty about having more! Thats what I love about weight loss cabbage soup. You can have more whenever you fancy.

    • Simple and easy to make. Youll love that its made using affordable ingredients.
    • Filling and delicious. Filling your belly while still shedding the pounds is the best recipe ever!
    • Perfect for leftovers. Make a big pot of this weight loss cabbage soup recipe and save some for the next day.

    Can I Freeze This Cabbage Soup

    Cabbage Weight Loss Soup (Cozy, Comforting and Nutritious ...

    If you plan on freezing any leftover cabbage soup, youll first want to make sure that you allow the soup to cool completely after cooking. You can then transfer the soup into airtight freezer-safe containers before storing them in the freezer.

    Youll be able to keep this keto cabbage soup frozen for up to 3 months when stored like this.

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    May Cause Gallbladder Issues

    There have been a few anecdotal reports of gallstones and gallbladder blockages in people who used the Cabbage Soup Diet over the long term.

    Gallstones can be the unintended consequence of any rapid weight loss.

    Normally, when you eat high-fat foods, your gallbladder releases digestive juices to help break them down.

    However, if you hardly eat any fat, your gallbladder may not empty for longer periods of time, making it more likely that stones will form.

    Gallstones may be more common among people following a very-low-calorie diet or a low-fat diet, such as the Cabbage Soup Diet .

    The Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Now about this weight loss Cabbage Soup , most websites featuring this diet says you should boil the vegetables in water, uhno maam!! Ive always used chicken broth or vegetable broth with seasoned canned tomatoes, which has never hindered my weight loss. Just try to use the low-sodium versions if possible

    Let me just say, there is NO WAY I would be eating this soup every day if I made it with water. Yuck! Throughout the diet, I also use salt , pepper, lots of herbs & seasonings, olive oil, and a tad of butter on potato day. I also add 0-5 calorie flavorings to my water to make sure I get in all my water if needed. These changes have never affected my results.

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    What Kind Of Nutrients Is In The Cabbage Soup

    When you eat the cabbage soup diet, you arent just losing weight. You are also getting lots of healthy nutrients that your body desperately needs. Here is a breakdown of the nutrients and minerals you get when you eat the best vegetable soup recipe ever!

    • Onions Fiber, calcium, folic acid, high amounts of protein, and iron. Onions are also low in sodium, calories and fat.
    • Garlic Vitamin B-6, selenium, fiber, calcium, copper, and potassium are just a few nutrients you get.
    • Cabbage Whenever you eat cabbage, you get lots of fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, protein, and more.
    • Broccoli Riboflavin, calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, protein and so much more.
    • Tomatoes Lypocene is a much-needed antioxidant and tomatoes have lots! They also have potassium, vitamin C, and folate.

    As you can see, you are getting an abundance of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants from this cabbage soup.

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