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How Do You Make Plants Grow Faster

Chicken Soup for the Soil: Sustainable Landscapes and Stormwater Management

Water, air, light, soil nutrients, and the correct temperature for the right plants are the most basic factors to make a plant grow faster and bigger.Liquid fertilizers come in granular and powdered form.

  • Carbonated water. Carbonated water induces plant growth as the bubbles are carbon dioxide.
  • Fish emulsion.
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    Ernst Conservation Seeds grows, processes and sells hundreds of species of native and naturalized seeds for restoration, beautification, reclamation and conservation. Personalize your garden gifts with preformulated seed mixes optimized for specific site types from eastern Canada to the southeastern United States, and for purposes from erosion control to wildlife habitat.

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    Those holiday car commercials crack me up. I’d rather look out the window and see a gorgeous greenhouse wrapped in a giant bow! Gardeners can grow organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers all year long in a beautiful Arcadia Greenhouse. These high-quality greenhouses are available in standard and custom sizes with freestanding, lean-to and kneewall options. Glass or polycarbonate, the strong aluminum frame meets snow load and wind load specs anywhere in the United States.

    Fruit Tree / Orchard Testimonial

    Fruit Tree Fertilizer

    “I put 100 gallons of Chicken Soup per acre on our orchard in May. I have never in over 25 years in this orchard seen this happen. The trees are loaded and the limbs hanging clear to the ground but are not breaking. The fruit quality is outstanding!!” -Jim Zamzow

    Sincerely, a lifelong customer, Maggy

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    Is Dr Jimz Fertilizer Organic

    JimZ® is a fourth generation family owned business manufacturing the best carbon based fertilizer on earth. Our biologically correct fertilizer is sold full strength and contains a plethora of bio available nutrients that your plants and trees can use to meet their maximum potential.

    Get Equipped: Organic And Natural Products

    Take a look at these five organic and natural products that can improve your professional lawn care services.

    Chicken Soup For The Soil® by Dr. Jimz

    This fertilizer contains all the nutrients Dr. Jimz has identified as being beneficial for edibles it brings the biology in dead soil back to life and delivers what fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees need to meet their maximum genetic potential. Rather than force feeding plants with mainstream chemical fertilizer, you can improve soil by properly feeding it the microbes plants need to thrive. Chicken Soup For The Soil® is structured in a way that makes it easy for microbes to absorb, create new life, and fuel plants. Bioavailable nutrient microclusters bind to organic matter and do not wash out, accumulating over time. Work on all soils and is 100% nontoxic and non-leaching. Available for commercial use in tankers, totes, pallets, and barrels.

    Nourish-Biosol Fertilizer by John & Bobs

    Performance Organics® by Miracle-Gro®

    10-0-2 Lawn Food Pro Packs by Purely Organic Products

    Dry Crumbles® 6-10-1 + 10% Ca from BioFlora

    Want to talk about organic lawn care, organic and natural products, and more with fellow lawn care and landscape professionals? Join the discussions in the Organic Lawn Care Forum at www.expired-link.com.

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    Veg Stage After Only 3 Weeks

    Organic Chicken Soup Recipe – How To Make Organic Chicken Soup

    “Hi Lars, If this is to many pictures etc, just let me know. These are my first 8 started on 02/14/2020. When I say started I mean soaking in water for 24 then use the paper towel method to sprout. The seed was placed into soil on 02/17/2020. So this is 3 weeks growth. Chicken Soup for the Soil only. I do use good genetics, but your product is incredible. I would not have believed it but my grow logs are accurate, they keep me honest per say. The Cultivar is Durban Poison.” – Charlie C.

    This is using DR. JimZ. this will be a solid year, my hand on a fan leaf of blueberry headband. I wear a 2xl glove to give you an idea of size. Never seen anything like this. There are average genetics, no super strain. – Organic Grow Master

    “This Matero Blue was grown using Dr. Jimz products from start to finish. Chicken Soup for the soil, Grow Tabs and Bloom booster, used per directions This plant had 8 colas this is an average one. It was also the smallest plant. Harvested 785 grams. Total time 105 days, this is approximately 75 days early. You can certainly see the benefits of using your product. Needless to say, you’re in the budget for next year.

    OUTDOOR Harvest: September – October Average height: 200 cm Yield: 800 gr/plan

    The benefit of that is better flower and faster to market. This plant wholesaled for $2250 a pound with a retail of $10 a gram.”

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    What Makes Us Different

    The majority of well-known fertilizer companies use chemical based ingredients that tends to burn out the soil depleting it of important nutrients needed to grow happy, problem free plants, trees, and lawns.Our products are biologically correct and made with ingredients that will enrich your soil with the necessary carbon and trace minerals needed for optimum growth, overall plant success, color, and exceptional taste.With Dr. JimZ® you can expect to yield more fruits and vegetables that have less problems, a longer shelf life, and taste the way mother earth intended. Our products are perfect for gardeners, farmer, & growers. Full Money Back Guarantee.

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    Every one of the five charming wooden trees in this exclusive collection is turned by hand in Woodsmith magazine’s Iowa workshop. And it’s delivered in a custom wooden box. Because it’s hand-crafted, there are only a limited quantity available, so if you’re thinking about ordering, you might do so early. I already got one for myself!

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    Medical Cannabis Grower Testimonial

    Fruit Tree Fertilizer

    Dr Jim Z website> “I would like to thank you for making a superior soil amendment. To get big plants with large, dense, sticky flower you need good roots, to get good roots you need good soil. I am a boutique all organic Medical Cannabis Grower. This product is a perfect all in one soil builder. Like I said I am not a biologist or chemist just a grower and this really works. I feed it to my soil before I plant and then once a week during vegetative cycle along with my other nutrients, no burn, bad smell, just happy healthy girls. It works. Don’t take my word for it let the pictures show you it does. Just look at the Trichome production.” -Charlie C

    Just wait until you see the images Charlie C shares associated with this testimonial.

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    Dr Jimz Chicken Soup For The Soil

    Give your favorite gardener a head start on next year’s garden by helping him or her stock the toolshed with fertilizer. Jim Zamzows Chicken Soup for the Soil® is designed to stimulate microbes in the soil and deliver the nutrition plants need to meet their maximum potential. It’s nontoxic, nonleaching and contains no animal byproducts.

    64-oz. jug for $29.95 with free shipping and a money-back guarantee.


    Tips From An Old School Grower

    “I use other Nutes as well, when they switch from veg cycle to flower.

    Good grow medium… your roots are the key to the plant! Healthy roots promote less disease and pests, think strong immune in humans.

    You can have the best genetic stock in the world, be a brilliant mathematician to figure out ppm for super precise feeding schedules per plant, but if your grow medium sucks it does you no good.

    Your plant can’t use what is in the soil to begin with because the roots get clogged, just like plaque in a heart so most people dump more nute. Not the thing to do, the root system just get more clogged up, and your plant struggles more.

    So, with good soil you have all the right microorganisms and trace minerals to have the plant absorb the maximum it can all the time so nothing is wasted and all the plants energy is used for growth and not struggling to stay alive, again think heart pumping.

    If you water to much your plant won’t feed, water to little plant can’t feed. People at this point throw more nutes at the plant hoping to correct it, which just compounds the problem with the grow medium.

    It all gets back to grow medium… A good grow medium allows for you the grower to make mistakes and it helps correct it.

    Where I live we had 10 days this summer over 110 and did not lose a plant to heat. I watered twice a day, but because I had a strong healthy root system my plants did not miss a beat, they could use what what I feed them.

    Can’t say enough about your product!”

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    How To Make The Best Compost Tea

    Chicken Soup for the Soil® has everything you need to make the best compost tea on earth. No need to add molasses, minerals, seaweed, sea solids, humic or fulvic acids, ground rock powder or anything else. This is the ultimate nutrient booster for your soil and plants!

    Step 1. Get a 5 gallon bucket and add 1 part Chicken Soup For The Soil to 9 parts water .

    Step 2. Add your choice of microbes .

    Step 3. Stir what is in your bucket and place in a warm room or outside if it is summer. The main thing is to keep it warm.

    Step 4. Stir often, at least daily….more frequently is better. Alternatively, just add 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and you will be good to go.

    Fermenting time will vary depending on temperature:

    80f to 90f ready in three days. 70 to 80f four or five days. Under 70f about a week. Cant hurt to use early but not as effective.

    Can be used as a foliar but dilute at least one to four parts water.

    Can be used on the soil straight.

    Growing Tomatoes: How To Prune Tomato Plants

    Chicken Soup w/ Lemon Grass – Chicken Hot Pot – For Strong Immune System

    Pruning tomato plants is an optional gardening task, but proper pruning can help prevent disease, produce more fruit, and help speed up ripening. Pruning is most effective when done throughout the entire growing season, so understanding the basics before you plant will lead to the best results. An Important Note About Tomato Varieties Before you


    DA: 15PA: 28MOZ Rank: 59

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    Dr Jimz Supplements Just What A Crop Needs

    Jim Zamzow of Dr. JimZ Fertilizer Company and his 17-foot Early Girl. The plants incredible size is credited to liberal applications of Zamzows Tomato Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soil.

    Not everybody fulfills a lifelong ambition but Jim Zamzow of Boise, Idaho, has done just that. Developing a chain of 12 garden centers in the Boise area and his own line of soil supplements does not compare with the satisfaction of fulfilling his decades-long goal of developing what he calls the worlds most perfect fertilizer.

    Jim has learned from the best, Dr. JimZ Director of Marketing Lars Knutsen said. This guy is not guessing about anything. There have been several test batches over the years, and he believes that Chicken Soup for the Soil is perfect. In the two years since coming to market it has accumulated nearly 30,000 customers, a number we expect will quadruple this year.

    Chicken Soup for the Soil is not just any fertilizer, he said.

    It looks like a liquid but seen under a microscope its actually made of microscopic nutrient clusters that start moving around, Knutsen said. They are colloidal, so they bind to the soils organic matter, are non-leaching and over time accumulate in the soil.

    Fermented into compost tea and further diluted, Chicken Soup makes an effective foliar spray.

    The cool thing about foliar application is that it creates biological exclusion on the leaf, Knutsen said. Bugs and disease just arent entertained by it.

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    Which Plants Like Boiled Egg Water

    Heres Why You Should Be Saving the Water From Hard-Boiled Eggs

    • Succulents. SUN-E SE amazon.com.
    • Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Costa Farms amazon.com.
    • Snake Plant. Costa Farms amazon.com.
    • Red Bromeliad. Costa Farms amazon.com.
    • Succulents Collection. Shop Succulents amazon.com.
    • Golden Pothos. AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE amazon.com.
    • Gardenia Bush. AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE amazon.com.
    • Rosemary Plant.

    Chicken Soup For The Soil

    Fruit Tree Fertilizer

    This stuff is awesome, I have been using it for a few grows – it is a 4-2-0 soil amendment, that helps to enhance and feed the microbes in your soil. It helps terpene production and also acts as a hardener and also helps to keep bugs away. You can add it to any feeding regimen as-is, and it also makes a great tea. I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I just enjoy their product.

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    Dr. Alexander Fleming

    Sarah Bernhardt

    Festiva Maxima

    This special offer includes six plants for the price of five and can be selected to ship in the fall or spring.



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