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Hot Pot Dipping Sauces

There are generally several types of hot pot dipping sauces in China.1.Sesame paste based dipping sauce, popular in Northern provinces, usually served with lamb hot pot .2.Sesame oil based dipping sauce, originally come from Sichuan province in Chengdu and Chongqing hot pot. Sesame oil is used as the main base, highlighted by other chili paste, smashed garlic, fermented tofu and freshly chilis. A more pure version is using only sesame oil, garlic, salt and chopped green onion and coriander.3. Dry mix dipping sauce | this is a special dipping sauce for Sichuan mala hot pot. Best for meats and seafoods. Dry spices are mixed with a good ratio. 4.Sha Cha based dipping sauce for beef hot pot and seafood hot pot. Sha cha sauce is a sauce made from grounded fish and shrimp. It partners well with beef and other seafood, as the top 1 option for Cantonese beef hot pot.

Following are the common used condiments and seasonings used in dips. You can combine your own hot pot dipping sauce based on personal taste.Main sauces: Sha cha sauce, peanuts sauce, oyster sauce, sesame paste, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, vinegar, black bean sauceOil: chili oil, sesame oil, olive oilOthers: salt, roasted peanuts, coriander, mashed garlic, Spring onion, pepper flakes , fermented tofu , chopped fresh peppers

Quoc Viet Foods Thai Tom Yum Flavored Soup Base

The thing that you will feel while having this soup is that it isnt really Chinese in nature. Rather than that, you will feel it leaning towards Thai flavors due to the base. But keeping it aside, this base is much more flavourful because of the various ingredients present in it. You can smell the distinct components that have gone into making the base. The base is perfect for those people who will choose flavors over spiciness. You can taste the lemongrass and the Kefir lime oil as the endnotes to the soup.

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Why We Love It

The key to making a good hot pot is to keep everything simple. Nothing should overpower and everything should be cohesive. While we tasted this hot pot base, we felt that as it is spicy and tastes authentic. It uses good ingredients and doesnt overpower you in an off-putting way. It is simple to make a hot pot with the base. Following the instructions give you something that is authentic to the flavor you get at the restaurant.

Pulmuone Soon Tofu $249 For 11 Ounces

Hotpot Soup Base Ideas (for the upcoming STEAMBOAT ...

When it comes to tofu, H Mart has plenty to choose from. One particular employee pointed me in the direction of this tube of extra-soft tofu, which he uses to make soondubu jjigae, a spicy and flavorful Korean tofu stew. The package suggests adding it to smoothies and desserts, but I cant help but recommend the viral soondubu ramen trend. Yum!

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Fried Round Gluten $299 For 176 Ounces

Another employee led me to this bag of fried round gluten, saying it was a versatile ingredient to add to vegetable stir-fry meals, hot pots, and stews. If youre planning on using these in a stir-fry, its important to soak the gluten balls first to soften them. If youre adding them to a soup or stew, you can skip the soaking step, as they will soften while they cook in the hot liquid. This vegetarian item can be found in the refrigerated section.

Why We Like Chinese Hot Pot

Chinese food is loved all over the world because of various reasons. We should note that Chinese food is much more than your favorite takeaway. Chinese people love to make their food from scratch and generally, they are great at preparing noodle-based dishes. It tastes delicious and you will find different recipes according to the regions and also at peoples home. People may think that it is very easy to make something like a noodle soup but the reality is far from it.

Making a hot pot takes your true dedication as you need to follow every step carefully to reach the perfect taste. Hot pot has healing properties and often Chinese people will serve it to someone who is sick. To make a hot pot easier, these days they have readymade hot pot soup bases. They come in a variety of flavor which can enhance the hot pot that someone is making. Here we will provide a taste test of some well-known Chinese Hot Pot Bases that are available in the market.

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Why Is Hot Pot So Popular

Hot Pot is popular because its a fun, delicious, and engaging food experience. While hot pot can be eaten year round, it is more common to have it during the winter as a comfort food to warm up the body.

Hot pot is entirely customizable to your liking because you can choose what ingredients go into the pot and what sauces you want to pair the food with.

Its also a great dining experience with loved ones when you have a communal hot pot but it can most certainly be enjoyed individually as well.

Hot Pot Cooking Times

How to Make HOTPOT at Home (4 Soup Base Recipes)

When your hot pot is boiling, here is a general guideline on long your raw ingredient should cook for.


  • Raw Red Meat 10-20 seconds depending on your desire
  • Chicken Meatball floating plus 2 minutes
  • Chicken Slice floating plus 1 minute
  • Beef Tripe 30 40 seconds
  • Raw Dumpling 8-9 minutes
  • King Oyster 50-60 seconds
  • Shiitake 60-70 seconds
  • Napa Cabbage 3 4 minutes
  • Spinach 60-90 seconds

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Korean Hot Pot With Dumplings

Learn how to make spicy Korean hot pot with dumplings. Its going to be your new favorite hot pot recipe!

Today Im sharing a popular Korean hot pot recipe called Mandu Jeongol .

As with a typical Korean hot pot, it is loaded with a variety of ingredients, such as kimchi, tofu, mushrooms and green vegetables. But as you can guess from the title, the highlight of this hot pot is dumplings! Its not just any dumplings. Its super big dumplings, so its very filling!

Ultimately, you can use any quality or types of dumplings, but this time I made mine with seafood dumplings. It was filled with real squid, shrimps and so much more. And it was so delicious!

The hot pot is prepared much like Budae Jjigae , but with less unhealthy ingredients.

Dumpling hot pot doesnt include SPAM, sausages or instant ramen noodles! Maybe because of that it tasted a lot lighter and healthier. Though, my husband says budae jjigae is more fun to eat because it has a bigger range of ingredients to pick and eat from.

On the other hand, my sister and I loved dumpling hot pot more because it was easier on our weight and tasted healthier. So if you dont like army stew because of the high calorie count, you should definitely give this one a go.

Anyway, I hope you make this hot pot soon. Its particularly a perfect stew on a rainy day or cold wintery weather!

P.S. If you like spicy stew, you might like these too! Kimchi Jjigae and Soondubu Jjigae

Kitsby X Mike Chen: Ultimate Hotpot Kit

Have hotpot at home with our ultimate Hotpot Kit, made in collaboration with Mike Chen . We created this kit so you can enjoy hotpot that’s perfect for two. Now that we’re all spending more time at home and less time in gatherings, let’s have hotpot for romantic weeknight dinners and casual Sunday afternoons. Includes ingredients, sauces, tools, and an instructions booklet. See below for a full list of what’s in this kit!



Some of the items in these images are not included in the kit, but are shown to demonstrate serving suggestion.

Spot welding marks are visible on the side and bottom of the pot. This is not a defect, and is part of how the pots are made.

Pot can be used on gas and induction stoves.

Shipping to PO boxes requires a $20 fee. Please select the “Ship to PO Box” shipping option at checkout.

Food:Sesame Paste Peanut ButterRich Tomato Soup Base: Mildly sweet and savory broth for the ultimate hotpot experience with friends and family. This tomato broth is made by simmering farm fresh ripened tomatoes with Chongqing spices and vegetable oil.

Chongqing Heat Soup Base: Made with authentic Sichuan Chili peppers, this spicy soup base is is a fiery Mala broth. Get your senses ready for an adventure as you cook your food in this aromatic blend of herbs and spices.

Soup Enhancers:

5-Layer 304 Stainless Steel Mini Dual Hot Pot 2 Ladles2 Pairs of Hotpot Chopsticks2 “Hotpot Head” Aprons

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Lao Gan Ma Hot Pot Spice $499 For One Package

There are a lot of hot pot broth bases to choose from, but one employee I spoke with recommends this version from Lao Gan Ma. You boil the spice paste package in water and add whatever proteins and vegetables you like, such as sliced beef, pork belly, tofu, fish balls, dumplings, enoki, watercress, and more. This product is by the same brand that makes the well-known chili crisp created by Chinas famous godmother, Tao Huabi.

Haidilao Hot Pot Broth Flavor

Lee Kum Kee Soup Base For Sichuan Hot &  Spicy Hot Pot (13 ...

Although we cant currently venture to Haidilao, the international Chinese chain that specializes in hot pot and demonstrations of hand-pulled noodles, we can still have the famed soup at home. The plain broth flavor is creamy, savory, and milky. Its not overpowering, so your meats, seafood, and vegetables will really shine here.

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Surasang Citron Tea With Honey Ginger $999 For 2046 Ounces

One employee said she always has a jar of this citron tea at home. Its soothing and perfectly tangy. She mostly drinks it hot but said its also nice to enjoy cold with ice in the summer. Korean citron tea, or yuja tea, is made with yuja-cheong, a citron marmalade. To make the tea, simply add about 1 tablespoon of the marmalade to a cup of hot water.

New Hotpot Soup Bases At Supermarkets

Liuyishou Hotpot is the first international hotpot chain to launch hotpot soup base packages that are 100% made in Canada.

They have 5 new soup bases which can be found at 100+ supermarkets including T& T and H-Mart. All of the new soup bases are produced in Canada and based on traditional recipes, natural ingredients, and modern technology. Here are the 5 flavours:

Traditional or Spicy Soup Base Spicy Soup Base: made with 100% organic Canadian beef tallow and features over 20 natural spices and seasonings including premium chili and Sichuan peppercorn.

Tomato Soup Base: the ONLY tomato hotpot base made from fresh tomatoes in the Canadian market.

Vegetarian Soup Base: made with real vegetable oil, which has unique, refreshing scent and flavour, and counterbalances the spicy components added in the soup base.

Chili Pot Seasoning: a very aromatic seasoning made with real vegetable oil and dozens of natural ingredients. The flavour profile combines the recipes of hotpot, Sichuan dry pot, and other traditional spicy dishes.

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Lee Kum Kee Seafood Hot Pot Base

Enhance your scallop, shrimp, fish, and other hot pot ingredients with a seafood base. Dried shrimp and scallops give this broth that funky, umami flavor while chili flakes provide some heat. This soup is a great option for pescatarians or those who prefer their hot pot proteins to consist primarily of seafood.

Where To Find Hot Pot Ingredients

Chinese hot pot How to make it (a spicy and a non-spicy soup base)

99 Ranch Market99 Ranch is San Diegos most prominent Chinese market. Nearly anything youll need for these dishes is available here. Pre-sliced meats, perfect for hot pot, are available frozen. You can also purchase a hot-pot base as a shortcut, and inexpensive portable butane burners you need to heat the hot pot at the table.Recommended brands: Teway Foods Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base , Ning Chi Spicy Pot Sauce and Dezhuangs Spicy Hot-Pot Base.

2 tablespoons goji berries3 whole star anise

Mash the black beans with 1 tablespoon of the Shaoxing wine with a mortar and pestle or in a food processor until you have a smooth paste. Wash the ginger and cut it into slices about the thickness of a coin.

Snip the chiles into ½-inch segments and remove as many seeds as possible by adding the chile segments to a bowl, covering the bowl with aluminum foil and shaking vigorously before passing the chiles through a sieve or colander to discard the seeds. In a wok, heat 3 tablespoons of the oil over medium heat until hot . Add the chiles and stir-fry in oil until they turn deep red and fragrant and start to crisp. Be careful not to let them burn or turn black. The oil should just sizzle around the chiles. Once crispy and fragrant, remove the chiles from the wok with a wooden spoon or spider. When the chiles have cooled, add half of them to the bowl of a food processor and pulse to finely chop. Leave the remaining chiles unchopped.

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Liuyishou Hotpot Becomes The First International Chainto Launch Hotpot Soup Base Packages100% Made In Canada

Grab Your Favourite Liuyishou Flavours from Supermarkets across Canada and Enjoy Authentic Chinese Hotpot in Your Own Dining Room

Liuyishou Hotpot has launched 5 hotpot soup bases, which are now available at 100+ supermarkets and stores across Canada. Large supermarket chains such as T& T and H-Mart have made these products available at all of their locations.

All of these new soup bases are made based on traditional recipes, imported spices, local natural ingredients, and modern technology. They are 100% produced in Canada. None of the other large Chinese hotpot chains has yet come up with such quality products.

Cooks Note Before Staring

  • Light stock or basic stock should be prepared as a larger amount. For example, if your pot can hold 3L water, prepare at least 5L stock. During the eating process, reload the stock when the liquid is lowered.
  • For spicy hot pot, add a small drop of vinegar can make the spices milder.
  • Do not eat too much|As most of the ingredients are presented as raw ingredients and shared by each other, it is hard to calculate how much has been eaten by one person. Additionally, hot pot dinners usually last for a longer time than normal dinners, which creates more chances of uncomfortably full. During the process, stand up and walk around, stop as long as you feel slightly full.
  • Order of blanching the ingredientsAlthough there is no particular limit, leafy vegetables should be added at the ending because in most cases, they will absorb the flavor and spoil the soup base.
  • Do not forget about the drink|The best drinks for hot pot in China is fruit juice especially watermelon juice or corn milk. Or mung bean soup is highly recommended as it can help to reduce the hotness.
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    How To Choose A Hot Pot Soup Base

    Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base å°?è¥ç¾ç?«éåºæ

    The experience starts with choosing a soup base. Do you like spicy or non-spicy? Some non-spicy options are Wild Mushroom, Special Pork Rib or Tomato Soup.

    Spicy soup bases are meant to astonish all your senses with the spiciness, umami flavours and aromas.

    A lot of the spicy soup bases feature a special butter, red hot chili, Sichuan peppercorn, and other exotic herbs and spices.

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    Shaoxing Cooking Wine $299 For 253 Ounces

    For one staff member, Shaoxing wine is not only a favorite grocery item, but also a pantry staple that serves many functions, appearing in wonton and dumpling fillings, stir-fry meals, and braised dishes such as hong shao yu . Shaoxing wine is a rice wine that comes from the city of Shaoxing situated in Chinas Zhejiang province. Its dark-amber in color and adds a deep, complex flavor to any dish, marinade, or sauce.

    Hung Vuong Food Market

    6410-42 Frankford Avenue #22, Mayfair/Tacony, inside the Mayfair Shopping Center

    Much larger than its Philadelphia Chinatown counterpart, Heng Fa, and with much more parking, this sibling to the Hung Vuong in South Philly is part of a growing regional empire and a welcome addition for Mayfair/Taconys growing Fujianese and Vietnamese community, as well as its non-Asian residents. Here you will find all the bok choy, Shanghai tips, bitter melon, and assorted cabbages for easy stir fries colorful tropical fruits and necessary spices and herbs including goji berries, snow fungus, lotus seeds, long pepper , and white cardamom pods. The seafood selection is gorgeous the mollusks alone Oysters! Conches! Scallops! Snails! So many sizes of clams! is breathtaking. They have really awesome produce and they also clean fresh fish for you. The market is a great uniter for the diverse communities in Northeast Philadelphia, says Alex Balloon, the executive director of the Tacony Community Development Corporation.

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