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Sending Connection Requests To Your 2nd 3rd Degree Connections

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dux Soup

If you havenât read our blog on the recommended settings for beginners, we wanted to refresh your memory and remind you of the one simple rule when it comes to the connections requests:

This means that if you have, say, 1450 connections in your LinkedIn network, you can send 72 connection requests per day. Even if it seems too low given the fact that you have Sales Navigator, remember that these are the recommended settings to start with. If you gradually increase the limit bit by bit, in a couple of weeks you will be able to send 100 invites per day, for example:

Week 1 â sending 72 connection requests per day

Week 2 â sending 90 connection requests per day

Week 3 â sending 100 connection requests per day

As you can see, consistency and patience is the key!

Now letâs start the process of setting up a search and targeting your potential clients.

To set up your search, go to your Sales Navigator and click to search for leads :

On the left, you will see some available filters but if you click âView all filtersâ at the bottom, it will open up a window with much more filters.

You can even sort the profiles by the company size, years of experience, LinkedIn groups they are part of, etc. This means that you will get more relevant, better targeted list of potential leads.

If we go more advanced, you can use the boolean search to filter out the profiles even more.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dux

The Dux-Soup Starter Edition is a great way to preview which features and settings Dux-Soup has and test them out for free.

But for those who are serious about boosting lead generation efforts, the Dux-Soup Professional Edition unlocks features such as profile visiting, automatic messaging, downloading data, and more.

Weâve run webinars about using Dux-Soup Pro and everything you need to know about its features. But, if you just donât have time to attend or watch the recording, then this guide is for you.

Weâve compiled a list of the most common questions users have asked on our webinars about using Pro. So, here they are – with the answers!

Sit Back Relax And Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Ready to level up your marketing campaigns? It only takes a couple of minutes to start automating your LinkedIn outreach with Zopto, and weâll be more than happy to help if you need a hand. Just reach out to us and let us know and weâll see what we can do!

Our team of experienced customer success managers are on hand at all times to provide strategic and technical support, with options ranging from email and chat support to one-on-one consultation calls and even a dedicated customer success manager.

Performance and Scale: Zoptoâs LinkedIn automation tool isnât just some lightweight Chrome extension. Itâs a fully-fledged, cloud-based piece of software that offers premium performance and the ultimate in scalability. Fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns without being dependent upon device or internet connection.

Military Grade Security: Zopto offers full LinkedIn account security and allows you to experience secure prospecting with no need to worry about your data being compromised or your account being hacked. Better still, Zoptoâs AI platform is specifically designed to protect you from being banned from LinkedIn and operates within all of the networkâs guidelines.

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Reach Out With Mailshake

Mailshake is cold emailing made easy. Use their battle-tested templates, or write your own messages. Schedule automatic follow-ups based on time or clicks.

Launch a new campaign in Mailshake by clicking the big + sign, import the .CSV file created by Dux-Soup, and craft the messages your recipients will receive.

Most importantly, dont stop at just one. Roughly 70% of email campaigns stop after one unanswered message. But and this is key youll increase your response rate with every follow-up email you send. In fact, you can still see results after the tenth email.

The follow-up email is essential, and Mailshake makes it easy with templates, personalization, link tracking, and more, all on auto-pilot.

The Lead Catcher function will stop sending auto-replies as soon as you get a response . Prospects that meet your criteria are shifted to a special queue, and youre notified immediately so you can reach out personally to those warm and ready individuals.

Set it up, click Send Campaign, and Mailshake will deliver qualified leads to your digital doorstep.

You can even connect VoilaNorbert to Mailshake via Zapier. Create a Zap that automatically sends a new contact directly to your Mailshake email list, and youve removed one of the only manual steps in the entire process.

Just remember, though: once connections have been made on a deeper level, you must switch to real one-to-one communication.

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How Do I Send A Bulk Message On Linkedin


Sending bulk messages on LinkedIn is easy. You can even do it without third-party tools. From your LinkedIn account, you can go to your inbox and click on the compose message button. You can add up to 50 connections in the recipients field. This method is limited as you may want to send more than 50 messages.

Thats where LinkedIn automation tools come in.

The best LinkedIn automation tools enable you to send bulk messages on LinkedIn. However, they do it in a human-like way that doesnt violate LinkedIns policies. You can also apply different filters to select which connections to include in your campaign.

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Prospecting On Published Keywords

In LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have the ability to target people who have written posts with specific hashtags. For example, if you want to prospect people who have put #seo, then you can add this to the filter section. Add as many as you like. Then in your sales prospecting message, you could write:

Hey ,

Your LinkedIn post on the topic caught my attention. In fact I also write on this topic. I also released my new

e-book on , which you can use for . Id be happy to send it to you. Are you interested?

Here the example is a digital book, but you can do the same for your customer magnet format:

  • A series of videos.
  • A physical meeting.
  • And much more.

Targeting people on LinkedIn Sales Navigator with published keywords is a great way to drive qualified traffic to the entrance of your conversion tunnel.

How Many Linkedin Connections Can You Send In A Day

The number of LinkedIn connection requests you can send in a day is mainly dependent on the type of account you have. Here are some suggested limits for each account:

  • LinkedIn Free no more than 50 connections a day.
  • LinkedIn Premium between 100-125.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator 200-225.

That being said, dont send out all your connection requests at once. Doing so could raise some eyebrows. Instead, spread them out throughout the day.

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What Do I Say When I Connect With Someone On Linkedin

In most cases, the people you connect with on LinkedIn are total strangers. And thats why your first message to them is crucial. It must engage them and help you gain their trust. To do that, you must personalize your message.

So what do you say when you connect with someone on LinkedIn?

First of all, highlight something you have in common. Next, introduce yourself and let your new LinkedIn connection know what they will benefit from connecting with you.

Premium Business Linkedin + Dux

Dux soup with Linkedin Sales Navigator

With LinkedIn Business Premium, you get more profile visits with Dux-Soup! By default, you are allowed to do up to 250 profile visits per day without getting into trouble. This means that by setting profile visits to âDetect: Leave it to usâ, the Dux will do 250 visits.

Plus, the commercial use limit is gone so you can run an unlimited number of searches.

Itâs worth pointing out that with a Premium Business Account you have the ability to save your searches which saves lots of timeâââyou can quickly load up a search and run Dux-Soup visiting in minutes.

Finally, you get 15 InMail credits allowing you to message 15 people you are not connected to.

Note: You will not be able to use InMailer feature on Dux-Soup. It is only available for Sales Navigator and Recruiter accounts.

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How To Use Phantombuster

You need to install Phantombuster as it is a chrome extension. After that, you need to connect your LinkedIn account and then enter all the necessary information if you want to scrape details of the prospects profile. The input tab looks like this:Once you have scrapped the data, you can upload the spreadsheet that has all the data.

Depending on the feature you opt for, the price of this tool can vary from $0-$900.

How To Use Zopto

Running a campaign with Zopto is simple and quick. Simply open your Zopto account and use advanced filters to search for your ideal prospects. Choose the level of engagement as per your requirements and then start your campaign.It really is a 2-minute process.The price of this tool ranges between $215 $895.

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Sending Personalised Messages Via Sales Navigator

One of the main benefits of having LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the advanced search filters and the option to visit up to 500 profiles per day with Dux-Soup. What about the number of connection requests per day? And how many direct messages can you send?

This how-to blog guide will walk you through the process of sending connection requests and messages on Sales Navigator.

What Is Linkedin Message Automation


LinkedIn message automation is the practice of automating the messages you send to connections. This includes connection request messages, prospecting messages, and any other type of message you may want to send on LinkedIn.

However, automating LinkedIn messages must be done safely. Dont send hundreds of messages to your connections at once. Thats considered spamming, and it will get you kicked off LinkedIn.

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Where Can I Find My Sent Messages

Direct messages sent via Sales Navigator will appear in your Sales Navigator inbox. To access it, simply click on the message icon at the top of the page.

So there you have it â the basics for connecting with leads on Sales Navigator. We hope you took notes and learn something new. In case you have more questions on how to use Dux-Soup, you can always refer to our Customer Helpdesk or send us a quick message to , weâre always available to help.

How Many Linkedin Connections Are Good

One frequently asked question concerning LinkedIn regards how many LinkedIn connections are good enough for achieving business goals.

The answer is not straightforward.

Thats because success on LinkedIn is not about the number of connections its about the quality of connections you build. While you can have up to 30,000 connections, those numbers mean nothing if most of them add no value to your network. That being said, the wider your network, the more visible you become on LinkedIn.

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Dux Soup Review: Is It Legal Does It Still Work In 2021

  • Considered ‘blackhat’ in the eyes of LinkedIn.
  • Only avalible for Google Chrome.
  • Could be easier to use.

Tired of grinding on LinkedIn looking for connections? I was too, until I stumbled across Dux Soup. Check out our Dux Soup review and learn how to you can use this lead generation tool to up your connections, and your sales.

Also, for those who do purchase Dux Soup through this review, Ill be throwing in some free LinkedIn automation strategies you can use to build your network, and boost your sales.

Use the table of contents below to help you navigate throughout this guide.

  • Dux Soup Review Conclusion
  • How Does Dux Soup Work

    Get Started with Dux Soup: The #1 LinkedIn Automation Tool

    Dux Soup works by installing directly into your Chrome Browser via an extension. Once installed, it begins scanning and detecting LinkedIn profiles and provides you with a number of automated features.

    Dux Soup avoids detection by mimicking human behavior, making it more difficult for LinkedIn to detect that automation software is being used.

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    Linkedin Sales Navigator Proven Methods And Growth

    Remember the searches we made above on Sales Navigator?

    Theres a lot you can do with that feature alone.

    Essentially, youre going to be saving that search result , and then using a to automatically connect with them.

    Lets copy that URL and import it to Expandi .

    Then, go to Search and create New Search.

    Paste the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search URL here

    And voila!

    You should see your LinkedIn search results imported successfully.

    From here, you can make all sorts of magic happen.

    Such as:

    • Setting up a step-by-step social selling outreach campaign.
    • Automate follow-ups after 2, 3, 5, days.
    • Write your very own custom templates .
    • And more.

    This way, becomes much, much easier.

    Now, weve written a lot about LinkedIn automation and growth-hacks on our blog. So, we wont go in-depth about our top strategies here .

    Instead, heres a few quick growth-hacks you can incorporate into your Sales Navigator lead generation tactics.

    How To Use Linkedin Sales Navigator In 2021 To Get The Most Out Of It

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the premium version of LinkedIn. It costs $64.99/month and lets you find leads much more efficiently.

    Whenever were discussing LinkedIn Sales Navigator though, theres usually only one question on everyones mind: Is it worth it?

    And if youre here, you might think it is. You might be even strongly considering buying it.

    If thats the case, youve come to the right place.

    Were going to cover using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for sales, how to get the most out of it, and more. Well cover:

    • Why to Get Sales Navigator
    • Getting Started With Sales Navigator
    • 9 Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation Features
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Proven Methods and Growth-Hacks

    So, is it worth it?

    The short answer: Yes, if you know how to use it.

    And if you DONT, be sure to keep on reading.

    Because, by the end of this guide you will.

    Heres what you need to know:

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    Sales Navigator + Dux

    This is what we call a âkillerâ combo as Sales Navigator maximises your chances of targeting a relevant lead. With the help of the advanced filters you will find the exact target group of people that would be interested in your product.

    All of these advanced filters really help to find the correct target market, which then also lets you create a better personalised connection message on Dux-Soup.

    On top of that, you can visit 500 profiles a day with Dux-Soup without getting your LinkedIn account into trouble. If you leave your daily limits to âDetect: Leave it to usâ or set it to âSales Navigator: up to 500 visits per dayââââboth options mean that the robot will visit 500 profiles.

    Plus, you are automatically granted 20 InMail credits each month which you can use to send InMails. The option to send InMails can be set up under Dux-Soup Options:

    Another very useful feature that Sales Navigator has is the ability to save your search . After you set up your search filters, you can save this search for later or set the alerts to notify you when the thereâs a new contact that meets your search criteria:

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    Dux Soup Alternative

    Hello, Is anyone interested in best practices regarding pipedrive and Dux Soup ?

    Let’s talk in this community.


    Me animé a grabar un tutorial corto de una herramienta que ayuda a conocer a más personas en Linked In en el menor tiempo posible

    3 recomendaciones para usar esta herramienta en Linked In:

    Cuida la frecuencia y tipo de redacción que uses en tus mensajes

    Busca ofrecer tu conocimiento y experiencia

    Tu propósito es ayudar y colaborar con tu red

    Pienso hacer más presentaciones usando las integraciones con Pipedrive para tu aceleración comercial

    Herramientas digitales usadas en el video:

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    Standard Linkedin + Dux

    With a standard LinkedIn account, Dux-Soup will run 100 profile visits per day by default. Note that you can configure the number of profiles you can visit per day but as you have a standard LinkedIn account, your chances of getting restricted are higher. Weâd recommend sticking with 100 profile visits per day and if you set your profile visits to âDetect: Leave it to usâ under Throttling settings, Dux-Soup will automatically do 100 visits for you.

    Note: as a standard LinkedIn user, LinkedIn will cap your number of searches and you will be notified once you are approaching your commercial use limits for the month.

    If you do not want to upgrade, the solution would be to use the X-Ray search tool or as this isnât counted towards your commercial use limit.

    Is Linked Helper Legal

    The first version of LH was a Chrome extension. The second one is a web browser by itself. As it is a web browser we dont need to inject its code into Linkedin page in order to repeat human actions like clicks, mouse moves, scrolling or text typing. Like most LinkedIn automation tools, LinkedHelper is frowned upon by LinkedIn. However, it isnt illegal to use as long as your use of the tool is within legal confines.

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    Linkedin Automation Tools And Resources That Will Help Your Business Grow

    Businessman working on laptop


    Lead generation on LinkedIn is popular for a reason. A HubSpot study found it was 277% more effective than efforts on other social media platforms. Although LinkedIn is where most B2B marketers prefer to be, only 10% of all marketers are investing in the social network.

    A lack of knowledge and time may be to blame. However, and resources can simplify the lead generation process. With so many tools available, you need to identify those whose features will best fit your unique growth strategies. Here are 10 great options to explore:

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