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Max 80 Speed Big Paper Bowl Making Machine For Instant Noodle
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    Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls 20oz 52 Count Dinner Or Lunch Size Printed Disposable Bowls By Dixie

    We have already talked much about Dixie bowls earlier. If you want a stylish printed disposable bowl, Dixie is always the first choice. The thing that puts this Dixie set of disposable bowls different than the earlier one in the number of bowls in the set. Yes, this set includes only 52 disposable bowls. They can hold up to 20 ounces without any problem. The soak proof shield makes the bowls withstand against the water with ease. Not only this, you can use them in the microwave too.

    Which Disposable Bowls Were The Most Durable

    Durability depended on the materials the bowls were made from and whether or not they were coated with a waterproof seal. The two foam bowls in our lineup were too flimsy and too easily punctured with a disposable fork and knife. They were also the only two models that werent microwave-safe.

    We microwaved chicken noodle soup in each of the bowls and let the soups sit in the bowls for 30 minutes. Compostable bowls developed soggy bottoms and sides, while coated paper bowls emerged unscathed, thanks to their waterproof coatings.

    While the seven compostable models held up to repeated cuts and pokes and contained the ice cream cake without becoming soggy, they struggled with hot foods. When we added hot baked beans and chicken noodle soup separately to two sets of each model, their bottoms became soft and the outsides of the bowls felt sweaty. Even though these bowls were supposedly microwave-safe, we found that a stint in the microwave to heat up chicken noodle soup made the sides precariously soft and malleable.

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    Hefty Everyday Foam Disposable Bowls

    If you want to try something different than the paper, plastic, or sugarcane disposable bowls, try this one. Made of amazingly light-weight foam, this set of bowls is a head-turner in the market. Unlike other disposable bowls, they can be used in daily use without any worries. They are so beautifully designed that they can never create a mess. There is no chance of spilling. The soak proof shield makes them the universal bowls which can be used anywhere. Interestingly, this outstanding set of disposable bowls is incredibly affordable.

    Paper Soup Cups With Lids Make It Easy To Package And Sell Your Signature Side Dishes

    Cowhide paper packing box circle soup bowl disposable ...
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    Paper soup bowls are the perfect way to package soups and other hot side dishes at your deli, market, or salad bar. Their insulated paper designs keep food warm, allowing your customers to take your delicious food home with them. Many of our paper soup cups and bowls even feature lids that can retain more heat than uncovered options. Lids also keep food contained during transport, cutting down on the possibility of spills and burns.

    Our selection of paper soup bowls features many different options to accommodate your customers and your business. Different sizes allow you to choose exactly how much product should be sold with small, medium, and large orders, making portion control easy. There are also a number of colorful designs to choose from, ensuring your paper soup cup will match the decor of your restaurant, cafe, or other eatery.

    Also make sure to check out other great items from Choice, EcoChoice, Solo, Bare by Solo, Eco Products, Fineline and Huhtamaki.

    Food Service Resources

    Our focus is your convenience â order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding customer service make WebstaurantStore the best choice to meet all of your professional and food service supply needs.

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    Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls

    Dixie ultra paper bowls are one of its kind as it is not made of plastic but paper. The bowls are perfect for dinners, holidays or any other occasions. It is Kosher certified. Also, the bowls are coated in a soak proof shield. This coating adds stability and durability to the paper bowls.

    Key features

    • The pack contains 156 paper bowls in total which are a great quantity for any party, events, picnics, etc.
    • It is BPA-free and durable.
    • As it is a paper bowl, it can be used for serving some snacks, appetisers along with serving soups.
    • The bowls are microwavable and can be recycled.

    Oz Bowls Large Disposable Eco Compostable Chili Soup Paper Plastic Free 75pk Price: $41.07 & FREE Shipping.

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    LARGE STURDY DURABLE BOWLS These 32oz disposable bowls are the perfect size and have a great natural attractive lookPERFECT FOR HOT AND COLD USE 75 Pack bulk heavy duty bowls great for soups chilis cereal salads and mixingEARTH FRIENDLY Environmentally safe Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber Eco bowls are a great alternative to plastic and paper bowls

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    Elite Selection Soup Bowls

    The elite selection soup bowls are superior plastic soup plates which are heavy weight and do not crack that easily. The bowls are so beautiful that it looks like real china dishes. It can be used for serving pizza, soups, desserts, etc. in events, wedding receptions, mitzvah, etc. The bowls are recyclable and BPA free.

    Key features

    • There are 25 durable and sturdy bowls in the pack which is perfect for any small event, party or dinner.
    • The bowls have golden trimmings giving it an elegant touch.
    • The bowls are disposable so you can discard it after its use.
    • The bowls can be used for serving salads, appetisers, and desserts as well.

    Select Settings Soup Bowls White With Silver Rim Plastic Disposable Bowls

    120 Bowls/min Automatic Paper Soup Bowl Making Machine SMD-80B

    After looking at this set of bowls, you would know why it is ranked first on our list. Be it their design or the durability, these bowls outdo all other disposable ones. Made of BPA-free plastic, these bowls are designed with the silver rims which add a stylish look to the bowls. This rim also makes it easy to hold the bowls. These bowls are so stylish and solid-made that you can use them even with the ceramic dinnerware set.

    So, these are the top 10 best sets of bowls disposable in the market. They are no less than the ceramic bowls when it comes to the stylish design. And, when it comes to user-friendliness, these bowls are just unbeatable.

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    Karat Earth Disposable Soup Bowls

    The next option that you can consider for getting disposable bowls is from the brand of Karat Earth. These bowls are made using bagasse. As bagasse is a by-product of sugar cane, it is an ideal option for eco-friendly bowls. The bagasse is made from the fibers of sugar cane that are left behind after extraction of the sugar. These fibers are known for their strength and durability. Hence these bowls are the sustainable and perfect option for your parties, picnics and more.

    Key features:

    • These disposable bowls are ideal for serving food items like rice, noodles, salad and chili.
    • As the bowls are made from eco-friendly material, it is compostable and doesnt harm our planet earth.
    • These soup bowls are safe to use in the microwave hence you can use it in house parties too.
    • The bowls do not emit any toxic fumes while microwaving it.

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    • Made with an eco-friendly PLA plastic lining can be composted in a commercial composting facility
    • Withstands temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Plain, kraft exterior allows you to write orders and customer names on the cup
    • Vented lid lets steam and moisture out to prevent foods from getting soggy
    • 8 oz. size is great for single servings can be used for hot or cold foods

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    Laura Stein Plastic Bowls

    Laura Stein plastic bowls are unique ones in this list. These bowls are clear and transparent which is different from all the plastic bowls you get in the market. The bowls are premium quality disposable bowls. There are other options from the manufacturer that you can match with these bowls like plates, cups, etc. for parties and events.

    Key features

    • The bowls have a beautiful design and are of good quality.
    • The bowls can be used for everyday use as well.
    • The bowls can be used for serving chilli, ice-creams, etc.

    Zenco Bagasse Rice Bowl 32oz Bowls Large Disposable Eco Compostable ...

    Another brand that you can consider for getting eco-friendly and sustainable party supplies is Zenco. They also have a range of supplies, including plates, different sizes of bowls, napkins and much more. These compostable bowls from Zenco are made using bagasse to replace your traditional paper bowls. Like other compostable bowls, these ones can also hold different kinds of food items, be it soup, rice, chilly and others. You can get this set for taking with for camping, picnic, office parties, brunches and much more. Also, you can get two colors in these bowls: White and Beige.

    Key features:

    • These eco-friendly bowls are reliable, sturdy and can hold anything with ease.
    • There are 50 compostable bowls included in this set.
    • All the bowls are microwave-safe and do not emit any toxic fumes.
    • The bowls are BPI certified and are fully compostable within 60-90 days.
    • The company also offers a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the overall quality and performance of these bowls.

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    Natural Sugarcane Bagasse Bamboo Fibers Compostable Eco

    Harvest Pack is a well-known brand in this industry. The reason for its popularity is its fancy design with a reliable service. If you dont need hundreds of disposable bowls and just need a smaller pack of bowls, turn to this one. The set includes 50 small-sized bowls which are ultra-stylish and amazingly reliable. They are made of sugarcane and bamboo fibers, so you dont need to worry about their composting either. Just use them and throw away.

    Available In Various Sizes

    Designing and creating products with the cost-efficient consumer in mind, EcoChoice provides high-quality items for a low, economical price, and this product is no exception. It also comes in various sizes so you can provide guests with the portions they request, whether small or large. Upgrade your quick take-out service with this convenient hot food cup!

    Customer Q& A Ask a Question

    Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    • Overall User Rating:EcoChoice 8 oz. Kraft Paper Food Cup with Vented Lid – 250/Case

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    Top 11 Best Disposable Bowls

    How to Make Soup Bowls Out Of Bread | No More Washing Up!

    Are you planning to throw a grand party any time soon? Yes? Well, then these disposable bowls are for you. I know organizing a party is not easy. So, lets reduce some hectic and burden from the washing work by using the disposable bowls and plates. These materials are compostable, very environmental friendly and safe. These soup bowls will lessen half of your work and let you enjoy your happy moments without any worries. To help you with the buying, we have collected and updated our list with the 11 best disposable bowls for you below. Check them out!


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    Dixie Ultra Paper Bowls Dinner Or Lunch Size Printed Disposable Soup Bowls

    There is an array of varieties in disposable soup bowls. If you want the paper bowls, no other brand can beat Dixie. Being a leading brand in paper disposable dinnerware items, Dixie offers really amazing services at a reasonable price. This pack of Dixie bowls includes 156 bowls of 20 ounces each. They have a colorful design which makes them even more beautiful. To ensure the best user experience, the bowls are coated with the soak paper shield which makes them durable and microwavable.

    Which Disposable Bowls Were The Most Comfortable To Hold And Eat From

    Since we often hold a disposable bowl while eating from it, such as when at a party or picnic, we knew that a good disposable bowl needed to feel comfortable in our hands, especially when filled with hot food. We were looking for a few key attributes: a wide rim, a wide base, and short walls. A wide, sturdy rim would allow us to easily pick up the bowls, especially when they were full of hot baked beans or when we were removing them from a microwave. A bowl with a wide base would be more secure to hold and easier to grip.

    Bowls with shorter walls were easier to eat from than bowls with taller walls . The taller walls made it more difficult to maneuver disposable utensils in and out of the bowls, so it was challenging to extract food, especially while standing.

    Bowls with smaller bases were typically more tapered in shape and therefore had taller walls than those with wider bases. The higher the walls, the tougher it was to eat from the bowls, as the angles made it harder to see food and use utensils. Bowls with shorter walls allowed us to more easily access our food, whether we were scooping beans with a spoon or piercing and cutting pieces of fruit with a fork and knife.

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    Which Size Is Right For You

    We tested a variety of bowl sizes, ranging from 10 to 20 ounces. The smaller bowls were great for sidespotato salad, coleslaw, mac and cheese, fruit salador even containing a messy pulled pork sandwich or a slice of ice cream cake. However, they were too small to hold a meal-size portion of chili or a salad containing bulky greens. We found that the 16- to 20-ounce bowls were too big for a small side, but they were perfect for larger portions of soup, stew, and salad. If youre serving a variety of foods and want to buy only one model, we think that the larger sizes are more versatile.

    Fuyit Disposable Soup Bowls

    35 Oz Large Paper Bowls, 70 Pack Disposable Soup Bowls ...

    If you are looking for bowls made from non-GMO materials, then this might be the best alternative for you. These bowls are made with 100% natural sugarcane bagasse fiber, which makes it compostable, sustainable and renewable. The dimensions of the containers are made to accommodate more quantity. As these bowls are sturdy and reliable, you can use it for many parties and occasions. You can serve chili, soup, ice cream, soup and many other food items. Avoid heating water in these bowls as it is not recommended.

    Key features:

    • The bowls can be used to serve both hold and cold food.
    • There are 150 pieces of bowls in this package.
    • It meets the FDA guidelines for food contact surfaces and these bowls are compostable in commercial facilities.
    • There is no leaking in these bowls and it is also free of wax and plastic linings.
    • This package of disposable bowls is microwavable as well as freezable.
    • These bowls are heat-safe up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • You can also use these bowls to feed your pets.

    The options stated above are the best-sellers and the top-rated options for the disposable bowls. These bowls can be used for serving other food items as well such as chilli, desserts, appetisers, salads, etc. Disposable bowls are perfect for the parties and events as there is no mess after party and you can reuse them too.

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