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This DIY canned food storage can hold up to 126 cans and is super convenient for those families who have varieties of canned food in their pantry as it is a two-tiered FIFO rack.

Once you build a habit of organizing shelves of the rack based on varieties of the canned food, youll get an added benefit of knowing when youre low on a high use item.

Diy Canned Food Organizer Tutorial

This DIY project might be an all-in-one solution for all your pantry organizational problems. It might seem a bit complicated at first, but it is super easy when you read the directions. You can even customize the rack according to your need.

Not only canned food, but you can also store mini bottles and packaged foods in this rack. Head over to the site to find out how you can create this pantry masterpiece.

Closet Racks For The Win

Add closet racks to your cabinets to display your canned foods and see what you have at a simple glance. I must say, thats an amazing can storage idea! Getting those canned foods organized will reap rewards by saving you a lot of frustration, time, and money. Plus, no more expired foods! What a clever way to repurpose closet racks and fix your canned food storage problem at the same time.

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Now’s The Time To Clean Your Cluttered Pantry With These 10 Genius Can Organizers

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I hate to admit that my kitchen isn’t the cleanest. One of my goals for the new year is to finally get it organized and hopefully use it more. My pantry and refrigerator are the first places I need to start. They always seem to be overflowing with boxes and cans that somehow end up rolling around on top of each other. To help me get it together, I started shopping for handy organizers and came across useful tools I never knew my life was missing, including can organizers.

It may seem like a simple product, but they truly are so useful for your space. Whether you’re looking to store your favorite sparkling water in your fridge or clean up all your cans of soup, no doubt these organizers will help you free up space and make everything more visible. Ahead, I curated a list of 10 cool choices that you can shop, too. Keep reading to check them all out and get motivated to refresh your kitchen ASAP.

Make A Canned Food Dispenser Get Organized

Soda Cans Vegetable or Soup Can or Canned Goods Organizer ...

If you want to DIY an extremely convenient two-shelved wooden can storage rack, this idea might be the winner for you. The cans that are first added to the rack lies on the front of the bottom shelf, whereas you add new cans to the top shelf.

The rack is made up of ½ inch and ¼ inch plywood, and you can scale it up or down depending upon your needs.

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Best Can Rack Organisers For Your Pantry

byPauline2nd January 2020, 2:35 am

Cans are probably one of the best inventions ever made by the likes of Adolph Coors Company and Patent Durand. They have grown to be the best and more efficient ways to store food or drinks.

Studies show that cans are better than bottles because they weigh less and are easier to carry around and store. As time continues to pass people have continued to switch to using cans for storage at home.

The only problem with using cans is that they may become messy if not stored well, which could cause an accident in your home. But if you are careful, you have plenty of benefits to enjoy from these products.

Here are some of the best can rack organisers for your pantry which will help you solve your can problems.

Custom Sized Diy Can Organizer Using Magazine Holders And Cardboard


In addition to the supplies for covering a regular sized can organizer, you will need one magazine holder for your template, assorted flat cardboard, and duct tape.

Measure the largest can you will be using in your can organizer. My can of tomatoes is 4 3/4 tall. Measure the length of the bottom of your can holder, cut a piece of cardboard the same length but increase the width to the length of your can plus 1/2. For example, mine is 5 1/4 wide.

Once you have the bottom piece cut, double check that your can will fit before continuing.

Using the magazine holder as your template. Cut out the back and the front the same length as the magazine holder, but the same width as the bottom 5 1/4 wide

The picture shows you the three pieces you need to cut wider. To make the sides of the organizer just trace them as is.

Once you have all five pieces cut. Tape them together using duct tape. Do not wrap the tape around the ends, trim it. You dont want the tape showing on the inside of your can organizer. The blue arrows illustrate the pieces that are wider than the original magazine holder.

Fold the cardboard into the can organizer shape, adding extra duct tape to the outside of your cardboard to make it sturdy. Now that you have the cardboard foam created complete the large organizer exactly the same as you would the purchased cardboard organizer.

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The Container Store To The Rescue

These super cute, inexpensive bins from The Container Store, are perfect for storing canned foods. Also, theyre clear, so you can see how much you have at a glance. They even have handy labels for the front, to help your pantry stay organized. I think this is so clever! Also, have a look at these crazy Pringles can crafts, to organize your other storage as well!

Flagship Pantry Food Can Rack Organizer 3

Pantry Magic!- Rotating Can Rack Organizer- DIY
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    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Store up to 36 cans of capacity 16 oz show in the picture aslo for variety size can. The recommended capacity for storing canned food is about 16 ounces and 4.37inch height. Using suggestion is storing regular and smaller size cans on the 2~3 tier and storage bigger size on the top tier.
    • The Stacking Can Dispensers is well constructed and even came with spare rubber feet. Made from heavy casted iron. Based on sturdy frame, this shelf will not shake significantly that you can feel free to organize your cans.
    • This can organizer for pantry is just a sensible way to store cans and keep your countertop clean. It will never go back to stacking cans on a shelf ever again.
    • Convenient Access.Removable shelves make it easier to get cans, even the cans hidden in the last side you can get. the units can be separated to the independent storage unit. You can assemble as your needs.

    Similar item to consider

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    Use Metal Utility Shelving For Either Store Bought Or Home Canned Goods



    Angela at Confessions of a Craft Addict shared her before and after pictures of how she organizes her home canned goods. She said: “My canning shelves in the basement were already pretty well organized after this summer. So, I didn’t do a whole lot there, just a little straightening and putting away empty mason jars.”I like how she used metal utility shelves in the basement for this purpose. I have found these are very sturdy and a good value. They don’t look “beautiful” for main rooms of your home, but are great for garages, basements, and other utility type rooms! Helpful hint though – before adding lots of heavy things to a shelf, especially breakable stuff such as Mason Jars, make sure the shelving unit you’ve purchased is sturdy enough to hold that much weight, so you don’t break the shelves and ruin the contents. Ask me how I know! 🙂

    Canned Goods In Pull Out Shelf In Cabinet

    If you decide to put your canned goods in a cabinet, especially a deep one, really think about how hard it will be to retrieve some of the ones especially in the back.If it is a low cabinet this is even more of a concern.One way to use this space is to install a pull out basket shelf in the cabinet. Then, when you need something instead of having to reach far back into the space you pull out the whole basket, grab what you need, and then push the whole thing back inside.It can be a real back saver, and make storing things like this more convenient in a space it might not otherwise have worked for you.Photo courtesy of LizMarie_AK

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    Diy Food Can Dispenser With Plans

    Do you want to build a FIFO can dispenser? If yes, this is the video you might want to see. The favorable reviews on the comment section say it all!

    This DIY design holds 42 cans. Most importantly, make sure to match the width of each shelf of the dispenser to can height. As not all cans you buy are of the same height, the width of dispenser shelves can vary accordingly.

    Shelf Reliance Large Food Organizer Soup Can Dispenser Rack: Home &  Kitchen

    This heavy hitter is for those of you with big pantries or even garage storage. Its designed to hold anything from small cans of tuna all the way up to 30-ounce cans. It holds up to 60 cans and dispenses cans so that you can grab the older cans first and keep things rotating. Looking for something thats not as long? This one is more compact and still holds up to 54 cans!

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    Pantry Ideas Diy Canned Food Storage

    The blogger of Shanty 2 chic had to develop this unique wooden DIY rack solution to tackle her canned food organization problem. With a family of 7 and the number of food cans to feed the family, she had to be extremely creative.

    Head over to this site to see how you can DIY a similar can food storage rack. All the measurements and procedural details are provided in the post itself.

    Easy Diy Canned Food Storage Anyone Can Build

    Here, on this site, youll find out how you can build a 2 X 2 wall-mounted can dispenser with five compartments, among which four of them hold 15oz cans, and the remaining one holds 5oz tuna fish sized cans holding 39 cans in total.

    If your requirements are exactly the same, you can follow the measurements and directions provided in the blog. Else, tweak the sizes accordingly, and build the desired can dispenser for yourself.

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    Diy Canned Food Storage Wall

    There are many different canned food organizing options available from simple changes to more elaborate setups. Rather than wrap-around shelves in the pantry, this family opted for a single back wall of canned goods. This canned food storage wall is such a creative way to store your canned goods, dont you think? Its like the nail polish rack married the pantry closet and came up with this genius idea! Super cool!

    Use Dollar Store Bins For Cans

    Home Made Can Organizer

    Shoe bins from the Dollar Store are an affordable way to group canned goods together. Go one step further by arranging the bins according to whats in your cans for an ultra-organized pantry. This is a simple and affordable way to keep your canned food items neat and organized. See-through bins are a wonderful way to know what cans are there at a glance so no more searching frantically. What a cool organizational tool!

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    Woven Baskets With Labels

    Organize your canned food by type of ingredient and place them into baskets. Here, you see canned fruits, canned soups, etc. grouped together. This system sure makes it easy to grab and go smart! This is a great way to keep your shelves nice and organized so you find what youre looking for fast! You MAY even be able to turn the baskets the other way with the label on the end of the basket.

    What Are You Going To Do With All Those Food Cans

    Once you build this DIY can rotator for your pantry, were pretty sure youll be getting a lot of questions asking where did you buy it. The design is super fancy, and you can add as many shelves as you like.

    Make sure to check out the other follow-up video of the same Youtuber, where he talks about dimensions and provides you further details on the can rotator.

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    Wall Mounted Can Organizer

    If youre looking forward to making a wall-mounted can organizer, and this post is an all-in-one guide for that purpose. All the features and dimensions of this can organizer in explained in the post.

    On top of that, a YouTube video is also embedded in case you need a visual reference.

    Unlike other wall-mounted can organizers, she uses acrylic glass to hold the cans in place.

    However, if you dont have one, you can always add wooden strips on top of each divider.

    Canned Food Storage In Drawers

    Soda Cans Vegetable or Soup Can or Canned Goods Organizer ...

    There are terrific and effective pantry storage ideas for your canned foods no matter what type of kitchen you have. Do you have an extra kitchen drawer or maybe two? If you keep your canned goods in drawers, this tip will blow your mindwrite the contents of the cans on top so you can grab what you need in just a second. Why didnt I think of that? Pure genius!

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    Organize Your Pantry With Diy Slide

    Heres another cool woodworking project for you. If youve a cabinet in your pantry for storing canned foods, its highly likely that youve been annoyed on how youve to crawl on the floor to take out the can you need.

    Check this awesome DIY blog post on how this blogger added drawers to the cabinet, making addition and removal of cans super easy.

    Simplehouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer

    The bestselling can organizer on all of Amazon, this guy has almost 12,000 five-star reviews. It can hold up to 36 cans and comes with six adjustable plastic dividers to accommodate different cans of various sizes. Happy shoppers rave that its super sturdy, which is probably the most important thing here.

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    Maximize Your Pantry Space

    Have you ever wondered why shelves are so far apart in most pantries? Measure and plan your pantry shelves to maximize space. Odds are, you can fit a few more shelves into your pantry and cabinet to make use of empty space that would otherwise go unused. It actually never occurred to me to add additional shelves to my pantry. This is such a great storage idea!

    Mdesign Kitchen Can Dispenser Storage

    Features of the Pantry Maid Can Organizers

    For anyone running out of space in their kitchen or their storage room here is an answer for you.

    With this you need no longer to worry about where you are going to stock the food cans and the soda cans because the fridge is too full. It comes in two sets meaning more space for you.

    It has a unique design that enables you to fix it in that small space that is too little to keep anything important.

    The best part yet is that cleaning it will not be a worry. It does not just store one or two but seven cans which can probably last you a week. In it you do not just have a place to store your cans but you have a fancy dispenser. If you are trying to get your big dream into your small area here is the thing for.

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    Organization For Large Cans

    Turns out 4 inch wide organizers work well for soup tins, mushrooms, spaghetti sauce, and canned beans, but are a bit tight for canned vegetables and too narrow for silly large tin cans of tomatoes. I didnt realize the tomatoes didnt fit until I was finished. After feeling annoyed with myself I went ahead and made one specifically for the tomato cans. If youre interested I am sharing the DIY extra wide one at the end of this post.

    Lazy Susans For Canned Good Storage

    If you don’t have many cans, but you find it hard to find what you need one possibility is to place them on lazy susans in either your cabinets or pantry.This allows you to turn the rotator and find what you need without having to shift all the cans around.Of course, not many cans will fit on each one so this is only a good system if you don’t eat a lot of this type of food in your home.I suggest using one or more of these that are as large as possible but will still fit on your shelves. Therefore, this idea works best if you’ve got relatively deep shelves, so you can get a big enough turntable.

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