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Healthiest Garden Veggie Soup: Progresso Light Vegetable Soup

Veg Manchow Soup | Best Indo-Chinese Recipes | healthy soup recipes for weight loss | Cook Mate

Because veggies are low-cal and full of hunger-quelling fiber, vegetable soup is one of the most waist-friendly meals around. Not to mention, it’s also chock-full of other beneficial vitamins and nutrients. But vegetarians beware: just because it says “garden vegetable” doesn’t mean it’s solely full of veggies. Campbell’s choice has both chicken broth, chicken fat, and beef fat. Progresso’s option is by far the best canned soup in this round. It’s completely vegetarian and contains fewer carbs and less sugar than Campbell’s offering.

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Soup Recipe Weight Loss

Melt Away The Extra Kilos

Made with natural ingredients such as herbs, plants and meats, Chinese soups are a great way to maintain your weight. You can drink Chinese soups in place of snacks, or simply have them as meal replacements.

Just follow these tips if you want to keep your Chinese soups healthy:

  • Remove excess oil. Chinese soups can become oily from the fats of the meats that you use as ingredients.
  • Remove the skin. Go skinless and boil any meats without their skin.
  • Add more vegetables and roots. Vegetables such as bok choy, watercress, gourds and melons nourish your soups with fibre, calcium and vitamin C, which are great for the digestive system and skin health.

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Risks Of Using Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

Despite its positive effects, traditional Chinese medicine along with Chinese herbs is not completely risk-free. Numerous researches show that some components may be toxic, and some Chinese herbal products are contaminated with incorrect herbs, undeclared plant or animal material, some of which resulted in organ damage, drugs , heavy metals, pesticides, and sulfites, which could cause severe allergic reactions or asthma .

In other words, when you buy Chinese herbs for weight loss, you never know what exactly is there. Some formulas may contain components, which were not mentioned on the label. If you think that its not a big deal and cant be that dangerous, think about it as medications, which it often presents itself as. Imagine that you are buying vitamin supplements at a drug-store, and they contain particles of other medicine, that induce diarrhea, nausea, or increase your blood pressure. And now imagine your bodys reaction to a consistent intake of those vitamin supplements, especially if you already suffer from high blood pressure. So, you can never be sure whether those formulas are what they should be, or whether they pose a threat to your health and wellness.

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Chinese Herbal Weight Loss

Weight Loss Soup Recipe

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Healthiest Black Bean Soup: Pacific Organic Spicy Black Bean And Kale Soup

Looking for some protein without the beef? The beans in these soups deliver big time. But even more so if you’re grabbing a carton of Pacific’s organic as opposed to Amy’s. They both offer options with Eat This-approved ingredients, but Pacific is lower in calories, sodium, and sugar, and higher in protein than their organic comrade. For more meat-free options, check out these best vegetarians sources of protein.

Weight Loss Formula Recipe From Traditional Chinese Herbs That Work

Looking for fast and effective way to lose weight , the following Chinese medicine weight loss formula can help you to lose weight.

Made with Chinese herbs, which can be easily found in the any herb store.

Ingredients required to make this herbal weight loss soup are:

Cassia, hawthorn, plantago, dried tangerine peel, fleecer, licorice and Citrus aurantium.

Cassia seeds

It is good for asthma, gallbladder, liver, blood pressure, and has certain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Also helps to detoxify and cleanses liver and kidney, good for eyesight, has water laxative effect.

It helps to detoxify and cleanse the colon, promote gastrointestinal motility, remove the toxins, body stool, and excess lower blood lipids from the body.

Use cassia seed, if not available then can use cassia seed tea bags.


It helps to promote the secretion of gastric juice and increases the function of gastric enzymes.

Hawthorn also helps to eliminate the stagnation of the blood or blood stasis and promoting blood circulation. Of course it has many other benefits.

Hawthorn contains mountain terpenoids, brass and other pharmaceutical ingredients, which plays significant role in the expansion of blood vessels and has antihypertensive effect. With the enhanced myocardial function, antiarrhythmic properties, proper regulation of blood lipid and cholesterol,makes hawthorn an important herb.


Plantago is a herb which is beneficial for excess water retention and swelling problems.

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How We Chose Healthy Canned Soups

Manufacturers have come out with countless waistline-friendly options that can warm you up without filling you out. Because many labels are more than misleading, we’ve done the dirty work and combed through the dozens of picks on your supermarket shelves to find Eat This-approved soups.

Each of the healthiest canned soups is:

  • less than 200 calories
  • less than 870 mg sodium

We’ve listed many of the popular flavors, as well as ranked the building blocks that you’d use to whip up your own favorite recipe at home. Don’t have a killer go-to soup recipe yet? Make it one of these best-ever fat-burning soupsand take it easy with the salt shaker.

Helpful Tips To Make Weight Loss Soups:

Healthy Soup for Weight Loss | Sweet Corn Soup Recipe #EasyCookWorld | Chinese Soup | Soup for Kids
  • Always add veggies that you like most in the recipes.
  • Add cabbage and celery as theyre known for their weight loss and detoxifying properties, also they make the soup healthier hence it will keep you fuller.
  • To make the soup even healthier, you can replace the white potatoes with sweet potatoes.
  • If you prefer you can add beans to the soup for extra protein.

The benefits of these soups are that they taste great and they really do help you lose weight. The best part? This soup recipe is so easy to make, is packed with nutrients, making it a perfect option for weight loss.

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Is Egg Drop Soup From A Chinese Restaurant Keto Friendly

4.3/5Low CarbKeto Friendly Chinese FoodEgg Drop Soupeggsoupread here

Egg Drop Soup is a healthy Chinese broth based soup made with eggs, chicken broth, cornstarch, and green onions. If you’re looking for a healthy, warm, easy soup, this recipe is for you and only takes 10 minutes! It’s also ketofriendly.

Secondly, how many carbs are in Chinese egg drop soup? Chang’s Egg Drop Soup Cup | CalorieKing.Nutrition Facts.


Similarly, you may ask, what can I order at a Chinese restaurant on keto?

You can ask for steamed versions of some dishes and then add soy sauce, which fits within the guidelines of a well-formulated ketogenic diet. Particularly the steamed Asian broccoli or mustard are good choices. For protein, the roast pork, roast duck, and crispy-skin pork belly are good choices.

What is low carb at a Chinese restaurant?

Safest Choices at a Chinese RestaurantSteamed food, including whole steamed fish or steamed tofu with vegetables, are a good substitute for those that are deep-fried. Meat and vegetable combinations with thin, savory sauces can have fewer carbs and added sugar, perhaps 4 grams of carb for the whole dish.

Healthiest Beef Stock: Kitchen Basics Original Beef Stock

A staple for French onion soups, beef stock is a tricky product to purchase. That’s because store-bought versions are littered with flavor-enhancing chemicals and not much beef. For example: Knorr’s Beef Stock Concentrate contains inflammatory palm oil, four versions of MSG, sugar, two types of gums, and carcinogen-containing caramel color.

If you don’t have time to make a stock at home , go for Kitchen Basics’ Original Beef Stock, which contains real beef stock rather than just beef flavor, vegetable stock, honey, salt, and spicesmuch simpler than Knorr’s. Plus, it’s a surprisingly great source of protein!

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Recipe : Potato Soup Recipe With Pork Ribs And Carrot

This recipe with pork ribs and carrot is a superly yummy and healthy Chinese soup. I like to drink this Chinese soup whenever I am feeling overworked, tired and stressed.

If you want the potatoes and carrots to be softer, you can lengthen the cooking time to a maximum of 1 hour. If you want a crunchier soup, you can cut bigger cubes.

Do not try to shorten cooking time by increasing heat. Cooking over low heat is important. The flavour of the soup does require more than 30 minutes of simmering to develop.


  • Parboil the pork ribs, drain, wash & trim off any excess fat
  • Peel the carrots and potatoes, cut into bite-sized cubes
  • Bring 1800ml water to boil, add ribs, carrots and potatoes
  • Add the gou ji zi and red dates
  • Simmer for 30 mins. Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Let stand for 5-10 minutes before serving
  • You can also make this soup in the slow cooker or the thermal cooking pot. For the thermal cooking pot, bring the water and ingredients to boil in the inner pot. Let it boil for about 20 minutes before transferring in into outer pot and sealing it tight. Give it about 2 to 3 hours. Take out the inner pot and check whether the potato is soft and the pork is tender. If they are, take the pot out and bring the soup back up to a boil before serving.

    Ginkgo Nuts The Smart Anti

    Chinese Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

    Soup and porridge are two popular forms to consume as they are very simple to make. Recipe of this herbal cuisine consists of 5 ginkgo nuts and 100g rice. The preparing process is quite straightforward & ndash clean the nuts with water, peel and take the kernel, place them into pot along with rice, add appropriate water, boil them for enough time, and serve when it is ready. That is it.

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    Is Red Bean Soup Healthy

    Red bean soup or hong dou tong is a popular Chinese sweet soup that is made out of red beans.

    It is usually served as a refreshing cold treat in the summer and as a hearty, hot soup in the winter.

    But, the question is, is red bean soup healthy?

    Red Bean Soup is actually a healthier alternative to other dessert options as it contains less carbs coming from sugar and has lots of fiber coming from the red beans.

    However, it is a dish that is easily overeaten so portion control is necessary in order to stay within a healthy range of calories.

    Being a minimalist with wholesome ingredients, Red Bean Soup is a fairly healthy option when compared to other dessert choices such as cakes and buns. But, due to its sugar content, it is still ideal to consume red bean soup with moderation.

    There are a couple things to consider when trying to incorporate red bean soup into a weight loss or health journey.

    Here are three key points you should follow if you want to enjoy some red bean soup without compromising your weight loss or health journey.

  • Make sure to moderate your daily carbohydrate and calorie intake.

  • Make your own red bean soup at home.

  • Dont eat red bean soup too frequently.

  • Since red bean soup isnt terribly unhealthy for you, it is very easy to incorporate it into your diet and still have you lose weight as long as you look out for these tips.

    Recipe Variation From A Visitor

    Instead of pork ribs, use lean pork cut into small cubes. Additional ingredients include: diced onions, sliced or diced carrots , cubed potatoes, a stick of cinnamon, red dates.

    The cooking method consists of bringing the onion cubes in water to a boil first before adding all the other ingredients and simmering for at least an hour. Just before serving, remove the cinnamon stick so that the flavour doesn’t get too overwhelmingly strong. If you like a bit of a peppery aftertaste, you can also consider adding a few white peppercorns into the soup while simmering as well.

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    Best Bouillon Cube: Better Than Bouillon Reduced Sodium Chicken Base

    If you’ve ever examined a bouillon cube’s ingredient list before, you’ve most likely noticed that salt is often the first ingredient. That really shows in Knorr’s version, as just a half a cube racks up over half a day’s worth of the stuff, leaving you more than parched for a glass of detox water. Not to mention, it’s loaded with five versions of MSG, potentially trans-fat-laden hydrogenated palm oil, caramel color, artificial colors Yellow 5 and 6, as well as TBHQa corrosion inhibitor also used in biodiesel. Instead, grab a broth concentrate like that from Better Than Bouillon . This stock is super-reduced until it’s just a paste-like product that’s packed with flavor. Our pick is made up of real chicken meat with natural juices, spices, only one source of MSG, and colored with turmeric instead of coal-derived artificial colors.

    Some Amazing Chinese Herbs For Weight Loss

    How to make Hot & sour chicken soup || Healthy weight-loss soup recipe for winter || Kitchenolic

    The most natural form in which you can intake nutrition is directly from herbs. These herbs are surely going to come handy when you are trying to lose weight in a healthy manner. If the thought of how come the ancient people were never facing problems of obesity? has crossed your minds, then you would have definitely deduced that their eating habits were way different from ours! No junk food, no burgers, no pizzas on the menu see!

    The ancient folks were believed to include a lot of natural herbs to their diet which kept them at bay from obesity. Dont believe me? You can ask any of your friends whos lost weight about their diet routine. You will definitely hear some natural herbs being included in their diet. So I have listed some top Chinese herbs for weight loss that if followed regularly will surely help you get rid of your overweight problems! These herbs will not just help you reduce your weight for a short period of time but will have a long lasting effect as well. Here we go!

    So I have listed some top Chinese herbs for weight loss that if followed regularly will surely help you get rid of your overweight problems! These herbs will not just help you reduce your weight for a short period of time but will have a long lasting effect as well. Here we go!

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    Our Selection Of Hearty And Delicious Soup Recipes That Also Come Packed With Slimming Ingredients So You Can Indulge And Still Maintain Your Calorie

    Soup is a great option if you are on a diet, but having just a bowl of soup for a meal may not sound appetising nor filling. If you want a sweet treat, we show you how to make traditional tang yuan soup in the video above. But there are also healthy yet yummy soups to consider heres our selection of hearty and delicious recipes that also come packed with slimming ingredients so you can indulge and still maintain your calorie-intake:

    Text: Sean Tan

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