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Native Image & Gif Personalisation

How to get started with Dux-Soup

Impress your leads by using our hyper-personalised Images & GIFs inside of your messages that take you less than 2 minutes to make and have everything on autopilot at the same time. And best of all no need to pay for 2 separate tools, its all available in the base package of The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool.

Intelligent Inbox With Built

LinkedIn Inbox is not very user friendly and outdated when you are getting hundreds of hot leads weekly so we developed an intuitive Inbox where you can:

Reply to your prospect directly with relevant information available just beside the chat. Faster Response with Saved Templates so you dont have to copy-paste the same message again and again. Tags: You can tag each prospect as per your process and keep everything organized. Notes: You can take internal notes for the future.

Option : Check The Planner

Dux-Soup has an integrated planner option that allows you to set specific hours when Dux-Soup is running and when itâs snoozing. You can access the planner by clicking on Dux-Soup icon and going to the planner tab.

The default settings look like this:

This means that Dux-Soup is running everyday from 6am to 11pm.

However, if your planner is set up like this , Dux-Soup will not work from 7am to 8am and the snooze for the rest of the day.

To learn more about Dux-Soup planner, read our detailed blog post here:

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Dedicated Support Via Live Chat Email Knowledgebase 24*:

At LinkedFusion, you dont need to worry about help and support. We offer support via a dedicated account manager where our team provides important advice to take your LinkedIn automation campaigns to the advanced level. No need to wait for a support agent to reply for days. We will get you up and running within minutes.

Unlike Dux-Soup we dont charge our customers to set up our system, we are confident our system is easy to set up and hence we offer unlimited hours of support whenever you need.

Go For A Smarter And Safest Cloud

What is âSearch by tagâ? and how does it work?
  • Time Zone and Browser fingerprinting are managed as default. You can Verify when you log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • LinkedFusion uses smart Intelligent algorithms that are moderated and staggered to make sure your activities are not considered as a spam.
  • Dedicated IP for Each Account in your LinkedIn Account Region
  • Automated withdrawals as part of Sequence to avoid LinkedIn Jail.
  • No need to worry about data loss if you change your system at any given point.
  • Security Softwares like Kasperski wont delete your extension like Dux soup as spam and you wont end up losing your progress. We will have your data whenever you need it.
  • Every other software claims the same thing so why should you believe us? We are a team of Developers who know the technology, not some marketing agency who hired someone on Upwork and launched a tool to make some quick money. Get in touch with us to learn more.

    While Dux Soup surely knows how to keep extension working they cant beat the convenience and safety of the cloud software.

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    How To Get Started With Dux

    What kind of authentication does Dux-Soup Remote Control use?

    Dux-Soup Remote Control uses API keys.

    Do I need a paid Dux-Soup Remote Control account to use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    You need a Turbo Edition Dux-Soup Remote Control plan to use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier. See pricing here:

    Do I need special account permissions in Dux-Soup Remote Control to use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    There aren’t any specific Dux-Soup Remote Control account permissions to connect Dux-Soup Remote Control to Zapier.

    Are there any API token limits in Dux-Soup Remote Control when I use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    No, there are no token limits when using Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier.

    Are there any webhook subscription limits in Dux-Soup Remote Control when I use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    Dux-Soup Remote Control doesn’t have any webhook subscription limits when you use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier.

    Are custom fields in Dux-Soup Remote Control supported when I use Dux-Soup Remote Control with Zapier?

    No, Dux-Soup Remote Control does not support custom fields.

    Does Dux-Soup Remote Control use real trigger samples from my Dux-Soup Remote Control account?

    Yes, Dux-Soup Remote Control provides real trigger samples from your Dux-Soup Remote Control account.

    What kind of Dux-Soup Remote Control hosted account can I use with Zapier?

    Dux-Soup Remote Control’s Zapier integration supports both self-hosted and cloud-hosted accounts.

    What Is Dux Soup

    Dux Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that offers to generate new business for your LinkedIn account.

    But does it work?

    Or will it get you banned by LinkedIn?

    Dux Soup provides a variety of engagements on the LinkedIn platform in order to gain more interest in your profile and help people check you out.

    These types of services are of special interest to those who work with sales and lead generation, as they say they can help you build more leads for your business and gain relevant inquiries that can help you close and build your sales.

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    How Can I Send Automated Inmails

    InMails are messages sent directly to a LinkedIn person you are not connected to. InMails are widely used by recruiters who cannot use invitations to connect with potential candidates. It can also be used by other users to build a relationship.

    In order to use InMail, you have to upgrade to a Premium LinkedIn account and you will receive a specific number of InMail credits based on your subscription type:

  • Sales Navigator: 20
  • Recruiter Lite: 30
  • Note: you can accumulate InMail credits from month to month, but they will expire after 90 days.

    Dangers Cleverly Vs Dux

    How to Use Dux Soup

    Losing your LinkedIn account is a risk you take when using a Chrome extension. LinkedIn monitors activity to catch these extensions and ban their users. â

    The LinkedIn algorithm is proprietary, so no one knows precisely how it works. Some activities that could get you banned or restricted are when your account:â

    • Exceeds LinkedIn’s limits for clicks and pageviews on other accounts.
    • Sends too many connection requests.
    • Has a low connection request acceptance rate.
    • Has too many people clicking on “I don’t know this person.”â

    Consider reviewing the for more information on restricted activities.â

    Cleverly, however, is not a Chrome extension. It is a cloud-based software. Cleverly has never had a user banned by LinkedIn because we carefully and automatically control your account activity. You don’t have to set any limits like you must do with many Chrome extensions.â

    In addition, the Cleverly dashboard displays your account activity information in an easy-to-see display. You will be able to see all the essential performance metrics.â

    Review sites, articles, and forums contain many warnings regarding the use of Chrome extensions.â

    – Greg Cooper, April 10, 2018, â

    I got banned for using this Chrome Extension. My advice is to avoid! Way better cloud-based alternatives out there.

    â- “User in Utilities,” Nov 11, 2020, on G2

    – Keith D., June 16, 2020, on G2â

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    How To Use Dux

    Before you get started with specific actions, you have to plan and set up your campaigns.

    In order to set up your campaign, you have to prepare specific actions that you want to apply.With only a few clicks in the Actions dashboard, your campaign will be ready for launching.

    Whether you wish to send personalized messages to your connections, endorse their skills, or save profiles as Leads using the Sales Navigator, you can specify that in your campaign.

    Dux-Soups interface is simple and its a tool easy to work with.

    In case you want to exclude the profiles of users who are non-premium subscribers or those who are not job seekers or filter out users using any of the criteria in the picture below, you can do it in the Skipping tab.

    Keep in mind you have to set up the daily number of profile visits, connection requests, and other actions to stay within normal limits and not get bannedThrottling is a tab for those actions.

    After youre done with your setup, the next step is to find who you wish to outreach and add them to your Dux-Soup records.

    When you collect your records, choose which actions you want to apply to engage with other users.

    You can save the recorded data of the profiles in your campaign, and use it later for your future actions.

    How To Start Finding Email Addresses

    Ok, all up and ready to go? To start looking up emails of your 2nd and 3rd degree connections, you need to make sure to do the following steps:

    • A grey box will pop up where you need to select âYes, pleaseâ

    Now relax and let Dux do the magic. You will see on the screen once Dux-Soup located an email because a point will be deducted.

    Important note: The Address Finder service will only work with âVisit Profilesâ, it will not work with âScan profilesâ

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dux

    The Dux-Soup Starter Edition is a great way to preview which features and settings Dux-Soup has and test them out for free.

    But for those who are serious about boosting lead generation efforts, the Dux-Soup Professional Edition unlocks features such as profile visiting, automatic messaging, downloading data, and more.

    Weâve run webinars about using Dux-Soup Pro and everything you need to know about its features. But, if you just donât have time to attend or watch the recording, then this guide is for you.

    Weâve compiled a list of the most common questions users have asked on our webinars about using Pro. So, here they are – with the answers!

    Reach Out With Mailshake

    Dux Soup Review: Is It Legal? Does It Still Work In 2021?

    Mailshake is cold emailing made easy. Use their battle-tested templates, or write your own messages. Schedule automatic follow-ups based on time or clicks.

    Launch a new campaign in Mailshake by clicking the big + sign, import the .CSV file created by Dux-Soup, and craft the messages your recipients will receive.

    Most importantly, dont stop at just one. Roughly 70% of email campaigns stop after one unanswered message. But and this is key youll increase your response rate with every follow-up email you send. In fact, you can still see results after the tenth email.

    The follow-up email is essential, and Mailshake makes it easy with templates, personalization, link tracking, and more, all on auto-pilot.

    The Lead Catcher function will stop sending auto-replies as soon as you get a response . Prospects that meet your criteria are shifted to a special queue, and youre notified immediately so you can reach out personally to those warm and ready individuals.

    Set it up, click Send Campaign, and Mailshake will deliver qualified leads to your digital doorstep.

    You can even connect VoilaNorbert to Mailshake via Zapier. Create a Zap that automatically sends a new contact directly to your Mailshake email list, and youve removed one of the only manual steps in the entire process.

    Just remember, though: once connections have been made on a deeper level, you must switch to real one-to-one communication.

    Original article published here

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    How To Use Phantombuster

    After you install the PhantomBuster Chrome extension, you can choose which Phantom you want to activate for your campaign.

    Whether you wish to scrape the data from individual profiles, another companys information its all possible with PhantomBuster.

    But before you do that, you have to connect your LinkedIn account with PhantomBuster by clicking on Connect to LinkedIn.

    The other Input information depends on the Phantom that you previously chose. For example, if you want to scrape information about members of a LinkedIn group, your Input tab will look like this:

    After you set up all the information required for your campaign, you can move on to the next step.

    In order to scrape data from several groups, you have to upload the spreadsheet which contains all those LinkedIn groups links.

    In the Settings tab, choose if you want to launch a campaign manually or automate it.

    Also, you can choose to receive notifications about campaign updates according to case types.

    When the process of scraping data is done, and it takes only a few minutes, you can save the gathered information as a CSV or .json file and use it for outreach later.

    These PhantomBusters functions can save a lot of your time by automating many processes and letting you redirect your efforts to building relationships.

    Post Creation From The Beginning

    There are four primary posts you need to create for LinkedIns news feed.

    Tell or Share a Story: Stories are attention grabbers, so share a personal story about yourself or a struggle to show how you overcame. Share your student or work success related to how you helped someone , or address a reader-generate question.

    Be a Myth Buster: Using your industry, debunk a myth related to what you do.

    Start an Unbiased Debate: Use this to gather unbiased opinions to a question. Keep it simple and avoid overly controversial subjects.

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    Linkedin Sales Navigator & Recruiter

    Zopto is fully integrated with LinkedInâs own proprietary tools and grants you the ability to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach without being dependent upon a single device or internet connection. With deeper access than Dux-Soup and the ability to tap into LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter, Zopto allows you to generate better quality leads at a lower price.

    Sending Inmail With Dux

    How to manage multiple Dux Soup and LinkedIn accounts

    First, please click on the Dux-Soup icon on your browser and click on Options.

    You should land on Automated Actions page. On this page, enable the option to send InMails to your 2nd and 3rd-degree contacts:

    Here you enter your subject line and the main message.

    When your message is ready, close the options window and go back to your Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite account. Select your filters and when you are ready, click to “Visit Profiles” on the Dux-Soup menu.

    Now Dux-Soup will start sending InMails to each profile in your list until its used all of your credits.

    Please note – to purchase the credits, you need to it on your LinkedIn as Dux-Soup does not sell them.

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    But Firstdo You Have Dux

    First thing that is required before you buy the points is to have the Pro version of Dux-Soup.

    We offer a couple of options, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. To see them, click here!

    Important note: when you buy the Pro version, it does not automatically come with points. Dux-Soup points need to be purchased separately.

    Why Is Linkedfusion Better Compared To Dux

    LinkedFusion is the best alternative to Dux Soup for LinkedIn outreach. Dux-Soup used to be a very good tool back in 2016 maybe but for 2020 you need to upgrade now.

    They surely have added new features and are trying to stay relevant but with the old design, its a nightmare to use Dux soup for any non-technical person. And making it work as intended without running into an issue is a distant dream.

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    How To Connect With People From Your List With Dux

    Dux-Soup is known as a tool that auto-visits profiles and sends connection request messages for you. The only thing you have to do is set up a LinkedIn search and Dux-Soup is ready to run.

    But what if you have a list of people that you want to contact? For this, Dux-Soup has a really great feature called âRevisit Dataâ which can be used for visiting profiles from your uploaded list and sending them personalised connection request messages.

    To start with, itâs important to note that this feature is only available for Dux-Soup Professional users and will not work with the free Dux-Soup Starter Edition.

    So how does Revisit Data work? Imagine the scenario where you have a list of LinkedIn URLs for people from various companies, industries or locations. You would like to connect with these profiles and send them a message but donât really know where to start.

    The process is very easy, just follow these steps to upload your desired list to Dux-Soup for revisiting and Dux will do all the work for you.

    Step 1

    The first step is to tidy up the data on an Excel sheet and prepare it for revisiting. Itâs crucial to match the format of the file, otherwise, Dux-Soup will not be able to read the file. Dux-Soup recognizes a certain format of the document and in order to work, you need to make sure your document contains these 3 columns, with these exact columns headings:

  • Profile
  • Please see an example here:

    A few things to note:

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Its Really Easy To Use


    One of the best attributes of Dux Soup is that it is super easy to use. You might think that because Dux Soup is a relatively technical tool, it is pretty difficult to work out how to use, but actually, the opposite is true.

    Because it is a Chrome plugin, you will need a Google Chrome account, which means that you either will need to sign up for one right now, or if you already have one, you can begin the signup process.

    The signup process itself is really easy, and if you have any issues, you can make the most of the tutorials that you will find on their YouTube channel.

    Not only is this going to make the setup process really easy, but its going to give you a really good understanding of the features that they offer as well.

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