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Tupperware Freeze It Durable Starter Set


Do you like design of the cups? These snowflakes on the cups sides are hardly distinguishable. I guess its not a kind of Christmas décor. It means that the containers are designed for freezing food. Its a special sign of Freezer Mate products. Additionally, it makes the surface easy-to-grip.

The set is designed for freezing food and keeping it fresh and healthy. Store your soups and stews in the freezer. The containers are handy to freeze ice creams, store cereals, and canned food. They are designed to save original food flavors.

The square-round shape is beneficial. Firstly, it saves space in your freezer or fridge, and it allows for air circulation. Secondly, your delicious food freezes fast. But, after that, flexible plastic lets you remove frozen food easily. Moreover, it stands extreme cold, 0°F and below without cracking or deteriorating. Also, the containers are durable, covered by lifetime warranty.

Interesting Characteristics

The set includes 5 containers of 3 convenient sizes: small , medium , and flat . They are dishwasher-safe. Just wash the seals on the top rack. The seals are airtight, keeping food fresh, locking flavor and nutrients in.

  • The lids fit snugly.

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Paksh Novelty Containers With Lid Good Containers For Freezing Food

People who enjoy cooking or vice versa have no time for that always have to use a freezer to prolong the life of some products. The best way to do that is to use Paksh Novelty containers that can be used both for large food and soup.

There are two sets of freezer containers available for sale. Rather big capacity makes them an excellent choice both for home and commercial use in restaurants and cafes. You can use them to store food of any consistency including soup and other liquids.

Great freezer containers are made of 100% BPA-free plastic. It is durable and clear for you to see the content of every soup container. The other great benefits of this set are an opportunity to use them in the freezer with extremely low temperatures and prevent a freezer burn as well as heat the meal in the microwave oven in the food container. The last one is provided with a seal-tight lid to prevent spills or leakages when you use it with liquids and soup.

Eat only fresh free of chemicals food with this great freezer containers. They can be used for portion control if you are on a diet or eating on the go. Prepare soup or any other dish in advance, put it in the freezer and it will remain fresh until you decided to warm it up and eat it. Moreover, you can use them for multiple purposes apart from keeping soup.

Interesting features

  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe
  • Stackable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Heavy-duty plastic.
  • Get cracked if you squeeze them
  • Lids can be difficult to remove.

General Rules How To Use Food Thermos

You can buy the best thermos in the world but if you do not follow the requirements to its use and cleaning, the probability that it will lose its excellent qualities is very high. That is why it is important to know the general rules how to care about the insulated product for it to serve you for a longer period of time.

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Vremi Set Silicone 4 Collapsible Food Containers

If you are busy, but like cooking, its your choice! These meal prep containers are handy and completely safe. They are made of silicone. It withstands high temperatures up to 300 °F for many hours. Freeze it at extremely cold temperatures. If they are not lower than -80°F, containers remain elastic and flexible.

So, you can cook soup in these containers, store it in a fridge and reheat in a microwave. They are dishwasher safe. So, the set is versatile and convenient. Use it to store leftovers after a holiday or as a lunch box. Each container is equipped with airtight, leak-proof, BPA-free lid.

They are easy to clean and easy-to-store. Collapse them and safe space in your cabinet or bag. Additionally, containers come in 4 different, vibrant colors. They are easy to open and close. Use the set on the go, in your office or classroom.

Features and Specifications

The containers are stackable and collapsible. Each of them is flexible and soft-sided. Fold the containers and they take only 1/3 of their size. Just clean them at once after use to avoid stains and mold issues.

  • Fit traveling and office lunch needs.
  • Many washes are necessary after holding food with strong smell
  • Containers are flexible, not stable enough to store liquids. They are good only to freeze soup.

transport liquids

Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Premium Thermos Thermal Food Jar


A food jar from the leading Thermos company is chosen by people who need quality insulated products. Being a performance leader in this sphere it does everything to make each thermos unique and this model is a bright example of this fact. It is one of several flasks in the Stainless King series. Characterized by modern lines and being a blend of the innovative technologies and some features from the past it is one of the insulated warm food containers.

The item has a double wall vacuum insulation to guarantee the maximum time of keeping the soup temperature either warm or cold. Made from stainless steel both inside and outside it remains cool to touch even with boiling hot content inside. The thermos does not sweat with super cold food as well. It features a wide mouth so you can easily fill it with any products or soup, serve and clean it quickly. You also get two additional bowls thanks to the double lid and a full-size telescoping stainless steel spoon included.

The thermos weighs 12 ounces with the maximum capacity of 16 ounces or half-liter. It keeps content hot 9 hours and cold 14 hours.

The thermos consists of a container, a stopper with a removable gasket and a folded spoon over it, and a lid. Both lid and stopper are opened counterclockwise.

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Bayco Glass Containers 10 Pack

This final option is a grand display of last but certainly not least. This 10-pack of storage dishes is well-made by Bayco.

All 10 containers are the same size but each dish holds between 2-3 cups of contents and up to 22 ounces.

These are glass containers that are with sturdy materials. Much like the others, these include a rubber ring for sealing as well as locking clasps that stay in place. The ring on these can actually be removed for cleaning purposes.


  • Sealing ring and locking sides
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe


  • The lids should not be in dishwasher, oven, or microwave
  • No variety in sizes

Wholesale Soup Container Provider

Were your soup container connection! We work with some of the largest takeout companies and can pass our wholesale pricing on to your business. Bringing you the best prices everyday of the week. You can shop with confidence that youre getting the most economical option while still providing the best products on the market.

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Gallon 64 Oz Bpa Free Round Container With Lid Description:

This BPA free bucket is ½ gallon round container which can be used perfectly as a water storage container. Coming in at 64 ounces, this round bucket with lid can be used as a great polyethylene storage bin. It is small enough to take up little storage space and we are selling these storage totes in bulk. These small bins sell in quantities of 25, 50, 100 and 200. Three different lid choices are available in single seal lids, double seal lids, and tamper resistant lids. Because these are food grade plastic containers, they make good to go containers wholesale. These great restaurant food storage containers with lid come in two separate colors, solid white and clear translucent. The plastic storage containers are durable and recyclable.

Fit Meal Prep Utility Containers For Freezing Individual Meals

Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe | Beyond Easy!

If you like taking your home-prepared lunch with but still have not decided how can you freeze cabbage soup or noodles, it is time to obtain a set of quality containers safe for freezer and enjoy your favorite cabbage soup every day as if it has been just prepared. Fit Meal Prep brand offers a set of round plastic food containers that will store your lunch, dinner leftovers or help you with portion control.

This nice set of heavy gauge engineered polypropylene containers is produced in the USA. It consists of food containers with plastic tight sealing lids both made of BPA-free safe plastic. All the freezer containers are available in three sizes. So you can change the amount of food you store and consume on a daily basis.

Useful Features

Safe for freezer these soup containers can be also put into the microwave or washed in the dishwasher without a lid. They differ from other food containers sets by the excellent quality that is confirmed with a lifetime guarantee on the products.

Other great advantages of these soup containers are reusability that makes them environmentally friendly and stackability for ergonomic storage.

  • Lids do not withstand the high temperature of water in the dishwasher
  • No heating with lids closed.

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Starpack Home Long Scoop Excellent Containers For Freezing Leftovers

Home-made food can be hardly compared with anything sold, so it is better to take your meals with if you go somewhere rather than buy junk food. If you still think it is a painstaking task, look at this high-quality set of food and soup containers that have been made especially for this purpose. You can cook a meal in advance or gather leftovers of your supper, put them to the freezer and the next day you will have a delicious dish with you.

POPIT set is made of BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic of premium quality that is durable, lightweight and sturdy. This kit includes a container of the same size. This means that you cannot choose the right size depending on the amount of soup or appetizer that you take. Every freezer container is provided with an airtight lid so that the content could remain fresh for a longer period of time. Lids are sealed so you should not doubt can you freeze cream soups? or can potato soup be frozen?. Any of liquid or dry dishes can be laid to the freezer and they never spill or leak.

Additional Information

If you still doubt how food from the freezer can be eaten cold, remember these soup containers are microwave safe so your meal will always taste as just cooked. In addition, you should not worry that a seal will get dirty with time as it is removable and freezer containers can be washed in the dishwasher. Their storage is also a pure satisfaction as all of them are stackable while the lid can serve as a base when you eat.


Classic White Soup Cups

Some items are timeless and never go out of style. Case in point: these standard white paper soup cups. While they may look simple, they’re actually one of the most reliable and hard-working containers available. They’re tough enough to withstand use in the microwave and they’re freezer safe. You can feel confident putting hot liquids in them since they are leak resistant, too.

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Buyers Guide: How To Choose Best Container To Freeze Soup

8oz Soup To Go Container

Soup can be put into the freezer only in specially designed containers. Unfortunately, not all dishware is suitable for storing soup in the freezer. So you should learn several important tips how to choose the best soup container to keep in a freezer.

  • Prefer only specially designed freezer-safe containers.
  • Buy a food container or a set with tight or airtight lids to preserve the freshness of the content.
  • Determine the size of the container you need and check if there is such one in the set if you buy it.
  • Consider if a food container is safe not only for a freezer but also microwave and dishwasher. Learn if it refers only to a container or lids as well.
  • Choose a design of the food container you like. They can be round, square, rectangular and with different lid types.
  • Which material do you select to freeze fluids? Its possible to store your favorite soup or stew in a glass jar or container. Just prefer heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Fill only three quartzes of every jar to avoid glass breaking. Dont forget to let your delicious soup cool down. It should not exceed room temperature when you place it into your freezer.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Soup Storage

    Soup is quite easy to make in bulk and store some for later. You can toss simple ingredients into a pot and enjoy that soup for several days or even toss some in the freezer to enjoy again later. One of the best things about soup is how a little bit can go a long way.

    There are so many types of soup. Soup can have a multitude of vegetables and meats amongst other things. You can make soups any way you want to. You can use random ingredients of your choosing or you can follow a recipe. Its totally up to you!

    Here are a few common types of soup that most of us are familiar with.

    • Ham and beans

    This list could really go on and on. There are so many soup options and the ability to create your own soup literally makes your options limitless.

    Now, lets get down to business and talk about storing your soups.

    How To Freeze Soup In Plastic Container

    Naturally, plastic food storage containers are beneficial: they are lightweight and stackable reusable ones are perfectly durable. Besides, they shouldnt crack or become brittle in freezing temperatures. It works the same way as glass jars. You should leave enough space on the top. Should remember liquid expands, turning into ice. It stiffens, becoming sharp and solid.

    Storing soup in individual portions is a great idea. If you are a busy person, its a real catch! You have healthy, delicious meals every day. Feeding your little kids is as easy as pie. Broths freeze especially well. Creamy or diary soups might get an unpleasant texture after reheating.

    So, you should:

    • have your favorite delicious soup cooked
    • let it cool down up to room temperature
    • select several suitable, top-quality containers
    • fill them, leaving about 1 inch of space on the top
    • seal the containers, covering them with lids
    • label your containers
    • place them into your freezer.

    Dont stack more than 3-4 containers. Their weight might be too heavy, damaging plastic. Would you keep soup in your fridge before freezing? Its safe for no more than 3-4 days. So, its better to freeze your delicious soup at once after you cook it.

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    Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Food Jar Top

    Both tough and durable Stanley containers have recommended themselves as reliable vacuum insulated jars for over a century. The company has produced insulated products since 1913 and was founded by the inventor of all-steel vacuum bottle William Stanley Jr.

    Weighing about 4 ounces the thermos has a double wall 18/8 stainless steel construction and is covered with a rustproof finish so it is not subjected to any changes in the weather and environment.

    A thermos is available in 2 sizes with different capacity. A smaller one includes 17 ounces and can hold food both hot and cold 12 hours. A bigger one of 24 ounces will preserve the initial temperature 15 hours. Made of BPA-free materials it has a wide mouth that makes it easy to consume soup and clean it. The thermos is closed with a stainless steel lid with a volume of 8 oz that can also function as a bowl. There is a leak-proof stopper under it to prevent the content from spilling.

    The biggest advantage of this thermos is a lifetime warranty given by the manufacturer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions: How To Choose A Soup Vacuum Insulated Jar

    Easy Authentic Soup Dumplings (Xiaolongbao)

    People think that the only thing they should pay attention to choosing a thermos is the time it preserves soup hot. Each wishes to get a thermos 24 hours hot and cold, but unfortunately, they are very rare and highly expensive. Most of the insulated soup jars keep content hot or cold within 5-8 hours, however, these figures may differ depending on the size, quality of the material and other constituent parts, number of times you pope it etc. At the same time, there are several more soup thermos features to evaluate before making a final choice.

    Think what you are going to fill the thermos with the most often and whether it is enough to have a substantial meal. Moreover, you should think if it is a single dish or several of them so that a thermos had separate soup bowls and containers with other dishes.

    Sometimes you are not ready to carry a huge metal bottle with every day, so analyze the product dimensions as they do not always depend on the capacity.

  • Presence of bowls
  • It is not comfortable to take a separate bowl to pour soup or eat it directly from the wide thermos mouth. Many models offer to use a double lid as a soup bowl, while others have separate inner bowls made for this purpose.

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