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White Bean Parmesan Spinach Soup

Chicken Soup That Will Help You Lose Weight – Simple Recipe

This white bean soup offers two-plus servings of hunger-satisfying veggies per serving, Gradney says. And with only 87 calories, it makes a perfect between-meal snack. The addition of parmesan cheese rounds out the soups savory flavor.

Per 1-cup serving: 280 calories, 4 g fat , 38 g carbs, 2 g sugar, 1007 mg sodium, 8 g fiber, 19 g protein.

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How To Make Chicken Detox Soup

  • Set a large sauce pot over medium heat. Add the olive oil, chopped onions, celery, ginger, and garlic. Saute to soften. Then add the raw chicken breasts, broth, carrots, apple cider vinegar, crushed red pepper, turmeric and sea salt.
  • Bring to a boil, lower the heat, and simmer, until the chicken breasts are cooked through. Then remove the chicken with tongs and set them on a cutting board to cool.
  • Add the broccoli, peas, and parsley to the pot. Continue to simmer to soften the broccoli. Meanwhile, shred the chicken breasts with two forks, and stir it back into the soup.
  • Once the broccoli is tender, taste, then salt and pepper as needed. Serve warm.
  • Cauliflower Soup For Weight Loss

    The cauliflower soup ranks up there as one of the easiest vegetable weight loss soup recipes you can think of.

    It makes use of only a few ingredients to give you a healthy, satisfying and creamy result. My favorite!

    This is definitely one weight loss soup recipe you dont want to avoid. Follow the guide below to prepare the easy cauliflower soup.

    • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

    Cauliflower Soup Diet Recipe

    • Add the cauliflower, carrot, celery, onion, and chicken broth, in a large pot. Bring mixture to a boil then reduce heat Cover and simmer for 12-17 minutes or until vegetables are tender .
    • The liquid will barely cover the veggies. In another large saucepan, melt the butter for the roux.
    • Stir in the flour, salt, and pepper until smooth.
    • Whisk the milk in slowly. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
    • Cook and stir the mixture for 2 minutes or until thickened. Reduce heat. Stir in the cheese until melted.
    • Add hot pepper sauce if desired.
    • Stir into the cauliflower mixture until combined.
    • Puree about 2 1/2 cups of the soup in the blender and pour back into the soup.
    • Your soup is ready to be served.

    Weight loss soups should be an important part of your daily weight lossdiet plans. They are simple, effective and also healthy ways to help you lose weight and also prevent further weight gain. They help to control your calorie count by curbing your hunger.

    The above weight loss soup recipes are the easiest and also the best homemade weight loss soup out there.

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    Rhubarb And Citrus Salad With Black Pepper Vinaigrette

    • 3 oz. baby spinach
    • 2 bunches watercress, thick stems removed
    • 1/4 c. toasted pistachios, chopped
    • 1 oz. ricotta salata, shaved


  • In small bowl, whisk together honey and vinegar. Add rhubarb and toss to coat. Let stand at least 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes, then add olive oil, 1/2 teaspoons salt and 2 teaspoons coarsely ground pepper.
  • Meanwhile, cut away peel and white pith from oranges, then thinly slice.
  • In large bowl, toss spinach and watercress fold in orange slices and divide among plates. Spoon rhubarb and dressing over each salad and top with pistachios and ricotta salata.
  • Per serving: 280 calories, 19.5 g fat , 5 g protein, 380 mg sodium, 25 g carbohydrate, 4 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

    Soup Made With Cauliflower

    Vegetable Soups That Can Help You Lose Weight

    Cauliflower, also known as Phool gobhi in Hindi, is one of the most nutritious and widely accessible vegetables on the market today. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of cauliflower has just 25 calories per 100 grams. It is an excellent choice for those who are attempting to lose weight and want to keep their calorie intake under control.

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    + Healthy Weight Loss Soups

    Jan 3, 2020 by Katia ·

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    These delicious weight loss soups are a must if you plan to get in the shape and feeling better for summer. Theyre light, vegetarian, hearty and contain LESS THAN 200 CALORIES PER SERVING!

    A big bowl of one of these freshly made soups will not only make a satisfying meal, but it will keep you fuller for longer and, given the low-calorie content, it will help you reach your weight loss goals!

    And healthy and low-calorie doesnt mean youll miss out on great flavor, not at all.

    Added bonus? Theyre packed with wholesome ingredients, they give you a big portion of your recommended 5-a-day and the whole family will love them.

    Pick from one of these delicious and low-calorie soup ideas, including classic recipes like roasted vegetable soups, minestrone or mushroom soup, the hearty bean or lentil soups that make a meal in themselves, to the more exotic vegetable soups with curry and coconut flavors.

    Make up a big batch, take it to work or freeze it for later.

    They all taste and look amazing!

    1. VEGETARIAN CABBAGE SOUP by The Clever Meal

    Calories: 146

    This warming and tasty vegetarian cabbage soup is one of the healthiest and cheapest soup recipes ever, and its loaded with flavor and texture!


    Calories: 107


    Calories: 137

    Calories: 191

    Calories: 96

    Grilled Chicken And Vegetable Shish Kebabs

    • 2 Tbsp brown sugar


  • Begin by starting your fire on the grill and allow the temperature to reach 350 degrees.
  • Cut your chicken breast into cubes and place into a large bowl. Season chicken with oregano, black pepper and paprika then rub ingredients into the chicken.
  • Add Better Than Bouillon roasted chicken base to the chicken. Mix together well then set to the side.
  • Remove the stem and seeds from each of the bell peppers and cut into large pieces. Chop the zucchini into slices.
  • Place each ingredient individually onto the skewers in desired order.
  • Place each chicken and veggie skewer onto the grill. Grill for 4 minutes each side. Remove from heat.
  • For the sauce, add all ingredients into a small cooking pan on medium/high heat until it begins to bubble then lower heat to simmer and cook for 8 minutes and remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Serve immediately.
  • Per serving: 408 calories, 6 g fat , 56.7 g protein, 34 g carb, 1278 mg sodium, 24.2 g sugars, 3.9 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Dude That Cookz.

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    Grilled Pork With Charred Harissa Broccoli

    • 1 large head broccoli , trimmed and cut into large florets
    • 2 tbsp. harissa


  • Heat grill to medium-high. Finely grate zest of 1 lemon and set aside, then cut both lemons in half. Brush pork with 1 teaspoon oil and season with 1/2 teaspoon salt. Grill pork, turning occasionally, until it reaches 140°F on instant-read thermometer, 18 to 20 minutes. Transfer to cutting board and let rest at least 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, coat broccoli with 1 tablespoon olive oil and grill along with pork, turning often, until just tender and charred. Grill lemon until charred, 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Mix harissa with remaining 2 tablespoon oil and toss with broccoli sprinkle with lemon zest.
  • Squeeze lemon halves over pork, then slice pork. Serve with broccoli and grilled lemon wedges.
  • Per serving: 330 calories, 16.5 g fat , 38 g protein, 385 mg sodium, 8 g carb, 3 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

    Cuban Tomato And Black Bean Soup

    This 14 Day Soup Diet Will Help You Lose Weight Fast – Weight Loss Soup Recipes

    Here, we combine two beloved soups: tomato and Cuban black bean for one flavor-packed bowl of deliciousness. Even with the combination of jalapeño, red, and green peppers, ham hock, onions, and all the other fixings, we make sure to keep things as light as possible, thanks to the reduced-sodium black beans, no-salt-added diced tomatoes, unsalted chicken broth, and the addition of Greek yogurt for a healthy garnish.

    This hearty soup is infused with pork, beans, peppers, russet potatoes, onions, and roasted corn, and it’s perfect for a slow cooker. It’s low in calories and will give you 25 grams of protein, plus six grams of fiber, so you’ll stay full.

    Get our recipe for Green Chile Pork Soup.

    There really is no greater pairing than a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. In our version, you get hit with some pure tomato intensity with every spoonful, thanks to an oven roasting technique, which concentrates the natural sugars of the tomatoes. It’s all the goodness of a comfort-food dish, with half the calories.

    This chicken and dumplings recipe has many of the core flavors of chicken noodle souproot vegetables, savory broth, and shredded chickenbut it is made more substantial by the addition of a roux to thicken the soup base and help create those fluffy dumplings.

    Get our recipe for Chicken and Dumplings.

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    Slow Cooker Moroccan Lentil Soup

    With 20 grams of protein and only 260 calories, this filling lentil soup is a weight-loss win. Schmitt says a big reason that people falter on their goals is because theyre bored of eating the same healthy options. This soup changes that game, she says. Youll get a kick of flavors like ginger, curry, and cinnamon in every bite.

    Per 1-cup serving: 260 calories, 1 g fat , 45 g carbs, 7 g sugar, 577 mg sodium, 20 g protein.

    For the full recipe, go to

    Will I Gain All My Weight Back Afterwards

    Its important to note that we dont recommend following this strict diet for more than seven days. After a week, be sure to maintain a healthy diet, having this soup intermittently until you reach your desired weight. Think of this as a positive kick-off to your diet, a way to shed pounds and gain some confidence as you continue your lifestyle change. A great way to help with portion control is to eat a bowl of soup before you eat your regular meal. The soup will fill your stomach with healthy vegetables, and you will feel less hungry for your meal.

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    Mexican Fava Bean Soup

    Fava beans add low-cal creaminess to this comforting soup without the need for milk, cream or other high-fat ingredients. Cilantro and nopales add Mexican-inspired flavors.

    Per serving: 188 calories, 2 g fat , 32 g carbs, 6 g sugar, 200 mg sodium, 9 g fiber, 11 g protein.

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    Soup Made Entirely With Vegetables

    These Hearty Soup Recipes Can Help You Lose Weight

    Choose veggies that are rich in fiber for the soup while preparing it. broccoli, carrots, and any other vegetables of your choosing are acceptable. Vegetables are beneficial to your health because they include vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your health. Carrots are low in calories, while broccoli is high in phytochemicals, both of which are beneficial in the weight-loss process.

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    White Bean And Tuna Salad With Basil Vinaigrette

    • 1 15-oz can small white beans, rinsed
    • 2 5-oz cans solid white tuna in water, drained
    • 4 soft-boiled eggs, halved


  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add 1 tablespoon salt, then green beans, and cook until just tender, 3 to 4 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water to cool.
  • Meanwhile, in a blender, puree shallot, basil, oil, vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon each salt and pepper until smooth.
  • Transfer half of dressing to large bowl and toss with green beans. Fold in lettuce, white beans, and tuna and serve with remaining dressing and eggs.
  • Per serving: 340 calories, 16.5 g fat , 31 g protein, 770 mg sodium, 24 g carb, 8 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

    Spicy Tuna Taco Cucumber Bites

    TO MAKE: Peel 1 cucumber. Slice width-wise into about 1 1/2 inch slices. Carve out some of the center to create a bowl. Using a teaspoon helps with carving. Set aside. In a bowl stir together 1/2 cup tuna, 3 -4 Tablespoons cashew dip, 1 teaspoon chili powder, generous pinch of cayenne, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon cilantro, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon onion powder. Add sea salt and black pepper. Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking. Spoon filling into cucumber cups.

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    Vegan Cream Of Broccoli Soup

    Unlike many creamy soups, this one is thickened without flours or starches. Its vegan, paleo, and free of gluten and refined sugar. The recipe calls for seven cups of veggies, and each serving has almost eight grams of fiber. By swapping traditionally used heavy cream for unsweetened almond milk, the soup is transformed into a lighter, more plant-based option, says Schmitt.

    Per serving: 123 calories, 3.9 g fat, 19 g carbs, 7 g sugar, 678 mg sodium, 7.5 g fiber, 6.5 g protein.

    For the full recipe, go to

    Weight Loss Diet Tips: Protein Is Said To Be Very Crucial To Support A Healthy And Sustainable Weight Loss It Helps Keep You Full For Long As They Take Longer To Digest Additionally They Are Also Known To Regulate Hunger Hormone Ghrelin That Helps Check Cravings

    Barley Vegetable Soup Recipe |Amazing Health Benefits | Helps You to Lose Weight

    Weight Loss Diet tips: Protein is said to be very crucial for weight loss.

    If you are on a weight loss diet, you may have been told to include a variety of protein rich foods in your diet. Protein is said to be very crucial to support a healthy and sustainable weight loss. Protein helps keep you full for long, as they take longer to digest. Additionally, they are also known to regulate hunger hormone ghrelin that helps check cravings. There are plenty of protein rich meat, veggies and nuts that you can include in your weight loss diet. You can add them to salads, shakes, stews. Another delicious way to fulfill your protein requirement is through souping. Soups can be your healthy and wholesome companions for weight loss, provided you cook them accordingly. Clear soups are any day a better bet for weight loss over the creamy versions. The liquid quotient of soup helps fill you up, without much calorie load. You can experiment as much you want with your bowl of soups, add your favourite fibre-rich veggies, herbs and spices of your choice. Souping helps retain most fibres of the vegetables, that you may lose when you are juicing them.

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    Red Curry Quinoa Soup

    No bland, watery soup here. This bold vegetarian option gets serious heat from red curry paste, and is packed with sweet potato, veggies, and quinoa, a nutritionally-dense grain that acts as a great source of plant-based protein.

    Per 1-cup serving: 164 calories, 4 g fat , 26 g carbs, 2 g sugar, 637 mg sodium, 6 g protein.

    To get the full recipe, go to

    Winter Melon Soup With Lotus Leaf

    The winter melon is not only delicious and inexpensive but also highly recognized as a top weight controller. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, thewinter melon helps with the secretion of fluids in the stomach, which will reduce the intake of foods. Besides fresh lotus leaves, it can also be cooked togetherwith ginger slices.

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    Broiled Tilapia With Thai Coconut Curry Sauce


  • Preheat broiler.
  • Heat ½ teaspoon oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the ginger, garlic, pepper and scallions cook 1 minute. Stir in curry powder, curry paste, and cumin cook 1 minute.
  • Add soy sauce, sugar, Asian fish sauce, and coconut milk bring to a simmer . Remove from heat stir in cilantro or basil if using.
  • Brush fish with ½ teaspoon oil sprinkle with ¼ teaspoon salt. Place fish on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray.
  • Broil 7 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork.
  • Serve fish with sauce, rice, and lime wedges.
  • Per serving: 225 calories, 7 g fat , 35.5 g protein, 5.5 g carb, 1.1 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Skinny Taste.

    Mistake : Always Choosing A Creamy Soup

    This Soup Will Help you Lose Weight

    Authentically creamy soups have a hefty dose of fat in them.

    Sometimes creamy soups are made with a roux. “A roux is made using equal parts butter and typically, all-purpose flour,” says Sara Haas, RDN, LDN, a dietitian and culinary nutritionist. “In addition to the fat in the butter, many of these recipes also call for finishing with cream or milk those would also contribute to the fat content, too.”

    A single ounce of heavy cream has 102 calories, 97 of which are from fat, per the USDA.

    How might you know if a soup contains cream or other high-fat dairy?

    “Bisques and chowders are good indicators,” says Haas. “So are ‘cream of’ or ‘creamy.’ Even ingredient identifiers can help: ‘cheesy,’ for example, or ‘loaded’.”

    But really, you should read the ingredient list.

    “Sometimes creamy soups don’t contain cream at all! They’re perhaps naturally creamy because they’re blended with ingredients that become creamy once cooked and blended think cauliflower, beans, etc.,” Haas says. “Also, the cream is sometimes just a finishing touch, and as little as 1 tablespoon is added for that creamy mouthfeel.”

    All this isn’t to say that you should never opt for a creamy soup. Just be sure to factor the added calories into your weight-loss plan.

    Wondering how to calculate your calories for weight loss? to do the job and help you track your intake, so you can stay focused and achieve your goals!

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