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Best Cat Gravy Alternatives


So, now you know that you cant get cat gravy only products, but understand there are alternatives you may be wondering what the benefit of these products is, right?

Also, can you make your own gravy? Why are cats so crazy about this gravy, anyway? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

Purina Friskies Lil Soups Wet Cat Food Complement

Feed your catâs flavor fantasies with Friskies Lilâ Soups wet cat food complements. Tender bites of real chicken, seafood, or butternut squash in a velvety chicken or tuna broth turn any time into yum time. We donât add artificial colors, flavors or preservativesâonly real, high-quality ingredients for real deliciousness. Mix a complement with her food as an addition to her complete and balanced diet, or serve it as a between-meal treat. Either way, the easy-to-open cup makes it simple to souprise your catâs taste buds.

Cat-Pleasing Recipes Made With High-Quality Ingredients

Friskies Lilâ Soups arenât just souper delectable theyâre also made with high-quality ingredients cats love, like real seafood or chicken. Serve them in addition to her complete and balanced diet.

Lickable, Lappable Broth

Add a lilâ extra yum to your catâs regular wet or dry food with a Lilâ Soups complement. A rich, velvety chicken or tuna broth in every complement brings whisker-licking flavor and moisture to each bite.

Peel and Pour Cup

Peel the top off the single-serving cup, and pour the complement over her favorite wet food, mix with her favorite dry food, or serve as a snack. The paws-ibilities are endless.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Your cat knows the real thing when she tastes it. Thatâs why we make Friskies Lilâ Soups without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Why mess with purr-fection?

Friskies Lil Soups With Sockeye Salmon In Chicken Broth

Friskies Lil Soups With Sockeye Salmon in a Velvety Chicken Broth Food Complement & Topper is a great way to incorporate more moisture into your cats diet.

It contains real chicken and sockeye salmon served in flavorful chicken broth. This versatile soup can be served on its own as a snack or treat, or as a meal topper.

The first five ingredients of this salmon Lil Soups are chicken broth, chicken, sockeye salmon, tapioca starch, and powdered cellulose.


Perfect for seniors. Friskies Lil Soups With Sockeye Salmon in a Velvety Chicken Broth has been a favorite among senior kitties.

These soupy treats are lickable so older cats enjoy having them as a snack that requires very little effort to consume. The meat bits are a breeze to eat as well.

Convenient packaging. This product from Friskies are packaged in small plastic cups. Simply peel the lid and serve to your feline friend. No more scooping from a can. It is also handy when traveling with your cat.


A bit costly. According to a handful of reviews, they find these food complements a bit too expensive for a small cup of soup and a few bits of meat.

Friskies Lil Soups With Sockeye Salmon in a Velvety Chicken Broth is a great lickable treat that is sure to keep your cat hydrated. It is easy to eat and is loved by many cats, including senior kitties.

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Compare Friskies Cat Food Varieties

Friskies Lil Soups



Gravy Swirlers, Seafood Sensations, Surfin ‘n’ Turfin Favorites, Indoor Delights, Tender & Crunchy, Farm Favorites, Ocean Favorites

Party Mix

Extra Gravy, Indoor, Tasty Treasures, Gravy Sensations, Farm Favorites, Ocean Favorites

Dry, Shreds, & Dry

Pate, Shreds, Filets, Gravy, Flaked


Natural with added vitamins, minerals, & nutrients


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Should Cats Eat Dry Or Wet Food

Wet food is more expensive and less easy to use but can be beneficial in cats prone to lower urinary tract disease, constipation and that are overweight. Dry food can be a very efficient way to provide calories in thin cats with food volume limitations and allows for the use of food puzzles and food toy dispensers.

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Are Lil Soups A Meal

Feed your cats flavor fantasies with Friskies Lil Soups wet cat food complements. We dont add artificial colors, flavors or preservativesonly real, high-quality ingredients for real deliciousness. Mix a complement with her food as an addition to her complete and balanced diet, or serve it as a between-meal treat.

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Why Cat Food Toppers

The topper market is expanding rapidly. Some entries are designed to aid digestion, skin and coat health, immune support or hip and joint health. Others offer an easy way to add freeze dried raw food to Kittys diet. Increased palatability is the obvious benefit to offering your cats toppers and completers with their meals.

Moist complements and toppers are a good source of hydration when added to kibble. They can be helpful convincing a picky cat to try a new diet. A tasty topper can cause a kitty with anorexia from illness or stress to come back to her food bowl. For a senior cat, a topper or complement can provide needed nutrition in an easy to digest addition. They also make a tasty treat and a reward for a job well done.

Life& Cats received a free 8-pack of Friskies Lil Soups from Chewy.com in exchange for our honest opinions of the product.

Dog owners have used moist food as a supplement to a kibble diet for some time. The cat market is a little different because moist food is more common. However, toppers and complements are becoming more popular as the cat market continues to grow. The feline side of the toppers market grew by 264% in 2016 according to PetFoodIndustry.com.

Not Much Of A Cook Not To Worry Buy Pet

So youre not much a cook, eh? Not to worry. Pet companies are finally catching on that cats love gravy and broth. Having a senior cat with kidney disease, were always looking for great ways to hydrate beyond water . Broths are a great way to supplement your cats diet with a hydrating treat. Here are a few that you should definitely try out!

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Why Does My Cat Only Eat The Gravy

Some cats clearly prefer the juiciest wet foods that include gravy. And some of those cats only want to lap up the juice! Cats can become addicted to these extra-salient flavors and have their sense of taste dulled by them. This is why many cats will only eat fish products with extremely fishy flavors.

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Friskies Tasty Treasures Pate Liver Turkey & Chicken

Friskies Natural Grain

Tasty Treasures Pate is a whisker-licking recipe thats crafted with real liver bits to entice even the pickiest cat to eat. Its packed with everything cats need for their daily explorations, from proteins to omegas and antioxidants.

The food comes in an easy-to-eat pate texture thats great for adult cats, especially ones that have been ill or are still recuperating.

The first five ingredients of the meal are water, liver, meat by-products, fish, and turkey.


Lots of meat proteins. There are seven meat ingredients in the food and four of those are listed in the first five slots.

Contains several quality proteins. There are fresh chicken, fish, and turkey in this recipe.


Unnamed meats. There are meat by-products and poultry-by products included. Again, as weve said, quality meats should be named. Otherwise, it must be a mixture of different kinds if they cant name a specific animal where the meat comes from.

Friskies Tasty Treasures is indeed a tasty treat for our feline friends. The liver bits make it even more so. Ever wonder why many vets prescribe a diet with liver to ailing cats? Its because liver is highly palatable and enticing to felines.

The food is packed with all the fuel your cat needs to go on his highly active explorations. It is formulated to give nose-to-tail support in every bite.

Everything else seems good, especially the inclusion of three high-quality meat products like chicken, turkey, and fish.

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Available For All Age Groups: Whiskas Purrfectly Wet Cat Food Pouches

Its a known fact that fish is one of the most favorite foods as far as cats are concerned. My cat gets hangry if she gets to know that we have fish at home and only gets calm when she gets her share.

Whiskas purrfectly wet cat food available has real pieces of meat mixed with natural juices for cats that need the extra moisture to enjoy their dish.

It also comes with a pouch that has been designed to lock in the flavor and freshness for your cat.

Does the Whiskas Purrfectly Wet Cat Food Pouches Have a Strong Smell?

The pouches contain a strong fish smell, as you would expect, especially the sardine and mackerel variation. This is not the case with the chicken variation.

The good thing is, although it may have a strong smell to me for some flavors, the most important thing is if my cat likes it.

Are the Whiskas Purrfectly Wet Cat Food pouches recyclable?

As far as I can tell, these pouches do not appear to be recyclable. The food seems to be well received though.

Most Hunted Friskies Lil Soups Coupons

Love shopping?! Here at Promocodeas we always share the latest friskies lil soups coupons so that you can save big on their products. friskies lil soups coupons change all the time, especially for some 80% discount it can be here all the time, so check our site often for the latest updates and coupon savings! View more

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Why Shouldnt I Just Buy Store

Dont feed your cat chicken stock out of a carton, can or box thats made for humans. Most of these store-bought varieties contain onions, garlic and other spices that are not good for your cat and can be toxic. The recipe above is so easy theres really no reason that you shouldnt make your own. If youre not up to making your own there are lots of new choices at your local pet store! See below for some ideas

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Purina Friskies Lil Soups Variety Pack Cat Food Complement 9

  • Made with real salmon, tuna or chicken in a velvety broth
  • Savoury broth adds delectable flavour and moisture to every nibble
  • Grain-free soup for cats to complement your adult cat’s complete and balanced diet
  • Three yummy recipes to choose from in each pack
  • Packaged in a convenient cup for easy serving

Best For Seniors: Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Adult Instinctive Thin Slice In Gravy Canned Cat Food

Royal Canin Adult Instinctive is a favorite among cat owners due to multiple reasons. Its best for cats that are elderly. It contains all necessary nutrients to meet the needs of adult cats and keep them in a good health.

Is this Thin Slice Cat Food any Good for Finicky Cats?

If you have a finicky cat that tends to refuse most foods, including treats, then you may feel happy to hear that there is a good chance your cat will love this.

Is this good for cats with Soft Teeth?

Has your cat got soft teeth? If yes, then you may be thinking if this cat food is any good for your cat. It is a great soft food for your cat and worth a try.

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Friskies Tender & Crunchy Combo

This Friskies line is an excellent way to incorporate different textures into your felines diet. Part tender and part crunchy, the kibbles provide cats an interesting and tasty meal experience.

It contains flavors of beef, chicken, and turkey to entice meat-loving kitties to chow down. Its a complete diet for adult cats, loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals to meet all of their daily needs.

The first five ingredients of this Tender & Crunchy Combo are ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal, ground wheat, soybean meal.


Packed with essential nutrients. The food has guaranteed levels of omega fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and more. The nutrients are not simply listed down in the list of ingredients, plenty are also mentioned in the label with their respective minimum and max content.

Meaty feast. Has more than one meat flavor to keep the flavor interesting.


Doesnt start with meat. The recipe begins with yellow corn and only has one meat product within the first five ingredients.

Meats are not named. There are meat ingredients in the meal that are not named , while those that are named are byproducts.

With regards to taste, it seems that Friskies has captured the taste of cats. Many kitties love the flavors present in this Tender & Crunchy Combo, and the texture keeps them hooked.

Friskies Savory Shreds With Ocean Whitefish & Tuna

Purina Friskies Lil

Friskies Savory Shreds with Ocean Whitefish & Tuna is a high-protein food with real tuna and ocean whitefish. The meaty thin, shred texture are served in a rich and tasty sauce.

It has a higher protein content compared to the average wet foods. It also has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a complete and balanced meal. This versatile product can be served as a meal or as a meal-topper.

The first five ingredients of this recipe are water, liver, turkey, wheat gluten & chicken.


High in protein. Friskies Savory Shreds with Ocean Whitefish & Tuna has a higher protein content than the average cat food. It contains real fish, poultry, meat by-products, liver, turkey, chicken & tuna. These ingredients not only give much-needed protein, but it also makes for a very tasty meal.

A favorite among kitties.Yet another Friskies product that even finicky cats love. This rich and meaty recipe gets the cats running when they hear the can being opened. Cat parents just love seeing their pets happily eating their meals.


More meat please. According to a few reviews, they would prefer to have more meat and less sauce in every can.

Friskies Savory Shreds with Ocean Whitefish & Tuna is a wet food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. This makes it perfect for cats in need of weight management.

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