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Campbell’s Owns Way More Than You Think

Healthy Tomato soup Recipe | Using Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup

They might be called “Campbell’s Soup,” and we might just think of them in terms of those iconic red and white cans, but Campbell’s actually owns a massive number of other companies. Many of them are probably on your regular shopping lists, and you might be surprised to learn what else falls under their umbrella.

There are a few things that are still in the realm of soup and lunch Campbell’s also owns SpaghettiOs and other Campbell’s soup lines like Chunky, Healthy Request, Ready Meals, and Slow Kettle Style.

And that makes sense… but not everything else is so easy to connect. They also own Pace, under which they sell salsas, sauces, and dips, Mexican-style. There are Italian-style sauces, too: they also own Prego.

Then, hop over into the drink market. Campbell’s Soup owns V8 and V8 Splash, and they also have an organic line of snacks and drinks called Plum Organic.

Finally, the two big ones: they own Pepperidge Farm and Goldfish, too. Who would have thought?

What To Serve With Tomato Soup

The most popular thing to eat with tomato soup is grilled cheese! But my family loves it when I make my Gluten-Free Buttermilk Biscuits or Gluten-Free Sweet Cornbred with the soup. Its so quick and easy to bake biscuits or cornbread to go with the soup.

We also like Schars Gluten-Free Table Crackers with soup. I buy them at Walmart.

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What Are Sloppy Joes

If you havent had this childhood classic, sloppy joes are a loose meat sandwich that are served on a bun. The meat is cooked in some sort of sauce, which gives it the sloppy part of the title.

It is said that the sandwich was named when a chef named Joe added a tomato sauce to a loose meat sandwich. It was a hit, and now people have been enjoying these sandwiches for decades.

The original sloppy joes are made with a tomato sauce, like this recipe. But there are a lot of different variations these days.

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A Chemist Condensed Campbell’s Soup

We’re fortunate enough to live in a world of convenience, and it’s easy to forget just how revolutionary the idea of condensed soup was. Campbell’s was the company that invented condensed soup, thanks to their resident chemist.

Campbell’s was founded in 1869, and their first soup plant was located in Camden, New Jersey. It wasn’t until 1897 long after founder Joseph Campbell’s retirement that chemist John T. Dorrance perfected the process for creating shelf-stable condensed soups. Dorrance had quite the foodie background himself. Born in Philadelphia, he studied abroad in Germany before heading to Paris to work in their food industry. While there, he developed the basic idea behind condensed soup. He had the restaurant industry in mind first, and wanted to come up with a way they could buy, ship, store, and prepare soup that was more convenient every step of the way.

That was, of course, condensed soup, and it was great for the home cook, too. Those first cans sold for 10 cents a can in 1897, and remained under a dollar a can until 2012.

Our Ingredients From A


Here is an alphabetical list of some of the ingredients we use that may not be familiar. We have tried to describe what they are and why we use them in our recipes.


Beta carotene is found in carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins and gives them their orange color.


Vegetable oil.


A widely used food colour made by heating sugar. It is also an ingredient in Worcestershire Sauce which we sometimes use to add flavour.


A common ingredient which is used as a thickener. We use it to keep our chicken meat juicy. It is found in seaweed from which it is extracted for use as a food ingredient.


Stock is made from cooking chicken meat and chicken bones in water and then concentrating it by evaporating off some of the liquid. We also use a small amount of dehydrated, or completely dried, chicken stock for added flavour.


Citric acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits and tomatoes. It is commonly used to control the acidity of shelf stable products. The citiric acid is derived from either sugar beet or corn through fermentation.


These ingredients helps to thicken soups and give a consistent texture.


A type of sweetener made from corn.


We use fresh cream for its flavour and to give smooth texture.


Dried garlic used to add flavour.


We used dried onions as a base flavour.


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My Cheater Tomato Soup Recipe

Back in the day when I first fell in love with tomato soup, there was definitely no HFCS in the soup. Of course, another alternative for a ready-made soup would be Pacific Foods organic tomato soup flavors. However, both contain milk and grains. Years ago, I created this simple instant cheater tomato soupbarely a recipe reallythat simply uses tomato or vegetable juice and milk. Its just those two ingredients, and its ready in 2 minutes! Tomato juice or tomato-based vegetable juice and milk. I use full-fat coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk. However, if you consume dairy, its fine to use dairy milk if youd like. This Cheater Tomato Soup recipe makes just enough tomato soup to fill a large bowl, a soup mug, or a large coffee mug. My version requires no salt, herbs, sweetener, or the like, but feel free to add a pinch here, a pinch there, if needed. Get the recipe below this last photo, but be sure to check out some more terrific soup recipes below that before you scroll away.

Andy Warhol Loved Campbell’s Soup More Than You Think

Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup Cans art installation is the very definition of pop art. There are 32 canvases, each depicting a different kind of Campbell’s soup, and Mental Floss says Warhol did, indeed, love the stuff. He was quoted as saying, “I used to drink it. I used to have the same lunch every day, for 20 years, I guess, the same thing over and over.”

No wonder he was so familiar with those cans! They ultimately launched his entire career, and if you look closely at them you’ll see they’re not all 100 percent identical, in spite of Warhol’s attempt to mimic a machine-stamped look.

Campbell’s approved of the pieces, too, even issuing a paper Souper Dress inspired by the work.

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Campbell’s Soup Reduced Their Salt And Then Added It Back

Soup can be one of the healthiest meals you can make at home, but what about the stuff you pour from the can? In 2010, Campbell’s soup took some major strides toward lowering the amount of sodium in their soups. A good percentage of their products got a makeover, reducing on average the sodium content of each can by about 45 percent. That’s a good thing, but Forbes reported only a year later that sales had plummeted so much they were going to be putting the sodium right back in.

For a bit of reference, the American Heart Association recommends limiting sodium intake to no more than 1500 mg per day. Before the change, a single serving of Campbell’s Select Harvest soup had around 800 mg, which Campbell’s got down to 480 mg. Post-2011, the Los Angeles Times reported those soups were going to be going back up to an average of 650 mg per serving after the brand decided to put more focus on taste. It’s still better than it was, so that’s something.

Those Iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans Tell A Story

Open Up Possibilities: Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup

The red and white cans were iconic even before Andy Warhol painted them, but they almost didn’t look like that at all. According to Food Republic‘s look at Campbell’s branding, they say the original colors of the cans were blue and orange. Campbell’s rolled out their condensed soups in 1897, and it was only a year before labels became red and white. Treasurer and GM Herberton L. Williams is credited with making the change after attending a college football game, liking the look of Cornell University’s white and red uniforms, and pitching the change. A food icon was born.

There are a few other things you probably didn’t know about that iconic label. The distinctive Campbell’s font is believed to be based on the actual signature of company founder Joseph Campbell, and it was meant to convey a down-home sort of feel. That medallion changed in the first few years of Campbell’s existence, but the one you’re familiar with today is a medal they won at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle. They won that medal for excellence, and have kept it ever since.

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One Of Campbell’s Soup Commercials Got Big Backlash

Star Wars product placement is everywhere, and that includes with Campbell’s. In 2015 they partnered for Star Wars themed soups, and they advertised with a commercial starring two dads and their son. The backlash from the far right came almost immediately, and it wasn’t because of the questionable Darth Vader impressions. HuffPo reported that One Million Moms were outraged over the commercial, and so were commenters on .

HuffPo also reported the outrage prompted an epic bit of trolling from Mike Melgaard, who posed as Campbell’s customer service and started shutting down the haters . The hate was real and it was heartbreaking, he said, especially considering the three people in that commercial aren’t just actors, they’re a real family.

They’re Larry Sullivan, David Monahan, and son Cooper. People says they starred in commercials for Sabra Hummus and Target before appearing in the Campbell’s soup ad. By that time, Sullivan and Monahan had been together for around 14 years, and had exactly the sort of family chemistry Campbell’s was looking for.

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Campbells Seafood Tomato Alfredo Recipe

Provided by Devildog

1 cup diced canned tomatoes
1 lb. fish fillets cut into 2 pieces
4 cups hot cooked linguine


  • 1. Heat butter in skillet. Add onion and cook until tender 2. Add soup, milk and tomatoes. Heat to a boil. Add fish. Cook over low heat 10 minutes or until done. Serve over linguine.

Are Campbells Yes Soups Gluten Free



Heres a list of gluten free soups:

  • Campbells Organic Soup. Chicken Tortilla.
  • Swanson® Broth & Stock Natural GoodnessTM Chicken Broth Chicken Broth.
  • Swanson® Broth Natural GoodnessTM Chicken Broth.
  • Progresso.

Secondly, is Campbells consomme gluten free? Campbells Chicken and Beef Broth are no longer Gluten Free!

Besides, is there gluten in Campbells cream of chicken soup?

This gluten-free chicken soup is also suitable for casseroles and other delicious recipes. It is safe for individuals who are sensitive to gluten as it is gluten-free.

Does Campbells cream of mushroom soup have gluten?

Most canned cream of mushroom soups in the store are not gluten free. Is Campbells cream of mushroom soup gluten free? Absolutely not!

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Pacific Organic Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

See nutrition, ingredients, and sustainability info.

This Pacifics organic red pepper and tomato soup is packed with roasted red bell peppers, roasted garlic, and tomato paste. It provides 6g of protein, 2g 10% of DV of saturated fat, and 4g of added sugars per serving. One cup contains 700mg 30% of DV of sodium which is considered high if you trying to limit your sodium intake.

Allergen information: CONTAINS: MILK

This tomato basil soup is made with tomatoes, carrots, celeries, onions, garlic, and basil. One cup provides 3g of fiber 11% of DV and 2g of protein. It doesnt contain any saturated fat or added sugars.

Allergen information: Not declared.

See nutrition, ingredients, and sustainability info.

This organic creamy tomato soup is made with tomato puree, cream, and onions. One cup offers 1.5g of saturated fat 8% of DV -, 3g of fiber 11% of DV -, and 3g of protein. Its also a good source of iron and potassium. It provides 20% of the daily value of iron and 15% of the daily value of potassium per cup. Additionally, its free from gluten, soy, or nut.

Allergen information: Contains milk

See nutrition, ingredients, and sustainability info.

This organic tomato bisque soup is made with tomato puree, diced tomatoes, cream, and onions. It provides 3g of protein, 2.4g of saturated fat, and only 280mg 12% of DV of sodium per cup. Its also a good source of iron and potassium. Additionally, its free from gluten, soy, or tree nuts.

Tools Used To Make This Soup:

  • Herb Scissors These sharp scissors make garnishing your dishes with herbs so easy! I used this to cut the basil and look how perfect those ribbons look!
  • Wolf Gourmet Blender This blender is amazing! It is a power house that can blend anything. I love it and use it for everything from smoothies, to soups, to dressings. It is the same quality as a Vitamix or Blendtec, if not better.
  • Immersion Hand Blender This hand blender is great for sauces, soup, and also has attachments to whisk and froth.
  • Garlic Press Fresh garlic tastes best and this is the garlic press I use. I love how easy it is to use and clean.
  • Peeler This is my favorite peeler! It works great for vegetables, fruits, and parmesan cheese.

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The Untold Truth Of Campbell’s Soup

If you’re anything like us, you’d recognize that iconic red and white label anywhere. How can you not?

It doesn’t matter how much of a foodie you are , you probably grew up with at least a can or two of Campbell’s Soup in your kitchen. Whether it’s nostalgia for days gone by or a true love for what’s in the can, there’s something comforting about popping open a can of Campbell’s soup even today. It’s familiar, it’s the stuff of childhood, and it’s been a part of your life forever. There’s still probably some things you don’t know about Campbell’s Soup, though, so let’s talk fun facts.

This is the untold truth of Campbell’s Soup.

Campbell’s Soup Makes Good Cake

Marinated Carrots, Campbells® Condensed Tomato Soup

Campbell’s soup doesn’t sound like it would be a key ingredient in a delicious cake, but it absolutely can be. Campbell’s says they think it was in the 1920s during the Great Depression that inventive home cooks first hit on the idea of using tomato soup to make a spicy sort of cake. It wasn’t until 1940 that Campbell’s test kitchens released their first version, and it was for a fruit-and-nut, British-style pudding. Not your thing? Have no fear.

By 1942, the fruit had fallen by the wayside and the most popular versions of tomato soup cake were ones heavy with flavors like nutmeg and clove. According to The Kitchn, tomato soup cake was popular during the days of wartime rationing and got a complete makeover after the war years. By the 1970s, bakers were adding cream cheese frosting as the finishing touch, and if you’re looking for a spicy, unique cake for that next special get-together, Campbell’s soup has you covered.

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Gluten Free Like Campbells Tomato Soup Recipe

Mix one can of tomato paste with 4 cans of water until smooth . Set aside. Melt 2 T of butter over low heat, add 2 T of cornstarch and mix well to make a roux. Add the tomato stuff to the roux, turn up the heat and stir until it boils and thickens.

This reminded me a lot like Campbells tomato soup, its good! Dont use no name tomato products for this, use the good stuff. This makes a big pot of soup if youre not going to use all of it you can freeze it for another time. Recipe Categories . Gluten-Free Heart Healthy

Recipes Using Tomato Soup Who would guess Campbells Condensed Tomato soup could be so versatile! Its not only delicious as a soup, but it also forms the base for these easy, great tasting recipes. Surprise your family and open up possibilities by adding a different recipe to your menu each week!

Heat butter over medium-high heat in a large pot until melted or heat olive oil until it shimmers but doesnt smoke. Add onion and cook until soft, about 3 minutes. Add garlic and cook, stirring frequently, for another minute. Add tomatoes and chicken broth.

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I bet you could make a yummy casserole, like Chicken Divan, with the Chunky Chicken Brocolli Cheese soup, chicken tenders, frozen brocolli, shredded cheddar, seasoned gluten-free breadcrumbs and Tinkayda noodles.

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