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How Can I Offer Food To My Friend


8 Rules for Bringing Food to Friends

  • Your food gift doesnt have to be homemade.
  • Stick to the classics.
  • Be sensitive to dietary needs.
  • Dont put it in a pan you want back.
  • Label it with love.
  • Bring the food frozen or not frozen.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Dont cancel and dont show up empty-handed.
  • 01-May-2019

    How Long Does Homemade Soup Last In The Freezer

    Can you keep frozen vegetable soup in the freezer? If you store it properly, you can expect it to last about 4 to 6 months, but it will remain safe after that. The freezer time shown is for the best quality only cooked vegetable soup that has been frozen continuously at -40 F will keep for an indefinite period of time.

    Soup Delivery Services For Delicious Nutritious Dinners

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    Soup is among the most versatile of foods. You can combine anything you want, add some broth, and youve got yourself a soup. There are also some traditional soups like chicken noodle, minestrone, tomato, etc.

    Whether you go classic or make your own, theres just something about soup that is so comforting. When made with the right ingredients, it also comes with many health benefits.

    Because of this, many people like to have soup on a regular or even daily basis. This means you either have to stock up, or youre going out to get it often. It doesnt have to be this way, though.

    If youre constantly searching for soup near me and sifting through the options, consider signing up for a soup delivery service instead. Many soup delivery services ship nationwide and will even set up recurring deliveries for you. You can combine these with other healthy options too, like vegetable, meal prep, or fresh fruit delivery services.

  • Good Stock Soups
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    Best For Matzoh Ball Soup: Katz’s Delicatessen

    Katz’s Delicatessen

    • Price : Starts at $16, orders over $100 ship free
    • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 6 days
    • Availability: Nationwide

    You can enjoy ready-to-eat soup from an iconic New York City delicatessen right in your own kitchen.

    • Arrives ready to heat and serve

    • Cross country shipping can take a week

    • Shipping not cost effective for small orders

    With a history that dates back to 1888, Katzs Delicatessen in New Yorks Lower East Side has been a landmark food destination for over a century. It has even been dubbed the most famous deli in America.

    If you dont have the opportunity to visit in person, the next best thing is to get its food shipped directly to your home. While Katz’s is best known for its sandwiches and meats, this New York City staple also offers three signature soups available for delivery: Chicken Noodle, Matzoh Ball, and Split Pea.

    Chicken Noodle Soup is made with a rich broth, fresh vegetables, and “just off-the-bone” chicken. Matzoh Ball Soup includes matzoh balls expertly crafted to be light and fluffy in a distinct flavorful broth . And Split Pea Soup is chock-full of vegetables, for those wanting some extra vitamins and minerals in their bowl of comfort.

    Each order includes one quart of soup for about $16 . Free, two-day shipping is available on orders over $100 if you want an excuse to add a whole pastrami to your order!

    Can You Send Homemade Soup In The Mail

    When you

    Editor: Your best bet is to freeze the soup, then ship it in a cooler with dry ice to make sure it doesnt melt during the journey. If your daughter doesnt mind cooking noodles and then adding them to the soup, that will yield the best texture! Readers, have you ever shipped homemade chicken noodle soup?

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    Meals To Take To Friends

    Wondering what kind of meal to take? Today Im sharing some of our favorite meals to deliver, from soups and stews to crock-pot meals, pasta, and casseroles.

    Hopefully, this post will inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and take a meal to someone near them in a time of need.Most meals can be delivered early in the day, if that is a better fit for your schedule . Dont forget to include a short note with instructions for reheating.

    This recipe can be made in the crock-pot or in the oven. When its finished cooking, transfer the meat to a disposable metal pan and cover it tightly with foil.

    Take along some mashed potatoes, or boiled red potatoes, also in a metal pan covered with foil. A salad or some roasted broccoli or green beans is a great way to finish off the meal.

    My friend Lisa brought us a pan of this Chicken Tetrazzini after our second child was born. In the midst of our new baby fog and sleep deprivation, we managed to eat an absurd amount of this dish. I can tell you for a fact the leftovers were fantastic for the next few days as well.

    Bake the pasta in a disposable pan and cover it tightly with foil when it comes out of the oven. Take along a Strawberry Spinach Salad or some bread for a meal that friends are certain to love.

    With a bag of tortilla chips or Fritos on the side, youll have dinner ready to go in no time.

    Sandwich Or Wrap Platters

    Sandwich or wrap platters can be great if your friend is having other people stop by their home . That way, they dont have to put in a ton of extra effort to lay out food for others.

    Making sandwiches or wraps ahead of time with ingredients that wont get soggy should also ensure theyll last at least a few days. You can also simplify it to charcuterie boards or something similar.

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    Best Meals To Deliver To A Friend

    Delivering a meal to a friend or family member is the best gift, whether you are looking to surprise someone who just had a baby, someone who is sick, had a death in the family or is even simply overwhelmed with life. This Christmas we gave the gift of a stress free delivered dinner. It was truly the most appreciated gift I could have given. Sometimes life is crazy for whatever reason.

    Our friend Ashley from the food blog Center Cut Cook shared some devastating news last week. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and they had quite a stay in the hospital.

    Life, for them, is of course turned upside down and as a nurturing woman, all I want to do is help. Faced with a potentially long and arduous treatment course our blogger friends are getting together to help raise a little money to help Ashley and Ryan.

    I would love to pack their fridge and freezer full of meals, but they live across the country. I have put together this collection of 25 of the Best Meals to Deliver to a friend or family member for whatever the reason. We hope it helps make your dinner deliveries a little simpler. Enjoy!


    25 Minute Baked Ziti Skillet one pan and 25 minutes are all that stand between you and a magical bite of Italian comfort food!

    features chunks of chicken cooked in a scrumptious creamy sauce withcorn, carrots and peas. A secret ingredient in the drop biscuits reallytake this dish over the top. One skillet and 30 minutes until dinner.

    Simple Methods For Sending Meals To A Sick Friend

    SCUFFED MEMES w/ SwaggerSouls, McNasty, Blarg, & Kryoz

    Sending meals to a sick friend is a great way to help them focus on getting well. After all, food is fuel and is some of the best medicine. Be sure to include a various dishes, such as a few comfort foods and predominantly healthy options. You may also choose to go through a professional meal service or plan everything yourself, depending on where your friend lives and how much time you have on your hands.

    Be mindful that the foods and meals you select wont be harsh on your friends stomach even if they typically go for the spiciest items. You may also be interested in this post about sympathy food delivery for even more ideas about what to send someone whos down.

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    Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole

    Get all the comfort of chicken soup in casserole form. This Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole is easy to transport and serve to potlucks or a sick friend!

    We all know that chicken noodle soup is the gold standard food for nursing a cold. Its such a nice gesture to bring soup to a sick friend, but transporting a half gallon of broth without spilling it all over you car is definitely a challenge. Along those lines, have you ever tried bringing soup to a potluck? Not only is it hard to get it there, you have to have bowls and spoons, which can wreck a perfectly good food line setup.

    Never fear. This chicken noodle soup casserole solves all those problems! This warm, comforting casserole has all the goodness of the soup you love but with less broth. Plus it has CHEESE on top, so its even better than the original. Can I get an amen?

    I mentioned in yesterdays Peanut Butter Fruit Dip post that my youngest was sick this weekend, and now Ive got the cold. Im using my usual denial treatment because I dont have time to be sick, so I just pretend its not true. That works pretty well for me, and enjoying a couple bowls full of this chicken noodle soup casserole last night surely helped too. Now if youll excuse me, I need to go nurse my cold with some casserole leftovers for lunch. Enjoy the recipe!

    The Original Soup Man

    The Original Soup Man believes that nothing is more timeless, traditional, and comforting as soup. Soup is not only delicious but it can be extremely healthy when you add the right ingredients, and the Soup Man is dedicated to making their soup the best of both worlds.

    They are constantly working to create new blends and recipes, while always adding their special, secret spice blend to add that signature splash of flavor.

    You can pick and choose soups for a one-time order, or you can join their club and get a six-pack of your choice delivered every month.

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    Best For Bone Broth: Brodo


    • Price : Starts at $13 plus shipping, 10+ item orders ship free
    • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 3 days
    • Availability: Nationwide

    This bone broth is handcrafted using high-quality, organic ingredients free of antibiotics and hormones.

    • Ingredients from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals

    • No concentrates or preservatives

    • Only one quantity to choose from

    • Minimum order of 10 items for free shipping

    • Not all subscriptions qualify for free shipping

    All beef bones come from 100 percent grass-fed animals, free of antibiotics and hormones. All poultry used is certified organic and pasture-raised, fed a vegetarian diet free of GMOs, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

    Brodos online selection includes 22-ounce portions of chicken bone broth, beef bone broth, and hearth bone broth . There’s also a vegan seaweed mushroom broth, made with organic seaweed, organic vegetables, and shiitake mushrooms.

    Epicurious named the Seaweed Mushroom Broth its favorite vegetable broth in 2020. One-time orders are available, as well as discounted bi-weekly and monthly subscription plans.

    Broths cost around $13 for one-time orders. That may seem pricey, but Brodos use of high-quality ingredients and a lengthy, meticulous cooking process results in great tasting, nutrient-packed bone broths, making this well worth it. Shipping is free for orders of 10 items or more.

    Special Delivery Florida Man Lets Out A Loud Fart While Delivering Soup To Sick Friend

    DIY Gift Baskets For Sick Friends
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    Filmed on Wednesday 29th December 2021

    Avon Park, United States

    A man dropping off some soup for his sick friend also leaves a message for him on the Ring security camera. He tells his friend he hopes he feels better and lets out a loud fart before walking away.


    From the blog

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    Giving The Gift Of Food: Taking Meals To Friends And Family

    Some of the best food Ive ever eaten has been delivered by friends and strangers in a time of sickness or exhaustion. A meal brought to your door on a night when you have no energy to cook says that someone is thinking of you.

    Are you overwhelmed at the thought of delivering a meal to another family? I used to be the same way. As a newlywed, a friend called and asked me if I would take a meal to another family.

    I agreed to do that and then panicked. I called my mom and arranged for her to prepare the meal I was supposed to deliver!

    What I wish Id known then is that the meal doesnt need to be complicated. A simple pot of soup or a dish of pasta can be appreciated beyond words.

    Best For Special Diets: Magic Kitchen

    Magic Kitchen

    • Price : Starts at $12 plus shipping
    • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 4 days
    • Availability: Nationwide

    These soups are handmade in small batches and cater to special diets and health conditions that require controlled eating plans.

    • Ideal for special dietary needs

    • Handmade in small batches

    • Shopping easy with icons used to label varieties

    • Largest serving size is for four people

    • No vegan options

    Magic Kitchen opened with the primary goal of creating healthy, quality meals for busy families and seniors who may also have special dietary needs because of conditions such as diabetes, renal disease, or for people on other types of portion-controlled eating plans.

    Dishes are handmade in small batches and flash-frozen. Magic Kitchen provides a variety of items a la carte as well as complete meals and gift packages. The large soup selection is available for order through the a la carte menu. Varieties include California Beef Stew, Tomato Basil Bisque, and Broccoli, Mushroom and Zucchini Soup. The soups are packaged in single servings and shipped in servings of two or four.

    Like other dishes offered, soups are labeled with icons for a variety of special dietary needs such as vegetarian, low sodium, low fat, low carbohydrate, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

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    Things To Consider When Having Soup Delivered

    While soup is a classic and traditional meal, there are so many options it can get overwhelming. Go through the following factors before deciding which soup delivery service to use.

    Soup Variety

    Since soup can literally be made from anything, you need to consider exactly what the company has to offer. Many love chicken noodle soup, for example, and as a result, some companies focus only on this.

    If youre a die-hard chicken noodle soup fan, this is exactly what you want. If youre after some variety, keep looking.

    Quality of Ingredients

    Many people eat soup, at least in part, for the health benefits. If this is you, the quality of the ingredients used is a huge factor. Look into how they source their ingredients does it come from a local farm? This is ideal.

    You should also consider the type of ingredients. Are there are a lot of vegetables going into the soups? Lots of veggies are the best way to pack a ton of nutrients into one bowl.

    Other Options

    Lastly, consider what else they offer. Many things go well with soup bread and crackers being a good example.

    While some companies focus only on soup, some create entire care packages. These packages include everything from bread or crackers to tea, honey, sweets treats, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

    These are great if you want to complete the soup experience for yourself, or send a nice variety of comfort food and items to a loved one.

    Celebratory Days And Key Events From Weird Wild And Heart


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    How To Transport Soup

    However, we recognize that every plan has its limitations. The main issue with taking soup comes in transporting it. Its hot and sloshes and has a tendency to stain everything it sloshes on. We have a few tips for taking soup from your house to another:

    Mason Jars. These work so well because the soup can still be warm when you pack it no need to wait for it to cool! They also seal well so theyre spill proof. Win-win.

    Take it in your pot and transfer it to theirs. This way, you can bring home your dirty pot and still have use of your dish without any pressure for them to return it speedily.

    Make it in a larger dish than necessary. Even if youre only going to make a few servings, make it in the biggest pot you have. When you drive with it, there is room allotted for sloshing, but its less likely to spill over the edges.

    We hope these tips are helpful the next time you take a meal to a friend!

    What are your favorite tips for transporting meals? Do you have any go-to soup recipes youd like to share? We want to hear from you, so let us know in the comments!

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