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Best Bites: Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Easy BROCCOLI CHEESE SOUP Recipe | PANERA Broccoli cheddar soup copycat

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This recipe is guaranteed to become your favorite go-to soup on a chilly winter day. Sprinkled with mountains of cheese and served in a hearty bread bowl, this broccoli cheddar soup is perfect for lunch or dinner!

How To Make Broccoli Cheddar Soup

To make this delicious cheddar cheese you will only need a handful of ingredients, a large pot, and 30 minutes. Gather all your ingredients and lets get cooking!

Broccoli:Fresh broccoli florets along with the stems chopped into small bite-size pieces. A 12oz bag of frozen broccoli will also work. The instructions and cooking time are exactly the same.

Carrots: You will need about 1 cup of grated, finely minced, or julienned carrots. It is about 1 large carrot or 2 small carrots. This ingredient is optional and can be adjusted to your taste preference.

Cheddar: To get the best possible flavor, we like to use an 8oz block of mild or medium cheddar cheese. You can also use 2 cups of pre-grated cheddar cheese.

Half & Half: Half and half will yield a texture that is not too thick or too thin. It can also be replaced with milk for a light soup or heavy cream for keto dieters.

Stock: Veggie or chicken stock will work great and if you dont have any on hand, replace the stock with water and add a bouillon cube.

You will also need a chopped onion, minced garlic, butter, flour, salt pepper and paprika .

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How To Make Broccoli Cheddar Soup From Scratch

How do you make broccoli cheese soup from scratch? Let’s go over the steps needed to get this delicious soup on your dinner table tonight!

Cook onions: Saute onions in melted butter over medium-low heat for 5 minutes.

Make a roux: Sprinkle the flour on top, stir to coat the onions and cook for 2 minutes.

Simmer: Add one cup of stock to the pot and stir until the mixture is smooth. Add the remaining stock, half and half, broccoli, carrots and seasonings to the pot. Stir, cover the pot and simmer the soup for 20 minutes.

Melt cheese: Add the shredded cheese and stir until melted. Serve and enjoy!

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Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup

The Chunky Chef02/06/2019

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This hearty broccoli cheddar soup is loaded with mouthwatering flavors, yet uses everyday ingredients, and is ready in about 30 minutes!

No need to go out to a well known bread company, this copycat broccoli cheddar soup is incredibly smooth, rich, and full of great broccoli cheese flavors! The best part, is that its made in just 30 minutes on your stovetop!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Ive been tweaking this recipe for years you guys. So. Many. Bowls. Of. Soup! Some form of this recipe has been on the blog since 2014, and this version takes the cake! Deliciously creamy, thick and rich, with the perfect mixture of smoothness and texture and loaded with broccoli cheddar flavors. You simply cant go wrong!

This broccoli cheddar soup is sort of a copycat recipe from Panera Bread, but I honestly havent had that soup from there in years, so I cant say for absolute certain if the flavors are spot on or not.

Can You Freeze Broccoli Cheese Soup

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup Copycat

Whether you have leftovers or want to cook a batch ahead of time, this soup is great to freeze.

Be sure to let the soup sit until it completely cools to room temperature. Allowing the soup to cool before you freeze it helps prevent condensation from forming in the container, which can thin the soup when you reheat it.

Pour the cooled soup into a large freezer-safe container or several smaller freezer bags. Store the soup in the freezer for a maximum of two months. You can then reheat from frozen in the microwave, or defrost in the fridge overnight.

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To Make Broccoli Cheese Soup You Will Need:

  • Butter
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Bread Bowl

Now for this soup I use fresh organic broccoli, I love this recipe because broccoli is packed full of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Folates, Vitamin A, Phosphorus and Potassium!

Broccoli is a great source of fiber and a natural anti-biotic, it also helps prevent cancer and cleanses your intestines. You cannot go wrong with broccoli!

The next fresh ingredient I use is onion, onions are a great source of vitamins and minerals. I use yellow onions for this recipe because yellow onion is known as the cooking onion they cook up beautifully and add the perfect flavor for soups. Onions are known to help lower the risks of cancer, and prevents heart disease.

Onions are super veggies in my book. Moving on to carrots, everybody knows that carrots are great for eyes but thats not all they are good for!

Carrots are both anti-bacterial and anti-viral they boost kidney and liver function and they do wonders for your skin! I want to go eat some carrots right now! Lets get to fun part of this recipe shall we.

Minute Broccoli Cheddar Soup

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Healthy broccoli cheddar soup packed with carrots, broccoli, garlic, and cheese. This creamy velvety soup is much better than Paneras broccoli cheddar soup and can be made in under 30 minutes for a fraction of the price! Soup is an essential winter meal and when it comes to picking our absolute favorite soup, this cheddar broccoli soup has earned the #1 spot. Its a favorite of kids because of its creamy texture and cheesy flavor, and loved by parents because its secretly loaded with a ton of nutritious veggies.

If youve ever had Paneras broccoli cheddar soup then you will LOVE this soup. Its almost a copycat version of it except with much more flavor and texture.

The soup is made with an almost caramelized onion and garlic-based and thickened with a roux then simmered with veggie stock, broccoli, and carrots. At the very end, half & half and freshly grated cheddar cheese are added to give it a velvety smooth texture.

The result is a deliciously rich, thick and creamy broccoli soup that is loaded with the comforting flavors of broccoli and cheddar.

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Try This Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe Today

This delicious soup is perfect to enjoy on a cold day but light enough to enjoy year round. It is such a wonderful soup.

Try this soup this week and see how your family likes it. We all just love this soup.

It comes together quickly on the stove and you can use a dutch oven that is perfect for serving. You cant go wrong with this amazing soup.

It is the best comfort food!

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Broccoli Cheddar Soup (AMAZING) | Panera Broccoli cheddar soup copycat recipe

Start Shopping > Ingredients:

Milk, Chicken Stock , Water, Broccoli, Pasteurized Process Cheddar Cheese , Heavy Cream, Carrots, Corn Starch, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Onions Seasoning , Butter , Dijon Mustard , Hot Pepper Sauce And Nisin Preparation.

From the producer:

Chopped broccoli, shredded carrot and select seasonings simmered in a velvety smooth cheese sauce.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that the product information presented on our website is accurate, but you should always consult product labels for the most accurate and up to date information. We assume no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

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All About The Cheddar

Our #1 tip for this soup is to use freshly grated cheddar cheese. Thats right, we suggest buying a block of yellow cheddar cheese and shredding it yourself.

We find that freshly shredded cheese melts and mixes so much better in this soup than pre-shredded cheese.

What kind of cheddar cheese should I use? We used sharp yellow cheddar cheese, but youre more than welcome to use white cheddar cheese or even a cheddar blend.

Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe

Do you find yourself ordering broccoli cheddar soup whenever you go to Panera Bread? Skip the drive thru and make this easy copycat soup in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy, cheesy and comforting.

If you love Panera soups, you’ll want to check out our copycat recipes for 10 vegetable soup and summer corn chowder.

Want to see our latest recipes? to get our latest recipes, fun food facts, food puns, and behind the scenes news about our blog.

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What To Serve With Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Easy, buttery Beer Bread goes perfect with this soup! Also great to cube into bite sized pieces and use for dips!

Are you looking for a fluffy, delicious Dinner Roll? These No Knead Garlic Parmesan Dinner Rolls will please the whole family!

Easiest side dish ever. Whip up a batch of these Puff Pastry Bread Sticks to dunk in your soup!

You can also go to most bakery sections in the grocery store and find a great homemade bread bowl!

How To Make Broccoli Cheese Soup

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup Copycat [VIDEO]

Start your broccoli cheese soup with a roux of butter and flour for a more thicker recipe.

Later your cheese will be creamed for a thick and creamy cheese.

For a more thick and rich texture just continue to add more flour and butter combination.

Enjoy your broccoli cheese soup with cornbread, miracle no knead bread, perfect baked potato recipe or apple bacon brussel sprout salad for a complete meal.

  • Making the roux: Sauté the onion in 1 tablespoon melted butter and set aside. In a large pot whisk together the melted butter and flour over medium heat for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Whisk together liquid: Slowly whisk in the half and half and chicken stock. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • Cook in vegetables: Add the broccoli, carrots, and onions. Let them simmer on medium low for about 25 minutes until the broccoli and carrots are tender.
  • Add seasonings and cheese: Add nutmeg, salt and pepper and sharp cheddar cheese. Let the cheese melt and then serve. For a smoother soup puree it in a blender but I love the chunks!

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How To Serve Brocolli Cheddar Soup

This delicious soup is packed full of veggies and texture and can be perfectly eaten stand-alone and will make a filling meal. It can also be served in a bread bowl or with crusty bread for dipping or topped with croutons! If youre a meat-eater, you can top it with chopped grilled or shredded chicken or mix them in.

How To Make Broccoli Cheddar Soup:

1. Saute onion in 1 tbsp of melted butter until transparent.

2. In a separate pot, make a roux using the remainder of melted butter and 1/4 cup flour. Cook approx. 5 minutes over medium heat, constantly stirring with a whisk.

3. Slowly add in half & half, continue stirring.

4. Add chicken stock, stir, and let simmer for 20 minutes.

5. Add in broccoli florets, carrots, and sauteed onions. Let cook for another 25 minutes over low heat.

6. Stir in cheese until melted, add nutmeg and salt and pepper to taste.

Tip: If you like a smoother broccoli cheddar soup without chunks of veggies, pour small batches into a blender after step 5 or use an immersion hand blender until the desired consistency is reached. Transfer back to the pot and add cheese, nutmeg, and salt & pepper to taste.


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How Much Will This Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe Cost



NOTE: The recipe prices are used calculating name brand products from Walmarts website. The recipes actual cost will vary depending on what your pantry is already stocked with and current grocery prices.

  • 5 Tablespoons salted butter $0.50
  • 1/2 cup chopped yellow onion $0.31
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour $0.08
  • 1 3/4 cups chicken broth $0.84
  • 2 cups half and half $0.88
  • 3 cups broccoli florets $2.08
  • 1 cup julienned carrots $0.42
  • 1 teaspoon salt $0.01
  • 8 ounces shredded cheddar cheese $1.28

Calories In This Recipe Vs Panera’s

Broccoli Cheddar Soup | Panera Broccoli cheddar soup copycat recipe

The recipe below has 244 calories per serving. According to Paneras website, a serving of their soup is 360 calories. Paneras version of broccoli cheddar soup is full of cream and processed cheese and sodium.

My recipe shaves off calories by using milk and broth instead of cream, sautéing the vegetables in a small amount of butter, and adding a smaller amount of flavourful cheddar cheese.

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Can You Freeze Broccoli Cheddar Soup

To refrigerate:Place any leftover soup in airtight containers and refrigerate for up to 3-4 days. Reheat on the stove-top over medium-low heat.

To freeze: Place in freezer-safe zip bags and freeze flat or in freezer-safe containers. To reheat, thaw completely then warm on low heat to prevent curdling.

Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

I recently moved to Utah, and we are in the middle of winter. The snow has been a little bit of a shock to our systems for my family, seeing that weve spent the last few years in a temperate climate. We love it, but goodness, it is cold! I do not love driving in it, though.

I have found that we have been eating A LOT of soup this winter. We have some favorites that we love to get when were out and about.

One of them being the Broccoli Cheese Soup from Panera. But remember how I just said I do not love driving in the snow? What am I to do when I have a craving for one of my favorite soups, and it is snowing outside?

Well, I decided to come up with a copycat recipe of my favorite Broccoli Cheese Soup from Panera. The best part of this soup is that it takes less time to make this recipe than it takes actually to drive to Panera and come home, score!

My love of this soup led me to create a recipe with my own spin on it to share with my family and now with you. I really do love creating recipes that my family will enjoy.

I hope you will make this version of Paneras Broccoli Cheese Soup for you and your family and friends to share the love with them.

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How Do You Puree Broccoli Cheese Soup

Honestly you dont even have to puree the soup if you like it chunkier, but if you like it smoother, again, you have a few options. My personal favorite method is to use an immersion blender, which you can use right in the pot! Or you can transfer some of the soup to a traditional blender, just be careful, since the soup is hot.

Broccoli Cheese Soup Panera Keto : View Recipe Videos

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup Copycat [VIDEO]

I’m always trying to find new recipes to add to my keto meal bank and one of my favorite guilty pleasures is panera’s cheddar broccoli soup broccoli cheese soup panera keto. It’s an excellent low carb option for any fall meal! This keto broccoli cheddar soup is so yummy and filling, you won’t even miss the potatoes! It is an easy, cheesy, keto soup that is the perfect way to warm up .

Broccoli Cheddar Soup – No Sugar No Flour Recipes from

Instant pot broccoli cheddar soup is creamy cheesy low carb keto comfort. For years my traditional broccoli and cheese soup was a family favorite requested once the temperature . Made with roasted broccoli it’s way better than panera bread. It’s keto, low carb and vegetarian too! Creamy broccoli cheddar soup is the perfect meal to enjoy on a cold winter’s day! It’s an excellent low carb option for any fall meal! It is an easy, cheesy, keto soup that is the perfect way to warm up . That will zap your keto macros.

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Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe Velveeta : Watch Recipe Instructions

Pressure cooking this soup makes dinnertime even easier panera broccoli cheese soup recipe velveeta. Oct 17, 2019 · easy broccoli cheese soup make the easiest, and best broccoli cheddar soup in just 20 minutes! We have been told that this is even better than the panera bread broccoli cheese soup. Oct 23, 2021 · instant pot broccoli cheese soup.

Healthy Broccoli Cheddar Soup | Our from

Each bite is rich and cheesy with broccoli blended in. As the weather is getting cooler, it’s the perfect soup to warm up and leftovers are great to pack for lunch. I had been looking for a decent broccoli/cheese soup for a long time and this one. Blend the broccoli . Soften onions/carrots per recipe below.add broccoli and simmer. This broccoli cheese soup is made without velveeta and instead is loaded with lots of real cheddar making it rich, velvety and satisfying!. Oct 23, 2021 · instant pot broccoli cheese soup. Oct 27, 2019 · the best broccoli cheese soup is a thick, rich and creamy soup with chunks of tender broccoli pieces, shredded carrots and a hint of nutmeg all cooked together in melted sharp cheese!the perfect comfort soup for the colder months!

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