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This post is all about homemade gifts with Mason Jar Dry Soup Mixes Recipes.

Mason jar dry mixes are amazing and the perfect thing for meal prep. The idea of keeping all the ingredients for one meal in a jar is intriguing.

There are a number of recipes that we are about to share that offer dry mixes for soups to use. More importantly, there are some outstanding recipes for mason jar soup dry mixes that are the perfect thoughtful gift.

These soup mixes are wonderful as inexpensive homemade gifts without all the extra cost.

There is just something delightful about sharing a dry mix with your friends and family. It offers them a piece of you in a way. When you pick a recipe that you and your family would eat as well as share, its an extension of you and your life.

As much as we love mason jar salad recipes and mason jar dessert recipes, we find that the mason jar gifts offer a very personal touch and look into our life. We share recipes that we adore and use regularly with others. How much more special can it be?

We always add these Mason Jar Lid Labels to our homemade gifts for friends and family. In fact, it might even be our favorite part of turning an ordinary soup mix into a real gift with a personal touch.

Just slap a sticker on a new lid and admire that new Christmas gift, bithday gift or just because gift that you can now give to family and friends.

Campbells Homestyle Healthy Request Mexican

Sodium content: 410 mg per 1-cup serving

Campbell’s Healthy Request soups meet healthy and heart disease claims on 1 cup servings. This soup contains 410 mg sodium and is chock-full of vegetables, chicken, and black beans. Eating beans may help improve blood cholesterol, a leading cause of heart disease according to the American Heart Association. Eat this soup with some sliced avocado for some healthy fats and you have a nourishing soup with a kick!

How Do You Reduce Sodium In Homemade Soup

  • Put acid in the mouth of your foe
  • Eat some vegetables and enjoy them after roasting
  • Make your own stock by using homemade tools
  • Tasty condiments made just from the condiment durant.
  • When mixed with herbs, make it fresh.
  • Put the beans into a bucket and simmer for a few minutes
  • You need to break out the spice rack.
  • Reduce consumption of dairy products.
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    Is Lipton Onion Soup Mix Unhealthy

    easily have your whole days sodium content in just one cup. Many recipes are 1200+mg of sodium per cup. And the famous name brand canned soup is 1580mg of sodium per cup and no cheese!Low Sodium French Onion Soup.Typical sodium amount per 1 cup serving no cheese1580mgCalories per serving2951 more rowx26bull Oct 6, 2020

    Other Spices And Seasonings Recipes

    Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix

    Ive really gotten into making my own homemade seasonings lately. I find that its so much cheaper in the long run than buying these tiny little containers of mixed spices. Youre making a larger quantity that will take you longer to use up.

    Plus I like the fact that I know exactly whats going in my seasoning, there are no hidden ingredients that you need to question.

    Here are some good homemade seasonings Ive been making:

    • Italian Seasoning

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    Why No Salt Or Sugar

    In North America, we eat way too much salt and sugar. The majority of it comes from processed and packaged food. By leaving it out of this mix, you are in control of how much or how little salt or sugar you add to a particular recipe.

    Let your taste buds be the guide, not whatever happens to be in the package.

    How To Choose A Healthy Canned Soup

    Soups are a wonderful way to get more plant-based foods into your body, like grains and vegetables, says Stoler. Even better, the proteins can be animal- or plant-based, meaning anyone can get in on the quickest, easiest dinner of all time, no matter their dietary preferences.

    Stolers rules of thumb for choosing a healthy canned soup are pretty simple. First and foremost, take a look at whats actually in the soup before obsessing over the nutrition facts. My general guidelines include flavor, taste and ingredients, she says. And thats good advicewhy buy a healthier soup youre not going to genuinely enjoy? She also says broth-based soups are just about always a better choice than cream-based ones.

    If youre intent on checking out the nutrition label, follow her lead: I like to look at the calories per serving and if theres any fiber in each serving. But before you keep yourself from your favorite creamy clam chowder, ask yourself: How am I going to eat this? One should consider if the soup is meant to be a stand-alone meal or part of a meal. This way, calories and macronutrients can be factored into the meal or days calorie budget, says Stoler.

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    Imagine Foods Unsalted Free Range Chicken Broth

    Sodium content: 40 mg per 1-cup carton

    Chicken broth is a versatile staple found in many pantries. Pre-made broths tend to be loaded with sodium, so it is exciting to find a good-tasting broth that only provides 40 mg of sodium per serving. The broth is made from organic free range chicken and a blend of organic vegetables, herbs, and spices with no added salt. A perfect solution for broth lovers everywhere.

    Sodium content: 390 mg per 3/4-cup serving6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

    Eating more seafood to support heart health is a recommendation that experts can stand behind. Seafood like clams provide nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and seleniumnutrients that support heart health in various ways.

    Bar Harbor Clam Chowder is loaded with real fresh clams, potatoes, and other simple ingredients. Following the USDA’s tip to eat seafood twice a week to help prevent heart disease just got a whole lot easier!

    Homemade Onion Soup Mix


    Im not going to lie and tell you that you will save oodles of money making your own onion soup mix recipe. A box of Lipton packets costs less than $2, but I will tell you that this one is a little tastier and works great in a pinch for a substitute.

    Ill also go out on a limb here and say 90% of my foodie friends already have all the ingredients they need to make this recipe in their pantry.

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    Some Benefits Of Mason Jar Dry Soup Mixes Recipes:

    • Soups are fun: Even if you have special dietary needs, the primary ingredients are grains. For the most part, these are easy for people to digest.
    • Quick to make: The homemade gifts are quick to put together. Especially if you gather all the ingredients and put together all the gifts in an afternoon. Many recipes just require adding hot water. or boiling water and youre ready to go.
    • Easy on the Budget: The per mason jar gift is low in cost but high flavor. Your wallet will thank you for keeping an eye on the budget.
    • You can Personalize the Gift: Personalizing the gift will allow your friends to know it came from the heart!
    • Mother Natures Friend: Its environmentally friendly. Your gift is used and the jar can be used again and again for other things as needed.

    The types of dry soup mixes on this list will have you thinking about beans, noodles, and potatoes. The mason jar dry mix bean soups are delicious and so are all the mason jar dry mix pasta soups. Check out the recipes to see what you feel is best for a thoughtful homemade gift.

    And if youre looking for another fantastic soup in a jar- try out our homemade Chicken Noodle Soup in a Jar recipe. Its always a hit.

    How Do I Make Soup Taste Better Without Salt

    We experience hallucinations when lemon, lime, and vinegar are ingested. We feel more salt in food than we realize. Here are the instructions for creating one of the simplest soups ever: Use very little salt while cooking, and pour in a squeeze of lemon or lime shortly after serving. Zest can also be added d other salt-free zing!

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    What Soup Brand Has The Lowest Sodium

  • The product contains 690 mg of nutritional value.
  • It contains a recommended amount of 680 mg of tomato paste.
  • There is 650mg of Campbells Organic Tomato in each bottle.
  • You Can Get Zocalo in a Quick & Easy Way for $4.89.
  • Veggie Heart Healthy is a 480 mg plant.
  • Taquila: 450 mg, Dole Tomato, 330 mg.
  • The Pacific tomato contains 400 mg of active ingredients.
  • Onion Soup Mix Is Great To Have On Hand In Case You Run Out


    3 tablespoons dried, minced onion or onion flakes

    4 teaspoons low sodium beef bouillon granules

    1/2 teaspoon onion powder

    1/4 teaspoon dried parsley flakes

    1/8 teaspoon paprika

    Whisk together and store in airtight containers or ziploc bags. Use in place of 1 packet of onion soup mix.

    Note: There is no salt in this recipe because in most recipes where you add onion soup the recipe will call for salt other than the soup mix.

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    Homemade Dry Onion Soup Mix

    Posted on By: Author Candi

    Make your own healthy version of dry onion soup mix with ingredients you probably already have on hand and for much cheaper than the store-bought packets!

    Dry onion soup mix is a great way to add depth of flavor to ordinary recipes, and it is so versatile! As I have tried to trim my grocery budget, Ive started making a homemade substitute for onion soup mix as a way to save money and control the ingredients, and I have been so pleased with the results!

    Being able to easily make my own onion soup mix has worked so well that I have since researched recipes to create my own taco seasoning and ranch dressing mixes as well.

    I make double and triple batches of these seasonings and keep them in mason jars in my pantry. And because they use standard pantry items, I can easily make more whenever they run out.

    No more last-minute trips to the store to grab packets of Lipton onion soup mix I have my own homemade substitute at the ready!

    Dr Mcdougall’s Garden Vegetables Lower Sodium Soup

    Sodium content: 280 mg per 1-cup serving

    Chock-full of heart-healthy vegetables, herbs, and spices, this ready-made soup comes in at under 300 milligrams sodium per serving. Vegetables and heart health go hand-in-hand. Many studies have suggested that vegetable intake has great potential in preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Eating your veggies has never been so simple!

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    How To Use Onion Soup Mix

    This is probably one of the most verstile items in the kitchen for seasoning. When I say that I always have it, Im not joking. Whether is it a homemade onion soup mix or pre bought, it is a staple. Here are my favorite uses:

    • Roasted potatoes and vegetables

    For most recipes, keeping it chunky and whole is perfectly fine, but if you are looking for all of the flavor, but a fine blend without large pieces of onion, try using a spice grinder to blend it up. This is my favorite spice grinder, cheap and easy to clean! You can also use it to grind coffee!

    What is the difference between dry onion soup mix and french onion soup mix? There really isnt a difference and honestly, I dont even use it to make French Onion Soup, only just a basic onion soup.

    How Much Sodium Is In Low

    22-28 Dry Cream Of… Soup Base Mix – Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Low Oxalates, Frugal

    A food can be technically considered “low sodium” if it has less than 140 mg of sodium per serving according to the Food and Drug Administration.

    “If a client who is restricting sodium chooses a canned soup that contains less than 20 percent of the FDA’s 2,300-milligram sodium limit, I am happy with that,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Brittany Scanniello, RDN.

    She encourages clients to stick to a maximum of 460 milligrams of sodium per serving while choosing varieties that include ingredients that support heart health like beans and vegetables.

    If you are managing your sodium intake and are looking for the best canned or pre-made soups, read on to find the 14 dietitian-approved top picks for low-sodium soup.

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    Beefy Onion Soup Mix Ingredients

    Simple ingredients for superb tastes!

    • Dried Onion: I prefer the chopped dried onion, more flavor and texture.
    • Beef Bouillon: If you only have cubes, crush them into granules.
    • Onion Powder: Gives that extra punch of onion.
    • Dried Parsley: Flavor and color
    • Paprika: Adds a nice mild flavor.
    • Salt and Pepper: Add to taste.

    Pacific Foods Organic Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup Light In Sodium

    Sodium content: 330 mg per 1-cup serving

    Pacific foods soups are all organic, with as many ingredients being sourced as locally as possible. Their organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup light in sodium provides 330 milligrams of sodium per serving and is naturally packed with an antioxidant called lycopene. This antioxidant naturally occurs in tomatoes and has been found to support heart health.

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    Low Sodium Soup Mixes

    Is Onion Soup Mix Gluten Free

    Save on Goodman

    One of the questions I get most often is how someone can tailor a recipe to fit their dietary needs. And Im not gonna lie yall, I really dont like to go there. There are just too many factors in health-specific diets that there is no possible way I can be an expert in them all, and lets be real, Im just a cook not a doctor or a certified nutritionist. Many store-bought onion soup mixes are not gluten free. But this recipe is!

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    Additional Copycat Onion Soup Mix Tips

    • If you use this recipe for instant soup, usehomemade stock or beef broth instead of beef bouillon and avoid the too-much-salt situation entirely.
    • To make this dry mix vegetarian or vegan, substitute vegetable bouillon instead of beef.
    • One ¼ cup serving is the equivalent to one envelope of dry onion soup mix.
    • This recipe is a bigger batch. Not massive, but youll get at least 3 servings out of it.
    • I like to make a big batch and store it in the spice cabinet in a re-purposed jar. Then I scoop out 4 Tablespoons for whatever recipe Im making .

    Best Lipton Low Sodium Onion Soup Mix Recipes

    The secret to great tasting recipes! Explore Lipton Recipe Secrets, warm up with Lipton Soup Secrets, and be on the go with Lipton Cup-a-Soup.

    Low-Sodium Dry Onion Soup Mix Ingredients 1/4 cup dried onion flakes 2 tablespoons low-sodium or sodium-free beef bouillon granules 1/4 teaspoon onion powder 1/4 teaspoon parsley flakes 1/8 teaspoon celery seed 1/8 teaspoon paprika 1/8 teaspoon pepper Directions Stir together. Use as a substitute for 1 envelope onion soup mix.

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    What Onions To Use For French Onion Soup

    I prefer using yellow onions because it makes for a very oniony taste. But you could also use Vidalias which are large and sweet or, you could even mix the two of them. By mixing them it will produce a bit milder and touch sweeter soup.

    Onions need to be cooked slowly to a soft golden color without browning. Though I like to turn the heat up the last few minutes, so a few are browned. I personally think it adds a bit more taste without burning them to a crisp.

    Onions will lose a lot of their volume as the moisture cooks out of them so dont be fooled by thinking you may have sliced too many onions. I also think many recipes way understate the cooking time of the onions. Even when I made this in the past it seemed to take double the time the recipe called for. This recipe reflects the time it took mine to cook down.

    Use a large cast iron skillet to cook down the onions more quickly. The larger surface are lets them steam off more easily. Transfer onions to a soup pot when done.

    Dont worry though it is very easy to do and only requires an occasional turning of the onions.

    Amy’s Low Sodium Split Pea Soup


    Sodium content: 310 mg per 1-cup serving

    While this soup has a little over 500 mg of sodium per can, it has other redeeming qualities that makes it a dietitian favorite when it comes to heart health.

    This soup “has 510 mg of sodium per can, which equals about a quarter of the sodium content of most canned soups. It is high in plant protein, has veggies for added vitamins, and only 200 calories per can, 7 grams of fiber, no added sugar, and it tastes great!” says Cristina Svec, RD, a registered dietitian based in California.

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