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Homemade French Onion Dip

Smoked French Onion Dip – REAL Onions NO Soup Mixes – The Wolfe Pit

Now weve got the beef bouillon squared away, the other key ingredient in homemade French Onion Dip is the from-scratch swoon worthy caramelized onions bursting with intensely rich, deeply complex, sweet caramelized flavor.

Caramelizing onions is a simple, easy, straightforward chemical process the longer you cook the onions, the sweeter they become. Youll need about 30 minutes to cook the onions over medium-low heat in order to break down their sugars, transforming the humble, raw, pungent, crisp vegetable into a soft, luxuriously sweet, utterly addictive delicacy worthy of its very own soup and its very own dip.

Although the caramelization takes some time, the onions can be made days ahead of time and the payoff is HUGE.

How To Soften Cream Cheese For Onion Dip

Your cream cheese needs to be super soft in order to produce lump-free onion dip. To soften cream cheese, you have a couple options:

  • Microwave: this method works great but you must babysit the cream cheese and microwave at small intervals so you dont overcook/scorch so proceed with care and caution. Cube cream cheese and transfer to a microwave safe plate. Microwave for 20 seconds then at 10 second intervals, flipping cubes and microwave another 10 seconds. Repeat until cream cheese is very soft.
  • Microwave + counter: cube cream cheese and transfer it to a microwave safe plate. Microwave for 20 seconds then at 10 second intervals, then allow cream cheese to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes to finish softening. This gives it a head start to soften at room temperature without the threat of scorching. I cheat and cover the microwaved cream cheese with plastic wrap and place it outside to soften more quickly.

California Onion Dip History

As the story goes, in 1954, two years after Lipton introduced its dry onion soup mix, a now-unknown housewife in Southern California stirred a dry soup packet into a pint of sour cream and made a savory potato chip dip.

Her recipe was reprinted in newspapers countless times, and by the end of the 1950s, it had become a house-party classic, perfectly suited for mid-20th-century Americas new style of informal entertaining on the patio or in the family room.

French onion dip is often served at parties and as a “classic holiday party offering”. It has also been described as “an American classic”. Try this dip as a spread on hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos, or top a baked potato.

What to serve with onion dip?

potato chips – plain or ruffledcarrot sticksjicama sticks

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The Secret Low Sodium Ingredient

A major taste component of the mix is the Herb Ox sodium free beef bouillon. It is definitely the ingredient that makes it get even close to the dip made with Lipton onion soup packets. My local stores do not carry it and it is one of the few ingredients that I order online to have on hand. Herb Ox also makes a chicken bouillon version and between the two they have so many delicious uses. Check out .

Made with dehydrated chopped onions and dried parsley this recipe can be simply whipped up literally in a few minutes! Though it can be used immediately the taste will definitely be enhanced letting it set in the fridge for an hour or two or even better overnight.

So give it a try and a tasteyou can always adjust the seasonings a bit if necessary to your taste.

Use it with low-no saltchips, fresh cut vegetables, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables. Add a littleWasabi powder for a little extra nose tingling kick!

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Onion Dip Recipe Variations:

Classic Lipton

You are welcome to jazz up your onion dip up until your heart are content. Just make sure that you dont go crazy with add-ins or your dip wont be as creamy. Feel free to try:

  • Sour cream substitute: if sour cream isnt your thing, you can substitute with plain Greek yogurt instead. Keep in mind this will make the dip tangier.
  • Cream cheese substitute: the cream cheese makes the dip thicker, richer and creamier. For a less rich dip, swap the cream cheese for mayonnaise or sour cream .
  • Beef bouillon substitute: I highly encourage you to use beef bouillon unless you need to make the dip vegetarian. In that case, add 1 teaspoon vegetarian Worcestershire sauce and additional salt to taste.
  • Make it gluten free: swap the soy sauce for tamari.
  • Use fresh herbs: use 1 tablespoon freshly minced parsley and ¾ teaspoon fresh thyme.
  • Use different herbs: swap the parsley for different herbs such as rosemary, tarragon, sage or basil, keeping in mind they will change the flavor profile.
  • Make it spicy: add additional cayenne pepper to taste or spice it up with tabasco, red pepper flakes or pickled jalapenos.
  • Add protein: stir in shredded chicken, Italian sausage, ground beef, ground turkey, bacon, ham, etc. If using bacon, ham or Italian sausage, reduce the salt in the recipe and season to taste.
  • Add vegetables: sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, artichokes, etc. could all be tasty.

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How To Store And Freeze

  • Transfer leftover cooked meatloaf to a shallow covered container within 2 hours. Refrigerate the leftovers for up to 4 days. Reheat leftover meatloaf in the oven or microwave until it reaches 165 F, the minimum safe temperature for leftover cooked food.
  • If you dont plan to use the leftovers within a few days, it may be frozen. Freeze cooked, cooled meatloaf in airtight containers or zip-close bags for up to 3 months.
  • To reheat frozen meatloaf, put it in a baking dish and cover tightly with foil. Heat in a preheated 350 F oven for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or until it reaches 165 F.

How To Make The Onion Dip

Let me show you how to make this amazingly easy French Onion Dip recipe with a step-by-step walk through with pictures. Printable recipe card can be found at the bottom of the post.

Yup, this really is all you need to make delicious French Onion Dip for your Game Day spread.

Just Lipton Onion soup mix, Hellmanns Mayonnaise and sour cream.

Empty a 16 ounce tub of sour cream into a mixing bowl.

Add a cup of mayo.

and empty one packet of the onion soup mix on top.

Mix well and scoop into your serving bowl.All the ingredients for this recipe and the dishes shared below can be picked up right at Walmart in just a few minutes with their Online Grocery Pickup feature. If you do need to run into the store for ingredients to make the dip: Hellmanns or Best Foods Mayonnaise is in the condiment aisle, sour cream in dairy and Lipton Recipe Secrets is with the soups and bouillons. Dont forget to make a quick pit stop in the produce dept or chip aisle for goodies to scoop up the yummy dip with too!

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Skillet French Onion Soup Dip

Compensation was provided on behalf of Lipton® Recipe Secrets. The recipe, photos, and opinions are my own. Skillet French Onion Soup DipLipton® Recipe Secrets Golden OnionRealHousemoms.comScroll down past my photo tutorial to access the ingredients and directions all in one place, if you prefer. Thanks!

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French Onion Dip Is A Simple And Tasty Party Dip Made Using French Onion Soup Mix With Only A Handful Of Ingredients And A Few Minutes Of Prep This Will Become Your Go

Lipton Vegetable Soup Mix Baked Dip : Saucy, Fun Recipes

French Onion Dip, or sour cream and onion dip, has always been a staple appetizer of so many picnics, parties and game days. Sometimes homemade, sometimes from a plastic tub at the store, but almost always at the party.

While I dont mind munching on the store bought variety, we all know homemade party dips are much betterand this French onion dip is so easy that it basically takes less work than going to the store for the already prepared kind!

This is a sour cream and onion dip using French onion soup mix. While you can use a store-bought packet, I highly recommend using a homemade mix. Its easy to make and keep on hand for recipes like this and usually more flavorful than a packet from the store.

The Worcestershire sauce is the secret ingredient in this French Onion Dip recipe. While I know of people who will whip this up using only the French onion soup mix and sour cream, I find that to be a little boring and by just adding a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. So much extra flavor is added.

This party dip literally takes 3 minutes to prepare its THAT easy! Just remember to prepare it a few hours before party time as it should refrigerate for 2-3 hours. If youre short on time, its also a great dip to put together the night before.

Kettle cooked potato chips are my go-to for party dips like this one because I love the crunch and subtle flavor but of course you can serve this French onion dip with your favorite chip.

  • Kettle cooked potato chips

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Crock Pot Cube Steak Omg This Is Deliciouss

1 medium onion peeled and sliced into rings 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 can cream of celery soup 1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix 1/2 soup can of water salt and pepper

Peel, slice and separate the rings of one medium-sized onion. Salt and pepper each cube steak. Place 2 cube steaks in the bottom of your crock-pot. Top with onions and repeat. Separating each addition of meat with onions. This will help separate them later and avoid them being one melded mass of cube steak.

In a separate bowl, add the cream of soups and water and mix it up. Pour the soup mixture over the meat Sprinkle the onion soup mix on top, put the lid on the crock-pot and turn it on low. Soon your kitchen will start to smell delicious and 6-7 hours later you will have dinner! Add a side of mashed potatoes to help enjoy the gravy an a salad or green veggie and you are ready to eat.

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Notes About Beef Bouillon

Beef is the base for French Onion Soup, and really a necessary ingredient in this dip IMHO. Over the years, Ive tinkered with how to incorporate that beef flavor in the best way and Im done trying. Its beef bouillon paste. Some onion dips add soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce to get that flavor, but its not the same. Beef broth is ok, but its not rich enough plus, youd have to add a lot of it and then you risk the dip being too watery.

I always have Better Than Bouillon beef paste in my fridge because I use it in my Slow Cooker Pot Roast, incredible Beef Stew, Chuck wagon stew, and this dip. A little jar goes a long way! A beef bouillon cube can be used instead, BUT it gives off a much stronger, saltier taste and not my preference. NOTE: 1 beef bouillon cube crushed into a powder equals 1 1/4 teaspoons. If you go this route, I would add in 3/4 teaspoon, taste and only add in the rest if needed. And mix it really well, so the dip isnt grainy. Make one batch with the paste and once with the cube and compare!

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This Will Amaze You It Tastes Just Like Store Bought French Onion Dip 3 Ingredients 1 Minute And Everyone Will Go Mad Over This

1 MINUTE FRENCH ONION DIP!Love it? Pin it to your APPETIZER board to SAVE it!Follow Real Housemoms on Pinterest for more great recipes!

Party season is upon us so its super handy to have an arsenal of quick party food that you can whip up no matter how busy you are.

And while I always prefer cooking from scratch when I can. Some of my favorite easy dips are olive tapenade and hot onion dip made entirely from scratch, youre missing out there are many times when I simply dont have time to make it from scratch.

And this French Onion Dip made with French Onion Soup Mix has saved me many times. MANY times!

Even though its made using a French Onion Soup Mix, my twisted logic tells me that because I didnt buy it in a tub from the store, it is semi home-made.

And I can absolutely promise you, it is BETTER than store bought because its creamier. So many French Onion Dips sold at stores are rock hard when cold so the chips break when you try to scoop up dip. This French Onion Dip is soft even straight from the fridge no more broken chips!

There are versions of this made with just sour cream and French Onion Soup Mix. But I really feel that the addition of mayonnaise makes a huge difference adds richness and more layers of flavor.

Give this a try! I promise you will LOVE it. Seriously tastes just like store bought!

Heidi Swansons Diy Onion Dip Mix Goes Places Lipton Could Never Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup and Dip Mix, Onion ...

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Im well aware that my family did not invent the concept of stirring a packet of Lipton onion soup mix into a container of sour cream . But that doesnt change the fact that all of my sisters friends refer to the party staple as Sevier Dip. The all-purpose concoction is undeniably moreish and the requisitetitular, evencounterpart in chips n dip. Got a platter of less-than-stellar crudités? Onion dip ups the ante in seconds .

But relying on that little packet, satisfying as it is, does have a few drawbacks. Namely, you cant control the ingredients. Gluten-free? Lipton isnt. Reducing your salt or sugar intake? Double-check that label. There are other ways to make French onion dip, of course: If you have the time, you could make real caramelized onions and stir those into a bit of dairy. Or, if you have considerably less time, you could do what Heidi Swanson does. In her new cookbook, Super Natural Simple, Swanson stirs together a blend of dried minced onions, onion and garlic powders, dried chives, and sea salt.

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How Much Is French Onion Soup Brooklyn

french onion soup brooklyn come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as french onion soup brooklyn.

How Do You Store Make Ahead And Freeze Hamburger Steak With Onion Gravy

You can always make the hamburgers like myself, earlier in the day. Place them on a platter covered in plastic wrap or in an airtight container inside your fridge until needed.

I would never do this the day before, just the morning of.

For the record I always remove my burgers from the fridge about 30 minutes before I cook them. Most meat or protein benefits from starting to cook once at room temperature.

Leftovers can be stored for three days inside your fridge, including the day you made it or frozen for up to three months, sealed in an airtight container.

You can make a double batch of this recipe and freeze half for another day.

You can freeze the uncooked hamburger patties and then after theyre defrosted make the recipe as you would normally.

Your other option is to freeze the cooked hamburger patties, with or without their gravy. Then to reheat you simply defrost the patties inside your fridge and reheat in a skillet over low heat until heated throughout.

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How To Make Lipton Onion Burgers With Ground Beef

Could also use Beefy Onion, Onion Mushroom, Savory Herb with Garlic or Ranch Soup Mix. Join the conversation! AMT. PER SERVING % DAILY VALUE In a large mixing bowl add the ground beef, soup mix, and water. With clean hands mix until well combined. Shape into eight patties and grill or broil until done.

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Hamburger Steaks With Onion Gravy

We ate it over mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, pasta, french fries or rice and loved every single bite. I mean how could you not?

My mother used to cook with ground beef a lot in the meals she prepared and this is a personal favorite. I still love it to this day and we still have it in our regular rotation.

Always will. I LOVE this dish. This easy comfort food dinner recipe never goes out of style.

We call it cheap and cheerful. Ground beef is generally, reasonably priced. This easy weeknight dinner is hearty and just so melt in your mouth good.

My husband and son love pretty much anything that uses hamburger or ground beef and this is definitely a favorite of theirs too. This dish is popular with kids and adults alike!

This is one of my easy go-to dinner recipes using ground beef. Comes together in a flash, loved by all, and oh so tasty kind of good.

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