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Saut The Mushrooms And Aromatics

Dairy Free Creamy Mushroom Soup | Vegan Gluten-free

Start by sautéing the shrooms over medium-high heat until golden. Try and avoid stirring to often to ensure they get a really good sear. This will help some of the water cook off, which concentrates their flavor.

Adding adequate fat is also crucial in achieving golden goodness. You want to start with at least 3 Tbsp. of olive oil, and add more if needed.

Next, stir in the aromatics, herbs, salt, and pepper. Its important to wait to add salt until the mushrooms are cooked, otherwise salt will draw out excess water and hinder browning.

Make Cream Of Mushroom Soup Dairy Free

This coconut cream of mushroom soup is the perfect dairy free soup to enjoy for the holidays in a classic green bean casserole, or any recipe that calls for cream of mushroom soup. Never buy the canned stuff again with this light and delicious soup recipe loaded with fresh mushrooms, herbs, and coconut milk. Dairy free cooking does NOT have to be bland, boring, or flavorless Its quite the opposite when done right. By building meals around vegan pantry staples and swapping in a few plant-based ingredients you can make healthier meals for you and your family. I made a list of my125 favorite vegan pantry ingredients that we use on a weekly basis, and check out all myvegan recipes here that are on The Herbeevore. These easy and healthy recipes are fantastic meatless and dairy free meals for your table.

What Herbs Go Properly With Mushroom Soup

Among the hottest herbs to taste mushroom soup embrace freshly chopped parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano, or tarragon. You can too cook dinner a bay leaf along with your soup, simply make sure to take away it earlier than serving.Attempt a few of these combos:

  • 5-spice powder will add an Asian aptitude to your soup
  • Coriander, cumin, turmeric, and black pepper will deliver a Center-Jap heat to the soup
  • Oregano, thyme, and basil will create an Italian sensation

Mushrooms work nicely with nearly any herb or spice mixture, so in the event youre a fan of mushroom soup, you may fluctuate the presentation by altering the herbs you utilize.Up Subsequent: Recipe Mushroom Sauce With out CreamRead more: How to reheat soup dumplings

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How To Store Leftovers

  • Refrigerator: Store leftover soup in the refrigerator for up to 4 5 days, stored covered.
  • Freezer: To freeze mushroom soup, let it cool completely. My favorite way to store soup is in serving size portions using freezer safe containers or baggies. Will last 2 3 months. Let thaw in the refrigerator before reheating.
  • Reheat: Warm your leftover soup on the stove over medium low heat until warmed through. Or heat it in the microwave for a few minutes, stopping to stir every so often.

How To Make Mushroom Soup

Heavenly Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Chop the onions and slice the mushrooms. Bring a large pot over medium heat. Sauté the onions until slightly softened.
  • Add the mushrooms to the onions in the pot and cook mushrooms and onions for 5-6 minutes.
  • Add the fresh thyme, salt, garlic powder, bay leaves and coconut aminos to the mushroom and onion mixture.
  • Mix the arrowroot powder into the vegetable broth and stir well until completely combined. Pour the arrowroot powder and vegetable broth slurry and the dairy free milk into the mushroom and onion mixture and allow it to come to a simmer for 15 minutes to thicken.
  • After 15 minutes, serve hot or you can blend up some of the soup with an immersion blender to thicken the soup a little more to create a creamy mushroom soup.
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    Vegan Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe Tips

  • Color – the longer you brown the flour for a roux, the darker the results will be. To keep this cream of mushroom soup white, don’t over-brown the flour.
  • Mushrooms shrink to about 1/4 of their original size when sautéed.
  • Once veggies are sautéed, avoid lumps or clumps by whisking in small amounts of milk, repeating this process until the milk is used up. This will create a non-lumpy sauce, which you want, because once the lumps happen, they’re impossible to remove.
  • Lower calorie option – replace 1 cup of almond milk with a light-colored veggie broth.
  • Consistency – the longer you simmer, the thicker the soup. So if it’s too thin, cook it down, stirring as needed. If the soup is too thick, whisk in small amounts of liquid and continue heating and stirring as needed.
  • This vegan cream of mushroom soup recipe is dedicated to my mom who helped test and finalize the recipe a few years ago. Btw, just because she’s Momma TKG doesn’t mean I get a pass on my recipes. If something isn’t right, she’ll let me know. So, thanks mom…we nailed this one!

    How To Prep And Cook Mushrooms

    The first step to making amazing vegan cream of mushroom soup is properly prepping and cooking your mushrooms. This makes such a big difference! Part of me is convinced that all the mushroom haters in the world just never had mushrooms done right. So listen up!

    First, let’s talk cleaning. Don’t immerse your mushrooms in water, and if you can help it, skip rinsing them.Mushrooms are super porous, so they’ll suck up water like crazy. This means when you cook them they’ll get soggy instead of tender and browned, which is what we want. Instead, wipe your mushrooms down with a damp cloth.

    When it comes to sautéing mushrooms, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t crowd your mushrooms.You want them in an even layer in your cooking vessel. This often means cooking your mushrooms in batches.
  • Use plenty of fat.Mushrooms suck up oil when they cook. If you don’t use enough of it your pan will dry out and they can burn.
  • Leave them be. Don’t stir them around like you might with an onion. In order for mushrooms to brown, they need to sit still in the pan for a few minutes.
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    Best Vegan Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe

    A warm bowl of deliciously creamy soup with tender sautéed mushrooms is one of my favorite vegan comfort foods of all time! Its loaded with flavors of roasted garlic, caramelized onions, some carrots and fresh herbs which makes the soup incredibly flavorful, delicious and satisfying! Served with crispy toasted garlic bread, youll have the perfect warming weeknight dinner for cozy fall and winter days!

    Why I Love This Condensed Mushroom Soup


    The weathers getting colder right now, and that means soup and comfort food season will be here before you know it. Im already dreaming of cozy evenings with comforting dinners like beef stew and chicken with dumplings.

    I know casseroles are a big hit this time of year, too, and many of them call for dairy ingredients like condensed cream of mushroom soup. So I created my own version to use in classic recipes like green bean casserole.

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    Why This Recipe Works

    Texture. Cream of mushroom soup needs to be super creamy. Duh! Coconut milk, thickened with a bit of flour is what we’re using in this recipe. It’s my favorite dairy substitute for making creamy vegan soups these days. Yes, I still love cashews, but coconut milk has the advantage of being ready to go. No soaking or blending required!

    But does it make our vegan cream of mushroom soup taste like coconut? Nope! At least not as far as I can tell. The savory seasonings disguise the coconut flavor pretty well, so all you’re left with is silky smooth soup that you’d never know was dairy-free.

    Flavor. We also need the flavor to be super savory. Traditional cream of mushroom soup is made with beef or chicken stock. We need to replicate that flavor!

    We’re using cremini mushrooms, as they’re flavor is a bit more complex than traditional white button mushrooms. White wine adds a touch of zip, while thyme adds savory notes.

    Tip: Not all wine is vegan. Check with Barnivore to ensure the brand you buy is.

    More Easy Mushroom Recipes

    • 2 lbs. mushrooms , sliced
    • ½ cup vegan dry white wine , optional
    • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme or 1 ½ teaspoons dried
    • 4 cupsvegetable broth
    • 3 tablespoonsorganic cornstarch or arrowroot , optional
    • 1 can coconut milk or 1 ½ cups vegan cream or unsweetened cashew milk,*see notes
    • mineral salt & pepper, to taste
    • ¼ cup chopped parsley

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    What Are The Healthiest Substitutes For Cream Of Mushroom Soup

    The healthiest substitute for canned cream of mushroom soup could be to make your personal soup in order that you understand and are comfy with all of the elements you utilize.Alternatively, you may attempt Campbells Condensed Wholesome Request Cream of Mushroom Soup which has a decrease fats content material and fewer energy than their authentic condensed cream of mushroom soup.

    Can I Use This Cream Of Mushroom Soup In Casseroles


    Yes, this gluten-free cream of mushroom soup is perfect to use in your favorite casserole dishes! I use this cream of mushroom soup to make my favorite Gluten-Free Cheesy Green Bean Casserole and my traditional Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole. Its also great in Beef Stroganoff, pasta bakes, and other casserole dishes.

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    What Do You Serve With The Vegan Cream Of Mushroom Soup

    This recipe doesn’t need much to make it a meal to remember, but serving a crusty French bread on the side won’t hurt at all. And a green salad would take it over the top.

    If you make this recipe, I want to hear, of course. Leave me a comment below or tag @HolyCowVegan on Instagram. You can also follow me on to keep up with my latest recipes, or subscribe to my free email updates.

    What Can I Substitute For Mushroom Soup In Beef Stroganoff

    Our favourite substitute for cream of mushroom soup in beef stroganoff is cream of potato soup.Its hearty and thick, but it surely doesnt compete with the flavour of the meat. You might additionally attempt mixing cream cheese with milk for a cheesier resolution or go for bitter cream for a lighter, more energizing model of beef stroganoff.

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    How To Make Creamy Mushroom Soup

    In a large, deep pot over medium high heat, add the olive oil or vegan butter to heat.

    Add the mushrooms, garlic, onion and salt and pepper. Stir together and sauté until mushrooms begin to release their natural juices and become fragrant, about 8 minutes.

    Pour in the vegetable broth and the coconut milk. Add in the thyme. Stir together and bring to a boil, then a simmer for 15 minutes.

    Scoop out two cups of soup and pour into your blender. If you have a glass blender, ensure it cools down a bit first!

    Press the soup setting or blend until fully blended out. Pour back into soup pot and blend one more time.

    Serve the soup and top with your favourite toppings and enjoy!

    Bitter Cream Yogurt Or Crme Fraiche

    Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe | Nutritarian | Dairy-Free

    Bitter Cream, yogurt, and crème fraiche are all fast and simple substitutes for cream of mushroom soup in any recipe that may profit from a little bit of tanginess, notably recipes with loads of cheese.Bitter cream is actually simply cream thats thickened with some lactic acid, which can be what makes it style bitter. To be an efficient substitute, you need to select a full-fat model, as low-fat choices arent as thick and may make your recipe watery.Equally, in the event you select yogurt as an alternative, go for a full-fat Greek-style yogurt to provide the thick, creaminess wanted as an alternative to cream of mushroom soup.Lastly, crème fraiche is an unpasteurized, cultured cream thats thickened with naturally occurring micro organism.All three of those choices have the same creamy tanginess. They arent an actual match for the thickness of cream of mushroom soup, however in the event youre in search of a light-weight, creamy basis to your recipe, theyll work completely.In case you use bitter cream, yogurt, or crème fraiche as an alternative to cream of mushroom soup, use 1 cup to substitute for a 10oz can of soup.

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    Why You Should Skip The Canned Mushroom Soup

    One peek at the red and white label on a popular brand can of condensed cream of mushroom soup is usually all it takes to realize that its not the healthiest choice. At least, for most people. Aside from being loaded with sodium, most of the cream of anything soups lack essential healthy nutrients.

    For the most part, they are nothing more than roux with flavored broth and a lot of salt and preservatives added to them. Depending on the flavor, you may find tiny amounts of the base ingredient in them too, like mushrooms or chicken.

    If you want to make condensed soup ready to eat, you need to stir in a couple of cups of liquid to it. Most people use water. When you buy ready-to-eat mushroom soup or you order it at a restaurant, it is usually made with all purpose flour, salted butter, salted broth or stock, plus heavy cream and/or milk.

    Are You Looking For Some Recipes Using Cream Of Mushroom Soup

    michael williams, moreno valley, california homedishes & beveragessoupsbroth & stock recipes our brands Fry bacon in a stockpo. Are you looking for some recipes using cream of mushroom soup? And almost nothing is simpler than cabbage soup. Often, the simplest things are the most satisfying, especially when it comes to making a delicious lunch or dinner. courtney stultz, weir, kansas homedishes & beveragessoupscream soups this was terrible, absolutely no flavor!. Wow friends and family with this rich blend featuring shiitake and portobello mushrooms.

    Are you looking for some recipes using cream of mushroom soup? Try it in your favorite green bean casserole recipe! Creamy and comforting, thats what these recipes with cream of mushroom soup are. Often, the simplest things are the most satisfying, especially when it comes to making a delicious lunch or dinner. Sally sibthorpe shelby township, michigan homedishes & beveragessoupsbroth & stock. Unfortunately, far too many of us still turn our noses up at the concoction. It can be made ahead of time or personalized with other herbs and spices. Canned soups just cant compare!

    A unique mushroom drizzle adds extra depth to this beautiful creation cream of mushroom soup recipe. As winter sweeps into full swing, the comfort foods that define the season are also making their appearance.

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    Notes On The Ingredients

    Olive oil or vegan butter You can use either olive oil or vegan butter to add a nice richness to the soup. If you dont have either, any neutral oil works too

    Mushrooms There are a wide variety of mushrooms that are especially delicious in this creamy mushroom soup. You can use just one type or a combination of mushrooms like button, baby bella, or cremini. You could even throw in something more exotic and visually interesting, like maitake .

    Garlic I use eight cloves of minced garlic. I love the extra flavour the garlic gives without overpowering the richness of the mushrooms, so dont be afraid of using this much!

    Vegetable broth Since the broth gives so much flavour to your soup, use a high-quality store-bought brand or homemade.

    Coconut milk Coconut milk helps make this mushroom soup extra creamy. If you arent a fan, you can also use almond or cashew milk.

    Thyme Use fresh sprigs to give your soup an earthy, peppery flavour.

    Sea salt and ground black pepper Finely ground sea salt and fresh black pepper top off the flavours for this soup.

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    This Simple Creamy And Savory Vegan Cream Of Mushroom Soup Is Made Without Dairy Or Gluten It’s Sure To Fill Your Kitchen With The Most Comforting Aromas And It’s The Perfect Soup To Warm You Up When You Need It Most


    The idea for this Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup originally came while I was developing my Green Bean Casserole. Most traditional casseroles call for creamy soups, and I made a cashew cream/mushroom base as a non-dairy substitute! I sampled it before mixing it into the casserole and knew it would be a winner by itself. You can adjust the amount of water in the soup to control the thickness, and the fresh mushrooms and savory blend of spices makes it absolutely out of this world! Enjoy it with a side of Herb Roasted Root Vegetables, a Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad, or a couple Easy Almond Flour Crackers for dipping!

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    Is Cream Of Mushroom Soup Vegan

    Traditional cream of mushroom soups are not vegan since they contain dairy usually in the form of double cream and/or other milk products. I’ve opted to replace this with homemade cashew cream, but any will do.

    Many recipes will also use animal-derived ingredients such as chicken stock or beef stock, which I make up for with a variety of flavour-packed ingredients from the plant kingdom.

    For more recipes that use homemade cashew cream, check out the following:

    • Protein: 11 g
    • Potassium: 720 mg
    • Fibre: 4 g

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