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What’s the Best Chicken Noodle Soup? | Canned Soup Blind Taste Test Rankings

Best chicken noodle soup

Come cold and flu season, youll want this classic in your corner. Each one-can serving has a bit more sodium than some of the others on our list, but the protein and fiber count makes this soup satisfying enough to be the main course, so its a trade were willing to make.

Per serving: 180 calories, 3.5g fat, 13g protein, 25g carbs, 2g sugar, 680mg sodium, 2g fiber

Campbells Well Yes Chicken Noodle

But at the top of our list is a chicken noodle soup from the company that knows chicken noodle soup probably better than anyone else. Campbells Well Yes! line launched in 2016 as a series of ready-to-serve soups with simple, nutritious ingredients, as well as no artificial colors, flavors, ingredients, or modified starches .

The lines chicken bone broth-based chicken noodle soup was ahead of the bone broth trend when it came on the market and the extra ingredients and flavors such as diced tomatoes and white beans make the soup just more delicious than Healthy Choices bone broth chicken noodle soup. And while the list of ingredients maybe doesnt live up entirely to the brands promise of “simple” ingredients , the soup does include an admirable amount of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that youll be hard-pressed to find in most chicken noodle soups in any sort of notable amount, including Vitamin A, potassium, iron, protein, and fiber.

So, for a delicious, traditional-yet-modern, hearty, comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, look to Campbells Well Yes! Chicken Noodle.

Choosing The Tastiest Chicken Noodle Soup

If youre feeling under the weather and you need a quick pick-me-up, you would probably just choose any can of chicken noodle soup and be on your way. After all, how different could your options be?

The truth is that canned chicken noodle soups can differ greatly from one another. Because you have your own preferences, that can you randomly chose may not meet your standards.

Be sure to get nothing but the best canned chicken noodle soup thats guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Read through these factors to find out what differences set your options apart.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe. Chicken noodle soup is a broad term that could pertain to a variety of recipes. As long as it has chicken and noodles in a soup base, it could very well be considered chicken noodle soup.

For instance, some canned chicken noodle soup options come in a thicker, creamier soup base. Others use a thin chicken broth. Then there are the added ingredients like chopped carrots, celery, potatoes, and beans which some have and others dont.

Things like consistency, soup base, and added ingredients can switch up flavor all together. So be sure to consider your own preferences before making a purchase.

  • Health Considerations. Anything that comes in a can is almost always less healthy than anything we can make at home with natural ingredients. Even then, there are lots of canned chicken noodle soup options that go the extra mile to make sure youre getting a hearty, healthy serving of soup.

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Wolfgang Puck Organic Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup

With an almost unanimous selection as No. 1, Wolfgang Puck’s chicken noodle soup took the top spot in our taste test. We loved this soup and simply could not stop talking about it. We’ll definitely be heading back to our local grocery store to find this soup when we’re starting to feel under the weather or when we’re are just in the mood for some yummy soup.

Eat This, Not That! Verdict

One editor couldn’t contain their excitement, saying, “Finally! A good one! Carrots were flavorful, and it did not taste like it came from a can.” Another thought “the shape of the carrots were lovely, it looked like they were actually chopped instead of fake-like cubes in other soups. This one had a really nice flavor overall.”

Other editors thought this one was “delicious” and had “great big pieces of chicken and a great broth.” One editor said, “I would eat this all the time.”

“Wolfgang Puck doesn’t disappoint. I would get this at a nice restaurant as an appetizer,” said one taste-taster. “The carrots were nice and soft.” And one last editor stated, “Now this was a real chicken noodle soup. The chicken flavor wasn’t overpowering but perfectly present. Great ratio of noodles and chicken to broth.”

If you’re looking for a great chicken noodle soup that’s full of flavor, we recommend this Wolfgang Puck version for a soup that tastes homemade. For more canned must-haves, don’t miss these canned foods you should always keep in your pantry.

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Lets See How This Is Done

Best Canned Chicken Noodle Soup 2021: Top Brands Review ...

First add the canned chicken noodle soup to the saucepan

how to make canned chicken noodle soup better

Then add water and more chicken to the sauce pan

how to make canned chicken noodle soup better

Youll need to add a little extra fat to the soup, so go for butter or bacon grease. Also add a few extra seasonings!

how to make canned chicken noodle soup better

Finally, top it all off with some extra noodles and youll be set!

how to make canned chicken noodle soup taste better

Maybe give this Easy Tomato Soup a try!

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Best Noodles For Chicken Noodle Soup

Homemade style, made from 100 % durum
2 Thick, made with cage-free eggs
Unique taste and texture, made with cage-free eggs
Carba-Nada Egg Noodles Old-fashioned, low-carb egg noodles

Weve compiled this list based on noodle style and ingredients to give you the best balance of flavors, textures, and structure. Chicken noodle soup, like many of the best home-style foods, is simple to make, but that leaves you plenty of room to perfect the recipe. Different types of noodle will affect your soup in different ways, so lets take a look at the best ones.

We Tried 6 Varieties Of Canned Chicken Noodle Soup To Find Our Favorite

Its everyones favorite time of year. Colds are being passed around like belated holiday presents, and hot beverages serve more to soothe throats than to warm bellies. The winter sniffles are in full swing, and with them, the need to prepare for potential sick days. Luckily, theres one cold-weather meal that works great regardless of whether youre fighting a fever or simply trying to get your fill: a hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Of course, if you have the time, you should absolutely cook up a batch of homemade. But not everyone has the resources or energy for from-scratch soup, especially when theyre feeling ill. Thats why we decided to try out six varieties of pre-made, canned chicken noodle soup available online or in grocery stores. Here are our rankings, from best to worst.

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The 7 Best Noodles For Chicken Noodle Soup

Here is the guide for the best noodles for chicken noodle soup. Is there any comfort food more iconic than a steaming hot bowl of chicken noodle soup? It warms you up, makes you feel better, and tastes great! Although of course your chicken broth and choice of seasoning is critical to a successful chicken noodle soup, the other key ingredient is your noodles.

The trick with noodles is to get some that will soak up the broths nourishing, savory flavor and not go mushy. You want your noodles to maintain their structural integrity. Egg noodles are usually best, particularly if youre making them at home yourself!

Luckily, weve put together this handy guide to the best noodles for chicken noodle soup.

Campbell’s Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup

Who Makes the Best Canned Chicken Noodle Soup?

Campbell’s Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup is a new take on the OG chicken noodle. Designed to be heart-healthy, the brand introduced its Healthy Request line in 1991 and has been expanding and tweaking the line ever since. In 2009, Campbell’s revamped the line by reducing the sodium in each can of soup even further, reports Food Ingredients First, and, more recently, in 2011, Campbell’s added more soup options to its line, for 33 different Healthy Request products . To be considered a Healthy Request soup, the soup must contain a maximum 410 milligrams of sodium per serving, meeting U.S. government criteria for “healthy foods” and enabling Campbell’s to display the American Heart Association’s hearty-healthy logo.

So where does Campbell’s Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup go wrong? Essentially, it packs the same downsides of the OG chicken noodle soup but now with less flavor. Sure, there’s less salt, but any home cook knows salt goes a long way in making a tasty soup. The one thing it has going for it? This soup comes in both cans and a microwavable bowl, for easier eating on the go.

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Campbell’s Healthy Request Savory Chicken With Brown Rice Soup

Nutrition: 1 cup, 110 calories, 2.5 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 410 mg sodium, 16 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 4 g sugar

Ingredients We Don’t Love: Potassium Chloride, Carrageenan

If you ignore the potassium chloride and carrageenan, this soup has a relatively sound nutritional profile. The only thing it’s really lacking is fiber. If you decided to dig into this can, be sure to pair it with something else that’s rich in the nutrientor your stomach may be left rumbling.

Healthiest Tomato Bisque: Wolfgang Puck Organic Tomato Basil Bisque

Often a staple pairing with gooey grilled cheese, tomato bisque is certainly a soup of comfort and tradition. Dont be fooled by Campbells new Slow Kettle Style offering, which serves up as much sugar as what youd find in 130 Teddy Graham cookies. Wolfgang Pucks organic offering contains home-pantry-style ingredients and nutritionals that wont derail your diet. The same cant be said for these worst pasta sauces.

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Health Valley Organic No Salt Added Vegetable Soup

Sodium content: 50 mg per 1-cup serving

It only has 50 milligrams of sodium per serving. Plus, its a good source of fiber and vitamins A and C, and most importantly, it tastes great! Its also a convenient way to add more veggies to your diet. says Melissa Nieves, LND, RD, MPH, Founder of Fad Free Nutrition.

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Wolfgang Puck Organic Free Range Chicken Noodle

The 8 Best Canned Soups of 2020

When a soup sports the name and face of such a celebrated and long-revered chef as Wolfgang Puck, you expect it to be delicious right? Unfortunately, Wolfgang Pucks Organic Free Range Chicken Noodle soup doesnt quite live up to the hype surrounding the famous chef, even if it is good enough to grant it a solid spot in the middle of our rankings. With a smaller can size than what youll find with Progresso and Campbells Chunky soups, you get one serving per can of Wolfgang Puck soup, making it easy to see immediately how your waistline and heart health might potentially suffer from this quick, microwavable lunch. All things considered, your waistlines not going to feel too bad about this decision at 100 calories per can of soup, thats even fewer calories than some of the “light” soup options . Your heart may skip a beat at the sodium content, though, with nearly 40% of your daily sodium intake all wrapped up in this small, 14-ounce can.

When it comes to flavors, Wolfgang Puck certainly wins out over those low-cal soups above, though, incorporating herbs and spices such as parsley and turmeric. The brand has also made an interesting choice to go with vegetable stock, versus chicken stock. Unfortunately, the main ingredient of the soup isnt a stock of any kind its water.

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Do Noodles Add Flavor To Chicken Soup

Generally speaking, noodles are designed to absorb, rather than impart, flavor. Typically, egg noodles are best for noodle soup, and are made with egg and flour, which are not particularly flavorsome ingredients. However, some will include salt, which can flavor your soup.

The best source of flavor for soup is seasoning. However, some noodles, particularly traditional-style ones, do have a subtle flavor of their own, but the noodles should taste of your soup, not the other way around.

Best Vegetable Soup: Amys Organic Chunky Vegetable Soup

Craving a nutritious, veggie-packed soup? Amyâs Kitchen Chunky Fat-Free Vegetable Soup boasts a delicate flavor and all-organic ingredients itâs the perfect quick, convenient, healthy meal thatâs soothing and comforting, especially on a cold day.

Chunks of fresh veggiesâdiced tomatoes, spinach, carrots, green beans, corn, peas, celery, and onion, all of which are fully organicâcommingle with a homemade-like broth, and plenty of seasonings , resulting in a nutrient-dense meal. As with all of Amyâs food products, the Chunky Fat-Free Vegetable Soup is certified organic, certified gluten-free, and non-GMO project verified.

Calories per serving: 80 | Sodium: 720 milligrams | Carbohydrates: 5 grams

When the cold weather starts to hit, few things are better than a bowl of piping-hot potato soup. And thereâs no beating a classic: Campbellâs Chunky Baked Potato with Cheddar & Bacon Bits Soup is a much-beloved pantry staple for a reason. Thanks to the texture and ingredientsâthis soup is full of big chunks of baked potatoes, bacon, and cheddar cheeseâthis makes for a tasty and very filling meal.

The full ingredients list includes water, chicken stock, baked potatoes, russet potatoes, vegetable oil, cheese flavor base, onions, salt, pork, spices, dehydrated butter, and several others. For an even heartier meal, Campbellâs recommends pouring this soup over a baked potato.

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Fiber Vitamins And Minerals

If youre going to eat canned soup, choose varieties with at least 10 percent of your daily value of fiber and plenty of vitamins and minerals, recommends Fitness magazine. Men aged 19 to 50 need about 38 grams of fiber per day, while women of the same age need 25 grams, according to the Colorado State University Extension. Beans and vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients. Choose soups made up primarily of beans, lentils and veggies in a low-sodium broth for a filling, healthy choice.

What Kind Of Noodles To Use For Chicken Noodle Soup

Ultimate Hacks for the Best Chicken Noodle Soup | You Can Cook That |

I mentioned above that for a quick soup, you want a quick-cooking noodle. There are fine egg noodles at the grocery store . The fine egg noodles cook in 3-4 minutes.

Any pasta shape with a similarly short cooking time will work for your quick chicken soup. If youre not making a quick soup and dont care about the time, then Id go with wide egg noodles for sure. Theyre my favorite and dont take that much longer to cook.

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Campbells Homestyle Healthy Request Mexican

Sodium content: 410 mg per 1-cup serving

Campbells Healthy Request soups meet healthy and heart disease claims on 1 cup servings. This soup contains 410 mg sodium and is chock-full of vegetables, chicken, and black beans. Eating beans may help improve blood cholesterol, a leading cause of heart disease according to the American Heart Association. Eat this soup with some sliced avocado for some healthy fats and you have a nourishing soup with a kick!

Progresso Soup Low Fat Light

If youre looking for that traditional chicken noodle soup taste but you want to go for something a little more diet friendly, the Progresso Soup Low Fat Light Chicken Noodle Soup is a great pick. This soup doesnt differ much from the previous entry in terms of taste and texture, but it does contain up to 33% less calories. This makes it a lighter choice that can easily fit your dietary limits.

The recipe includes white chicken meat, egg noodles, carrots, and celery. Preparation entails heating the soup over a stove top or in a microwave for a few up to 4 minutes. The result is a deliciously light serving of chicken noodle soup thats both tasty and guilt-free.

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup

This refrigerated soup didn’t have noodles, but the fact that it was missing a key ingredient and still landed in our fourth spot shows how much our tasters loved its heartier flavor.

Eat This, Not That! Verdict

Our editors started their reviews by raving about the overall texture. “The chicken was perfect. Loved the broth even though it looked a bit oily from the fat,” one person commented. “The flavor jumped out . . . It tasted the most natural and homemade,” another editor said. And a third person said the soup was like “eating freshly shredded chicken. The broth was flavorful with fat, and the veggies also tasted fresh.”

Annie’s Organic Chicken Noodle Soup

We Tried 8 Brands and Found the Best Canned Chicken Noodle ...

Sure, Annie’s Organic Chicken Noodle Soup stands miles above the lackluster and frankly disappointing Campbell’s options we’ve covered thus far but it still doesn’t even make it to the middle of our list. That’s because, for all that Annie’s Organic Chicken Noodle Soup offers, it does so at a terrible price point.

This soup features egg noodles, chicken chunks, carrots, and celery. In terms of ingredient quality and ingredient-to-broth ratio, Annie’s clearly wins over the previous soups versus just garlic and onion, Annie’s infuses its broth with flavors from herbs and spices such as rosemary, sage, and thyme. The sodium content is slightly less than what you’ll get with the above soups as well .

However, Annie’s soup is much more expensive than some of the other soups that rank higher on our list and that offer comparable flavors. At the time of writing, an eight-pack of Annie’s Organic Chicken Noodle Soup was $30.89 on . Comparatively, you can get a 12-pack of Campbell’s Well Yes! Chicken Noodle Soup, which ranks at the very top of our list, for just $23 on .

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