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What Can I Eat On The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Soup Weight Loss Diet – What Is The Best Soup Weight Loss Diet

This diet consists of cabbage soup, eaten 2 to 3 times a day with other allowed foods as follows:

  • Day 1: Fruit , except bananas
  • Day 2: Vegetables, especially leafy greens and low carb veggies , and no fruit
  • On Day 3: Fruits and vegetables
  • Day 4: Bananas and skim milk
  • Day 5: Beef and tomatoes
  • On Day 6: Beef and vegetables
  • Day 7: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables

Red Lentil Soup With Toasted Cumin And Coriander

This flavor-packed soup is the perfect blend of sweetness and spice, thanks to the rich toasted spices and the coconut milk. The best part? It will stave off hunger long after your plate is clean. Lentils are full of protein and fiber, which makes this a really filling choice, says Chelsey Amer, R.D.N., who runs C It Nutritionally.

Per 1/2-cup serving: 282 calories, 13 g fat , 18 g carbs, 1 g sugar, 71 mg sodium, 24 g protein.

To get the full recipe, go to

The Cabbage Soup Recipe

Now about this weight loss Cabbage Soup , most websites featuring this diet says you should boil the vegetables in water, uhno maam!! Ive always used chicken broth or vegetable broth with seasoned canned tomatoes, which has never hindered my weight loss. Just try to use the low-sodium versions if possible

Let me just say, there is NO WAY I would be eating this soup every day if I made it with water. Yuck! Throughout the diet, I also use salt , pepper, lots of herbs & seasonings, olive oil, and a tad of butter on potato day. I also add 0-5 calorie flavorings to my water to make sure I get in all my water if needed. These changes have never affected my results.

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Expert Tips From A Dietitian

This is a level 1 recipe . The fat flush soup recipe is filled with all of the components that are needed to create a high-volume, low-calorie satiating meal. If weight loss is one of your goals, you need this soup in your life.

The combination of protein, fiber, and water here is tops for those looking for a filling meal for few calories. Think of protein, fiber, and fluid volume as the trifecta for meals that support weight loss goals.

I often have this for dinner, but it works wonderfully as a lunch prep as well. Heat it in the morning, pop it in a thermos, and youll have a hot meal waiting for you at lunch. This is a great solution for those who dont have a way to heat food at their workplace.

A warm thermos of soup is also a great thing to have on long commutes or when youll be traveling. Having a soup that is both healthy and delicious on hand makes it much easier to skip the fast food drive-thru. A wide-mouth thermos is a small investment that youll likely find yourself using for many years.

Chicken And Wild Rice Soup

Best Canned Soup For Weight Loss

Image credit: Fit Foodie Finds

Chicken and rice soup is a classic combination, but wild rice which isnt actually a rice at all, but is instead a form of aquatic grass is much more healthful than white rice . If youre tempted to sub out the wild rice for brown rice, consider this: wild rice has nearly 30% fewer calories than brown rice, while having 40% more protein, and more fiber, too. Given that this soup contains kale and carrots, too, its a complete meal unto itself.

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Soup In A Weight Loss Diet

Soup is often listed as one of the foods its a good idea to add to your diet if you want to lose weight.

But with so many different varieties to choose from, ranging from thin consommés to rich, creamy soups not to mention myriad slimming soups from cabbage to crazy many of us are left wondering what the best soup for weight loss is.

What Is Detox Soup

So what is a detox soup, anyway?

Simply put, it is any soup that helps flush toxins, aids in weight loss, and improves overall health. To help you get acquainted, Ive collected 17 healthy detox soup recipes. These recipes will help you flush out fat, de-bloat, lose a few pounds, and make you feel amazing.

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Healthiest Tomato Bisque: Wolfgang Puck Organic Tomato Basil Bisque

Often a staple pairing with gooey grilled cheese, tomato bisque is certainly a soup of comfort and tradition. Don’t be fooled by Campbell’s new “Slow Kettle Style” offering, which serves up as much sugar as what you’d find in 130 Teddy Graham cookies. Wolfgang Puck’s organic offering contains home-pantry-style ingredients and nutritionals that won’t derail your diet. The same can’t be said for these worst pasta sauces.

Best Bouillon Cube: Better Than Bouillon Reduced Sodium Chicken Base

The Best Cabbage Soup for Weight Loss

If you’ve ever examined a bouillon cube’s ingredient list before, you’ve most likely noticed that salt is often the first ingredient. That really shows in Knorr’s version, as just a half a cube racks up over half a day’s worth of the stuff, leaving you more than parched for a glass of detox water. Not to mention, it’s loaded with five versions of MSG, potentially trans-fat-laden hydrogenated palm oil, caramel color, artificial colors Yellow 5 and 6, as well as TBHQa corrosion inhibitor also used in biodiesel. Instead, grab a broth concentrate like that from Better Than Bouillon . This stock is super-reduced until it’s just a paste-like product that’s packed with flavor. Our pick is made up of real chicken meat with natural juices, spices, only one source of MSG, and colored with turmeric instead of coal-derived artificial colors.

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The Best Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe And 7

Get the Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe for quick weight loss and detox. Also get the printable 7-Day Diet Soup Eating Chart to put on your fridge and easily follow the diet. Learn how to make this detox cabbage soup in the slow cooker, instant pot, and on the stovetop.

Did you overindulge a bit during the holidays? Me too! Whether youre looking to lose up to 10 pounds or more in only 7 days, fit back into your clothing, detox, or to get rid of bloating, this cabbage soup diet may help you accomplish these goals.

As a plus, find out the pros and cons of the cabbage soup diet, get answers to some FAQs, and learn how to make the best cabbage soup diet recipe in the slow cooker, instant pot, and on the stove top.

Supergreens Soup With Spirulina And Coconut

Those of you on the lookout for more unique-tasting soups should try out this recipe, which makes use of a bunch of super greens and Spirulina algae simmered in coconut milk.

This was unlike anything that Ive tried before, and I highly recommend it, particularly for lovers of creamy yet lightweight soups.

Recent years have seen Spirulina increasingly being used in cleanses and for a good reason. This ingredient is known for its high protein and iron content, which makes it a fantastic addition to your list of detox soups.

Making this was very easy, and the result was a rich and creamy soup whose dark green shade made it almost too stunning to eat!

The recipe also calls for a few slices of apple, which I thought added a welcome layer of sweetness to the dish.

Check out this recipe from The Hungry Herbivores.

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Slimming Detox Soup For Weight Loss

The slimming detox soup is one of a kind and I highly recommend it for anyone trying to detox and lose weight at once! This soup is a combination of nutrients, vitamins, and best of all fiber. If you know anything about losing weight, you will know that you need enough fiber in your diet to improve digestive health and reset the metabolism both of which are vital to the weight loss process.

The slimming detox soup will help you stay regular due to its high fiber content and will also help you lose weight due to its low-calorie ingredients. I highly recommend drinking up to 8 glasses of water daily, eat 90 grams of protein 3 times a week for best results.

Slimming Detox Soup Ingredients:

Get the full recipe here:

Smoked Turkey Sausage Soup

Best Canned Soup For Weight Loss : The Healthiest Canned Chicken Soups ...

This soup is all you want to fill in your bowl.

The smoked turkey offers a lovely, velvety-smooth broth deep in flavor, nutrition, and deliciousness. This soup can be quickly and easily thrown together. After the holiday season, this is all you need.

The easiest way to make this recipe is to combine all the ingredients in a cooker and Ta-da! Your smoked turkey sausage soup is ready! However, in case you dont have a cooker, you can prepare this delicious soup by lightly sauteing onion and turkey sausage rounds for a minute.

Add chicken stock, sweet potato, oregano, rosemary, garlic, and simmer for about half-hour. Garnish with fresh spinach, salt, and pepper to taste.

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Quick And Easy Detox Cabbage Soup

I honestly find cabbage soups so delicious and convenient to make, which is why I was so pleased to stumble upon another recipe.

This particular cabbage soup can be served either chunky or blended, making it a simple and timeless meal that can be enjoyed, no matter the season.

A light yet delicious dish, this Detox Cabbage Soup is also made with celery, carrots, tomatoes, and capsicum, all of which take its flavors to the next level.

What makes it even more fantastic, though, is how incredibly clean I felt right after scarfing down a single bowl of it. Its detoxifying and cleansing properties are definitely no joke!

Check out this recipe from My Food Story.

Nutrition Information

  • Fat: 3g

How To Prepare Soup

  • Aromatic herbs are the start of any successful soup. Just grab a big pot and saute anything from the allium family like onions, scallions, shallots and leeks in a little bit of butter or olive oil or bacon fat, etc. You can also add garlic, carrots and celery chopped in small dice.
  • Herbs and spices add another layer of complexity to even the simplest soup but they are worth it. Add dried spices early on, while you cook your aromatic herbs. The heat brings out the oils in the spices and then they will start to pop. Try autumnal classics like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, garam masala, turmeric and chilly.
  • You can also use the seasonal harvest. Try squashes, potatoes, rutabaga, apples, turnips, cauliflower, kale, chard and pears. Chopping them into small pieces will help them cook more quickly. Simmer the vegetables in stock or water until they are soft. A good ratio of cooking liquid to vegetables is about 3:1.
  • To make your soup healthier, add healthy foods like tofu, beans, pork, chicken breast, etc. Try experimenting with chewy, heart-healthy grains like barley, spelt, brown rice, farro and quinoa. They add an excellent texture to the soup.
  • Lastly, toppings and condiments are the final touches to the soup. Try croutons, crispy-fried onions or crushed nuts with coriander leaves. Add a swirl of plain curd or unsweetened cream to a soup with spice. Crumble or shave some cheese over a hearty stew or use fresh herbs to brighten broth-based soups.
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    How Much Weight Can You Lose On The 7

    There are many factors to consider such as gender and age, if you follow the diet strictly or cheated, and to what degree. But most people reported losing up to 10 or more pounds in one week on the weight loss cabbage soup. Keep in mind that the weight that youll lose is a combination of water, fat, and even muscle.

    Cucumber Pea & Lettuce Soup

    the best vegetable soup for weight loss

    Treat as a healthy lunch or vegetarian starter, this simple and refreshing vibrant green soup is low in calories and features three of your five-a-day

  • 20 mins
  • A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.64 ratings

    A super-green and super-tasty vegetable soup with a few simple ingredients, including spinach and shallots

  • 30 mins
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    Detox Soup For Weight Loss

    At the beginning of each year we all have this renewed desire to feel better physically and emotionally, and to start new, healthful habits. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by starting with a gentle detox, to put your metabolism back on track.

    Detox soups are a great addition to any cleansing routine, and this satiating spicy detox soup will make you forget that youre even detoxing.

    This green detox soup is a very simple recipe to start fresh, and nothing could be more comforting than a big pot of healthy, whole foods bursting with nutrition that help balance your system and stimulate your natural detoxification.

    Can I Exercise On The Cabbage Diet Soup

    Exercise is not recommended while on the diet, especially moderate to high-level. Why? Because this is a low-calorie diet one that can leave you weak even without exercising. Youll likely get around 1,000 calories or less a day which is about half of the 2,000 daily calories that most adults should get.

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    Flush The Fat Away Vegetable Soup

    Flush away fat with this superfood soup!

    I dont know about you, but Im always looking for inspirational weight-loss foods. Sometimes its to kick-start a new weight-loss plan, and other times its my go-to meal after a weekend of indulgence. Thats where this flush the fat away vegetable soup comes in. This recipe is perfect to have in your back pocket for any such occasions. Its chock full of nutrients and its perfect for detoxing. Surprisingly, unlike some other detox soups Ive had, this soup is actually comforting and tastes great!

    All of the ingredients for this flush the fat away vegetable soup were specifically chosen for their ability to work together to get your body in tip-top shape. Its basically a superfood soup packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Together, they aid in flushing toxins away from your body, making it a powerful tool if youre following a detox plan. And, while it flushes those toxins, it also takes the fat with it. Talk about a safe, effective, and healthy way to make healthy lifestyle changes!

    How To Get Started

    Best Canned Soup For Weight Loss : 7 Ways to Make Any Soup A Fat

    This soup is the easiest thing in the world to make, just keep your pantry stocked with a few key ingredients and youve got an easy and healthy dinner and lots of leftovers.

    And as I mentioned above, the calorie and fat count per serving is most certainly impressive. Around 300 calories and 5 grams of fat.

    And with some simple planning, you can keep a variety of items on hand that are interchangeable and will keep this soup interesting.

    You wont use every one of these items each time you make this soup, its just ideas for variety

    Lets take a look on how to organize your pantry to make this an easy meal plan:

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    What Makes A Soup Healthy

    You may think of soup as the ultimate comfort food, but it turns out soup is useful for more than offering a warm respite in the cold winter months.

    Soup is low on the glycemic scale and full of fiber making it filling and satisfying.

    Soup wont lead to spikes in blood sugar like its fruit-filled counterpart juice making it a solid choice for curbing cravings.

    I feel its important to note that all soups are not created equally. Soups that are high in fat and filled with calories like cheese and cream-based soups do not qualify as healthy choices.

    How Do You Do The 7

    On the 7- day cabbage soup diet, you follow a specific eating plan every day. Along with eating these foods, you can have cabbage soup as often as youd like. This soup is also called wonder soup, weight loss soup, miracle soup, and weight watcher soup. So many names for this soup!

    This unlimited soup rule is what drew me to the 7-day cabbage soup diet. I love that I can eat this soup in unlimited quantities. I HATE being hungry, and I will not stick to any diet if Im hungry. Point. Blank. Period. Dont forget you MUST drink eight glasses of water each day. My results vary if I slack on water.

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    Healthiest Chicken Noodle Soup: Pacific Organic Chicken Noodle Soup Reduced Sodium

    Ingredients you want to see in the best chicken soup: cooked chicken, chicken broth, peas, carrots, spices. Ingredients you don’t want to see: potassium chloride, maltodextrin, yeast extract, carrot juice concentrate, sugar, flavoring, xanthan gum, carrageenan, and a slew of others. Just because both options are low sodium doesn’t mean they’re both good for you. Pick up Pacific’s organic option over Campbell’s if you don’t want to sip on the same contents that are found in a food scientist’s test tube.

    What Variations Can I Make To This Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Weight loss kai liyai behtareen soup| Best soup for weight loss| Dr.Ayesha Abbas
    • This soup can be made with sauerkraut instead of fresh cabbage but is then more accurately known as sour shchi or kislye shchi which is actually another traditional Russian soup.
    • Add in some sorrel, spinach, kale, and various other greens you may enjoy and youre suddenly eating green shchi or zelyoniye shchi. Yep, you guessed right thats another well known Russian soup version of this cabbage soup!
    • While a traditional cabbage soup is meatless, you could opt to add in some pork, sausage, or beef brisket to bulk up your soup and squeeze in some extra protein. Try ground turkey for a leaner meat option.
    • Other options for bulking up the soup include adding diced potatoes or even diced sweet potatoes.
    • Cabbage soup is typically mild in flavor but you could add a kick of heat by using Ro-Tel diced tomatoes and increase the red chili flakes or add in some cayenne pepper.
    • We used dried herbs in this batch, but you can certainly experiment with fresh herbs. I typically use double the quantity of fresh herbs compared to the dried quantities in the recipe. Try fresh thyme, rosemary, oregano, or basil to flavor the soup. Garnish with a sprinkle of fresh parsley for color.

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