How To Make Tomato Soup From Tomato Juice

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How To Make The Best Tomato Soup

How to Make Tomato Soup | Easy Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe
  • You can use fresh or canned tomatoes, I have used both with great results. If using fresh, start by dropping the scored tomatoes in boiling water to peel them easily.
  • Then, we develop some flavour by sauteeing some onions, just until translucent. The flavour should be mild no browning.
  • Add some flour and cook out the starch, then whisk in milk, tomatoes, baking soda and a bit of sugar. The baking soda keeps the acid from curdling the milk in addition to mellowing out the flavour. The sugar enhances the sweetness of the tomatoes.
  • Simmer 10 minutes or so, then puree with your blenderalternatively, an immersion or regular blender will also work. It couldnt be simpler or faster.
  • Copycat Campbells Tomato Soup

    Were not using Campbells soup in this recipe were copying it.

    This is a replica of the flavors you know and love sweet tomatoes, rich cream, a hint of basil but in an easy DIY version.

    And even though its homemade, it doesnt take long to get in front of hungry family members.

    Try a taste-test with the real thing, and I dare you to spot the difference.

    Confession time I almost never make stuffing the traditional way any more.

    Instead of wrestling with a roasted bird, just make this easy casserole as a holiday side.

    Breadcrumbs, veggies, and cream of chicken soup come together to produce a casserole that can do double duty as a tasty main or a savory side.

    Easy for you, tasty for your guests, everyones a winner!

    Cream of mushroom soup, egg noodles, and flaky tuna come together in this meal.

    This comfort food casserole is easy, light on the household finances, and ideal for make-ahead meals.

    Its not fancy, and thats the beauty of this simple-yet-irresistible dish. The kids will beg for more while the adults sneak seconds.

    Keep this one in regular rotation, and you wont have to worry about pleasing picky eaters.

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    What Is Canned Tomato Sauce

    Canned tomato sauce is a cooked purée of unseasoned tomatoes, while tomato paste is tomato sauce thats been reduced until thick. And since its been only slightly cooked, canned tomato sauce has a sharp acidity that mellows out with more cooking time, and can add a pleasant, last-minute jolt to a finished recipe.

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    How To Make Tomato Juice At Home

    Tomato juice can be easily found at the market and many people tend to buy and store it for later use.

    But if you dont have any its easy to find a replacement. All you need is a bag of tomatoes and a blender to create your own juice at home.

    You can use the ripest tomatoes that you have and you need some sugar to balance the acidity. You can add extra seasoning, onion, salt, and black pepper for additional taste.

    It is very easy and fast, and also youll find a good use for those ripped tomatoes instead of throwing them out.

    Can I Freeze Tomato Juice In Glass Jars

    Basil and Tomato juice

    It will store for 12 months in the freezer. And thats how to make simple tomato juice. You can cool it and serve it fresh, or you can store it in the freezer in glass jars that leave at least half inch head space or in these handy freezer bags that you can store flat, takes up less space in your freezer.

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    How To Make Creamy Tomato Basil Soup:

    • First, put the diced tomatoes with juice in a large pot. We used a stock pot over medium heat. Allow the tomatoes to simmer for 30 minutes stirring occasionally.
    • Next, puree the tomato mixture and basil leaves. Then pour the puree back into the stock pot.
    • Make sure the stove is still set to medium heat. Add the heavy cream and butter.
    • Finally, season with salt and pepper. You do not want the soup to boil but heat it so the butter melts and everything is well combined.

    Keep reading for the full recipe.

    Tools Used To Make This Soup:

    • Herb Scissors These sharp scissors make garnishing your dishes with herbs so easy! I used this to cut the basil and look how perfect those ribbons look!
    • Wolf Gourmet Blender This blender is amazing! It is a power house that can blend anything. I love it and use it for everything from smoothies, to soups, to dressings. It is the same quality as a Vitamix or Blendtec, if not better.
    • Immersion Hand Blender This hand blender is great for sauces, soup, and also has attachments to whisk and froth.
    • Garlic Press Fresh garlic tastes best and this is the garlic press I use. I love how easy it is to use and clean.
    • Peeler This is my favorite peeler! It works great for vegetables, fruits, and parmesan cheese.

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    More Easy Soup Recipes

    We have many soup recipes on Inspired Taste. Here are a few favorites:

    For more tomato-based soups, take a look at our chilled tomato soup recipe or this roasted tomato sop with lemon.

    I love creamy soups. Two of the most popular creamy soups on the blog are this easy creamy veggie soup and this simple homemade potato soup.

    Homemade broths add so much to soups. Heres our recipe for homemade vegetable broth as well as our favorite recipe for chicken broth.

    While we are on the subject of chicken, you must take a look at our easy homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. It is healthy, satisfying, and tastes incredible. Its faster to make than the traditional version, too!

    I love this lightened up broccoli cheddar soup! Its creamy and so delicious.

    Recipe updated, originally posted October 2015. Since posting this in 2015, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear and added a quick recipe video. Adam and Joanne

    Expert Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Tomato Soup Every Time

    Super Easy Tomato Soup – Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe
    • Use the best canned tomatoes. Ive found that choosing a quality brand brings out the best flavors in your soup.
    • Dont have cream? You can use half and half. You could even use milk, though it wont be quite as creamy.
    • Be sure to blend. The soup wont be creamy and smooth if you dont blend it. If you dont have an immersion blender, you can use a regular blender to get it to the right consistency.

    I love you from my head tomatoes.Anonymous

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    Is Tomato Juice Good For Weight Loss

    Drink tomato juice regularly to avail of its benefits. Weight loss: A 2015 study found that drinking a glass of tomato juice daily could help in reducing the weight around the waist. Whats best is that this will be possible even without making any other changes to diet or lifestyle, the study said.

    How To Make Tomato Soup

  • Saute Aromatics heat a non-reactive pot over medium heat. Melt in 4 Tbsp butter then sautee onions until softened and golden . Add minced garlic and saute another minute.
  • Make the tomato soup base stir in two 28 oz cans of crushed tomatoes with their juice, your chicken stock, chopped basil, sugar and black pepper. Bring to a boil then reduce heat, partially cover and simmer 10 minutes.
  • Blend if desired use an immersion blender in the pot or blend in batches using a blender and return soup to the pot.
  • Add cream and parmesan stir in the heavy cream and shredded parmesan. Return to a simmer and season to taste if needed.
  • Serve ladle into warm bowls and garnish with more parmesan and basil.
  • Pro Tip: If you prefer a chunky soup with bits of tomato , you can skip the blending step and proceed with adding cream and parmesan then season to taste.

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    Can You Substitute V8 For Tomato Juice

    Clearly, V8 juice has more vegetables in it than tomato juice. However, when looking into the two beverages more closely, we can see that that tomato juice does come ahead in certain nutritional aspects. When looking at nutrition labels and ingredient lists, I concentrated on Campbells tomato juice specifically.

    How To Make Tomato Soup For Canning

    Learn How to make tomato soup

    Once you have a good recipe, made for putting in jars, the process is pretty straightforward:

    • cook vegetables until very soft
    • puree the vegetables
    • reduce the soup
    • can it!

    I used a high powered blender to puree our cooked tomatoes and onion. There were only a few small tomato bits left after blending so I didnt bother straining my soup.

    If you have a blender that doesnt sufficiently chop up tomato skins, you might want to strain the soup before seasoning and reducing it. Alternatively, use a food mill to puree the tomatoes and get rid of the skins.

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    Fast And Easy Alternatives

    You can quickly make a substitute in a recipe that calls for tomato juice if you have other canned tomato products on hand. You might also need a tomato juice substitute if you or someone you are cooking for has a sensitivity to tomatoes or ingredients commonly found in commercially-produced tomato juice. For example, store-bought tomato juice is often high in sodium and may contain onion powder or garlic powder. Buying it by the can or bottle may be more expensive than alternatives. Make your own simple substitute to save your wallet and your health.

    Is Drinking Tomato Juice Good For You

    According to the National Institute of Health food sources that are high in lycopene, such as tomatoes, have many potential health benefits. Lycopene may reduce the risk of certain cancers, help with cardiovascular disease, and get this reduce the risk of SUNBURN. These are just a few of the potential health benefits from drinking tomato juice. Read more about the health benefits from the source at the National Institute of Health.

    Reduced Sodium Tomato Juice:

    Did you know that store-bough tomato juice can be VERY high in sodium? This causes the store-bought juice to lose some of its health benefits. By making tomato juice from scratch at home, you have full control over the amount of sodium that is added! Reduce the salt in your juice to your specifications in this recipe and enjoy your healthy drink!

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    Can I Use Ketchup Instead Of Tomato Soup

    An extremely handy substitute for tomato sauce is puree. For ½ cup tomato sauce and ½ cup water, 1 cup tomato puree plus dash of salt and sugar can be used. An easily available substitute is tomato ketchup. In fact, 1 can of tomato soup can substitute 1 cup of tomato sauce plus ¼ cup of water.

    Homemade Tomato Basil Soup Tips

    How to make spicy tomato soup
    • You can use an immersion blender with this soup recipe. This gives the soup that creamy texture you want. It helps to really blend the tomatoes and get that amazing texture like creamy tomato basil soup panera recipe.
    • Do not let tomato soup boil. The cream will curdle and you dont want this to happen.
    • We dont strain the seeds but you can if you prefer. This would be easiest using a fine mesh strainer.
    • Make extra for later. We actually try to make extra soup so we will have leftovers to freeze. It is super easy and perfect for quick lunches or dinners later in the month.

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    Cheesy Baked Tomato Bisque

    A blanket of melted, crusty cheese covers a creamy, velvety smooth tomato bisque worthy of entertaining. Easy enough to make in just under 30 minutes, this Cheesy Baked Tomato Bisque recipe could also be added to the list of family favorites for weeknight dinners.

    Originally published in March 2015 and updated November 2019.

    Creamy soups are my absolute favorite thing on the planet. I know for a fact that theyre not, in any way, healthy when you order them in a restaurant. And sometimes theyre not so healthy when you order them at my house.

    But sometimes its very evident, like when I cover the creamy bisque with a blanket of cheese. A blend of provolone and mozzarella cheese. And broil it until its bubbly and golden. Thendo you really care about the calories? You only live once and I, for one, live to eat.

    Tomato Basil Soup Variation

    This is so easy and delicious. Once you have blended your soup, simply add a handful of fresh basil leaves and blend until theyre broken into tiny bits.

    If youve ever had Nordstroms tomato basil soupthis option tastes like a more fresh version of it. Yum.

    Please let me know how your soup turns out in the comments! I love hearing from you.

    Looking for more creamy, lightened-up soups? Here are a few more favorites to bookmark:

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    How To Make Canned Tomato Soup Taste Better

    I love homemade meals just as much as the next person, but Im also a big fan of meal shortcuts for busier nights especially when it tastes almost like homemade. I think a lot of you are like that, too based on the popularity of our How to Make Canned Refried Beans Taste Better article!

    I dont know of too many people who rave over a plain can of tomato soup I sure dont. However, there are a few small adaptations you can make to take it from blah to having no leftovers.

    My kids go CRAZY over these ways weve made canned tomato soup better. Just the other night when I made it, my son was so sad we didnt have any leftovers, and he kept telling me how much he loved it. It was really that good, and it tasted better than really any tomato soup Ive had from restaurants or at the store.

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    What To Pair With Tomato Bisque

    Turkey &  Noodle Tomato Soup Recipe

    This recipe combined with another light recipe would make a full and delicious meal!

    If you make this Tomato Bisque Soup recipe or any of other recipes, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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    Can You Freeze Tomato Soup

    Absolutely! Tomato soup is the perfect recipe to make ahead and save for a busy weeknight meal down the road. You could also give it to friend who is recovering from an illness, just had a baby, or is feeling a little overwhelmed and could use a home cooked meal! Make a double batch, freeze half, and have it ready when you needs it!

    Keep it in any freezer-safe container. Make sure you leave enough space for the soup to expand as it freezes. It should keep for up to six months.

    Ingredients In Tomato Soup

    • flour
    • heavy cream

    Naturally, the fresher the ingredients the better the recipe. But nature has a way of making fresh produce hard to come by during the cooler months. Feel free to substitute the fresh herbs with dried herbs.

    Using quality canned tomatoes makes making this tomato soup so much quicker and easier too!

    **Pro tip: Use crushed tomatoes, not whole tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, or tomato sauce .**

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    How To Make Fresh Tomato Soup

    There comes a time in the lifespan of every summer garden when the gardener has the delicious dilemma of what to do with a bounty of fresh tomatoes, all ripe at the same time. Besides making sauce, eating endless plates of Caprese salad, and freezing the tomatoes for later use, I like to make a fresh tomato soup. It may be a very simple recipe but its also incredibly tasty and satisfying, especially when served with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich or macaroni and cheese.

    *******If youve found my blog via Google, welcome! I hope you find my posts helpful and take the time to check out whats new on Former Chef!To receive free updates in your inbox when theres a new post .*******

    • 12cupschopped fresh tomatoes
    • 2Tbspolive oil
    • 2cupswater or chicken stock
    • 2Tbspkosher salt
    • 2tsp.sugar

    Worlds Best Tomato Soup Recipe

    How to make Leolove’s Tomato & Carrot Soup using the Breville Juicer.

    Tomato soup is one of my go-to comfort foods. So far its the best tomato soup recipe Ive found. Theres something about it that just conjures up the feeling of childhood, and being taken care of. While my soup of choice growing up was Campbells, Id never tried to make homemade tomato soup before a few years ago, when an obsession with roasted tomatoes collided with an obsession with my blender, and this soup was born. You need to know three things about this soup:

    1) Its shockingly easy. While it takes about a fifty minutes to make start to stop, most of that time is just the tomatoes and garlic roasting in the oven, aka time you can spend reading a book, lip syncing Mariah Carey to your cat, or painting your nails .

    2) Its insanely delicious. The levels of caramelized depth achieved from roasting the tomatoes and garlic and sauteeing the tomato paste makes the flavor simply explode in your mouth its light years beyond the canned soup of my childhood. Its sweet, savory, rich, creamy, and even a little smoky and spicy, if you choose to use the optional smoked paprika . Topped with super easy homemade croutons, its basically addictive.

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