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Lipton Onion Soup Dip Mix – SUPER YUMMY Party Recipe!

How long does French Onion Dip last? Its delicious the same day its made and even better the next. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will keep up to 5 days without any flavor loss, but will loosen a bit as the days go on, so give it a quick stir before serving again.Can you freeze French Onion Dip? No, sorry. Once thawed, the sour cream separates and becomes grainy and unappetizing.

Copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix Recipe

This homemade dry onion soup mix recipe is so easy to make and taste just like Lipton Onion Soup Mix.Made with basic pantry staple spices, its perfect for making classic onion dip and seasoning many other recipes.

Who doesnt love Lipton Onion Soup Mix? Especially, during the holidays. Its in every bowl of gravy, casserole, and the best dish of all classic french onion dip. That stuff is like crack. However, this tiny packet of seasoning is also loaded with fillers, preservatives, and tons of sodium. So, no Bueno.

But, you can make your own homemade dry onion soup mix thats much healthier. Its perfect for adding flavor to veggie burgers, roasted red potatoes, and making that coveted onion dip that everyone loves. This is not just one more copycat recipe its better! Dont let your pantry be caught without it. Ready? Lets make it!

How To Make French Onion Dip

Got 5 minutes? Thats all you need to make this dip. Simply place all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk to combine. Make sure everything is well incorporated you dont want streaks of white from the sour cream, spots of brown from the beef paste, or clumps of seasoning.

Give it a taste and adjust the flavor, if necessary. Definitely taste with a chip. Most chips are pretty salty, so youll probably want the dip less salty than you think.

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How To Use Dry Onion Soup Mix

This simple and delicious seasoning can be used to add flavor tons of recipes. Apart from the most obvious, here are a few more ways to enhance your favorite recipes.

What Does French Onion Dip Taste Like

10 Best Lipton Onion Soup Mix Onion Dip Recipes

French onion dip, also called California Dip, isn’t overpowering in any way. The balance of tangy creaminess from the base, whether you use sour cream, cream cheese, or a mixture of one of them with mayonnaise, and onion flavor is just right!

You get a delightful amount of salty seasoning in this creamy dip with a consistency that is absolutely perfect for dipping chips into!

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How To Store Gluten Free Onion Soup Mix

To store your onion soup mix, simply place it in an air tight container such as a glass jar or a thick, well-sealing plastic bag.

You can store this at room temperature for up to three months.

This recipe makes about 1 ounce of soup mix, about the same as a packet of the seasoning mix you’d buy. Consider doubling or tripling the recipe if you know you’ll be using it.

I suggest that you keep it portioned out while storing so you don’t have to weigh it out later when you’re ready to cook with it.

You can make a variety of gluten free dishes with this gluten free onion soup mix. Gluten Free Onion dip and gluten free onion soup are two of our go-to’s.

Homemade Dry French Onion Dip Mix

Ill admit it. I actually like the Lipton onion mix stuff. You know, the stuff in the envelope that can be used to make soup or dip? Ive never used it to make soup but as a dip it tastes pretty good. Tear open the envelope, pour the contents into a bowl of sour cream, stir, refrigerate for 30 minutes, pull out a bag of your favorite potato chips, sit back and *crunch, munch, crunch.*

BUT you know how it is with most pre-prepared food items. The list of ingredients always includes strange things that really just dont belong there. So if you can make the same thing without all the junk that tastes just as good or better, plus is way cheaper to make yourself, why wouldnt you make it, right? Right!

Heres a copycat recipe version of the dry French onion dip mix you can throw together in 2 minutes and youll love the results.

And it also makes a cute little gift idea.

Its as simple as combining a few dry ingredients together and then mixing it in with the sour cream. It only takes a couple of minutes to put together, but you can also make a few dried dip mixes in advance to have on hand when you need them. This recipe is the equivalent of one envelope of dried onion soup mix.

Lets get started!

Combine everything but the sour cream in a small bowl. I use msg-free beef broth granules.

Add the dip mix to the sour cream in a medium-sized bowl.

Stir to thoroughly combine and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour, before using.

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Game Day Mayo Jar Challenge

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is made with cage-free eggs, is rich in Omega 3-ALA, and made with real, simple ingredients: eggs, oil and vinegar. That seems like great recipe inspiration to me and as I found out, a 30 ounce jar goes further than you might think.

30 ounces equals 3 and ¾ cups of mayonnaise. The Creamy Onion Dip used ½ a cup.

Then I made Popcorn Shrimp, by coating the shrimp in mayo to adhere the bread crumbs. This was a new recipe for me and I’m happy to report success. I’ve included directions to make the shrimp in either a standard oven or air fryer. The shrimp only took ¼ cup of my jar to make.

I decided the shrimp would go great with some Yum Yum Sauce. So, I made a nice big batch of the sauce/dip. It is also known as a shrimp dip, but it’s nice alternative dip for vegetables as well. The sauce took 1 and ½ cups of my mayo jar.

Peeking into the jar, there was still quite a bit of mayonnaise in there. I knew I had to make another dish pronto, before my daughter started making her famous mayonnaise sandwiches with it. Jalapeno Popper Dip was my deliciously addictive grande finale! I used a cup of mayo in that recipe. Now there was just a little left at the bottom of the jar and I decided to let my daughter slather it on her multigrain bread, as she loves to do.

Mission accomplished and a scrumptious food fest to show for it!

How To Make Soup

French Onion Dip Recipe: How to Make Your Own French Onion Soup Mix Seasoning for Dip

One of the most common questions is how to make soup from dry onion soup mix. The process couldnt be simpler! If you want to make soup, add 4 cups boiling water or low sodium beef broth and allow to sit for 5 minutes.

Add caramelized onions, frozen veggies or even thinly sliced beef or chicken to make a whole meal.

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How Many Tablespoons Equals One Packet Of Lipton Onion Soup Mix

There are about 3 tablespoons in a Lipton onion soup packet, give or take a smidge. In most recipes, you can eyeball the amount and use a little more or a little less without worry of ruining the recipe.

The only thing to be mindful of is salt content. If the recipe calls for additional salt, add the soup mix and then season with salt accordingly. Adding both could make it to too salty. Same goes for recipes using broth, opt for a low-sodium broth so you can control the saltiness.

Why Should I Make My Own Spice Mixes

As someone who cannot eat gluten, I learned that many spice blends and flavoring mixes contain gluten.

Making your own mixes allows you to control everything that goes in, so you’ll know that it’s safe for you and your family to eat, and that kind of peace of mind is priceless.

Speaking of price, making your own spice and soup mixes will save you money too. The markup on pre-mixed spices is can be significant.

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What To Serve With This Dip

All your standard foods that are typically great for dipping will work very well with this French onion dip. For example, crackers, carrot sticks, corn chips, or celery sticks will all work very nicely dipped into this condiment.

You can use this dip as a spread on a sandwich or in a bread roll. It compliments shredded meats, salad, and other sandwich ingredients very nicely. I highly recommend giving it a try.

I love dipping cooked foods such as cornflake chicken or cheesy bread sticks into the French onion dip. Its a delicious combination that will have you going back for seconds or even thirds.

Be sure to let us know of any fantastic combinations that go great with this dip as we will love to hear them.

Ingredients In Gluten Free Onion Soup Mix

Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup and Dip Mix For a Delicious ...

Dried Onion Flakes – This is our main ingredient – you can’t make onion soup without onion. Dried onion flakes have a sweet onion flavor like onions that have been slow roasted.

Beef Bouillon Granules – This gives a substantial, hearty flavor. Always check your labels to be sure the bouillon is gluten free. Not all are.

Onion Powder – More onion is not a bad thing here. The onion powder will distribute into whatever you mix it with, while the flakes will stay in larger pieces.

Parsley Flakes – Dried parsley adds color and flavor to the mix.

Celery Seed – I love the flavor of celery seed in savory things like soups. It’s a bright, herbal flavor.

Paprika – Paprika adds warmth and color to the mix.

Black Pepper – Gives the right amount of heat to our onion soup mix.

Cornstarch – Allows whatever you’re cooking with this mix to thicken.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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How To Make French Onion Dip From Scratch

Gather your ingredients and mix them in a small mixing bowl. That’s it! It’s simple, I know, but here’s the tip for the best French onion dip:

Cover and refrigerate your dip overnight. The flavors ‘marry’ and combine better after refrigerating. It totally makes sense, your dried onion takes in the moisture from the sour cream and releases the wonderful onion flavor!

In addition, all of the seasonings get a chance to release their flavors into the sour cream base as well.

Alternatives to sour cream that can be used include cream cheese, mayonnaise, and unflavored yogurt . All of these creamy bases will add their distinctive amount of tanginess to the dip. You can also combine any of these with sour cream or with each other to customize your onion dip flavors!

Great stir-in ideas include a touch of Dijon mustard or ground mustard powder, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of paprika, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, fresh chopped chives, or a little bit of finely grated cheese.

Whichever base you use, or stir-ins you’d love to try, I promise that your party-going friends will devour this creamy onion dip! Or just snack with it on your own while curled up on the couch watching a movie! You can even enjoy my tangy French onion dip with some carrots and celery and call it diet food…

French Onion Dip Recipe

Do you love French onion dip like me? Seriously, I absolutely love this easy appetizer dip even though I have a few other great methods for making my classic onion dip or French onion dip!

I still love the equally quick and easy to make version using Lipton’s onion soup mix. It’s so eighties and still tastes ALOT better than store-bought dips. But I don’t like the extra fillers.

Ingredients in store-bought mixes and ready-made dips have so many extras including preservatives and coloring that just aren’t needed. My simple homemade French onion dip has fewer ingredients and they’re ingredients that are always on hand!

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Achieving The Best Tasting French Onion Dip

The dip may be slightly runny once you have blended the cream cheese with the French onion soup mix. To thicken it, I recommend placing it in the fridge for at least two hours. If it cools down too much, then the dip might go hard and will need to be warmed slightly to get to the right consistency.

Pick a French onion soup mix that you know and love as this is where all the flavor is going to come from. Picking a poor quality soup mixture might result in a dip that doesnt taste the best.

For a little bit of extra flavor, you can try mixing in some crispy bits of bacon after you have finished blending the dip. Its an amazing flavor combination that I highly recommend trying.

If you want to see how to make this dip, then be sure to check out the video below. It will take you through all the easy steps for making this amazingly delicious French onion dip.

The video is short, snappy, and straight to the point. If you like what you see and would love to see more, then please be sure to to the channel so you can stay up to date.

Whats In French Onion Dip Mix

Copycat Recipe for Lipton Onion Soup Mix – Make your own…it’s healthier and costs less!

This french onion mix is a combination of garlic powder, onion powder, minced onion, beef bouillon, salt and black pepper. The recipe provided comes out to just over one ounce, which is the equivalent to one envelope of French Onion Soup and Dip Mix at the grocery store.

I usually make the recipe x 10 to have on hand. For that, youll want to mix up:

  • 10 tablespoons dried minced onions
  • 5 tablespoons granulated beef bouillon
  • 10 teaspoons onion powder
  • 5 teaspoons salt
  • 2 ½ teaspoons black pepper

Two tablespoons = one ounce, so if a recipe calls for one envelope of French Onion Mix, youll want to add two tablespoons of the homemade recipe.

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Super Easy French Onion Soup Dip

Throwback from the 80s! All you need is French Onion Soup mix, sour cream and mayonnaise to make this utterly addictive French Onion Dip that is way better than store bought dip. This is the ONLY recipe I make using a store bought packet mix a testament to how good it is!

I really dont think Im a food snob hey, Im that person who has confessed to doing the KFC and Maccers drive through of shame. But I was brought up with food made from scratch and my mother ended up doing a great job of brain washing me because I never use store bought packet mixes or recipe bases. It just doesnt taste right to me, it has an edge of artificial-ness, and usually they are too salty.

This French Onion Dip is the one exception to my rule.

Its made using French Onion Soup mix. And I love it. I dont care what anyone says. And I bet my mum would love this too!

Even though it starts with a packet soup mix, this is still way better than French Onion Dip bought in a tub. For one thing, its really soft French Onion Dip sold in tubs are usually quick thick unless left out to soften. And it tastes less artificial than store bought dip. I think the sour cream goes a long way to add an element of freshness to this dip.

This is a quick, short post because its an extra recipe for today, a reader request! So Im signing off. Hope you enjoy! Nagi xx

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Storing Homemade Onion Dip

Store your dip in an air tight container and keep it refrigerated for up to a week. It shouldn’t last beyond the first day or two as it’s that addictive!

Why does French onion dip get watery?

The dairy used as a base for the dip can get watery, especially if you have dipped chips, carrots, or celery directly into the dip container. The separation happens, if you’ve ever used sour cream after the container was opened you’ve likely seen this before. Simply stir the French onion dip before serving.

How long until French onion dip goes bad?

Technically, the dip should last for a week but it can last longer if stored properly. Use your best judgement on appearance and odor of the dip to determine if it is still good. If there is any sign of mold, discard the remaining French onion dip.

Can you freeze French onion dip?

Sour cream doesn’t freeze well, especially when used in dips like this onion dip. Freezing sour cream changes the consistency of the sour cream, so I do not recommend freezing French onion dip.

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Onion Soup Mix Recipe Tips

I use powdered salt so that it coats the onion particles, rather than settling at the bottom. I would still shake the soup mix before each use because of settling. You can powder your own salt by running it through a spice mill or coffee grinder.

You can also make this homemade onion soup mix without salt, less salt, or with a salt substitute.

Im going to make this dry onion soup mix recipe right now. How about you?


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