How To Make Dry Onion Soup Mix

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Copycat Recipe for Lipton Onion Soup Mix – Make your own…it’s healthier and costs less!

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Ingredients For Copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Most Lipton onion soup mix recipes are not vegan because they use beef bouillon. But, not this one. All you have to do is whip up a batch of my Vegetable Bouillon Powder and youre good to go. And, dont leave it out. Its the most important element of this recipe.

And, dont sub the vegetable bouillon with a store-bought brand. They usually contain oil, fillers, and are high in sodium. Once you have the bouillon made you only need a few more ingredients. Heres what you need.

  • Dried Onion Flakes
  • Paprika
  • Celery Seed
  • Black Pepper

Salt is optional because its already in the vegetable bouillon. So, I would make the dry onion soup mix and then season with salt as needed.

Tips For Easy Onion Soup Mix

  • Bulk: If you can buy your spices in bulk for even cheaper mix. Stores with bulk sections often have a spice section. Also consider buying bulk spices at places such as Costco or Sams Club.
  • Variations: There are a ton of different ways to make Onion Soup mix. Add or delete spices according to your need and taste. But obviously keep the onions.
  • Onions: Speaking of onions if you can find the chopped onion flakes to use, you can use dried minced onion instead.

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What Is Bangers And Mash

This quintessential British dish features British bangers nestled on top of creamy mashed potatoes and drenched in onion gravy. Its the ultimate comfort food.

If you love quality sausages and enjoy taking on new challenges such as dabbling in homemade sausage-making, be sure to check out our recipe for authentic Bangers and Mash!

Lets get started!

How Do You Make Onion Powder

  • First of all, peel and slice the onion skin thinly before serving.
  • Place the onions on a large plate of food
  • Until the crispness of the ground is determined, you should put it in your bag on a sunny day
  • Powder dried onions in a blender, and then blend again to a fine texture.
  • After this, onion powder is ready to be added to noodles once they are prewashed.
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    Tools Youmight Use For Making This Meatloaf Recipe:

    Cast Iron Pan If you dont have one of these, make the investment. Its one of the best things I have in my kitchen. Onion soup meatloaf is the and youll need a cast iron pan to make this dish a reality.

    Meatloaf Pan This is the day you have every single type of pan youll need in the kitchen. You can make all sorts of recipes with loaf pans.

    You can free form your meatloaf on rimmed baking sheets or use a special meatloaf pan to easily form it and pull it back out, leaving all of the oils in the bottom.

    Measuring Cups You are going to need a good set of measuring cups to help you get through this recipe.

    Rimmed Baking Sheet another kitchen staple! Youll use this for prep work, roasting and much more. I have 7 at my house.

    If you go free form, make sure to use a rimmed baking sheet to catch all the grease and save yourself from a big mess in the oven.

    Key Ingredients For Onion Gravy

    Yellow Onion Yellow onions release their natural sweetness once cooked and are ideal for caramelizing. Though any type of onion would work in this recipe with slight change in taste. To prepare your onion, start by slicing off the top and root ends then peeling to remove its papery skin. Once peeled, slice it into either thin rounds or half-moon shapes to use in this recipe.

    Beef Bouillon A beef bouillon cube packs in a ton of flavor for this savory onion gravy! This dark brown cube of goodness is basically just concentrated beef broth. Itll enhance the taste of this gravy without watering it down. You should be able to find beef bouillon cubes at most grocery stores. However, if you cant find the cubes, you can use a tablespoon of beef bouillon paste instead.

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    How To Make Your Own Dry Onion Soup Mix

  • Measure all ingredients into a small bowl.
  • Stir to combine.
  • Store in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.
  • Be sure to shake or stir your mix before using in order to redistribute any ingredients that have settled.
  • I like to store my mix in a pint-size regular mouth mason jar . You can get screw-on reusable lids where you buy your jars, or you can simply use the flat lid and ring that comes with it. If you really want to go fancy, you can find flip-top lids specifically made to turn your jars into spice containers!

    Onion Soup Mix Recipe Tips

    Homemade Onion Soup Mix ~ Dry Onion Soup Mix Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen Basics

    I use powdered salt so that it coats the onion particles, rather than settling at the bottom. I would still shake the soup mix before each use because of settling. You can powder your own salt by running it through a spice mill or coffee grinder.

    You can also make this homemade onion soup mix without salt, less salt, or with a salt substitute.

    Im going to make this dry onion soup mix recipe right now. How about you?


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    How Does This Mix Compare To Lipton

    Lipton Onion Soup Mix contains the following ingredients: Onions , salt, corn starch, onion powder, sugar, autolyzed yeast extract , caramel color, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, monosodium glutamate, corn syrup, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, sulfur dioxide .

    Lipton onion soup mix is not gluten free. My recipe is gluten free and makes a great Lipton substitute.

    What Is The Secret To A Moist Meatloaf

    A meatloaf needs a certain amount of fat to keep it moist and tender. If the meat is too lean, youll end up with a dry, tough loaf. If your ground meat is very lean, you might consider adding fattier ground beef or ground pork to the mixture. Another way to add moisture is bacondrape several strips over the meatloaf before it goes into the oven.

    Overmixing can make a meatloaf dense and dry. Mix the ingredients thoroughly but gently, and dont pack it tightly when you put it in the pan.

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    How To Make Vegan Gravy

    This easy vegan gravy is made with a savory blend of herbs using my Lipton Onion Soup Mix Copycat recipe. Its super easy and quick. Your Thanksgiving dinner will be even more awesome with this delicious recipe.

  • Add all the ingredients to a small or medium-sized saucepan, whisk, and bring to a boil.
  • Reduce the heat to medium-high and whisk until the gravy becomes thick.
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    Copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix Recipe

    Substitute For Dry Onion Soup Mix {Super Easy}

    This homemade dry onion soup mix recipe is so easy to make and taste just like Lipton Onion Soup Mix.Made with basic pantry staple spices, its perfect for making classic onion dip and seasoning many other recipes.

    Who doesnt love Lipton Onion Soup Mix? Especially, during the holidays. Its in every bowl of gravy, casserole, and the best dish of all classic french onion dip. That stuff is like crack. However, this tiny packet of seasoning is also loaded with fillers, preservatives, and tons of sodium. So, no Bueno.

    But, you can make your own homemade dry onion soup mix thats much healthier. Its perfect for adding flavor to veggie burgers, roasted red potatoes, and making that coveted onion dip that everyone loves. This is not just one more copycat recipe its better! Dont let your pantry be caught without it. Ready? Lets make it!

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    How To Use Onion Soup Mix

    This is probably one of the most verstile items in the kitchen for seasoning. When I say that I always have it, Im not joking. Whether is it a homemade onion soup mix or pre bought, it is a staple. Here are my favorite uses:

    • Roasted potatoes and vegetables

    For most recipes, keeping it chunky and whole is perfectly fine, but if you are looking for all of the flavor, but a fine blend without large pieces of onion, try using a spice grinder to blend it up. This is my favorite spice grinder, cheap and easy to clean! You can also use it to grind coffee!

    What is the difference between dry onion soup mix and french onion soup mix? There really isnt a difference and honestly, I dont even use it to make French Onion Soup, only just a basic onion soup.

    Homemade Onion Soup Mix Faqs

    What is in onion soup mix?

    Most commercial varieties on the market have the basics: dehydrated onions, onion powder, a LOT of salt and sodium, some sugar, and then several flavor additives and sometimes fillers. While some do not list gluten-containing ingredients, they generally cannot be relied upon to be gluten-free, and many state that they contain milk.

    Can this onion soup mix be made gluten-free?

    Yup! Sure can. Because this recipe does not use fillers and additives, you have much more control over your ingredients. Youll need to find gluten-free options for each ingredient, which generally arent too hard to find as many of them are naturally gluten-free. But pay special attention to make sure your beef bouillon does not contain any gluten!

    How long will this mix last?

    If stored in a cool, dry place and kept as air-tight as possible, this mix can easily last 6-12 months. If you live in a very humid environment, you may find that you get a slightly shorter shelf-life out of it.

    Here are some great recipes where you can use this copycat Lipton onion soup mix:

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    Homemade Onion Soup Mix

    Im not going to lie and tell you that you will save oodles of money making your own onion soup mix recipe. A box of Lipton packets costs less than $2, but I will tell you that this one is a little tastier and works great in a pinch for a substitute.

    Ill also go out on a limb here and say 90% of my foodie friends already have all the ingredients they need to make this recipe in their pantry.

    How Much Homemade Soup Mix Do You Add For A Packet

    How to Make Beef Onion Soup Dry Mix At Home EASY

    You will probably not need a one-to-one substitution for the dry mix. Keep in mind that the mixture is based on onion flakes. Two tablespoons of onion flakes is the equivalent of ½ onion.

    Start with the following and adjust to suit your tastes.

    Onion dip: 2 tablespoons of the mix to ½ cup sour cream

    Pot roast: 4 tablespoons sprinkled over a pot roast plus ¼ cup water

    Soup, stew, or chili: 3 to 4 tablespoons

    Meatloaf or meatballs: for every pound of meat add 2 tablespoons plus ½ cup breadcrumbs, 1 egg, and 2 tablespoons tomato sauce or ketchup

    Burgers: for every pound of meat add 2 tablespoons

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    Questionsyou Might Have About How To Make French Onion Meatloaf With Brown Gravy:

    When was meatloaf first invented? Some would say that meatloaf has been around since the 5th century. Acousin to the Dutch meatball, meatloaf is a traditional German dish. It is alsoa popular Belgian and Scandinavian dish.

    Is meatloaf healthy to eat? Obviously, making anything yourself is healthier than buying the store bought processed version. Meatloaf is also very calorie rich. So, if you have intentions of eating healthy, you will want to watch your portion sizes.

    You can also substitute ground turkey or chicken for beef and pork to save a few calories, but for maximum flavor, grab a meatloaf mix.

    Is meatloaf tasty? I wouldnt be sharing if it wasnt! Regular meatloaf is good, but the additional flavors and onion gravy amplify this dish. Im all for creating traditional dishes, but I also like to switch them up a bit.

    How long is meatloaf good for in the fridge? Leftovers might happen with this dish. If thats the case, you willwant to be able to store the meatloaf in the fridge. Storing meatloaf in thefridge only works for 3-4 days and it has to be stored in an airtightcontainer.

    Is it easy to caramelize onions? Its not too hard to caramelize onions. In fact, if you follow the right recipe *ours*, youll have excellent caramelized onions. Youll want to coat the bottom of a pan with olive oil and butter. The pan should be put on medium heat.

    A Healthier Onion Soup Mix

    Growing up, my mom always had Lipton Onion Soup Mix in her pantry. She used it to make rice pilaf and to season things like burgers and potatoes–and it really did add incredible flavor!

    I use Dry Onion Soup Mix in my own kitchen now, but instead of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, I make my own homemade blend.

    My recipe also does not call for added bouillon, making this recipe vegan-friendly and free of MSG, caramel color, and MUCH lower in sodium.

    And let me tell you, this homemade version still packs in a HUGE punch of flavor.

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    How Do You Store Make Ahead And Freeze Hamburger Steak With Onion Gravy

    You can always make the hamburgers like myself, earlier in the day. Place them on a platter covered in plastic wrap or in an airtight container inside your fridge until needed.

    I would never do this the day before, just the morning of.

    For the record I always remove my burgers from the fridge about 30 minutes before I cook them. Most meat or protein benefits from starting to cook once at room temperature.

    Leftovers can be stored for three days inside your fridge, including the day you made it or frozen for up to three months, sealed in an airtight container.

    You can make a double batch of this recipe and freeze half for another day.

    You can freeze the uncooked hamburger patties and then after theyre defrosted make the recipe as you would normally.

    Your other option is to freeze the cooked hamburger patties, with or without their gravy. Then to reheat you simply defrost the patties inside your fridge and reheat in a skillet over low heat until heated throughout.

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    How Can You Save More When Making This Recipe

    Homemade Onion Soup Mix

    Consider these strategies from the Good Cheap Eats System to help you lower your costs even more:

    • Use what you have. While the onion flakes, salt, and pepper are required for the recipe, you can take a little liberality with the other spices, swapping in whatever youve got in the house, such as oregano for the thyme, chili powder for the paprika, and onion powder for the garlic powder.
    • Make a plan for leftover ingredients. One batch of this mix will probably serve you for at least two recipes. Make sure to use it all so as not to waste it.
    • Visit the store with the best prices. The cost of herbs and spices can vary widely from store to store. Compare prices so you know where to stock up.
    • Check the sales and clearance. When you see great prices, load up on these ingredients so you can have your own onion soup mix whenever you want.
    • Buy spices in bulk. I love shopping at Costco to save a few dollars. Instead of paying a few dollars for a small jar of garlic powder or onion flakes, I buy larger container for even less!


    • In a small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients.
    • Store in an airtight container.
    • To use, stir into recipes as you would commercial onion soup mix .

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    Hamburger Steak With Mushroom Gravy

    I have to admit that sometimes we include mushrooms to make this wonderful hamburger steak smothered in this rich, savory, flavorful gravy.

    You can easily make hamburger steak with mushroom gravy with or without onions. No matter how you do it you will not be disappointed.

    I can almost guarantee it.

    All mushrooms will work and work well. Just adjust your cooking times accordingly.

    Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Onion Soup Mix

    You know me, I love to make Good Cheap Eats. And you know that commercially made items are often more expensive than homemade.

    Is it cheaper to make your own dry onion soup mix? Heres how this recipe pencils out:

    • onion flakes $0.29
    • garlic powder $0.04
    • dry mustard $0.20

    This batch makes about cup, enough for 1 to 3 recipes. The cost is $0.60. By comparison, name brand onion soup mix is $3.49/2 oz, enough for two batches.

    Even if you used a full batch of the mix to replace a packet, youre saving by a huge margin. The commercial brand is almost three times the cost of homemade!

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