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How To Make These Terrific Sloppy Joes With Tomato Soup:

How to make Sloppy Joes using Campbells Tomato Soup!
  • Dice up your onion, green pepper and celery.
  • Heat a tablespoon of oil in a skillet over medium-high heat.
  • Sautee vegetables until onions are translucent and celery and peppers are softened.
  • Add ground beef to skillet.
  • Salt and pepper beef to taste.
  • Cook until browned.
    • Serve hot on your favorite bun!
    • Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge.

    Sara’s Smoked Mushroom Stroganoff And Spaetzle


  • Smoking gun with wood pellets

    • 1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil
    • 2. Whisk the eggs, milk, and oil together
    • 3. In a separate bowl, mix the rest of the ingredient together and make a well in the center
    • 4. Add the wet ingredients and combine with a spatula or wooden spoon until just combined
    • 5. Place a perforated pan over the pot of boiling water
    • 6. Add the spaetzle dough to the perforated pan and using a bench scraper start moving the dough through the holes in the pan and directly into the boiling water
    • 7.Once all the dough has been pressed through the pan, strain the noodles from the boiling water and reserve
  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • 1. Smoke the fried mushrooms with a smoking gun for 5-10 minutes
  • 2. Add the oil to a large saucepot or sauté pan
  • 3. Once the oil is hot, add the garlic, celery, and leek and reduce the heat to medium
  • 4. Cook the vegetables until they are soft and translucent
  • 5. Add the Campbells® Cream of Mushroom Soup and broth
  • 6. Cook the mixture for about 5 minutes on medium heat and season with salt as desired
  • 7. Add the smoked and fried mushrooms to the mixture and continue to cook until your desired consistency
  • 8. Turn off the heat and stir in the sour cream, parsley, and lemon juice

  • Spoon the stroganoff over the spaetzle
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    A Comforting Easy Soup Recipe

    Soup recipes bring me right back to my childhood, and this Copycat Campbells Tomato Soup is now one of my family favorites!

    Especially our little guy. He loves tomato soup. Even if theres more stuff in it than just plain tomatoes like our Beefy Tomato Soup recipe. But most of all he loves eating soup with a piece of bread or a cracker instead of a spoon, no utensils required.

    Its one of the few meals that we dont have to sit and say take a bite every couple of minutes. Its not that hes not a good eater he just gets very distracted unless its something hes really into eating.

    So then we remembered those famous Campbells soup recipes we had growing up, and wanted to recreate a homemade version. Forget what you remember because this Copycat Campbells Tomato Soup recipe is going to blow the old memories away!

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    Best Campbell Tomato Soup Chili Recipes

    15 Minute Creamy Tomato Soup Vegan Recipe Serious Eats. Cream Of Tomato Soup Recipe A Sweet Pea Chef. Fresh Tomato Soup Easy And Fast Spend With Pennies. Campbell S Tomato Soup 4pk 7oz Cans Target. See also Recipe For Smoking Salmon. Instant Pot Creamy Tomato Soup Paleo Whole30 Dairy Free Vegan.

    Directions. 1) In 10-inch skillet over medium heat, cook turkey, onion, chili powder and garlic until onion is tender and turkey is thoroughly cooked and no pink remains, stirring to separate meat. Spoon off fat. 2) Stir in beans, soup water and vinegar. Heat to boiling.

    Campbell tomato soup chili recipes yummly classic tomato soup once upon a chef campbell s condensed healthy request tomato soup 10 75oz target easy tomato soup recipe simplyrecipes com. Whats people lookup in this blog: Share. Tweet. Email. Prev Article. Next Article . Related Articles.

    In a Dutch oven, combine the first 7 ingredients. Cook and stir over medium heat until heated through. Garnish servings with cheese if desired.

    Step 1 On a 6-quart Instant Pot®, select the Saute setting. Heat the oil in the Instant Pot®. Add the pepper, corn and chili powder and cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    An Easy Soup Recipe Thats Done In 30 Minutes


    Because I like to try and use what we have in the house, I opened the freezer, the fridge and all the cabinets to take stock of what we had on hand. Sometimes going back out to the grocery store is just not something I want to do.

    I grabbed some ground beef from the freezer, cream cheese from the fridge, onions, basil and garlic from the cabinets and got to work.

    Beefy Tomato Soup has become one of our most popular recipe on our site and for good reason. Its really easy to make, its done in less than 30 minutes and its so creamy and comforting, everyone gobbles it up.

    This soup recipe is another way I like to use spaghetti sauce in recipes as a short cut and a boost of flavor. And probably one of my favorite ways, too. Also a jar of spaghetti sauce is usually something we have in the pantry so its an easy ingredient to use in recipes like this.

    This beef and macaroni soup gets so thick its almost like a beef goulash. Some people have said that its similar to a homemade hamburger helper once the noodles soak up all the broth.

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    Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque

    Soup Recipes » Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque

    Creamy tomato basil bisque is a smooth, rich soup loaded with fresh tomatoes and just the right amount of basil and parmesan. Its a taste of summer that is perfect for a rainy afternoon. In this post I cover different kinds of tomatoes to use, whether you should take the time to seed or peel them, and how I save the leftovers so that I can enjoy the taste of fresh summer tomatoes all year long. Read on for my tips and tricks, or scroll down to the recipe and start cooking!

    When it comes to making homemade soup, creamy tomato basil bisque is by far one of my favorites. Its a perfect way to use end of summer tomatoes, and can be canned or frozen for longer storage.

    In this soup, the fresh tomato flavor is balanced with basil, parmesan, balsamic, and cream. The sweet acidity of the tomatoes, the tang of the vinegar, and nutty parmesan cheese combine as a match made for my taste buds dreams.

    Serve it cold on a hot summer day or serve it hot on a cold, wet day. I like mine best when paired with a grilled cheese sandwich for a delicious weekend lunch.

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    Baked Pork Chops With Cream Of Mushroom Soup

    Baked pork is an easy dinner, but its not always easy to pick a sauce-pairing for those succulent chops.

    If you have a can of Campbells cream of mushroom soup in the cupboard, you have your answer.

    This creamy, rich sauce will keep your chops juicy and moist as they cook.

    Itll leave you free to spend some quality time with the kids, or have a relaxing glass of wine. No judgment here!

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    How To Make Chili Made With Tomato Soup

    • 1Brown ground beef and onion in skillet. Add soup, broth, salt and chili powder. Reduce heat and simmer. Garnish with shredded cheese, if desired.
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    Top 10 Cream Of Tomato Soup Recipes

    Campbell Tomato Soup Recipe : You Say Tomato!

    Sometimes you just cant beat Cream of Tomato soup! No matter what the time of year, theres always something tasty you can rustle up using a can of Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup. Its the type of ingredient that you always seem to have in your cupboard reliable and delicious, its guaranteed to be there just when you need it

    So, we at Campbells have taken the time to shortlist our Top 10 Cream of Tomato recipes for you to indulge in.

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    Variations Of Cheese Tortellini Soup:

    • meat tortellini-you can make this a nonvegetarian recipe by adding meat tortellini instead of cheese tortellini
    • more milk or sour cream-this would give the soup a lighter color and it would make it more creamy
    • milk and sour cream- 1/2 cup milk and 1/4 cup sour cream would be a great substitute for heavy whipping cream
    • omit basil-you can take out the basil of this soup recipe if you do not like basil. Basil can be a strong flavor for some people.

    Tomato Soup Sloppy Joes Recipe

    Directions. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, season the ground beef with salt and pepper. In a 10-inch skillet, brown the beef on medium-high to high heat. Stir constantly to separate the meat. Remove the excess fat with a spoon or ladle. Add in the condensed tomato soup and Worcestershire sauce.

    Print. These easy Sloppy Joes are ready in less than 30 minutes, making them a fabulous choice for a weeknight dinner! Prep Time 5 minutes. Cook Time 25 minutes. Total Time 30 minutes. Ingredients. 1 lb ground beef. 1/2 onion diced. 15 oz can tomato sauce.

    My homemade Sloppy Joes recipe is quickly made from scratch and is BIG on flavor! Sloppy Joes. The Classic Sloppy Joe sandwich is an American loose meat sandwich, made using browned ground beef, tomato sauce, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and other seasonings served on a toasted hamburger bun.

    Vegan Sloppy Joes! The best easy meatless manwich recipe! Lentils, vegan crumbles simmered in a savoury sweet tangy tomato sauce, piled on a bun and devoured! A classic sandwich. Ready in 20 minutes.

    Sloppy joes sauce is a tomato based sauce flavored with seasonings and some vegetables. See recipe for further details for this sloppy joe recipe. A traditional sloppy joe sauce will contain ketchup, sugar and even additives which is why I love to create my own sauces using clean ingredients.

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    Tomato Soup Spaghetti Sauce

    Maybe it sounds counterintuitive to make spaghetti sauce out of canned tomato soup. After all, cant you just buy a can of spaghetti sauce?

    Sure you can. But its all about being creative and using what you already have in your kitchen.

    Also, people who make this simple spaghetti sauce absolutely rave at the flavor. And the sauce is super saucy, which some of us like.

    To make this spaghetti sauce, you just need tomato soup, tomato sauce, and canned crushed tomatoes. Add ground beef and spices to create a masterpiece.

    Best Tomatoes For Tomato Bisque

    Mediterranean Rice Bake Recipe

    To get the absolute creamiest soup use meaty tomatoes that have been peeled and seeded. Roma tomatoes work well, but so do meaty heirloom.

    This summer I was given a surplus of cherry tomatoes thank you Monica! I put them in this soup without peeling or seeding, because small tomatoes are a pain to peel and seed, and you lose a lot of volume by discarding the seeds from cherry tomatoes.

    The results, while not exactly creamy, were still better than anything you can get from a can.

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    The Freshness Of The Basil Is Everything

    Though this healthy and gluten free recipe uses canned tomatoes, it tastes fresh and comforting on those chilly fall days.

    Not that this soup should only be made in the cooler months, its always soup weather if you ask me!

    Summer lunches with fresh soup and grilled cheese are a familiar sight in our house.

    Alright, lets get you the recipe. I am so excited for you to enjoy a warm bowl today!

    Chunky Summer Vegetable Chilli

    This is a flavoursome alternative to the traditional chilli con carne and its packed full of colourful seasonal vegetables. This dish both looks and tastes gorgeous in equal amounts. Its a really great way to use up any vegetables that youve got leftover and arent sure what to do with! Plus, with spices and a can of Campbells Cream of Tomato, you can make a rich sauce with a nice kick to it.

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    Chicken In Tomato Sauce With No Breading Or Noodles

    This needs to be breaded to be close to Chicken Parmesan. This is just chicken fried with soup. It also needs noodles. You could throw the noodles into the pan with the sauce and cook them that way before adding the chicken. Overall I think this might be an okay recipe, but its about as close to Chicken Parmesan as any other random pasta dish that has tomatoes and chicken.

    Terrance M. | May 21, 2020

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    If youre tired, frustrated and all out of culinary inspiration, these Campbells soup recipes might just save dinner.

    There are so many recipes to choose from here, all designed to get a hearty, satisfying meal on the table with minimal hassle.

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    Because some nights, the last thing you feel like doing is slaving over a stove. Maybe you had a bad day at work, or perhaps the kids are acting up.

    Whatevers going on, you just dont have the time or the headspace to cook a gourmet meal.

    Dont worry, Campbells soup is here to help! With these simple recipes, dinner has never been easier.

    View Campbell Soup Chili Recipepng

    Easy Tomato Soup Recipe – How to Make Homemade Tomato Soup

    View Campbell Soup Chili RecipePNG. This recipe has become a staple at our house, only i use skim milk instead of the water and whole grain instant brown rice. Add onion puree, chili powder, cumin, cocoa, hunts sauce,.

    160 calories, nutrition grade . This recipe has become a staple at our house, only i use skim milk instead of the water and whole grain instant brown rice. Campbells real beef reduced salt stock.

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    Easy Campbell’s Tomato Soup Copycat Recipe

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    This deliciously creamy tomato soup recipe is rich, smooth and can be made vegan and dairy-free! An easy recipe that gives serious tomato soup childhood nostalgia while using whole foods, it’s both a healthy yet indulgent and comforting soup.

    My husband does not cook, he will tell you himself he can only cook two things well: smoothies and this easy, creamy tomato soup.

    I literally keep cans of tomatoes so he can make this exact soup whenever I’m feeling really sick, really down, or really cold, along with a hot mug of cinnamon ginger tea.

    An insanely simple recipe, he simmers tomatoes with some good flavorful chicken broth, herbs and spices, then blends it up in the blender until it is super smooth and the taste reminds me of a better version of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. It’s still got plenty of that coziness but it’s a million times more flavorful.

    One taste and you’ll never go back to the store-bought canned stuff! It’s a bowl of perfectly velvety tomato soup made with love, y’all. It’s one of my all time favorite recipes. Serve with some toasted crusty bread or use that bread to make bomb grilled cheese sandwiches to dip right into the hot soup.

    How Do You Make Sloppy Joes

    Step One: Brown the Meat

    Start frying the ground beef in a large skillet. Once it is broken into pieces, stir in the mustard, brown sugar, minced onion, Worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, and black pepper.

    Step Two: Make the Sauce

    Fry the ground beef until it is browned and drain off the extra grease. Return to the burner and add tomato soup, ketchup, and water.

    Step Three: Simmer

    Stir and simmer over medium-low heat until thickened.

    Step Four: Toast Bun

    If you have time, toast the buns before making the sandwiches and it brings them to a whole new level!

    I made these sloppy joes on Saturday morning so that they would be ready to serve for lunch. I finished up about 10:00 AM and my kids were all hanging around the kitchen wanting to eat them for breakfast!

    Luckily, I made extra and my kids were about to have one and I still had enough for the volunteers. Since I discovered that all three of my kids love these sandwiches, this Easy Sloppy Joes Recipe is going into our regular menu rotation.

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    Tomato Soup With Poached Egg

    This soup is almost like a play on eggs in purgatory or shakshouka, a Middle Eastern dish that is typically made with baked eggs in a spiced tomato sauce. Cook the eggs any way you like, but poaching or soft boiling gives them a runny yolk that tastes amazing in the tomato soup. A little prosciutto, pancetta, or bacon gives this dish a salty, savory kick, but you can always leave the meat out entirely. Just don’t forget the bread for dipping.

    Cheesy Baked Tomato Bisque

    Campbells Tomato Soup Recipe For Cabbage Rolls ...

    A blanket of melted, crusty cheese covers a creamy, velvety smooth tomato bisque worthy of entertaining. Easy enough to make in just under 30 minutes, this Cheesy Baked Tomato Bisque recipe could also be added to the list of family favorites for weeknight dinners.

    Originally published in March 2015 and updated November 2019.

    Creamy soups are my absolute favorite thing on the planet. I know for a fact that theyre not, in any way, healthy when you order them in a restaurant. And sometimes theyre not so healthy when you order them at my house.

    But sometimes its very evident, like when I cover the creamy bisque with a blanket of cheese. A blend of provolone and mozzarella cheese. And broil it until its bubbly and golden. Thendo you really care about the calories? You only live once and I, for one, live to eat.

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