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Homemade Vegetable Soup And Broth Recipe

Boost your immune system with these fix-it foods

Tis the season for colds, flus, and sickey germs everywhere. This easy vegetable soup is the perfect antidote to all that.

Its so easy to make by just chopping up veggies, putting them into a pot, covering with water, and letting it simmer for an hour or two.

I make this homemade vegetable soup for both the broth and the soup. Id rather sip on a cup of warm broth than coffee when I feel my throat getting a little scratchy or when I have a weird I may be coming down with something feeling.

It makes about 6 quarts, and I usually strain off one or two quarts of just broth. Its amazing how fast it goes when I sip on this instead of tea or coffee during the day.

This easy vegetable soup is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, nut-free, Paleo-friendly, New Years Resolutions-friendly, and really just an all-around a soup that can do no wrong.

Its mild in taste, with a very minor punch from the ginger, and you can control how much punch there is based on how long you let the piece of ginger simmer before removing it. Although theres both an onion and a leek, theres no overt oniony flavor.

Just chop all the veggies, add everything all at once to the pot, cover with water, and youre done.

Fast, easy, nothing fussy. My kind of recipe.

Because theres no noodles, animal protein, tofu, nuts, or anything besides soft, simmered vegetables, its a light soup thats easily digestible, although hearty enough to fill you as it warms you from the inside out.

Tips For Making Immunity Boosting Soup

  • Be sure to dice the sweet potatoes into ½ inch cubes. If theyre too large, theyll take too long to cook.
  • Look for low sodium vegetable broth so you can control the saltiness of the final soup.
  • Be sure to rinse the lentils before cooking. Most lentils are sold unwashed and should be cleaned before eating.

Manage Your Stress Levels For Your Immune System

Two, MANAGE YOUR STRESS LEVELS. I know that you know the textbook definitely of relaxation, but I also know that you dont know how to apply that into your life. Start trying harder. Yoga, meditation, reading, saying no to new work projects, taking every opportunity for a day off, all can make a difference in the strength of your immune system.

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How To Make Chicken Soup

This easy chicken soup recipe comes together in about 30 minutes start-to-finish.

  • Heat the olive oil in a large pot.
  • Add the onion, carrots, celery and ginger and cook for 6-7 minutes or until the onion is soft and translucent, stirring occasionally.
  • Toss in the garlic, and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes, until the garlic is fragrant, stirring occasionally.
  • Add the curry powder, chicken stock, and chicken and stir to combine.
  • Continue to cook until the soup reaches a simmer. Then reduce heat to medium-low, cover with a lid, and let the simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • Garnish with scallions and cilantro.
  • In the past, Ive added jasmine rice to this healthy chicken soup . Ive also added buckwheat noodles. But my favorite is to add a generous heaping of cauliflower rice to the bottom of my bowl, then ladle the piping hot soup over the top and toss in a fistful of daikon sprouts for good measure.

    How Does The Immune System Get Impaired

    These Immune System Boosting Soups Are Jam Packed with ...

    Anti-biotics, corticosteroids, glucocorticoids, and other immunosuppressant medications can definitely trigger viral activity over time . General aging, stress, substance abuse, alcohol intake, poor diet, micronutrient deficiencies, and over-exercising plays a role. And unfortunately, autoimmunity and other chronic disease conditions can weaken the immune system.

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    Health Benefits Of Turmeric:

    • Natural anti-inflammatory
    • Packed with antioxidants, which helps eliminate free-radicals, thereby preventing disease, slowing down the aging process, and fighting cancer.
    • Boosts levels of your brain hormone, BDNF, which can help reverse and prevent brain-related illnesses like Alzheimers and depression.
    • May lower your risk of heart disease by improving the function of the endothelium .

    I will say, you can absolutely over-do it on turmeric, so be careful not to get too excited and add too much.

    I find 1 teaspoon is the perfect amount for this soup, where you get a hint of the flavor but it is far from overpowering. If youre a turmeric-loving badass, you can adjust up if youd like.

    One of the best parts about chicken soup is it is incredibly easy to make, and doesnt require very much hands-on time.

    Ingredients For The Vegetable Soup:

    • 2 carrots
    • A few sprigs of thyme
    • 2-3 bay leaves
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • 3 1/2 cups water
  • Dice your carrots, sweet potato, celery, and onion into cubes. Chop the garlic finely.
  • Drizzle olive oil in the pot, and turn the heat on low.
  • Put the celery, carrots, and onion in first. Stir frequently, so everything cooks evenly. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Once the ingredients begin to soften a bit, add sweet potato, garlic, thyme, and bay leaves. Add more salt and pepper to taste.
  • Stir these ingredients as well, and after theyve cooked for 10-15 minutes, add the water.
  • Bring it to a boil and let the vegetable soup simmer until the sweet potato and carrots are totally soft.
  • Now, lets work on the garlic butter spread for the baguette. In a small bowl, mix the softened butter, minced garlic, thyme, and rosemary.
  • Use a small spatula to combine the ingredients thoroughly.
  • After blending the butter, cut the baguette into slices. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  • Use the spatula to spread the herb butter onto the bread. Bake at 400 degrees F for 10 minutes.
  • Now, back to the soup. Use tongs to remove the bay leaves and thyme.
  • Remove the vegetable soup from the heat and use an immersion blender to create a rich, creamy soup.
  • Transfer the soup to a bowl and top with a little cream. Dip a piece of your garlic baguette in the soup, and enjoy!
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    What To Serve With Healthy Chicken Soup

    • Cauliflower rice-my favorite low-carb way to enjoy the soup!
    • Zucchini noodles-another nice low carb idea.
    • Pastina-This very small grain pasta is still loved by my kids . If you arent following low carb, this is a nice option for the kids
    • Salad-a big tossed salad is a nice way to round out this meal.
    • Bread-so if youre not low carb, there is truly nothing like making your own bread. A comforting side with a steaming hot bowl of this healthy soup.

    A Healthy Real Food Diet Helps Your Immune System Thrive

    6 Simple Immune Boosting Recipes | #RealSimple

    For one, I cannot stress enough the importance of making vegetables, fruits, and REAL food the biggest part of your diet. This means avoiding foods that are processed and in packaging . By focusing on whole foods, youre consuming foods that are the richest in anti-viral nutrients as well as healthy pre-biotic fibers to support a healthy microbiome . My biggest tip here is to diversify your fruit and vegetable intake as they all have different nutrient content. Eat the rainbow try to get different colors every time you shop. Just eating iceberg lettuce will not get the job done.

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    Hot Cocoa And Hot Chocolate

    Hot cocoa is a winter staple, especially for children! But did you know that it’s good for your immune system? That’s because hot cocoa contains lots of healthy minerals, includingcalcium and magnesium.

    Who knew drinking something could be this beneficial for you? You can make hot cocoa by mixing in a small amount of water with the cocoa powder and then stirring it until the powder dissolves.

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? When the winter months come around, hot chocolate becomes one of the most popular drinks to have. However, hot chocolate is not just popular for its taste – it’s also packed with nutrients that are great for your immune system!

    You can enjoy all the benefits of drinking hot cocoa without worrying about extra weight gain since dark chocolate contains antioxidants and stimulants. To make hot chocolate at home, all you need is hot milk, cocoa powder, and a sweetener to taste.

    If you don’t want to have it plain, feel free to add your favourite toppings or flavours! Chocolate syrup or marshmallows are both great options for this drink – but be sure not to overdo it since sugar is not good for your immune system.

    Spicy Black Bean Soup

    This thick, hearty soup is chock-full of veggies and spices a great choice for anyone looking for a meatless meal. The flavors blend for a soup thats fresh, flavorful and full of flair.

    • Onions contain quercetin, an antioxidant that fights viruses and inflammation.

    • Black beans are packed with protein, fiber, calcium and phosphorus that can strengthen your teeth and bones.

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    Using Dried Lima Beans For This Recipe

    If you use dried lima beans for this soup recipe. Follow these instructions to get the right quantity of cooked beans.

  • Place 1 ½ cups of dried beans with 5 cups / 1.25 litres of water in a bowl and leave to soak overnight.
  • The next day, drain and rinse the beans and add to a pot with 7 cups / 1.5 litres of water on high heat with a pinch of salt.
  • Bring to a boil, then reduce slightly and cook for 45 minutes or until the beans have cooked through well.
  • Drain and wash the beans before adding to the soup.
  • This is a great soup to eat when you feel rundown, need to warm up or are sick. Adding some more ginger, turmeric and garlic will help to pick your immune system up even more when youre unwell.

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    Creamy Curry Parsnips Soup

    Immune Boosting Vegetable Miso Soup recipe by Timothy ...

    This yummy vegan soup highlights parsnips, an unsung hero of the vegetable world which are not usually as popular as other veggies and thus, likely to be in stock at your supermarket. Youll appreciate the punch of vitamin K, folate and fiber as much as the creamy curry flavor.

    Courtesy of Hungry Girl.

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    Make Room For Mushrooms

    The rare reishi mushroom has been valued in Asia for more than 2,000 years. Experts now know that this fungus stimulates the production of T-cellswhite blood cells involved in protecting the body from infection. It increases levels of substances that strengthen the immune response. And it promotes sleep and reduces stress by suppressing the production of the stimulant hormone adrenaline.

    Check out more stress management tips from the pros.

    Health Benefits Of Turmeric

    • Filled with antioxidants: this means it could help get rid of any free-radicals, which helps prevent disease and even slows aging process down.
    • Natural anti-inflammatory: it may really help those with arthritis, autoimmunity issues, and a plethora of other issues.
    • Good for your brain: As it reduces inflammation, it could help protect against Alzheimers.

    These are just a few reasons why turmeric is amazing and I am not a health expert, I am just referring to adding it into your recipes and what benefits you could get from it .

    Turmeric needs to go along with freshly ground black pepper in order to get absorbed. I usually dont use more than 1 teaspoon in whatever Im making with it. The more you add, the more youll detect its flavor. One teaspoon is plenty for my taste and is just the right amount.

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    Toughen Up With Almonds

    To help ward off viral infections, make 3 ounces of almonds part of your daily dietbut keep the skins on. Italian researchers studying the herpes viruses that cause cold sores have found that a chemical in almond skins improves the ability of white blood cells to detect viruses they found that the chemical could also help prevent a virus from spreading throughout the body. Add a handful of almonds to your morning cereal or oatmeal to boost your immune system and keep viruses at bay.

    How Long Does Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Last In The Fridge

    Immune Boosting Foods

    Homemade chicken noodle soup will last for a week in the fridge. If you seal it in glass jars, it can last up to two weeks, but no longer than that. I always trust my nose to see if things are still fresh.

    If it smells good, then we eat it. If there is even a tinge of disgustingness, we dump it.

    This homemade chicken noodle soup will probably not last long in your home, so no worries about it going bad.

    If you dont have all the supplies to make this healthy soup, I promise you will not regret going to the trouble of getting them.

    The biggest chore of making homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch is making the egg noodles.

    I prefer to make dried egg noodles ahead of time so I have them ready when I need them.

    Homemade is much healthier than canned chicken noodle soup, and the flavor does not compare. Healthy homemade chicken noodles soup is only a couple of hours away.

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    Recipe: Try Our Immune Boosting Soup

    During the cooler months, we should focus on strengthening our immune system to ward off common colds and the flu. No one likes to be struck down by sore throats, headaches, coughs and the likes, so we should prepare our bodies. The immune system function is also tied to energy anything that triggers our immune system can be fatiguing. Luckily for all of us, it is really easy to give our immune system a bit of support by including some or all of these five foods in our daily menu:

    1. Garlic jam-packed with sulfuric compounds, which are excellent at fighting off infections and viruses. As is the case with most nutritional foods, it is best eaten raw, but we can still reap the benefits if we cook it.

    2. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and it helps in keeping the immune system in tip-top shape. The antioxidant properties in ginger also take on free radicals, which gives the body more than a fighting chance when faced with bacteria and viruses.

    3. Red capsicum or red bell peppers they contain twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruits! Besides boosting our immune system, vitamin C may help maintain healthy skin. Red capsicum is also a rich source of beta carotene, which helps to keep our eyes and skin healthy.

    4. Shiitake mushrooms contain an antiviral compound called Lentinan. Shiitakes fight infectious disease and boost the immune system. They also serve as a source of B vitamins and promote brain health.


    Prep time: 10 mins

    Drink Lemon Honey Ginger And Turmeric With Warm Water

    Many people swear by this tonic as a tried and true remedy for colds. But does this magical elixir actually work or is it just an old wive’s tale? The research on each individual ingredient looks promising.

    A 2012 review published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that honey, an antioxidant, acts as a natural immunity booster. Ginger, another powerful antioxidant with antiviral properties, can be used to treat digestive woes like nausea and motion sickness. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, which according to Mayo Clinic can be used for its antioxidant properties and to prevent the common cold. Lastly, studies show that curcumin, a component in the spice called turmeric, can regulate the immune system.

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    Our Food Editor Follows A Dietitian’s Expert Advice To Create Recipes For Comforting Soups That Pack A Big Nutritional Punch

    Several studies have aimed to find out if theres any truth in the old wives’ tale that chicken soup can help cure a cold.

    Given that Covid-19 may present with similar symptoms to a case of the sniffles, such as a sore throat, aches and pains, and a fever, some wonder if the dish might aid in the recovery of those infected with the coronavirus.

    Whether chicken soup truly has curative effects, there are benefits to eating a big bowlful of it when youre under the weather.

    When we are sick, we are more prone to underhydration, so consuming adequate fluids and electrolytes is important. Soups are a great meal idea as they can help you meet your body’s fluid and nutrition requirements, says registered dietitian Carly Seager of Intelihealth Dietitians in Joburg.

    Of course, not all chicken soups are created equal thats why we asked Seager for advice on how to make one that packs a big nutritional punch. We then used her tips to amp up our favourite chicken soup recipe, and create a version of Jewish penicillin that’s suitable for vegetarians.

    Healthy Fall Recipe: Make My Immune

    These Immune System Boosting Soups Are Jam Packed with ...

    Theres nothing better than a warm bowl of chicken soup when youre feeling under the weather. From old wives tales to ancient medical traditions to modern research, everyone agrees: chicken soup has healing powers.

    But did you know that eating chicken soup can also help prevent colds and other seasonal illnesses by supporting the immune system and fighting off infections?

    Studies show that chicken soup made with nutritious ingredients can reduce inflammation, speed up the immune response, and help you steer clear of respiratory infections.

    To help you embrace these health benefits, Im sharing my favorite recipe for chicken soup. Its not only delicious but designed to keep you healthy and sniffle-free all season long! Lets get cooking!

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