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Best Healthy Canned & Boxed Bean Soups

We Tried 14 Canned Soup Brands. Here’s The Best One To Buy

We read 39 nutrition labels and taste-tested 22 bean soups find these winners. These picks are incredibly hearty and meet our nutrition guidelines.

1. Dr. McDougall’s Black Bean Vegan

With the right balance of vegetables and spices, this black bean soup has classic flavor.

2. Pacific Spicy Black Bean & Kale

This soup has a perfect, toothsome texture and delightful tanginess. Plus, kale? Love!

3. Progresso Southwest Style Black Bean & Vegetable

Sweet corn flavor and a touch of chipotle give this soup kick.

4. Back to Nature Tuscan 3-Bean with Kale & Millet

No mushy beans here! And the millet’s nuttiness pairs well with the herbs.

5. Amy’s Organic Soups Lentil

We had a hard time believing this savory soup was vegan. The secret: bay leaves.

6. Campbell’s Chunky Healthy Request Split Pea & Ham

This stew-like soup is our lowest sodium pick , but doesn’t taste like it.

Healthiest Lentil Soup: Pacific Organic Vegetable Lentil & Roasted Red Pepper Soup Reduced Sodium

Some of your best weapons against fighting fat are foods high in protein and fiber, and lentil soup has significant amounts of both. While Progresso packs a third of your day’s worth of sodium in just a cup , Pacific is packed with protein in their hearty, clean soup, which is why they earn the title of best soup in this category.

Avoid Beef Tripe That Looks Too White As It Might Be Bleached

As already mentioned, beef tripe has a natural yellowish, brownish, or even greenish color.

Therefore, dont expect it to be completely white and clean when being sold on the market.

If so, your beef tripe might be bleached with chemicals to achieve an eye-catching look, which turns out to be more harmful to our health.

You just need to check if there is any sign of spoiled beef tripe like discoloration, weird spots, or unpleasant odor before making the purchase.

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Morrisons M Signature Petit Pois & Wiltshire

Dont sweat the fact that said Wiltshire-cured ham is actually produced in the UK using EU pork, because those tiny, flavourless nuggets of pig, just 5% of the total ingredients, bring nothing to the party . Think of this as a luxuriously thick pea soup, but one so one-dimensional and boring that you could easily fall asleep in it, mid-spoonful, and drown. You have been warned. 3/10

Which Brand Is Best For Blender

Where to Find the Best Soup in Mammoth Lakes
  • Vitamix A3500. The best blender you can buy. .
  • KitchenAid Artisan K400. The best blender for style and substance. .
  • Breville the Super Q. The best large capacity blender. .
  • Nutribullet Blender. .
  • Ninja Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker QB3001. .
  • KitchenAid K150. .
  • Breville the fresh and furious. .
  • Smeg BLF01 blender.
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    What Is The Best Soup Maker

    We tested five of the best soup makers on the market, and the one that came out on top was the Ninja Foodi HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker. We were seriously wowed by the soup it produced, which was smooth and creamy, and it offers a delay start mode. If youre looking for a soup maker thats got a clear cooking container, we love the Morphy Richards Clarity Soup Maker. Its got a clear tritan jug and heats very fast.

    Best Overall Canned Soup

    While it was easy to find consensus on the best soup brands on the market, personal tastes vary so much that we didnt get many repeat recommendations for a specific brands soup flavor. That said, two of the experts we spoke to recommended Progresso Chicken Noodle. Kysha Harris, food editor at the Spruce Eats, loves this traditional soup, saying, Its as close to the real thing as youre likely to find, making it perfect when youre feeling under the weather. Chef Carolyn Timbers prefers the light version. It has fewer calories per serving and less fat, too. It is rare to find good and healthy canned soups nowadays. This one tastes great and is perfect for punching up with toppings or mixing with Mexican dishes, she says.

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    Best Vegetable Soup: Amys Organic Chunky Vegetable Soup

    Craving a nutritious, veggie-packed soup? Amyâs Kitchen Chunky Fat-Free Vegetable Soup boasts a delicate flavor and all-organic ingredients itâs the perfect quick, convenient, healthy meal thatâs soothing and comforting, especially on a cold day.

    Chunks of fresh veggiesâdiced tomatoes, spinach, carrots, green beans, corn, peas, celery, and onion, all of which are fully organicâcommingle with a homemade-like broth, and plenty of seasonings , resulting in a nutrient-dense meal. As with all of Amyâs food products, the Chunky Fat-Free Vegetable Soup is certified organic, certified gluten-free, and non-GMO project verified.

    Calories per serving: 80 | Sodium: 720 milligrams | Carbohydrates: 5 grams

    When the cold weather starts to hit, few things are better than a bowl of piping-hot potato soup. And thereâs no beating a classic: Campbellâs Chunky Baked Potato with Cheddar & Bacon Bits Soup is a much-beloved pantry staple for a reason. Thanks to the texture and ingredientsâthis soup is full of big chunks of baked potatoes, bacon, and cheddar cheeseâthis makes for a tasty and very filling meal.

    The full ingredients list includes water, chicken stock, baked potatoes, russet potatoes, vegetable oil, cheese flavor base, onions, salt, pork, spices, dehydrated butter, and several others. For an even heartier meal, Campbellâs recommends pouring this soup over a baked potato.

    Best Places Where To Buy Bone Broth

    The Best Homemade Soups!

    This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Want to know where to buy bone broth? We have the 7 best places both in-store and online to help you find this rich and healthy broth full of nutrients and protein.

    It used to be difficult to find bone broth in grocery stores. Of course, the shelves were full of broth and stock, including bullion cubes, but about a year or two ago, bone stock started making room for itself.

    It is lauded in the Whole30, Paleo, and Keto communities as a great way to get protein, amino acids, and nutrients.

    We’ve done some homework and self-sleuthing to help you find the best resources on where to go to purchase some bone broth for your pantry and start using in recipes, like our Easy Chicken Pot Pie!

    First off, you may be asking yourself

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Justine Harrington is a freelance writer for The Spruce Eats. From beers to tacos to takeout, the travel journalist has discovered and sampled a wide variety of food and drink in her travels. In addition to compiling this list of the best-canned soups, Justine has also written about vegan cheese for The Spruce Eats.

    This roundup was updated by The Spruce Eats writer Alyssa Langer. She is a registered dietitian and foodie, always curious about the next food or ingredient craze, and hungry to learn and try more. Having worked in cookbook publishing, CPG label data, nutrition writing, and meal kits, her diverse background and varied interests provide a unique perspective that fosters clear, well-researched and trustworthy reviews. She is a huge fan of canned soup and loves finding creative ways to dress up these budget-friendly pantry staples.

    Local Butcher Or Farmers Market

    At a local butcher or farmers market, everything from cattle will be sold freshly.

    If they dont have any, you can even ask the butcher ahead to save the beef tripe for you the next time you visit their store.

    The tip is looking for fresh beef tripe in an Asian market so the high chance is you can find this ingredient.

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    Healthiest Minestrone Soup: Amy’s Organic Light In Sodium Minestrone Soup

    Both options are low in sodium, but only canned soup is worth eating: Amy’s Organic . Minestrone soup is supposed to be teeming with vegetables and a rich broth, not riddled with additives like corn syrup, natural flavor, caramel color, soy lecithin, and faux-thickening-agent calcium chloride like in Progresso’s option.

    How To Choose A Healthy Canned Soup

    Trio of Three Autumn Soups by thefeedfeed

    Soups are a wonderful way to get more plant-based foods into your body, like grains and vegetables, says Stoler. Even better, the proteins can be animal- or plant-based, meaning anyone can get in on the quickest, easiest dinner of all time, no matter their dietary preferences.

    Stolers rules of thumb for choosing a healthy canned soup are pretty simple. First and foremost, take a look at whats actually in the soup before obsessing over the nutrition facts. My general guidelines include flavor, taste and ingredients, she says. And thats good advicewhy buy a healthier soup youre not going to genuinely enjoy? She also says broth-based soups are just about always a better choice than cream-based ones.

    If youre intent on checking out the nutrition label, follow her lead: I like to look at the calories per serving and if theres any fiber in each serving. But before you keep yourself from your favorite creamy clam chowder, ask yourself: How am I going to eat this? One should consider if the soup is meant to be a stand-alone meal or part of a meal. This way, calories and macronutrients can be factored into the meal or days calorie budget, says Stoler.

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    Ok But What Kinds Of Soup Should I Skip

    Stoler doesnt believe in saying certain foods are off the table. While there are recommendations to reduce overall sodium intake, I dont believe in creating disordered eating by being obsessed with food labels. After all, when we dine out at a restaurant, we don’t see the full nutrition facts panel, and for those who cook at home, most dont analyze their ingredients to determine the nutrient profile per serving, she says.

    That said, there are some canned soups out there that you may want to avoid if youre watching your salt intake. The FDA recommends limiting your sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams a day or less , though most Americans average about 3,400 milligrams a day.

    Here are a few higher-sodium soups to be aware ofbut hear Stoler out: At the end of the day, its about affordability and access. We can’t be food elitists and set the bar so high that people think healthy eating is unattainable. It is. Its affordable and can come out of a can.

    Sainsburys Taste The Difference Chorizo & Butterbean 600g 2

    Its alluringly smoky paprika aroma promises big things which, broadly, it delivers. The chorizo is dry, tough and pretty flavourless , but its arc of flavour almost overly sweet at first, but bottoming out in paprika-powered smoke and heat is deeply satisfying. It is a chunky soup too, full of still al dente onion and silky red peppers. As good as your Andalucían grandmother used to make. 7/10

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    Take Stock Bone Broth is an award winning premium stock made from meaty bones, herbs and vegetables, intensely simmered for up to 24 hours then strained to leave a clear liquid.

    Free Standard Delivery

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    Enjoy simply sipped, in a superfood soup, or as a hero ingredient.

    Properly Clean The Beef Trip Before Cooking

    How to Make the Ultimate Cream of Tomato Soup

    One of the factors that make many people hesitate to try beef tripe is its strong smell which requires a careful clean.

    Even if you can buy the best beef tripe but without being properly cleaned, your dish with beef tripe will end up unattractive or even disgusting.

    So make sure the beef trip is submerged in salted water for a while, boiled, and thoroughly rinsed before cooking.

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    Amaranth Bakery & Cafe

    The baked goods at this Walnut Hill hot spot typically steal the show so much so that Lori picked Amaranth as her favorite bakery in the city back in 2019 but the soups at this neighborhood cafe are no slouch either. The reshuffling soup menu at this breakfast-and-lunch hangout named after the increasingly popular, versatile and gluten-free ancient grain range from chicken vegetable with wild rice to chicken chili verde to a Turkish lentil, just to name a few of the bowls ready to warm up your winter. Combined with one of the restaurant’s vibrantly flavor-packed housemade brioches and, of course, finished off with a fresh baked sweet treat and you’re ready to fight off the frost.

    Cooking And Serving Tips

    • To save yourself time in the future, cook a batch of boneless, skinless chicken breasts ahead of time. You can use your favorite cooking methodgrilling, poaching, baking, sautéing, pan-frying, steaming, etc. Freeze in a sealed bag or other air-tight containers for 3 to 4 months.
    • Freeze whole cooked chicken breasts rather than diced chicken meat if you’re planning on freezing for a long time. Diced chicken meat can dry out more quickly.
    • Since frozen chicken breasts thaw very quickly, you can have a delicious meal on the table in less than an hour with a little prep and this recipe.

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    Best Vegan Option: Daily Harvest

    Daily Harvest

    • Price : Starts at $72 with free shipping
    • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 3 days
    • Availability: Nationwide

    Choose from a variety of vegan-friendly soups that are full of healthy ingredients.

    • Some flavors arent highly rated

    • Some blending may be required

    • Same order will re-ship if you forget to customize

    Daily Harvest is known for its variety of plant-based, frozen meal kits made with organic ingredients, but it offers an extensive soup selection.

    Soups come with pre-chopped, farm-frozen fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, “superfoods,” and spices that just require the addition of liquid to turn into soup at home. Vegetables are flash-frozen at peak ripeness to maintain optimum flavor and maximum nutritional value.

    Instructions for hot, pureed, and chilled soups are provided. All soups can be prepared in a matter of minutes on the stovetop or in the microwave. . Instructional videos are also available online as an additional customer resource.

    Soup flavors include bold combinations with global influences, such as Mushroom and Miso Soup, Cauliflower and Leek Stew, Green Chickpea and Turmeric Soup, Carrot and Coconut Curry, Tomato and Zucchini Minestrone, Lentil and Mesquite Chili, and more.

    Soups come in individual servings at around $8 each Daily Harvest offers weekly or monthly plans based on a set number of items per box . Shipping is always free.

    Best Soup On The Go: Campbell’s Healthy Request Chicken & Mini Round Noodles Soup

    Polish Mushroom Soup (Zupa Grzybowa)

    If you’re grabbing a cup to go, use Campbell’s “Healthy Request” label as your go-to guide. This series of soup choices differs in that they’re lower in blood-pressure-raising sodium. Saving 570 mg of sodiumor about 25 percent of your daily recommended intake of sodiumis definitely worth the extra gram of sugar Campbell’s adds to make up for lost flavor .

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    Do Canned Soups Have A Ton Of Sodium

    Canned soup has gotten a bad rap over the years, namely for its high sodium content. But there were reasons for all that salt initially, the first being preservation. Canned foods are better preserved in a salty or sweet medium. However, vacuum packing has eliminated the need for sodium as the sole mineral to inhibit bacterial growth. explains Stoler. The second reason is to please the typical American’s palate, which tends to prefer saltier foods.

    But the most interesting tidbit of all? Despite Americans concerns over high-sodium soups, food companies had significant trouble getting low-sodium soups off the shelves. An industry secret is that most larger companies have reduced their sodium content over the years without notifying consumers, says Stoler. When canned soups were labeled as low or no sodium, they didnt sell well because consumers assumed the taste would be compromised.

    Nowadays, there are tons of low-sodium soups on the market, many of them legitimately delicious. But if youre worried that a low-sodium soup will have less flavor, remember that you can always add your own ingredients to prepare it more to your liking. The truth is, if someone wants more salt, they can always add it. If a soup is too salty, add more water. It’s really that simple, says Stoler.

    Here are 18 healthy canned soups to look for the next time youre grocery shopping.

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are people saying about soup spots in New York, NY?

    This is a review for soup spots in New York, NY:

    “3.5Ordered lobster roll and clam chowderLobster roll comes with plenty of lobster on a bed of thinly shredded lettuce and a warm roll. Clam chowder has a bunch of additions like carrots and red bell peppers or something, so don’t be alarmed. Mine was really sandy though Might try some of their other soups next time”

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    Does Walmart Sell Bone Broth

    Yes! Each time I visit Walmart, I see more brands offered on the shelves. But did you know that you can also find this in the frozen food section?

    A few stores will carry personal serving sizes in the freezer which tells me this is probably fresh, hence the reason it is frozen.

    Here is probably a good point to list our 7 top picks for places to shop for this special stock. Some of our choices are brick and mortar stores and a couple are online businesses.

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