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Sichuan Spicy Ma La Soup

How-to-make Your Own Steamboat Soup Base | Hai Di Lao Tomato Hotpot æµ·åºæ?çªèç?«é

Yield: Serves 6Cooking time: 15 minutes

This fiery soup is not meant for the faint-hearted, but spice lovers would surely demand for this at every steamboat meal.

Start by frying the ginger in oil. This simple hack greatly amplifies the soup. The garlic, star anise and cinnamon stick also lend a rich and robust flavour that simply cannot be found in instant soups.

The complex nature of ma la means that making it at home would be a highly challenging task. Save yourself the hassle and get a hot pot base from the supermarket instead. Each brand is made with its own secret formula so dont be afraid to try out as many as possible and pick your favourite from there.


  • 1 packet spicy hot pot soup base
  • 2 tablespoon oil
  • 1 whole yellow ginger, sliced finely
  • 10 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2L chicken stock or water


  • In a large pot on medium heat, cook the ginger with the oil for about two to three minute to release its flavours.
  • Add the garlic, star anise, and cinnamon stick. Cook for an additional two to three minutes. At this point, the kitchen should be full of the rich aroma of spices.
  • Add in the hot pot soup base and fry for another minute or so, mixing thoroughly with the spices.
  • Add in the chicken stock or water and bring the soup to a rolling boil. Reduce the heat to a gentle simmer and serve in a steamboat.
  • What Is In Haidilao Tomato Soup

    Well, obviously there are chucks of tomatoes floating on top but in order to make tomato soup as thick as this, the major ingredients are going to be tomato paste. What comes along would be MSG, chicken powder that sort of seasoning. To find out more, I went to check on the ingredient list of their prepacked tomato soup base. the ingredient list

    • Tomato Paste

    and the rest are additives meant to stabilize the packed soup base.

    Haidilaos Soup Base For Hot Pot Now Available In 7

    Previously, Haidilaos soup base for hot pot is only available in specialty stores around the country. Just announced on , the famous brands soup base for hot pot is now available in participating stores around the country. Hurray! This means that Haidilaos soup base for hot pot is easily accessible for all of us!

      There are three soup bases to look forward to in 7-Eleven Malaysia including Spicy Flavour, Shrimp Flavour, and Tomato Flavour. You will be happy to know that these are three of the most delicious flavours available in Haidilao restaurants, especially Tomato Flavour. Weighing between 200 grams to 220 grams, these seasonings are perfect for one hot pot session.

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      Discover Chinas Most Famous Hotpot Experience Haidilao Hot Pot

      Whilst Im certainly no restaurant connoisseur, whenever someone asks me for a restaurant recommendation here in Chinai, I always tell them to try out Haidilao , a popular hot pot chain restaurant.

      The name literally means dredge up from the bottom of the ocean, but is used in Sichuan Province when playing mahjong, a Chinese card game, and means good fortune .

      Haidilao is a hot pot restaurant with over 450 branches in countries throughout Asia, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, as well as Canada, Australia, and America .

      Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour

      Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Soup Base Available in 4 Flavours æµ·åºæ?

      Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour

      What did we cook lately? The easiest for the family will be hotpot dinner and where did we get our soup base? We bought the Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour.

      There are eight Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base flavours we manage to find on Shopee at . The Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour can be found in your local grocer, supermarket and of course online.

      The retail price for Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour is RM 9.90 while there are some grocer selling it over RM 10.

      The interesting part is the packaging is local packaging with Malay words and the Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour is 200 gram.

      What you can expect is there is another packet with the paste inside the packaging.

      How to cook Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour?

      Make sure you put 1000ml of water or make sure you fill your hot pot with water. Put in the Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour paste and let it to boil. You can add on other ingredients to make the soup more flavourful.

      The taste is Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour is light and subtle. If you are looking for more heavy flavour, you can check out their spicy flavours but for kids friendly, Haidilao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base Shrimp Flavour is good enough.

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      Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant

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      4 flavors in 1 pot

      What Makes Haidilao Hot Pot So Special

      Hot pot is popular throughout China, so how has Haidilao become so successful and widely known?

      Haidilao is unlike other hot pot restaurants in that its customer service is over-the-top! Haidilao is less of a restaurant and more of an experience.

      Because Haidilao is so popular, there can be a long wait for a table, especially on weekend evenings.

      But Haidilao customers dont wait around, doing nothing, as one would at any other restaurant. At Haidilao, customers are treated to free snacks and drinks while they wait.

      While not every branch is the same, the branch I went to also had origami paper and instructions on how to make an origami crane.

      To make it even more interesting, many Haidilao locations also offer free manicures to waiting customers! Yes you read that right!

      Customers can get their nails done for free, they just have to queue in line.

      At the branch I visited, there were only two nail technicians, so the line moved slowly, but if you have a long wait ahead of you, you can get your nails painted, free of charge.

      At Haidilao, customer service is exceptional beyond the waiting area as well.

      Staff members are constantly smiling, bowing, and ready to meet your needs. When you are seated, your purses or bags are put into drawers set into the booth.

      You are also provided with , so that hot broth doesnt stain your clothes.

      You might expect a place that offers free manicures to make up for it in wildly upscale prices, but that isnt the case.

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      Kyoto Style Saikyo Miso Hotpot

      • Google+

      Creamy Broth with elegant flavour and a dash of rice vinegar adds a refreshing accents to the sweet white miso. It is a soup base from Kyoto and it taste very different from the usual miso we have tasted. This soup base goes very well with the usual hotpot ingredients with a more appetising taste. Do prepare to eat more than usual

      • Google+

      This beautiful carton of chicken broth has been very helpful to many of us in providing a very tasty pot of steamboat soup base instantly.

      Porn Video Exposure Crisis

      Trying Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Seasoning Sauce | Mala Soup | Mala Xiang Guo

      On the afternoon of January 5, 2019, a HaiDiLao restaurant located in Wuhan Great Ocean mall suddenly played a pornographic video on the restaurants TV screen. One customer shared an image of the video on Weibowhere it has been retweeted more than 240 million times. Staff immediately turned off the screen after noticing the video. According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, this accident happened at 3 pm. When the reporter came to the location at 7 pm which is the peaking time for dinner, the TV screen remained switched off. On January 6, HaiDiLao posted an official apology on Weibo.

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      Hai Di Lao Soup Base Packaging

      To all you eagle-eyed shoppers, you may have noticed that the Hai Di Lao soup base comes in 2 different packagings.

      Packaging 1 VS Packaging 2

      Packaging 1

      Packaging 2

      Fret not, the only difference lies in the packaging. Beneath the wrapper, both soup bases taste equally awesome without any difference in quality or ingredients.

      The first packaging is designed for soup bases that are to be sold in China. The second packaging is meant for soup bases destined for importation into Singapore.

      In order to meet AVA regulations, the product name has to be printed in English, and the packaging design was also changed to differentiate the sale destination of the products.

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      Wholesome Tomato Beef Soup With 100% Tomato

      With that in mind, I was trying to recall every detail of the HaiDiLao Tomato Soup I had in Guangzhou but there are utterly many missing pieces. As my desired to make the soup grew more, the frequency of my visit to HaiDiLao increases.

      So on my next visit to HaiDiLao Hot Pot, I would order their Tomato Soup and I would inspect them whatever ingredients I could see from my naked eyes and to remember the taste, flavor, and texture of the soup.

      Where To Source Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Soup Base

      Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Instant Soup Base/Sauce
      SW corner of the cou

      thriftshopper wrote: Try Big Crazy Happy On No 3 Rd between the RCSS and Alderbridge Way .

      berieberie wrote: Not sure where you’re from but they are quite easy to find in a lot of Asian grocery stores in Ontario. Would think the same for BC as well since we have some of the same stores.

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      Review: Hai Di Lao Lazy Instant Steamboat/hot Pot

      Hey lovelies!

      Today Ill be reviewing two different flavours of Hai Di Lao Lazy Instant Steamboat/Hot Pot in Spicy Vegetable and Tomato Chicken . Ill try to write as detailed as possible as I hope this will be beneficial to those who cant read Chinese characters .

      Ill also insert the links to buy online below! Its much cheaper to buy online than retail shops and supermarkets.

      First off, Ill be reviewing Spicy Vegetable flavour. The packaging is green in colour. Notice : Pay attention to the date imprinted on the top of the packaging. That is the manufacturing date, and it is advisable to consume within 12 months from the date.

      Cooking time is 15 minutes only! Assembly time is around 5 minutes.

      Theres a pair of chopsticks and spoon inside. The white packet is the heating pack.

      Wet and dry ingredients.

      According to the instructions, place the glass noodles first. Makes sense cause you would want the soup to cover it completely for it to cook well right?

      You may put the other packets in any order after you put the glass noodles first. This packet has slices of potatoes and bite-sized corn.

      This packet includes the sliced lotus root and black fungus.

      Last but not least, the most important Mala soup base! Pour it evenly over the ingredients.

      Next up: Fill the bowl with room temperature water until the indication shown in the picture .

      Looking delicious already

      Graphic instructions for those you cant read Chinese characters

      Tomato paste


      Apple & Pear Pork Rib Soup

      • Google+

      Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup is one of my favourite soup ~ made with Apple, pear, almond kernels, honey dates, wolfberries and pork rib. Natural sweetness from the fruits elevated the complexity of the soup, in addition to the richness of the broth from the bones after hours of rolling boil. For hotpot, you can omit the pork rib and shabu the meat slices in the soup instead.

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      Early Story And Findings

      The name of the company originates from a mahjong term, haidilao, literally meaning “deep sea dredging”, analogous to the act of completing a mahjong winning hand on picking up the last available tile in the game. This is very rare and considered very lucky.

      Zhang Yong is the founder of Haidilao, and in March 1994, opened the first Haidilao hot pot restaurant along with three other founders with 8,000 Yuan in Jianyang, Sichuan Province.Sichuan is a place where people have hotpot often, which means there are many hotpot restaurants in the Sichuan area. However, Haidilao is competitive in a different way. Haidilao is not based on the flavor and excellence of the food, but rather, the competitive advantage that the chain holds is based on their customer service. For example, there was an instance where a customer came with dirty shoes, and Mr Zhang asked the staff to shine the customer’s shoes. Although customers might not think Haidilao’s flavor is the best, they still come for the special services. After five years, Haidilao started to expand beyond Sichuan to other provinces like Xi’an, Shanxi province and other parts of the world.

      In 2018, Haidilao Hot Pot served more than 160 million customers, with an average daily table turnover rate of 5.0. Haidilao Hot Pot has more than 36 million VIP members and 60,000+ staff.

      Running for more than 20 years, Haidilao has received multiple awards and certifications, both domestically and internationally.

      Now You Can Have Haidilao At Home

      HaiDiLao Steamboat Hotpot Instant Soup Base – Shrimp Flavour Pt.1 // JQLeeJQ #Shorts

      Unfortunately, 7-Eleven Malaysia did not release the retail price for Haidilaos soup base for hot pot. But, we have a feeling that it will be cheaper than eating in Haidilao itself. With the release of these three flavours at 7-Eleven Malaysia, you can experiment and mix them together create your own flavours. What will be the ingredients that you will add to your hot pot? Let us know in the comments!

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      We would like to invite you to join our New Private Community Group! Here you are free to ask questions, share your love for food, and explore the Klang Valley community! We will also regularly post about casual promos and latest findings.

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      A Brief History Of Haidilao Hot Pot

      Haidilao was founded in 1994 in Jianyang, Sichuan Province. Founder and president, Zhang Yong, was born in Sichuan Province.

      As a young man, he worked in a factory for low pay and decided to start a restaurant in an attempt to make more money .

      In the beginning, his restaurant started from a malatang booth with only four tables and an investment of 10,000 RMB.

      Zhang valued his customers initial feedback highly and made changes to accommodate their tastes and requests .

      Eventually he grew a loyal following.

      His motto is to put the customers first, and it has paid offbig time! Haidilao has grown from a tiny store to a massive global enterprise, starting in Singapore in 2012 as its first international branch .

      Zhang also believes in employing people without higher education and from rural areas. From the lowest positions, every employee is given the chance to be promoted to higher positions within the company.

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